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. أسئلة موقع لونجمان وإجابتها

Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d
Our company is planning to send _____ to the next international meeting.
a. a group b. a worker c. a car d. a delegation
Mrs Smith was very happy to become ___ when her daughter had a baby son.
a. a surgeon b. a grandmother c. a father d. a cousin
The old doctor is looking forward to his _____ at 65 years because he will no longer have to work.
a. retirement b. holiday c. year d. society
4. The boy needs _____ because his heart is not working properly and without a new heart he will die.
a. a doctor b. a charity c. a transplant d. a hospital
It’s terribly hot in here. Please can you turn on the _____?
a. heater b. lights c. parts d. air conditioning
That boy loves to draw buildings! I believe that he will become ____ when he grows up.
a. an engineer b. a businessman c. an architect d. an artist
_____ are important because they work on many things, from bridges and waterways to road systems.
a. civil engineers b. architects c. designers d. managers
When I was at school I liked my _____. It was red and grey and I loved wearing it.
a. teachers b. uniform c. classroom d. shoes
Watch your bag! If you are not careful, someone might _____ it.
a. jump b. hit c. steal d. want
I was not able to speak for myself, so I asked a lawyer to _____ me.
a. watch b. represent c. interpret d. write
After 10 years in prison, the prisoner was able to _____ when the guard forgot to take the keys out of his door.
a. escape b. celebrate c. represent d. walk
The boys were very unkind to the new student and they _____ his big nose.
a. looked at b. talked about c. made fun of d. watched
The teacher decided to _____ the bad student by making him stay in the classroom during the lunch break.
a. hurt b. talk to c. punish d. sing to
The crowd of people, who waited in the hot sun for many hours without food and water, really _____.
a. laughed b. suffered c. talked d. cried
I need some money. Can I _____ some from you?
a. lend b. want c. borrow d. give
Mrs Allen’s son passed all his examinations successfully, so she _____ him by buying him driving lessons.
a. rewarded b. congratulated c. helped d. laughed
Use your _____ to move around the computer screen and when you find what you want, click it.
a. control b. mouse c. rat d. hand
Teenagers spend so much time on the internet nowadays that they have no time for outdoor _____!
a. activities b. surfing c. work d. running
He didn’t have any money in his _____ because he had used his credit card too much.
a. wallet b. house c. bag d. bank account
I want a _____ internet connection because it is so much faster.
a. speedy b. special c. broadband d. dial-up
I ordered some CDs over the internet and the company ____them to me the next day.
a. delivered b. took c. carried d. drove
Mona’s purse was very heavy because it was full of _____.
a. bank notes b. coins c. food d. salt
A customer _____ has shown that people are generally very happy with the new internet delivery service.
a. chart b. asking c. project d. survey
When I saw that the camera which I had ordered online was delivered to me broken, I _____ using the customer services telephone line.
a. replied b. laughed c. helped d. complained
It’s not nice to _____ people just because they do not speak English well.
a. talk to b. make fun of c. like d. laugh
In British schools, teachers often call students by their _____ and not by their first name.
a. surname b. middle name c. number d. title
I don’t want to stay in Egypt all my life. I would like to get a job _____ for a few years.
a. away b. at home c. abroad d. inside
Annie Jones was always happy when her two _____ came to visit her with their father, Annie’s son Arthur, and his wife.
a. sons b. friends c. grandchildren d. neighbours
Ghada has a lot of _____ to do for her school project on World War Two.
a. research b. talking c. singing d. information
Why don’t you _____ for that job which was advertised in the newspaper yesterday?
a. fight b. call c. write d. apply
The manager wants me to be part of the _____ which our company is sending to the next sales meeting in Paris.
a. party b. delegation c. conference d. speech
I cannot use my computer because my _____ is broken.
a. table b. leg c. mouse d. p
Sameh was excited to be in the semi-finals of the inter-school tennis _____.
a. match b. tournament c. game d. test
I haven’t been able to play _____ recently because my partner has been sick.
a. football b. squash c. hockey d. theatre
The team of doctors and nurses had to _____ fully with each other during an eight-hour, difficult operation.
a. cooperate b. work c. play d. think
I find it hard to work with my colleague because he has different ideas and opinions and is quite annoying. I need a lot of _____!
a. bringing up b. money c. cooperation d. tolerance
The picture was _____ to the wall and I could not take it off.
a. situated b. tied c. attached d. placed
Nesma would like to get married and _____ three beautiful children.
a. grow up b. bring up c. attach d. give
George used a piece of _____ to tie the dog to the wall.
a. tape b. cloth c. cotton d. string
The _____ of wild dogs came closer and closer to the frightened child.
a. class b. group c. pack d. match
The rain was falling down hard, but the old man was able to find some _____ under a nearby tree.
a. umbrellas b. roof c. shelter d. dry
Police are warning the public that the man who escaped from prison is very _____ and that they should stay away from him.
a. violent b. friendly c. criminal d. hungry
My grandfather belonged to the _____. He travelled on many ships and over many oceans, sometimes during war-time.
a. army b. navy c. sailing club d. police
Samy is a very _____ person. He always believes that something good will happen in any situation.
a. happy b. cruel c. optimistic d. truthful
To travel from Egypt to Greece, you need to travel across the _____.
a. Pacific b. Nile c. Atlantic d. Mediterranean
I love studying English _____. There are so many different novels and books written by so many historical and famous writers.
a. newspapers b. literature c. books d. writing
Omar’s father is very well _____ in his profession. He was a surgeon for 25 years and now he teaches at the best universities.
a. watched b. wanted c. respected d. liked
I would like to become a writer because I think that I am very _____ and I can think of many different exciting stories to tell other people.
a. brave b. imaginative c. clever d. respected
The White Desert in Egpyt is very low, in fact it is below _____.
a. ground b. water c. sea level d. cities
Amin was only _____ late -- he should have arrived at 5 pm but he was delayed by ten minutes.
a. very b. some c. little d. slightly
The tree was old, and its _____ grew deep into the earth.
a. leaves b. branches c. roots d. bottom
I would like to go _____-sea diving n the Red Sea.
a. far b. deep c. low d. scuba
This English exercise is very difficult. It is really a _____ for me!
a. challenge b. trouble c. difficulty d. question
Hany’s _____ is to become a successful photographer.
a. want b. ambition c. career d. life
The top of the mountain towered thousands of metres _____ us.
a. above b. below c. away d. from
To stay safe as an explorer, you need to take with you the correct safety ____ .
a. machinery b. things c. clothes d. equipment
To succeed, you need to show _____ and work with different people.
a. toleration b. tolerance c. money d. violence
I’m absolutely exhausted after playing _____ against Dawud — he is really fit!
a. football b. hockey c. squash d. Playstation
My parents _____ to respect others, to be good to them, and to work hard.
a. bring me up b. brought me c. brought me up d. tell
Mona’s brother works in the _____. She misses him when he goes to sea.
a. sailors b. army c. police d. navy
The old man was very _____ to his two dogs. He didn’t feed them enough and he hit them hard with a stick whenever they made any noise!
a. cruel b. kind c. angry d. unhappy
I like _____ such as hard mathematics problems or difficult questions about history.
a. problems b. challenges c. issues d. questions
The king and all his soldiers finally ___ the island and its people, and took control of it.
a. conquered b. fought c. entered d. won
I didn’t expect to win the prize. It happened _____.
a. kept my cool b. in a tight corner
c. made my day d. out of the blue
The manager of the company was not available to talk at the meeting, so he sent __________ to speak for him.
a. a speaker b. a representative
c. a worker d. an employee
House prices keep increasing and because of this fewer people can __________ to buy their home.
a. afford b. pay c. able d. try
Because of the heavy rains earlier in the year, the __________ of crops was bigger than usual.
a. result b. yield c. gift d. load
Pizza Hut and McDonald’s are two very famous __________ of restaurants.
a. strings b. chains c. groups d. types
Let’s study together. You can help me with my history homework, and I can help you with your English homework. It’s a ____________!
a. good situation b. win-win idea c. win-win d. win-win situation
Elizabeth II is the current __________ of England, and has been ruling the country since 1952.
a. king b. queen c. chief d. president
___________ continues to develop very quickly. Soon we will be able to use computers that are as thin as paper, people will drive electronic cars, and one day man might even travel to Mars!
a. technology b. electronics c. computers d. machines
Because the company was losing money, it had to reduce the _________ of its workers.
a. payments b. money c. wages d. jobs
The two _____ fought against each other on land for many years in a terrible war.
a. navies b. armies c. soldiers d. teams
I think that I did very well in the maths examination, _____ for Question 4, which I did not know the answer for.
a. including b. except c. unless d. however
A _____ is a long, narrow boat which is used to ride down rivers. You can use it for fishing, or as part of an exciting sport.
a. debt b. manual c. canoe d. raft
Adel lost his job. He borrowed money from all his friends and soon he had many _____ which he could not pay back.
a. moneys b. finances c. savings d. debts
I would prefer to do _____ work, such as to be a gardener, a builder or a driver, than to sit in an office all day like a banker or lawyer.
a. manual b. physical c. hard d. hand
If you put twenty pounds away in a safe place every week, after some years you will have quite a lot of _____.
a. valuable b. savings c. earnings d. money
Our teacher was sick, so today we had a /an _____ teacher.
a. second b. replaced c. replacement d. extra
My mother wants to give me and my brother a key to the house, so she will need to make two _____ of her key.
a. copies b. replacements c. extras d. additions
To stay fit and healthy, you should _____ at least three times a week.
a. race b. exercise c. work d. keep fit
The _____ of my year was when I won the 100-metre running race!
a. top b. highlight c. light d. best
Many cities around the world have different _____ for different times of the year, which the people celebrate with food, drink, entertainment and different traditions.
a. festivals b. festivities c. games d. sports
Omar’s mother did not allow him to take _____ lessons because she believed that this was a very dangerous and violent sport.
a. judo b. running c. fighting d. boxing
I love acting, and this year I have been chosen to _____ in our school play.
a. take place b. take part c. play d. run
Some people say that _____ is not a sport. But I believe it is, and that it is excellent exercise for the brain!
a. water-skiing b. chess c. netball d. athletics
It is every athlete’s dream to win a gold _____ at the Olympic Games.
a. medal b. trophy c. prize d. first place
_____ is a sport for which you need to have a lot of equipment such as long ropes, and you should not be afraid of being in high places.
a. Rising b. Fighting c. Boxing d. Climbing
The schools in our area are going to have a football _____ this autumn. Twelve teams will participate.
a. match b. tournament c. competition d. game
The bride wore a beautiful white dress made of expensive _____!
a. nylon b. cotton c. silk d. leather
_____ is a dangerous sport, with many people each year dying from accidents on mountains.
a. Racing b. Climbing c. Judo d. Netball
The _____ of my year was when I won the school art competition.
a. happiness b. end c. top d. highlight
Our school has been chosen to _____ in a survey about how doing sport helps students to study better.
a. take place b. take part in c. act d. run
Can you ask Mr Milad’s secretary to _____ a meeting for him with the managing director of SportsRUs Company?
a. water-skiing b. set up c. netball d. athletics
Some international _____ make more money per year than some small countries!
a. people b. companies c. organisations d. corporations
Be careful that you never borrow so much money that you end up with ___________ which you can never pay back.
a. debt b. money c. finance d. gifts
My favourite _____ in any meal is tomatoes!
a. taste b. ingredient c. extra d. sauce
After the rains, the land became green and _____.
a. fertile b. rainy c. growing d. dry
This peach is still hard. I will wait a day for it to ____ before eating it.
a. rot b. ripen c. grow d. modify
Because there was not enough food for all the people, some of the weakest died of _____.
a. diet b. hungry c. hunger d. starvation

Part II
Using _____, scientists have been able to recreate exact copies of animals.
a. genetic engineering b. science c. engineering d. skill
My mother always prefers to buy products that are of a high _____ because she believes that they will last for longer.
a. value b. quality c. price d. material
The survey which I have been working on has not produced any useful results, so I will have to _____ it.
a. fix b. write c. modify d. repair
My father _____ the local cats with water to stop them from coming near our house.
a. sprays b. hits c. throws d. floods
The old man lived in a very _____ area of the countryside, far away from people, shops and businesses.
a. away b. far c. alone d. remote
Ahmed is very _____ about winning the chess championship. He has been practising non-stop for the last five months.
a. definite b. serious c. thoughtful d. seriously
I don't understand why this machine is here. Do you know what its _____ is?
a. purpose b. reason c. story d. title
The ship had a very big _____ of sailors, engineers, scientists and cooks.
a. population b. crew c. group d. staff
What is the quickest _____ to travel between Assiut and Ismalia?
a. roads b. journey c. route d. map
After the rains came, there were terrible _____ and many people lost their homes.
a. waters b. floods c. flooding d. lakes
Europe and Asia are two _____ which lie next to each other.
a. continents b. places c. islands d. areas
I always go to the sea _____ I have the chance.
a. after b. upon c. while d. whenever
It is great to have a _____ which I can sit outside on during the hot summer months.
a. balcony b. flat c. window d. roofs
Many houses in England are separate from the houses of their neighbours. These are called _____ houses.
a. alone b. detached c. separate d. single
The block of flats which my friend lives in is very high. It has 32 _____.
a. parts b. stairs c. levels d. storeys
I don't like modern buildings which are made out of _____. I think that they are very ugly.
a. iron b. wood c. concrete d. storeys
Houses where I live have _____ roofs because it rains a lot here.
a. sloping b. flat c. long d. big
Can you imagine what it must be like on the top of that skyscraper? Imagine what an incredible _____ there must be of all the city!
a. valley b. view c. picture d. roof
Mr Sabry built his new hotel in a very good _____ next to the Nile and near the new shopping mall.
a. town b. view c. location d. outskirts
Don't forget to _____ the door when you leave the house — there are some thieves around who might try to get in.
a. close b. lock c. push d. fix
I need to buy some fruit and vegetables so I’m going to the _____ shop.
a. fruit man’s b. greengrocer’s c. supermarket d. vegetable
Organic farming does not use _____ to kill harmful insects.
a. genetic engineering b. soil c. fertilisers d. pesticides
I love to drink orange juice made _____ on the street. I don’t like drinking it when it’s been in the fridge.
a. fresh b. ready c. quickly d. rotten
You should not eat that meat. It’s very old and is probably _____.
a. untasty b. poisonous c. fresh d. smelly
Europe and Asia are two of the world’s _____.
a. areas b. states c. countries d. continents
When his wife died, Mr Abduh didn’t want to be near any other people, so he moved to a very _____ area where even the closest shop was 20 km away.
a. remote b. far c. away d. single
I work in a very high building, on the 29th _____.
a. zone b. corridor c. storey d. level
I forgot to _____ the front door when I went shopping, but fortunately no one tried to get in while I was gone.
a. empty b. lock c. close d. secure
The bus _____ asked all the people on the bus for their tickets.
a. man b. officer c. driver d. conductor
The _____ on the aeroplane were really afraid when the captain had to make an emergency landing.
a. riders b. passengers c. people d. customers
What I love about biology, chemistry and physics are the different _____ we do at school.
a. experiments b. lessons c. games d. tests
When Peter is on holiday he likes to _____ visiting old buildings.
a. save his money b. spend his time c. travel d. use his money
Tomorrow I have to speak to my class about the Pharaohs. I am going to _____ in my talk some examples of the well-known Pharaohs.
a. include b. make c. write d. speak
If you do not explain exactly what you are writing about, then it will be _____ for most people.
a. no meaning b. meaningless c. messy d. easy
Our teacher told us not to talk during the exam — if we could not stay _____ then we would have to leave the room.
a. noiseless b. peaceful c. not talking d. silent
The director _____ the employees by e-mail that new jobs were going to be created soon.
a. spoke to b. wrote c. informed d. announced
I _____ finished my homework, but I was not able to answer two questions.
a. soon b. almost c. near d. close
I have not seen my cousin for a long time. He has been so _____ since he started his new job.
a. working b. late c. away d. busy
My father really _____ the idea that women can have children and a job at the same time!
a. supposes b. opposes c. fights d. ignores
Our car was nearly running out of gasoline, but _____ we found a gas station just in time.
a. fortunately b. lucky c. almost d. after
Many people lost their lives in the terrible _____ of the Second World War.
a. fights b. battles c. wars d. captures
I love playing with words to give new meanings, and I love to write creatively, about romantic things and important ideas. I would like to be _____.
a. a bestseller b. an author c. a poetry d. a poet
Robert F. Scott was a world-famous _____ who died while travelling and exploring in the Antarctic.
a. traveller b. explorer c. writer d. adventurer
If I become a writer, I will not rest until I have written a _____ and my books are read all over the world.
a. success b. novel c. bestseller d. lot
The White Desert is so low that it is below _____.
a. water b. sea level c. the ocean d. the ground
The Electricity Company _____ electricity to houses and businesses all over the country.
a. supplies b. gives c. takes d. carries
My _____ came from Syria two hundred years ago and settled in this town.
a. relatives b. ancestors c. family d. children
We went on a tour of Luxor and Aswan and there we saw many ancient _____.
a. buildings b. places c. sites d. museums
The men had been travelling in the desert for days and they were extremely happy to come to an oasis and to drink the refreshing water of its _____.
a. springs b. lakes c. oceans d. rivers
Some people say that there is not much _____ in the desert, but you can find some plants, as well as foxes, birds, snakes and many other animals.
a. animals b. wildlife c. there d. around
It was a _____ event when Egypt won the African Football Championship.
a. real b. old c. important d. historic
The _____ of Siwa mainly make their money by producing oil from palm trees, selling figs, and through tourism.
a. family b. inhabitants c. men d. livers
My mother was _____ when she saw how dirty my little sister had made her new dress.
a. regretful b. furious c. shouting d. aggressive
All that I care about when choosing a holiday destination is a beautiful _____.
a. travel b. swimming pool c. landscape d. site
St Catherine’s _____ in the Sinai holds many important historical and religious documents.
a. monastery b. church c. site d. palace
I hope to become a writer and to write a _____ like Harry Potter that will make me rich.
a. story b. bestseller c. book d. novel
I have so much homework to do and I need to prepare for my exams. I am too _____ to have fun!
a. busy b. crowded c. full d. empty
Please could you _____ the manager that Mrs Adams is here to meet him.
a. announce b. inform c. say d. request
I was not able to qualify to become a doctor, so instead I became a _____ to help the sick and injured.
a. engineer b. consultant c. surgeon d. paramedic
I am not _____ swimming because the water always goes in my ears!
a. keen on b. liking c. interesting about d. happy with
We would like to visit Luxor but we do not know where we can find good ____.
a. hotel b. accommodation c. rest d. sleeping
The package tour which my sister went on last year was very good _____. The agreement was that her two children could travel for free, and they had a lovely time!
a. value for money b. price c. cost d. deal
The Red Sea _____ is famous for its fish, corals and beautiful wildlife.
a. area b. beach c. coast d. ocean
It is _____ that my uncle wears his glasses when he drives — he can hardly see without them!
a. essential b. important c. a duty d. interesting
The steps leading up to the old temple at Petra, in Jordan, have been _____ by many visitors over hundreds of years.
a. destroyed b. worn away c. broken d. tired
My sister has a _____ for being a kind person and helping all other people.
a. fame b. famous c. title d. reputation
Different countries use different kinds of money, which are called _____.
a. coins b. currencies c. dollars d. notes
The doctor told Yousef to _____ after his operation and not to do any hard exercise.
a. take it easy b. take it out c. make it easy d. make over
The University of Rochester _____ an honorary degree to the man who invented the digital camera.
a. rewarded b. awarded c. prized d. gifted
The story of Adrian Smith and how he lost all his money by spending it on failing businesses is a _____.
a. cautionary tale b. loss c. message d. disaster
The _____ of the company is a very important and busy man, and it is difficult to get an appointment with him.
a. employee b. officer c. producer d. director
When the ship sank, there was just one _____, who was a very strong swimmer.
a. crew b. survivor c. survived d. rescuer
My uncle did not want people to see into his house, so he built a tall _____ all around it.
a. trees b. fence c. barrier d. gate
I was late for school because my _____ clock did not wake me up.
a. time b. warning c. alarm d. mobile
The owner of the luxury hotels here is so rich that he is a _____.
a. business man b. billion c. billionaire d. profit
You should not touch cats on the street because they may be carrying _____ which will make you sick.
a. illness b. germs c. dirt d. survivors
My mother had _____ sugar so she asked me to go and buy some more from the local shop.
a. run out of b. ended c. finished d. wanted
When you add hot water to ice, it will _____.
a. disappear b. melt c. go away d. vanish
An active _____ is a terrifying thing. It may erupt at any time, and destroy all the area around it.
a. fire b. mountain c. volcano d. bomb
Humans breathe in oxygen, and breathe out _____, which is a gas that causes global warming.
a. air b. carbon dioxide c. nitrogen d. hydrogen
I have no choices, no _____. There is only one thing that I can do.
a. chances b. possibilities c. chooses d. possibility
The _____ in Cairo is getting much worse. There are more and more cars, and sometimes it is almost impossible to drive.
a. traffic b. cars c. transport d. jam
Scientists say that the _____ is caused by an increase of gases in the atmosphere which raise temperatures on the earth and in the sea.
a. problem b. climate
c. pollution d. greenhouse effect
There is so much _____ in my flat. I need to clean it at least once a day!
a. dirtiness b. dust c. pollution d. carbon dioxide
After Fatima and Marwa finished their coffee, two of their friends _____ them to go shopping.
a. came b. joined c. greeted d. introduced
Our neighbour upstairs causes problems by _____ with the other neighbours’ disagreements.
a. interfering b. relaxing c. producing d. demanding
If we do not take care, the _____ that is damaging the environment will create a problem for us, and for our children, and for our grandchildren.
a. dirt b. pollution c. dust d. atmosphere
Inside the ancient tomb our tour guide showed us two very old _____.
a. humans b. people c. bodies d. skeletons
When I got 100% in my English test, I was really _____ because I thought that I had made a lot of mistakes!
a. surprised b. happy c. interested d. worried
When John’s family moved to Egypt, their household goods were _____ by ship.
a. banned b. lifted c. transported d. reduced
A _________ is an extremely large person who is not of ordinary size.
a. giant b. man c. body d. skeleton
I am planning my holidays, and I prefer to go on a _____ because I do not want to arrange all the travel myself.
a. travel agent b. trip c. tour d. package tour
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