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للصف الثالث الثانوى Exercises on Translations

للصف الثالث الثانوى Exercises on Translations
Exercises on Translations
1)Translate into Arabic:
Learning foreign languages needs never stop. One shouldn’t learn a foreign language merely to achieve an immediate professional or academic aim and then give it up. He should carry on learning as it is a valuable experience that enriches his life.

Translate into English:
علي كل فرد في مجتمعنا أن يشارك في تحمل المسئولية للتغلب علي مشاكلنا الاجتماعية        و الاقتصادية و البيئية .

2)Translate into Arabic:
Celebrating the new millennium at the foot of the Pyramids of Giza was marvelous. That was the best place from which we could pass to the new century. The celebration aimed at combining the ancient and the modern and reviewing the history of human civilization.

Translate into English:
تبذل الحكومة أقصي جهدها لإيجاد فرص عمل للشباب و بناء مساكن لهم .
3)Translate into Arabic:
To be interested in something is a golden rule in life. If a person is always chained to his office, he will grow physically and mentally weak. If such a person has a hobby, his daily work will no longer be tiring.

Translate into English:
لن يمر وقت طويل حتي تصبح مصر دولة متقدمة.
4)Translate into Arabic:
The government is trying to solve the transport problem by constructing new roads and flyovers. The number of vehicles is increasing every day. Roads are becoming too crowded for drivers to use.

Translate into English:
تهتم الدولة بالعلماء اهتمـاما كبيرا و تمنحهم الكثير من الجوائز في المناسبات القومية.
5)Translate into Arabic:
            Experts always state that industry, agriculture and tourism are the main sources of our national income. Great projects are carried out to develop these sources. In the field of industry, Egyptian products are a source of pride not only for Egyptians but for all Arabs.

Translate into English:
إن العمل الجماعي يقوي الروابط بين الناس  و يرسخ القيم الإنسانية بينهم.
6)Translate into Arabic:
It is said that television has destroyed the art of conversation and made people unhappy by forcing them to want things they don’t need. On the other hand, it helps people to update their knowledge of the world affairs, as they can see current events in different parts of the world the moment they occur.
Translate into English:
لقد أحرزت مصر تقدما كبيرا في مختلف مجالات الصناعة و التعليم و التكنولوجيا الحديثة .

7)Translate into Arabic:
Cutting off trees in cities is an ill deed. Trees give us shade in summer and the green colour makes us feel at ease. Trees also purify the air and they give off oxygen by day. That’s why we should do our best to spread the green colour all over our country.
Translate into English:
يجب علينا أن نشجع السياحة الداخلية  لنعوض ما حدث في السياحة القادمة من الخارج .

8)Translate into Arabic:
The establishment of public libraries and school libraries contributed to improving the learning process as a whole and helped many citizens to read freely. Public libraries play an important role in spreading culture and awareness among people of all ages.
Translate into English:
للاختراعات الحديثة الكثير من المزايا ،  كم أن لها بعض العيوب .

9)Translate into Arabic:
Communications satellites can transmit radio and TV programmes at great distances. Egypt’s satellite, Nile Sat 101, serves the whole of the Arab world. Egypt is planning to launch more satellites in the future.
Translate into English:
إن المرأة المصرية عنصر فعال و شريك أساسي في التنمية الشامـلة .
10)Translate into Arabic:
Some of the most important aims of education are to build up an Egyptian citizen who is able to face the future and to create a productive society. Education also aims at preparing a generation of scientists for the service of humanity.
Translate into English:
تصبـو كل الدول المحبة للسلام إلى عالم يسوده السلام و التعاون .
11)Translate into Arabic:
     Practising activities at school is of great importance. Teachers should encourage their students to participate effectively in school activities. Such activities help students to learn some values like co-operation, respect for others, self-confidence and perseverance.

Translate into English:
إن موقع مصر الجغرافي المتميز و آثارها الرائعة جعلها واحدة من أهم الدول السياحية في العالم .
12)Translate into Arabic:
              Over-population in Egypt has led to many other problems like illiteracy, heavy traffic and unemployment. The government should exert more efforts to bring down the population growth rates. It should also pay more attention to the development of human resources.

Translate into English:
تجذب الآثار و المتاحف المصرية مـلايين السياح من كل أنحاء العالم .
13)Translate into Arabic:
Cigarette smoking is linked directly with lung cancer. Today, in many countries, as many as one third of all cancer deaths are attributed to cigarette smoking. It is also known that smoking increases the risks of other diseases of the heart and lungs.

Translate into English:
لقد أحدثت أجهزة الكمبيوتر و شبكات الأقمار الصناعية  ثورة في المعلومات و الاتصـالات .
14)Translate into Arabic:
Healthy food should include vitamins and proteins. It has to be fresh and low in fat and salt. It shouldn’t contain harmful chemical additives. If we don’t eat the right food, we will get ill and lose our ability to do our work well.

Translate into English:
يجب أن نحافظ علي البيئة بقدر المستطاع حتى يستطيع أولادنا و أحفادنا أن يتمتعوا بالعالم الذي نعيش فيه .

15)Translate into Arabic:
Only the individual himself can develop his given potentials. But, like any other living being, he needs an atmosphere of warmth to give him a feeling of inner security to express himself.

Translate into English:
يجب أن نستخدم التكنولوجيا الحديثة في جميع مجالات الحياة و خاصة مجال  الإنتاج .
16)Translate into Arabic:
Energy is necessary for development. It is essential for all productive activities required to achieve higher standards of living. Man’s great progress in industry and agriculture is due to energy.

Translate into English:
علينا أن نشجع استخدام المواد المعاد تصنيعهـا مثل الورق و الزجاج و المعادن .
17)Translate into Arabic:
The Egyptian woman has acquired all her rights. She is also represented in all international organizations concerned with women’s affairs. Moreover, services are rendered to provide family guidance and child’s welfare.

Translate into English:
لقد كتب نجيب محفوظ الكثير من الروايات التي ترجمت إلى لغات عديدة .
18)Translate into Arabic:
Egypt does its best to attract Arab and foreign capital for investment in the field of industry. We encourage the establishment of new industries as well as expanding the existing ones. Due attention has been given to introduce software and communication industries.
Translate into English:
سوف يشهد المستقبل القريب  تطورا كبيرا في سياحة الفضاء التي ستجذب الكثير من الناس  .
19)Translate into Arabic:
Great achievements have been made in Egypt to move population from narrow inhabited areas to new wider expanses.  New cities near Cairo have been constructed and large areas of the desert have been reclaimed.

Translate into English:
إن تصدير المنتجات المصرية إلى الخارج يؤدي إلى زيادة دخلنا  من العملات الأجنبية .
20)Translate into Arabic:
Every year Egypt celebrates the International Child’s Day in November. Prizes are given to children who successfully take part in the “Reading for All” competition. Creative children in the different branches of knowledge are honoured.

Translate into English:
يهدد التلوث حياة الإنسان و الحيوانات و النباتات في كل مكان .
21)Translate into Arabic:
Egypt has always been known as the “Birthplace of Civilization” because of its long and rich history. We are now keen on restoring our glories to keep pace with progress in developed countries.
Translate into English:
تشجع الحكومة رجال الأعمال المصريين علي استصلاح الأراضي خاصة في سيناء و المناطق الصحراوية .

22)Translate into Arabic:
Health is a splendid treasure that completes our happiness. It’s worth saying that we can’t really enjoy our life if we are unhealthy, however wealthy we may be. Healthy people are always proud of what they can achieve in the fields of sports and hard work. For unhealthy people, life is no more than pain and suffering.
Translate into English:
يجب أن يتعاون الأفراد مع وزارة البيئة  للتخلص من الكميات الهائلة من القمامة و المخلفات التي تؤدي إلى تدمير البيئة .

23)Translate into Arabic:
The world’s ever increasing population means more houses, more roads, more factories, and this means less land for animals and plants. Over-population also means more waste and pollution, and this makes life increasingly difficult for many creatures.

Translate into English:
لقد شهد معرض القاهرة الدولي للكتـاب تطورا هائلا في السنوات القليلة الماضية .
24)Translate into Arabic:
Distance learning makes use of educational experts in the various branches of knowledge all over the world. We can make use of distance learning in all fields including the different branches of science.

Translate into English:
يعتقد كثير من الناس أن الكتـاب الإلكتروني سيحل محل الكتاب العادي في المستقبل القريب .
25)Translate into Arabic:
We should try to discover our talents before we select our career. We should do the work that appeals to us. Some people prefer to do any work in governmental offices although they can become successful businessmen.

Translate into English:
يجب علينا أن نتعاون للقضاء علي الإرهاب الذي يحاول تدمير بلادنـا .
26)Translate into Arabic:
Vast areas of the desert have recently been reclaimed. The government is trying to plant these areas. So it sends university graduates to these new communities to achieve food security for Egypt in the coming years.

Translate into English:
يجب أن نقدر العمال الذين يعملون في ظروف الطقس السيئة في الصحراء لإقـامـة مشاريعنا العظيمة هناك .

27)Translate into Arabic:
The promotion of international co-operation and peace through education is one of UNESCO’s basic aims. It is the only means for the accomplishment of prosperity, real and lasting peace among the peoples of the world.

Translate into English:
تبذل الدولة ما بوسعها لتطوير التعليم و إنشاء المزيد من المدارس و الجامعات .
28)Translate into Arabic:
The government sets up industrial projects to increase our local production. It encourages the private sector to invest capital. It also demolishes the barriers that hinder economic progress.

Translate into English:
إن مشروع توشكي في جنوب الوادي  هو أمل مصر في التغلب علي مشكلاتها الاقتصادية .
29)Translate into Arabic:
Undoubtedly, tourism is a chief source of national income and hard currency. The government exerts great efforts to develop the tourist industry. The aim is to attract a greater number of tourists to visit Egypt, the land of civilization.

Translate into English:
إن السياحة هي ثاني أهم مصدر للعملة الأجنبية لمصر بعد المنتجات البتروليـة .
30)Translate into Arabic:
Arab countries must co-operate economically to achieve prosperity for the Arab world. They should solve their problems in the Arab League. Besides, they have to encourage the Arab scientists to make progress in the field of science.
Translate into English:
لا بد أن نفعل شيئـا لحل مشكلات المرور و التلوث في المدن .
31)Translate into Arabic:
The last decade of the twentieth century witnessed great efforts for the sake of children’s welfare. Many laws were passed to protect children against early employment. We have to sacrifice our comfort and happiness for the future generations.
Translate into English:
يستخدم الناس الإنترنت في الوقت الحالي لأغراض الحصول علي المعلومات و الاتصالات و الإعلان و التسوق و البحث عن الوظائف .  

32)Translate into Arabic:
It is time the Arab Common Market was set up. The Arabs have common ties and interests that should help to put the Common Market into effect. The age which we live in has no room for small and weak countries.
Translate into English:
يجب أن يتوقف الناس عن التدخين لأنه يبدد المال و  يدمر الصحة و يسبب الوفـاة.
33)Translate into Arabic:
Egypt has achieved great progress in the field of communications. Modern mobile telephone networks have covered all cities and villages and even remote areas. Computers and the internet have enabled us to get in touch with other people all over the world.

Translate into English:
لم تعد الوظيفة الحكومية هدفا يسعي إليه الشباب الطموح المتطلع إلى غد أفضل .
34)Translate into Arabic:
Our deserts are part of our chief sources of wealth. If we give them due care, we can increase our national income by increasing the cultivated land and constructing new industrial projects. New cities could be set up in these areas and lead to our economic development.
Translate into English:
من الطبيعي أن تكون لمصر علاقات قوية مع كل الدول لأنها دولة رائدة في كل المجالات .
35)Translate into Arabic:
In Egypt, the population is doubling every twenty four years. Research shows that the size of the family is connected with the standard of women’s education. If more girls are educated, the size of the family will certainly be smaller.
Translate into English:
مهارات الكمبيوتر ضرورية للغاية لمواجهة المنافسة الشديدة في سوق العمل .
36) Translate into Arabic:
Some scientists have found that people are more likely to catch a cold when they are unhappy or under stress. This is because the immune system is less effective when we are worried. Doctors have also found out that people with mild colds get better if the doctor is kind.
Translate into English:
يقاس تقدم الأمم بمدي اهتمامها بقضايا البيئة علي اختلاف أنواعها .
37) Translate into Arabic:
Many people like to collect things like stamps, for example. Some stamp collections are very valuable. Usually the fewer the number of people who have a stamp in their collections, the more valuable that stamp is.
Translate into English:
كن اميناً مع نفسك مخلصاً لوطنك تكسب حب واحترام الاخرين.
إن حفلات الزفاف مناسبات هامة في كل بلد، وهناك تقاليد للزفاف تختلف باختلاف البلد.
38) Translate into Arabic:
Egypt has a strong cultural history. Some of the greatest Arab writers, musicians and craftsmen are Egyptians. In the last century, Taha Hussein, Tawfik Al Hakim and Naguib Mahfouz were probably the best known writers in Arabic.
Translate into English:
في رايي التسوق عبر الانترنت أرخص وأسهل من التسوق التقليدي.
39) Translate into Arabic:
Exercise is a good way to get rid of the stress and frustration of the workplace. Consequently, people who exercise regularly feel better and do not get sick so often. This would benefit the company as a whole.
Translate into English:
المال ليس غاية في حد ذاته ولكنه وسيلة الي غاية.
40) Translate into Arabic:
The 20th century will be remembered for its scientific revolution. Our age is the age of the atom, space and revolutionary medical achievements. Therefore, conferences are organized to apply and make use of these achievements.
Translate into English:
إن الجهود التي تبذل من أجل تحسين الصحة لا يمكن أن تتم بنجاح إلا بتعاون الأفراد مع الحكومة.
41) Translate into Arabic:
There are different kinds of gardens. Gardens can be made with every plant carefully placed as a part of a man-made design. Gardens can also be made to look as if every flower has sprung from seeds sown by nature. Public parks are for everyone to enjoy and relax.
Translate into English:
نشعر بالفخر عندما نجد مصريين يحققون انجازات عالمية في مختلف المجالات.
42) Translate into Arabic:
Sports are useful to character development. In their books, children learn about such values as unselfishness, courage and love of one’s country. However, what is learned by experience in sports has a deeper effect on a child’s character.
Translate into English:
هل لديك دافع لكي تنجح في حياتك ومستقبلك؟
43) Translate into Arabic:
The Nile TV Channel is the first international Egyptian channel transmitting 24 hours a day. Its programmes are in English and French. It covers all Arab and European countries and the United States as well.
Translate into English:
يجب تحسين جودة المنتجات المحلية حتي تنافس مثيلاتها الاجنبية.
44) Translate into Arabic:
Peace gives us a golden chance to carry out useful projects. It saves the money spent on wars and destructive weapons. In peace, this money can be used for building new factories, improving health care and solving the problems of housing and transport.
Translate into English:
إن الاهتمام بتطوير التعليم من أهم الأهداف التي تسعي مصر لتحقيقها.
45) Translate into Arabic:
The three-day conference took place at the Bibliotheca (library) Alexandria. It was attended by 170 Arab businessmen and thinkers. Journalists were not allowed to enter so that ideas could be exchanged freely.
Translate into English:
النظام العالمي الجديد مبني بشكل اساسي علي ثورة الاتصالات والمواصلات.

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