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Practice test (5) Language Functions

Practice test (5)
Language Functions
1- Respond to each of the following situations:
1- Your friend starts to cross a road when you see a car coming. Warn your friend.
2- Someone asks if you think people will ~till have cars in 50 years.
3- You hear the word magnet on the radio. Ask a friend what it means.
4-A friend asks you why you have such an expensive mobile phone. You have two reasons.
2- Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in each of the following two mini-dialogues:
1- A) Do you remember what happened?.
B) No, I just remember waking up in the road.
A) How do you feel now?
B) Not too bad. Will I have to stay here tonight?
A) We're not sure yet. We'll have to check you have no broken bones.

2- A) Could you tell us why you would like to study here?
B) Your Biology Department has a very good reputation.
A) And if we accept you, what do you hope to do when you graduate? '
B) Well, I'd like to work for a food company.
Vocabulary and Structure
3- Choose the correct answer from a; b, C or d:
1- Five pounds................ a lot for a cup of coffee.
a) are b) cost c) pay d) is
2- In some countries, people use a passport instead of ……… card.
a) an identity b) a personal c) a national d) an individual
3- Sayed ................ the train. He was at the station half an hour before the train left.
a) can't miss b) can't have missed c) must have missed d) didn't miss
4- My friend advised me to see a doctor. I wish I .............her advice now.
a) took b) take c) had taken d) have taken
5- Did they ever discover the …………of the fire?
a) reason b) purpose c) explanation d) cause
6- My sister promised ................ me after school this afternoon.
a) meeting b) to meet c) met d) meet
7- I've just finished a novel.... ........the main character is an 80-year-old man.
a) which b) in which c) who d) whose
8- Have you heard? They've discovered a/an………….. new treatment for flu.
a) effective b) useless c) real d) cruel
9- She............sport as a very important part of her life.
a) thinks b) believes c) regards d) looks
10- On ................ that he had passed his driving test, Taha was very happy.
a) heard b) he heard c) to hear d) hearing
11- There was great …………..when our team won the football match.
a) procession b) imprisonment c) excitement d) attachment
12- He wasn't getting enough exercise………… he joined a sports club.
a) because b) although c) and d) so
13- I've seen an interesting article on the internet which I have ............ onto my computer.
a) received b) done c) downloaded d) written
14- By this time next week, the exam results will........... .
a) have been published b) have published c) publish d) be publishing
15- I like that photograph on your computer..............
a) glass b) screen c) film d) front
16- Nader is really ............ about all kinds of sport. He loves playing and watching it.
a) interested b) active c) enthusiastic d) keen
4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly.
1- When I have nothing to do, I feel really boring.
2- The person who's job is to clean the school is not here today. He's ill.
3- When Umm Kalthoum died, thousands of people attended her wedding.
4-You should reinvent paper, rather than throw it away.
5- Some people believe that in the future, water will use as a fuel for cars ..
6- Despite he is 68, my grandfather is still working.
5-Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
On June 16, 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. She had been chosen from more than 400 others who applied. During her three-day flight, her rocket orbited the Earth 48 times. Valentina did tests on' herself to find out how the experience affected women's minds and bodies. She reported that she felt ill for most of the time she was in space. Valentina Tereshkova was born in 1'937 in the west of Russia. Her father worked as a tractor driver and her mother worked in a factory. She left school at the age of 16 and went to work in a factory. In her spare time, she enjoyed parachuting. After
Valentina Tereshkova's space flight, it was 19 years before: another Russian woman was sent into space. Today, Valentina is still a hero in Russia.
a) Give short answers to the following questions:
1- How many women wanted to travel in space when Valentina applied for the job?
2- What does the experience mean in how the experience affected women's minds and bodies?
3- What was Valentina's hobby as a young woman?
b) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- How old was Valentina when she went into space?
a) 16 b)19 c)26 d)48
5- How did Valentina feel while she was in space?
a) comfortable b) happy c) tired d) not well
6- Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
I have never been a fast reader. As a child, it took me two weeks to read a book that my friends could read in a few days. This worried my parents, so they took me for an eye test. The doctor said there was nothing wrong with my eyes' and, said he thought I was probably, lazy. This was very annoying, but I was pleased to know that I did not need to wear glasses. Now I am older, I understand my problem better. The truth is that I cannot concentrate on what I am reading if there is any noise around me, so, for example, I cannot read in dl room where people are talking or watching television. I sometimes read in bed where it is quiet, but If I am tired, I fall a sleep after a few minutes and forget what I have read the next day.
a) Give short answers to the following questions:
1- What is the writer's problem?
2- What did the writer's parents do?
3- Why is reading in bed not the answer to the writer's problems?
b) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- The doctor said that the problem was...............
a) that he needed glasses. b) he had serious eye problems.
c) he was lazy. d) he found it difficult to concentrate.
5- What does the writer think caused the problem?
a) Noises make it difficult for him to read. b) He does not like people watching television . ..
c) He is usually tired. d) He is not interested in the books he reads. 119
G The Reader (The Mask of Gold)
a) Answer the following questions:
1- Why did Dr Hafez call the police? .....
2- What did the police find among Leila's work clothes?
b) Complete the following to make meaningful sentences:
1 They knew the tomb was a king's tomb because they......................................
2 Amalia put the little gold rabbit among Leila's clothes because..................
c) Read the quotation and answer the questions:
"I was in complete darkness. It was not a nice feeling. There was no light and no sound. And it was cold. Time passed. I was very tired"
1- Where was Leila and why was she in complete darkness?
2- How did she get out of this uncomfortable situation?
Write an e-mail to a friend describing where and when you most enjoy reading.
a) Translate into Arabic.
Every year, millions of trees are cut down to make new paper. Fortunately, the trees that give us the
best wood for paper grow very quickly. Old paper can also be recycled.
b) Translate into English:
1- اذا لم تجتهد اكثر فى دروسك سوف تفشل فى الاختبار
2- اعتقد ان الناس سوف تستملر فى قراءة الكتب من اجل المتعة

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