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بالاجابات..اسئله قصه سجين زندا ثانويه عامه

بالاجابات..اسئله قصه سجين زندا ثانويه عامه  5559

A) Answer the following questions:
1- What is the setting (time and place) of The Prisoner of Zenda?
-The story took place in strelsau (the capital of Ruritania) and Zenda.
-The events took place during the coronation of the King Rudolf the fifth.
2-  How old is Rudolf when the events of the story start? Rudolf is 29 years old.
3-  According to Rose, how is Rudolf Rassendyll different from his brother Robert?
Rudolf is different because he does not take his duties to society seriously. He doesn’t work.
4- Mention اذكرthree skillsمهارات  that Rudolf Rassendyll has. He can speak several languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian), he can ride a horse and he can fight with a sword.
5-  Why wasn't Rassendyll as sick as the King was?He only ate one cake so he ate less poison.
6- Why did Fritz and Sapt lock up حبسJohann's mother with the King?
Because she overheard them and knew about their plan.
7-  Why was Rassendyll afraid when he saw Antoinette de Mauban on the balcony?
He was afraid that she would recognise يتعرف علييhim and say that he wasn’t the real King.
8-  According to Flavia, how has Rassendyll (the King) changed in his appearance?
She says that his face is thinner and he acts more serious.
9-  Why couldn't the Duke say anything about Rassendyll even though he knew Rassendyll was not the King? He couldn’t say anything because he would have to admit يقر-يعترفthat he had kidnapped the real King.
10- How did Sapt explain Rassendyll's injured finger to Freyler?
Sapt told Freyler that Rassendyll had caught his finger in a doorrاصبعه اصيب في باب.
11- Why was Rassendyll keen on حريص علييgetting the people of Ruritania to like him more than they liked the Duke? To win their support دعمin his fight against Michael
12- Why couldn't the Duke ever become King unless he married Flavia?
The Duke’s mother wasn’t royal, so legally he couldn’t become King unless he married Princess
13-  Rassendyll has never liked responsibilities. Now he has many. What responsibilities does he have?
14--Why does Rassendyll become good at pretending he has forgotten rules or people he has met?
He has to do this so that people will still think he is the real King.
--15Rassendyll tells the Princess that when he was younger, he thought he didn't need to worry about society. Why does he say this? He is forgetting to pretend to be the King. He is thinking of his own youth.
16-  How does the Princess react to Rassendyll's recalling that he thought he had no need to worry about society? She is surprised because he always knew he would be King, so he should expect to have responsibilities.
17- What is the reason Rassendyll claimsيدعي  is the cause of his handwriting being different from the King's?He claims that his hand still hurts from his injury so he can’t write as well as before.
18-""The thing I hunt is a very big animal," Rassendyll explains. What is Rassendyll really hunting?He is really hunting Duke Michael.
19-  To whom did the large, modern country house called Tarlenheim belong?
It belonged to a relative قريب of Fritz.
20-  Rassendyll, Sapt and Fritz took ten brave and strong gentlemen that they trusted to hunt down Michael. What reason did they give to the gentlemen?
They told the gentlemen that Duke Michael was holding a friend of the King as a prisonerسجين.
21-What did Johann tell Rassendyll about the real King's conditionحالة?
He told him the King was ill and weak.
22- Why does Rassendyll say he was forcedمجبر  to stab Max Holf to death?
It was war. He had to do it to rescue the King.
23-  What did the Chief of Police in Strelsau tell Rassendyll (the King) about what they had learned about the real Rassendyll?They had found his bags at the train station and they thought he was travelling with Madame de Mauban.
24-  Why was Michael keeping Madame de Mauban as a prisoner in his castle?
Because he knew that she had warned Rassendyll at the summer housee.
B) Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
-1""Why should I do anything? I have nearly enough money to do anything I want to (no one ever has quite enough money to do that, of course), and I enjoy an important position in society."
1-  Who said this? Rudolf Rassendyll said this. 2- To whom was it said? Countess Rose.
3-  Do you agree that people who have a lot of money should do nothing? Explain
No, I don't agree. Because work is necessary in our life.
-2 Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
""I heard that you rode through the old town alone. That surprised me. The people there must really have appreciated what you did."
1-  Who said this? Princess Flavia said this. 2- To whom was it said?It was said to the Rassendyll.
3- Why did the people appreciateيقدر this action?
It showed the people that the King cared اهتمabout them and trusted them.
-3Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
"You do know that Michael will be very angry. Is that a good idea?"
1- Who said this? Princess Flavia said thiss.
2- To whom was it said? It was said to Rassendyll (the King).
3- What was it that would make Michael very angry?
Rassendyll didn’t ask Michael to come into the room and he can’t enter without the King’s permission.
-4 Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
""As you know, his mother was not royal and he can only legally become King if he marries the Princess."1- Who said this? Rassendyll (pretending to be the King) said this.
2- To whom was it said? It was said to Marshal Strakencz.
3-  Who cannot become King unless he marries the Princess? Duke Michael.
-5""He's not a good man. He makes me angry. I nearly killed him myself last night. Think carefully about my plan."1- Who said this? Rupert Hentzau said this.
2-  To whom was it said?It was said to Rassendyll. 3- What is the speaker's plan?
He will help Rassendyll attack the castle. But Sapt, Fritz, the King and the Duke must die. Rassendyll will remain King and Rupert will get a reward.
General questions
-1-Who is Rose Rassendyll?من هي روز راسندل؟  She is Rudolf Rassendyll's sister-in law.
2-Rose Rassendyll was a very persuasiveمقنع person. Explainاشرح.
--She had a way of asking people to do things which is impossible to refuse. She persuaded Rudolf to work for Sir Jacob Borrodaile.
3-Who is Rudolf Rassendylll?من هو رودولف راسندل؟
He is a wealthyثري English gentleman and the narrator راوي of the story.
4--To what extent was Rassendyll brave(courageous-risky) in facing the Marshal's plan?
ألي أي حد كان راسندل شجاعاٌ في مواجهة خطة المارشال؟
He told the Marshal to tell his soldiers to ride ahead of him (Rassendyll) and he didn't need them or him ( the Marshal ) Rassendyll continued through the old town alone.
أخبر راسندل المارشال أن يطلب من رجاله الركوب أمامه وأنه لا يحتاجه او يحتاجهم وأستمر راسندل بمفرده عبر المدينة القديمة.
-Although he suspectedشك  that Michael wrote the letter , he insisted on going to the summer house
5-Sapt and Rassendyll were too brave in the hunting Lodge. Illustrate
Although Sapt and Rassendyll were only two, they decided to attack Michael's men to avenge Josef .بالرغم من أن سابت وراسندل كانوا أثنين فقط قرروا أن يهاجموا رجال مايكل لينتقموا لجوزيف .
6-  Rassendyll was so clever that he could escape from the three foreigners. Illustrate
راسندل كان ماهرا جدا لدرجة انه هرب من الاجانب .وضح.
He asked Detchard to open the door and while Detchard was doing that .Rassendyll ran
at him as fast as he could holding the iron table in front of him to protect himself .
طلب من ريتشارد ان يفتح الباب وبينما كان ريتشارد يفعل ذلك جري راسندل نحوه حاملا الطاولة الحديدية امامه ليحمي نفسه.
7-  Rassendyll was lucky.Illustrate -When Rupert stabbed him, the injury wasn't bad .
-  Wind was blowing towards Rassendyll and Sapt on their way to the lodge so they could hear the other horses behind them. كانت الرياح تهب نحوهم ولذلك سمعوا الخيل الاخري خلفهم.
8-Rassendyll was kindheartedطيب القلب .Explain
When he felt the king was in danger , he agreeed to play the king's role.
9-Rassendyll had a sense of guiltشعور بالذنب He regretted ندممstarting to pretend to be a king. It wasn't fair for the Ruritanians and it wasn't fair for the princess either.
10-Who was Sir Jacob Borrodaile? ؟ He was to be an ambassadorسفير in six months.
11-Who was Countess Amelia Rassendyll?من هي الكونتيسة أميليا راسندل؟ -She was a relative قريبة of the Rassendylls who married into the Ruritanian royal family أسرة ملكية in 1733.
12-Who was Rudolf Elphberg?من هو رودولف الفبيرج؟ He was King Rudolf the Fifth of Ruritania.
13-Show that the king had a sense of humour .بين ان الملك عنده روح الدعابة.
He asked Rassendyll to forgive him if he seemed surprised as it wasn't everyday that he saw his double. طلب من راسندل ان يسامحه لانه لا يقابل شبيه كل يوم.
14-The king was insatiable نهم and gluttonous شره for food .Illustrateوضح?
a)when Sapt told him about the early start the next day the king told him that good food was more important than sleep. b)The king ate the cakes hungrily as if they were the first thing he had eaten
15-The king was so kind (naiveساذج )that he couldn't see his brother's evil act .Explain.
Duke Michael exploitedأستغل his brother's kindness عطفand his weaknessضعف for good food so he sent the king poisoned مسموم cakes كعكto get rid ofيتخلص من him and to be king of Ruritania.
16-How was the king modest , kind generousكريم and hospitable حسن الضيافةwhen he met Rassendyll for the first time? كيف كان الملك طيبا ومتواضعا عندما قابل راسندل للمرة الاولي؟
The king told Rassendyll whether he liked it or not, he couldn't help looking like the king so he wasn't angry. اخبر راسندل انه سواء أحب ذلك ام لا فلا مفر أنه شبيه للملك ولذلك لم يكن الملك غاضبا.
The king offered to help Rassendyll happily..-He insisted that Rassendyll should dine with him
17-Who was Antoinette de Mauban?من هي أنطوانيت دو موبان؟
She was a French lady سيدة who was well known for her wealth ثروةand ambitionالطموح. She was a beautiful, tall and fashionably dressedيرتدي علي أحدث موضة lady سيدةof about thirty.
18-How far was Antoinette de Mauban kind?
In addition to helping Rassendyll, she looked after the real king in the Castle of Zenda.
19-Who was Duke Michael Elphberg?من هو الدوق مايكل الفبيرج؟
He was Rudolf Elphberg's half-brother.هو الأخ غير الشقيق لردولف الفبيرج.
20-Duke Michael was wickedشرير (villainوغد).Do you agree? Give reasonsYes, I agree. He tried to get rid of يتخلص منhis half-brother by poisoning him to get the crown التاجand the throneالعرش.
21-Who is Johann Holf?من هو جوهان؟ He is a servantخادم who works in the castle of Zendaقلعة زندا.
22-Describe the castle of Zenda.صف القلعة. It was very old but well-built.There was a moatخندق all around it. Behind it was a large modern mansionقصر- It could only be reached by a drawbridgeجسر متحرك between it and the mansion. It was well defendedجيد التحصين.
22-Who is Colonel Sapt?He is an old soldier who works for the King of Ruritania.
How was Sapt cautious?كيف كان سابت حريصا؟ He didn't tell the servant the truth about Rassendyll's injured finger and asked him not to tell anyone.
23-Sapt was very cautious when he heard a knock on the door. Explain.
He asked Rassendyll to take his hat and boots off and climb into bed. Cover himself up so people think he's asleep.طلب من راسندل أن يخلع قبعته وحذائه ويذهب للنوم.ويغطي نفسه ليعتقد الناس أنه نائم.
24-Sapt was intelligent ذكي He spied تجسسon Rassendyll and Flavia so when he was about to tell her that he wasn't the real king. Sapt interrupted قاطعhim, so as not to reveal يكشفtheir secret and end their game.
25- Who is Fritz von Tarlenheim? He is a gentleman who works for the King of Ruritania.
26-Show that Princess Flavia was a good observant? بين ان الامير كانت ملاحظة جيدة.
She told Rassendyll that he looked different; he looked more tired, serious and thinner.
27-Who was Freyler?من هو فرايلر؟ He was one of Sapt's servants. هو واحد من خدم سابت.
28- Rupert Hentzau was treacherousغدار(boldجريء-daringجري-aggressiveعدواني-cunningمكار-greedyطماع) and trustlessلا يمكن الثقة به. Explain.
He asked Rassendyll to shake hands and stabbed him in his shoulder with his knife
29- Rupert had no principles مباديء and a bloody دمويman .Discuss.
He asked Rassendyll to attack the castle bravely and kill Sapt , Fritz , Michael and the king .That would leave both of them alive.Rassendyll would be king and he could have a reward.
-he killed Michael and was aboutعلي وشك to kill Rassendyll.
30-Who did Rudolf Rassendyll call on in Paris? He called on two old friends:
George Featherlyجورج فيزرلي, an English friend of Rudolf who worked in the English embassyسفارة in Paris.Bertram Bertrandبرترام برتدراند, an English journalist صحفيwho worked in Paris.
31-What do you know about Marshal Strakencz? ماذا تعرف عن المارشال ستراكنتش؟
He was a very important person in the army.
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