Test practice(2) Language Functions

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. Test practice(2) Language Functions

Test practice(2)
Language Functions
1)Respond to each of the following situations:
1) A foreign friend wants to know how to make tea the Egyptian way. Tell him/her what to do first.
2) Someone asks what you were doing at eight o'clock this morning .
3) A friend asks you what you think about 1V news programmes.
4) A friend wants a job to help poor people. Advise him or her.
2) Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in
each of the following two mini-dialogues:
1) A) At last we're here. What time does our flight leave, Dad?
B) At midday. We've still got lots of time.
A) Are you sure we have everything we need?
B) Yes, I'm sure. Please stop worrying, Ali!

2) A) So, for your homework, I want you all to make a list of all the plants growing in your neighbourhood.
B) Shall we just write the names of the plants?
A) No, write the names and a short description.
B) When is the homework for?
A) Next Thursday, please.
Vocabulary and Structure
3 Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1) I expect I.............. you at the weekend.
a- am going to see b- am seeing c- I'll see d- see
2) After the accident, the doctor ................ her to check she was not injured.
a- examined b- looked at c- tested d- studied
3) Do you have ................ free time this afternoon?
a- a b- the c- many d- any
4) We went to the opening of a new school last week. It was a very interesting .............
a- occasion b- time c- view d- situation
5) Petrol…………… from oil.
a- made b- is made c- makes d- are made'
6) Wind and wave power are typos of…………….. energy.
a- new b- waste c- renewable d- cheap
7) When I was younger, I ................ go swimming every day.
a- usually b-used c- use d- used to
8) My sister ................ at university for three years. She comes home every weekend .
a- is b- has been c- is being d- had been
9) The police think he did it. He is the main ................ .
a- suspect b- pioneer c- publisher d- agent
10) I really enjoy reading Agatha Christie novels. I particularly like her ............... .
a- way b- style c- system d- design
11) It .............. that air travel will become more popular in the future.
a- is thought b- was thought c- thought d- thinks
12) He did nothing wrong. He's ................ .
a- suspect b- guilty c- innocent d- sensible
13) If he doesn't get eight hours sleep every night, he ................ really tired the next day.
a- will feel b- feels c- would feel d- is feeling
14) If I have any free time tomorrow, ................ for a walk in the park.
a- I went b- I go c- I'd go d- I'll go
15) The piano is our favourite musical .................... .
a- tool b- instrument c- equipment d- device
16) Her uncle can't remember his accident. The doctor thinks he may have .............
a- a headache b- phobia c- amnesia d- injury
4)Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly.
1) I need to get fit, so I've made a decision. I do more exercise.
2) The Prisoner of Zenda was wrote by Anthony Hope.
3) We moved 'to this house two years ago today, so we lived here for exactly two years.
4) Before I entered the university, I had to show my credit card.
5) If you heat water, it melts.
6) Ra'fat EI-Haggan and Goma'a EI-Shawwan were very famous Egyptian kings.
3 Reading
5)Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
The Taj Mahal, which is outside the city of Agra in India, was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan. It is a tomb for his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Her body is buried under the building. The Taj Mahal was started in 1633 and took 22 years to build. Today, it is one of the most popular buildings in the world for tourists.
The Taj Mahal is built of white stone which is covered with beautiful designs. The highest part of the roof of the Taj Mahal is shaped like an onion. In front of the building is a lake. At night! in the light of the moon, you can see the Taj Mahal in this lake - it is a beautiful sight.
a Give short answers to the following questions:
1) Who was Mumtaz Mahal?
2) In what year did they finish building the Taj Mahal?
3) Describe the Taj Mahal.
b Choose the cormct answer from a, b, c or d:
4) Why was the Taj Mahal built?
a) in memory of Shah Jahan. b) to attract tourists
c) in memory of Shah Jahan's wife d) as a castle.
5) Why can visitors sometimes see the Taj Mahal in the lake?
a) The water is like a mirror b) The building is in the middle of a lake.
c) The Taj Mahal is on an island. d )The city is often flooded
6) Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
People suddenly started seeing the strange plants in their gardens last spring. No one had ever seen anything like them before, and no one knew where they had some from: At first Some r people pulled them out and burned them because they thought they looked horrible
But most people left them where they were, without touching them. The next summer, people. enjoyed the big purple-coloured flowers that the plants produced.
It Was not until August that people read in their newspapers the first reports that the plants Could walk and run and even catch people and kill them. There is never much interesting news in august so people thought that journalists had made up these stories about waling plants to sell a few more newspapers and make money. Then in September, there was terrible news……….
a) Give short answers to the following questions:
1 Why did some people destroy the plants?
2 How were the plants dangerous to people?
3 What did people think when they read the newspaper stories for the first time?
b) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4) Where is this text from?
a- a newspaper b- a science fiction story
c- a detective story d- a book on gardening
5) What does them refer to in the plants could walk and run and even catch people and kill them?
a- the plants b- the journalists c- the newspapers d- the people
The Reader
7-(The mask of Gold)
a) Answer the following questions:
1) What job did the man sitting next to Leila on the plane say he did?
2) What did Dr Hafez think when Leila introduced him to Martin Lander?
b Complete the following to make meaningful sentences:
1) Although Martin Lander has an American passport, he.................................... .
2) When Dr Hafez met Leila at the airport, he asked her if ............................ .
c Read the quotation and answer the questions:
"I decided I didn't want to tell this man too much more. He spoke easily and confidently".
1) Why do you think Leila did not want to answer any more questions?
2) Later on the journey, Leila fell asleep. What did the man do while she was sleeping?
8) Write a paragraph of about 100 words about (a novel or a short
story you have enjoyed reading).
a) Translate into Arabic:
Yahia Haqqi was born in 1905 in the Sayyida Zeinab district of Cairo. He graduated in law and worked for a short time as a lawyer. In 1929, he began his career as a diplomat.
b) Translate into English
1/ لو كنت قلقا عليك أن تسال والديك النصيحة
2/ ما نوعية الأنشطة التي تحب أن تمارسها خلال نهاية الأسبوع

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