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Important Paragraphs Advertisements الاعلانات

Important Paragraphs
Advertisements الاعلانات
             It's a fact that business without advertisements never flourishesيزدهر. Goods can be advertised in different ways; on TV in newspaper and in magazines, by posters ملصقات put up in streets, cinemas, shops and means of transport. In Egypt, advertisements have become an important part of television .Not only do they attract kidsتجذب الاطفال , but the elders as well. Most of them are about fast food, crisps, chocolate ad the like. Some advertisements are about films and plays .Of course they ruin  يفسد-يدمرthe pleasure متعة of watching TV programmes because they are displayedيذاع  the midst  وسطof them. I myself don't like the way they are displayed on TV in Egypt .hey don't reflect  يعكسthe Egyptian culture at all .Almost all of TV advertisements show merely فقط dance and nonsense.

Reading as a hobby
Reading is a useful hobby. It is a good means to spend our time and to increase our general knowledge, we read daily newspapers and magazines, by reading newspapers we are aware of all the news of our county as well as the news of the world. Magazines deal with cultural subjects, reportages and short stories, the book is the fiend of man. We read prose and poetry in literary books while scientific books deal with to date inventions and historical stories. Man can never feel lonely so long as he has book or a magazine as friend.

Libraries are placed where we can read or borrow books we can spend a useful time reading in the library , we can find many books of various kinds and standards which satisfy all classes , all tastes and all cultures the library is the best place where a person can be acquainted with the latest researching of brave men , the emotions and feelings of men of arts , in fact , it is a spring of knowledge which is never finished .it is the place where a person finds comfort and relief after the troubles and cares of life . In the library a person can find himself among books which are the best friends of man, through books in libraries we spend our spare time and increase our general knowledge.

Saving up
Life is full of ups and down. a wise person should think of the day when he becomes unable to earn his living , he should bear in mind that a rainy day will come and so he has to be ready for it. Saving is of great benefit. we must not spend our incomes unwisely , we have to save part of our income so as to face the unknown future saving enables a person to secure a better life and good living condition for his children and his family , a child may fall ill and a father finds himself in a difficult position if he has not saved money to provide for such a situation , if we save money we serve ourselves as well as our agriculture projects thus all of us live in a society whose standard of welfare is secured for all citizens .

How we make use of our deserts
         We make use of the natural wealth which lies hidden in the bottom of the desert. In the eastern desert, engineers, geologists, experts and laborers prospect for oil and exploit fields. In the deserts near Aswan iron ore is found in large quantities. It is used in the iron and steel industry. The reclamation of the deserts is one of the chief projects carried out in the A.R.E the desert is changed into cultivable land. Thus we can increase the area of the green land. People who live in overpopulated districts settle down in the new reclaimed land. In order to make use of the oases we have to encourage rural industries and facilitate means of transport. Desert plants are of great importance they are used in making medicine. There are many historical places in our deserts. They attract tourists to visit our country.

Egypt works for peace, yet we should have a strong army

When Egypt waged war against Israel on the 6of October 1973 it was a war for peace not for aggression. After winning the battle we raised the slogan of peace and began rebuilding our country. Egypt works for peace, yet we should have a strong army to protect the peace we are working for today Egypt has a very strong army to protect the peace we are working for today Egypt has a very strong and highly trained army. It is manned and officered by young and patriotic men. It uses the most sophisticated weapons used in the electronic war. It has mirage 2000 and the first early warning plane, thus our modern army has the ability to function on any front and can deter any aggression.


            Camping is an activity which young people like to do. They practise self-dependence, cooperation and, team work. In camping, they spend a day or a week in the open. Boy scouts usually go camping in one of the outskirts of the town. They sleep in tents, cook their own meals and make their own beds. Each member has his own job and they all work for the good of the whole. Camps may have their own goals. Some camps aim at cleaning streets and planting trees. Health camps tour villages to help the sick and to foster good health habits. Education camps aim at acquiring knowledge and practice in a certain subject.

Global Warming
Most people now accept the fact that the world's climate is changing. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing mainly because we burn fuels such as oil and gas. The fact that we continue to destroy the rainforests (which take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen) makes the matter worse. It is now known that the ice at the Arctic and the Antarctic is melting. If this continues, sea levels will rise and some parts of the world will be flooded, making many people homeless. So what can be done? Countries must stop destroying the rainforests and produce less carbon dioxide. We, as individuals, must all reduce the carbon dioxide we produce. This can be done by people using cars only when they have to or by turning down air conditioning in the summer.

A job you'd like to do when you finish your education
             It is known that any person should have a certain goal in life. If the person has a goal, he should exert great efforts to achieve this goal. My goal for the future is to become a doctor. I would like to do this job to serve my country, help poor people in my village and earn a lot of money. The job of the doctor has some qualities. A successful doctor should be honest, helpful, brave, patient, faithful and many other good qualities. If I want to become a doctor, I should study hard to join the faculty of medicine.

The mobile phone
         In fact the mobile phone is one of the most important inventions .However, it has some advantages and some disadvantages .First of all, we can start with its advantages. It enables people to contact each other easily at any time in any place .It is small enough to carry. It is useful for some people who work in remote areas such as engineers and businessmen. It is important for us in case of danger or troubles. On the other hand, it has some disadvantages. Some doctors think that it causes some serious diseases. It also makes people lazy because it prevents them from visiting each other .To sum up, we can say it is advisable for people to use it only when necessary to avoid its serious side effects.

The importance of sports and games

            No one can ignoreيتجاهل that games and sports are very important in our life .Sports and games are encouraged everywhere in Egypt because they make our bodies strong, prevent us from getting too fat and keep us healthy. Games and sports make people lead a healthy and active life. They can join clubs to Practise their favourite sports, enjoy their time and feel great happiness. Sports and games teach our youth disciplineالنظام, co-operation, the sense of belongingالشعور بالانتماء and protect them against deviationالانحراف and taking drugs.  It is important for us to get proper exercise in our life. There are many forms of exercises like running, walking, swimming….etc .All these exercise will help us feel our best. It is advisable to do the exercises which are suitable for us .The form of exercise I like to do is running. This exercise is very useful for my muscles .It makes my body strong and renews my activity. It is easy to practise and doesn't cost us any money. We should be keen on doing for improving our health.
Spare time
     Time lost never comes back so our time should be spent wisely. Other than reading, we can do interesting thing to enjoy it. We can go to the cinema which is a source of amusement and culture. The theatre, too, furnishes us with valuable instruction. Playing games is another way for enjoying our spare time. Games and sports strengthen our bodies and build our character. In our spare time we can pursue our favourite hobbies. Taking photographs, painting or growing flowers are all good and useful hobbies. To sum up, a successful person is the one who can always make the best of his spare time.

      No one can deny that pollution is a serious problem in modern life. There are many kinds of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution. Air pollution is caused by harmful gases from old cars, buses and lorries. Air pollution makes people sick. It causes cancer and harms plants and animals. Water pollution is caused by wastes thrown into seas by factories and ships. It kills fish and water plants. Soil pollution is caused by the chemicals used in the soil such as insecticides. To solve this problem, we can reduce pollution in our streets by planting trees in front of our houses. Cars and buses should run on efficient petrol or natural gas. Rubbish shouldn’t be thrown into the river.
The problem of over - population
      It has become clear that over population in Egypt is a serious problem. It results in تؤدى إلى other more serious problems. Our youth can't find a flat to marry in or a suitable job to start their life. There is also a possible shortage نقصof food. Our cities became very crowded, they lack the needed infrastructureالبنية التحتية for living. So it has become a must that we should invade the desert نغزو. The government does its best to encourage people to have small families through public awareness programmes برامج التوعية العامة on t.v. and papers. It send campaigns حملات  to remote and small villages to offer people information about birth controlتحديد النسل .

    The computer has a lot of advantages مميزات. It can store a lot of information; it can do a lot of calculations حسابات in no time. It can pay wages, reserve seats on planes, design buildings, compose music and do many jobs. Doctors also use the computer widely in their job. But it has also some disadvantages عيوب,it can waste our time if it is used foolishly or if it is used just for fun. It has also a bad effect on our health specially the sight الإبصار. It also teaches the children violence العنف  through playing the computer games. So it is a double-edged weapon.سلاح ذو حدين

Technology in our life
     Technology is everywhere nowadays. We all enjoy technology but in different ways. Now, we can travel from one place to another very easily, comfortably and fast. Modern means of transport are now supplied with all means of comfort كل وسائل الراحة. Space travel is now more possible than it used to be in the past. One day people may be able to enjoy space journeys.
     Technology has also played a role in medical care الرعاية الطبية. Now the computer can be used to check people's health accurately. It is also used for teaching. Students can benefit from the internet in their researches as well. No doubt technology has changed our life to the better.

The television
       The television is the cheapest means of entertainment and culture أرخص وسيلة للترفيه والثقافة. It shows us the current events الأحداث الجارية that take place in every part of the world at the same time. It is also a means of communication. We can learn the language of any nation through its films or serials -مسلسلات .We can't forget the educational programmes which attract the students of different stages.
        On the other hand it has some disadvantages. It has negatively affected فقد أثر سلبيا the habit of reading. Most of us don't read much as we are attracted to the television more. Some people waste their time in front of the TV. So we have to use this important invention wisely.

        Tourism is considered one of the most important earners of foreign currency and national income, من أهم مصادر العملة الصعبة والدخل القومى .Tourists spend a lot of hard currency during their stay in Egypt. Tourists like to visit Egypt to enjoy the sun shine, and the wonderful historic places. They like to visit the Citadel, the Pyramids, Luxor and Aswan.
     They like to see our modern renaissance نهضتنا الحديثة as well. We should do our best to encourage tourists to visit us again and again. We should establish cheap hotels and tourist villages along our shores.

The role of the youth in development
      The youth should first work hard to achieve success. When they graduate from their universities they have duties towards their society لديهم واجب نحو وطنهم. They can share in the social work by working in the co-operative field. They can share in abolishing illiteracy محو الأمبة in their villages.
      They can take part in reclaiming the desert to increase food production. They can join the army to defend their country in case there is a war. They can also help a lot in solving any problem concerning their society. They should work hard for the welfare  رفاهيةof their beloved country Egypt.

English and its importance

     English is an integral part جزء متكامل من  of your personality, your character and yourself. Knowledge of good English enables you to communicate with foreign friends and countries. It enables you to find a better job because it helps you express يعبر عن yourself and deal with tourists freely.
    We cannot cope with the technological renaissance النهضة التكنولوجية without learning how to use the computer and internet so learning English is a must. When you are armed with English, you can understand what is going on around you and you can deal with the knowledge explosion easily الانفجار المعرفى without any fear.
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