مدرس اون لايندخول

اقدم لكم Sudan Exam, 2011

Ministry of Education
Completion of Egyptian G.S.C.E in the Republic of Sudan, 2011
(First Session - Second Stage]
First Foreign Language: ENGLISH (2) Time: 3 hours
اللغة الأجنبية الأولى : الانجليزية (2) (الأسئلة في أربع صفحات)

A- Language Functions (8 Marks)

1- Respond to each of the following situations: (4 marks)
1. You ask your friend doctor's advice how to keep fit.
2. A pen friend asks you about the places of interest in Egypt.
3. Your brother got a good job at a big company.
4. You suggest going to the theatre at the weekend,

2- Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in each of the following two mini-dialogues: (4 marks)
1. A: I'd like to book a return ticket to Aswan.
B: Here you are. Platform No. 5. Have a good trip.
A: Thank you.

2. A: I have a severe headache. What should I do now?
B: Take this medicine, regularly. And you have to take some rest.
A: Thank you.

B- Vocabulary and Structure (14 Marks)

3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d: (8 marks)
1. The moon has less .............. than the earth. So you could jump much higher there.
a) power b) energy c) gravity d) strength
2. .............. he understand the lesson if be read the summary.
a) Will b) Did c) Can d) Would
3. The prisoner of Zenda .............. in the nineteenth-century.
a) took part b) took run c) took place d) took form
4. Ali .............. travelling by sea
a) used to b) using to b) is used to d) uses to
5. Modern .............. are the tall tower which are built where there is a lot of wind.
a) waste b) wind turbine c) fossil d) hydroelectric

6- How .............. information have you got from the story?
a) many b) much c) lots d) different
7. This mice story .............. by Taha Hussein.
a) is written b) writes c) wrote d) was written
8. Yehia Haqqi graduated in law and worked for a short time as a .............. .
a) lawyer b) diplomat c) sailor d) journalist
9. It's a month .............. Hind last visited her uncle.
a) for b) since c) of d) to
10. The .............. are the parts of trees that grow under the ground and find water.
a) branch b) bark c) rings d) roots
11. He will catch the train .............. coming in time.
a) if b) in case of c) unless d) in spite of
12. The cover of the book is made of .............. .
a) rubber b) glass c) wood d) cardboard
13. The teacher asked Ahmed .............. all the way on foot.
a ) if he came b) if did he come
c) would he come d) if does he come
14. .............. makes light shine on something.
a) Grass b) Cliff c) Illuminate d) Carve
15. They left two hours ago, so they .............. arrived by now. It's not far.
a) must b) must have c) can't have d) have
16. He did nothing wrong. He's .............. .
a) suspect b) guilty c) innocent d) sensible

4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
(6 marks)
1. All scientists are interested of space.
2. My brother had a good educated. He went to one of the best universities.
3. Despite she is clever, Mona fell in the final exam.
4. I went to the university to buy some medicine.
5. Before you go to London, you should practice to speak English.
6. My father is a good tennis playing.

C- Reading (17 Marks)

5- Read the following passage, then answer the questions: (5 marks)
Amy Tan is a Chinese American writer. She writes about the lives of second generation Chinese American. She was born in California in 1952, several years after her mother and father immigrated to San Francisco from China. Her father, John, was an electrical engineer. When Amy was eight, her essay, "What the Library means to me" won first prize. Her father died in 1967 from brain trouble as her brother. Tan has written several novels including "The Joy Luck Club", published in 1989, this novel has been translated into 15 languages," The Kitchen God's Wife" and ''Saving Fish from Frowing". These deal with the difficulties mothers and daughters have in truly understanding one another. She also wrote a collection of non-fiction essays entitled the Opposite of Fate. Tan lived in New York with her husband, a lawyer whom she met and married in 1973. Tan received her bachelor's and master's degrees in English and linguistics.

A- Answer the following questions:
1. Where were Amy Tan's parents born?
2. What did she do when she was eight?
3. How did her father meet his end?

B- Choose the best answer from a, b, c or d:
4. Amy Tan was married when she was .............. .
a) 25 b) 52 c) 22 d) 74
5. The underlined word this refers to .............. .
a) The Joy Luck Club. b) The kitchen God's Wife
c) The hundred secret senss d) Saving Fish from Drawing

6- Read the following passage, then answer the questions: (5 marks)
The basic function of education is to teach children knowledge, values, and pattern of behaviour they will need in the adult World and will move from generation to another. Education is largely informal that occurs within the family. Family members teach children the values of their society as well as certain basic skills. Parents may teach their children the skills of cooking, food gathering, hunting and fishing. By this way Children learn the way of society by participating in adult activities.
Formal education which involves instruction by specific trained teachers who follow officially recognized policies, is called schooling, Schools fulfill this function through a set of courses that include such subjects as languages and literature, history geography, mathematics, science and foreign Languages. Also schools develop the critical thinking of students' skills that are necessary to meet their needs in the future.

A- Answer the following questions:
1. What is the aim of education?
2. How will schools achieve their goals?
3. How do children learn from societies?

B- Choose the best answer from a, b, c or d:
4. The underlined word their refers to .............. .
a) members b) parents c)students d) teachers
5. This passage mentioned .............. types of education.
a) two b) three c) one d) four

7- The Reader (The Mask of Gold): (7 marks)
A- Answer the following questions: (3 marks)
1. How did Leila communicate with her sister while she was in Peru?
2. What did Amalia do to get Leila into trouble?

B- Complete the following to make meaningful sentences: (2 marks)
1. The Incas put gold and silver objects .............. .
2. Mining and archaeology have .............. .

C- Read the quotation and answer the questions: (2 marks)
"So we meet again, Miss El-Assaby."
1. Who said this and where?
2. What happened to Leila after this conversation took place?

D- Writing (11 Marks)

8- Write a paragraph of about 100 words about: (6 marks)
"The importance of reading"

9- Translation: (5 marks)
A- Translate into Arabic: (3 marks)
Co-operation among nations of the world will result in spreading peace and security. They should help each other to improve the living conditions of their people.

B- Translate into English: (2 marks)
- يجب أن ننشئ الأطفال على حب الوطن واحترام الوالدين.

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