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للتدريب على اسئلة اللغة الانجليزية 3 ثانوى امتحان 2013 مجاب

Examination, 2013 Second Stage - First Session ,
Respond to each of the following situations (4 marks)
1- Give advice to your friend who is going out while it is raining outside.
2- Your uncle was very sick last week, You regret not visiting him.
3- One of your sisters looks upset. You want to know if she has a problem.
4- A friend suggests that you go to the book fair next Friday. Suggest something else.
2) Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in each of the following two mini-dialogues: (4 marks)
1- A: Excuse me. I need an encyclopedia about Egyptian novelists
B: You can find this on the shelf over there.
A: Thank you. Can I take it out?
B: I'm afraid you can't.
Place:......        - Speaker A:..               Speaker B:..                      function:....
2-A: Does this tooth ache?
B: Not the upper tooth, but the lower one.
Place:......        - Speaker A:..               Speaker B:..                      function:....

3) Choose the correct answer from a, b, e or d: (8 marks)
1- The teaching ....................requires good education and training.
      a) proficient   ‏b) profile  e) procession  d) profession
2- My elder brother is a Nile TV channel ............... whose job is to report news from London. .
       a) agent  b) client  c) correspondent  d) representative
3- Military soldiers usually wear .................... uniforms.
       a) distinctive  b) destructive c) detective d) distributive
4- If Mona had come ten minutes earlier, she .......... her boss.
        a) would meet    b) would have met   c) will meet   d) meets
5- Naguib Mahfouz's books ......... into many languages.
        a) have translated   b) had translated   c) were translating    d) have been translated
6- When we were children, we didn't have e-mails so we ......... write letters.
       a) must     b) had to     c) have to     d) has to
7- Five litres of petrol........ not enough for the trip from Cairo to Alexandria.
       a) is   b) are   c) were   d) had
8- Dr. Aisha Abedelrahman used to go with her father to meetings at ...... ..she learned to read and write.
      a) which b) where c) who d) whom
9- The astronauts went on a space.............to replace a broken fuel pump.
       a) tour b) suit c) station d) walk
10- At the beach, people's skin can become darker because they are exposed to .............. rays.
     a) electromagnetic   b) ultraviolet   c) heat   d) laser
11- Yehia Haqqi is one of the most .............writers in the Egyptian literature
      a) innocent   b) influential   c) medical   d) scientific
12- Coal, oil, and gas are.........fuels, which have been formed under the ground millions of years ago.
       a) energy - b) electricity c) fossil d) waste
13- ............occurs when the moon disappears, and passes between the sun and the earth.
       a) An eclipse   b) Wind   c) Thunder   d) Lightening
14- We expect .......... the English test this year.
      a) pass     b) to passing   c) passing   d) to pass
15- Salwa is penniless. She wishes she .......... spent all her money yesterday.
     a) hasn't    b) hadn't    c) didn't   d) doesn't
16- Its my mother's birthday, ......... I want to buy her a present.
     a) because      b) although    c) despite   d) so

4) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:  (6 marks)
1- He wanted to know how would I feel about working in Luxor.
2- When I have nothing to do, I feel really boring.
3-At night, bright lights always illustrate the front of the palace.
4- The doctor advised my aunt not to eat sweets because she is chronic.
5- Despite grandfather is 72, he is still working .
6-Today, paper, plastic and glass can all be replaced to be used again.
5) Read the following passage, then answer the questions: ( 4 marks)
Many people like to take part in extreme  شديد – متطرف sports. These sports are thrillingمثيرة but can be dangerous. They require skill and technique and a sense of adventure. Extreme sports started long ago. Hang-glidingقيادة الطائرة الشراعية, skydivingرياضة القفز الحر من الطائرات واستخدام المظلات بعد فترة من القفز  and hot-air ballooningرياضة ركوب المناطيد are just three of the many extreme sports practised.
, Hot-air Ballooning is recognised as a sport in 1960. The huge multicolour  متعددة الالوان balloon have been made from nylon and are lifted into the sky by controlling the air inside the balloon. To make the balloon go higher, the balloon pilot blasts ينسف - يفرقعhot air inside the balloon. Bottledمعبأ  Propane gas غاز البروبين is used to heat the air. This fuel can be turned off and on by the balloonistقائد المنطاد . To make the balloon descendتهبط , the air has to be left to cool . A basket, which holds the balloonist and passengers, is attached to the balloon by wires.
A. . Give short answers to the following questions:
L Do you like extreme sports? Why/Why not?
2- What does a balloonist do to lift or descend a balloon?
3- why is hot-air ballooning one of the extreme sports?
B. Choose the correct answer from a, b. cord:
4- The air gets hot or cool b‎ the . ..........
 a) skill   b) wires c) balloonist d) basket
5- According to the passage, the basket carries................ ..
 a) balloon pilot   b) passengers   c) passengers and pilots d) multicolour balloons
6) Read the following passage, then answer the questions: ( 4 marks)
 Many unusual weather phenomena ظواهر  include lightening, droughtsجفاف , and floods. Lightening occurs when thunderstorms form in clouds These contain drops of water and fragments of ice which rub and hit to form electricity which travels through  the air causing lightning. The temperature of lightning can be hotter than that of the sun. Lightning is very dangerous. It may strike mountains, people, and buildings. It also causes trees to fall, or catch fire.
  A drought occurs when not enough rain falls. It happens when weather is hot and water is quickly evaporated in dry areas of land. Droughts can cause loss of topsoil and damage of crops. They can result in famine, diseases and wildfires. Floods are formed when big waves are rolled on dry places. They occur when it rains more than the land can handle. Floods can make people drown and die, and may destroy many homes.
A. Give short answers to the following questions
1- What causes droughts? Give two reasons.
2- Mention three effects of a drought on man and environment.
3- According to the passage, how is electricity formed?
B. Choose the correct answer from a, b. c or d:
4- Floods are caused when ..... ......... ........ .
   a) dry areas of land roll   b) not enough rain falls   c) people drown and die   d) land cannot absorb rain
5- The underlined word that  refers to the . ...........
     a) lightening b) temperature e) air d) electricity
7) A. Answer the following questions: (4 marks)
1- What reason did Rassendyll give Princess Flavia for leaving Strelsau?
2- Why did Rassendyll kill Max Holf?
3- What did Sapt plan to do if the real king died?
4- Rassendyll and Sapt needed a permit to leave the city. Why?
B. Read the following quotation and then answer the questions: ( 3 marks )
"It's good to meet your cousin! You must forgive me if I seemed surprised, as it isn't every day that you see your double!"
1- Who said this to whom?
2- Where was it said?
3- Why was the speaker surprised?
C. Find the mistake in each sentence and correct it: .  (2 marks)
1 Michael rides through the poor part of town without a close guard.
2- Rassendyll asked Strakencz to kill Flavia and not to allow any of the Duke's men to visit her.
8)  'Write a paragraph of about 100 words about:         ( 6 marks )
    The different ways people can do to save energy
A. Translate into Arabic (3 marks)
To make paper from wood, logs are broken into small pieces which are mixed with chemicals and then bleached. Water is removed from the mixture, which then passes through hot rollers to produce dry paper.
B. Translate into English
1-تستخدم الطاقة الشمسية لتوليد الكهرباء في بعض محطات الطاقة العملاقة.
2- عفوا هل يمكنك أن ترشدني إلى اقصر طريق للوصول إلى إستاد القاهرة؟

The answer
No. 1
1- You should take an umbrella with you
2- I regret not visiting my uncle
OR ( I wish / if only ) I had visited my uncle
3- What is wrong with you ?
4- What about going to the cinema ?
No. 2
1- place : Library
A : reader
B : librarian
Function : polite request - thanking -
2- place : dentist's - hospital
A : dentists
B : patient
Function : Asking for information - giving information / inquiring ......
No. 3
1- ( d ) profession
2- ( c ) correspondent
3- ( a ) distinctive
4- ( b ) would have met
5- ( d ) have been translated
6- ( b ) had to
7- ( a ) is
8- ( a ) which
9- ( d ) walk
10- ( b ) ultraviolet
11- ( b ) influential
12- ( c ) fossil
13- ( a ) An eclipse
14- ( d ) to pass
15- ( b ) hadn't
16- ( d ) so

No. 5

right wrong .No
I would would I 1
bored boring 2
illuminate illustrate 3
diabetic chronic 4
although Despite 5

No 5
1- No, because they are very dangerous sports
2- To make the balloon go higher, the ballon pilot blasts hot air inside the balloon. To make the balloon descend, the air has to be left to cool.
3- because it requires skill and technique and a sense of adventure
4- c) balloonist
5- c) pilot and passengers
No. 6
1.It occurs when not enough rain falls. Also, It happens when weather is hot and water is quickly evaporated in dry areas of land.
2- They cause loss of topsoil and damage of crops. They can result in famines, diseases and wildfires.
3- lightening occurs when thunderstorms form in clouds. These contain drops of water and fragments of ice which rub and hit to form electricity.
4- d ) land can not absorb rain.
5- b) temperature
1- He told her that he was going hunting as he was going to hunt a big animal(Michel ).
2-As they were in a state of war. He did so to be safe.
3-He planned that Rassendyll would be king for ever.
4- Because the city gate would be closed at this time of the day and no one was allowed
to leave or enter without a permission.

- The real king to Rassendyll
- It was said in the forest of Zenda
- He was surprised as they looked identical .
- Michael ----------------Rassendyll .
- Kill -------------take care .
No. 8

There are different forms of energy. Most of the energy used today in homes and industry comes from fossil fuels. Coal, oil and natural gas are all fossil fuels. They are called non-renewable  because it takes millions of years to make or renew them. So, we must reduce the amount of non-renewable fuels that we use.
We need to find other forms of energy that will never run out . These forms of energy are called renewable. Examples of these are energy from the sun and the wind.  Water is another renewable source of energy. It is called hydroelectric power. Nuclear energy is also a clean renewable source  of energy. However, it is dangerous. It is important that we all save energy.
Here are  things you can do to save energy at home and help stop Global Warming!
Change a light: Changing one regular light bulb for one compact fluorescent light bulb will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Drive less: Walk, bike, etc.., You'll save one pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don't drive.Recycle more: You can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year just by recycling half of your household waste. Use less hot water: It takes a lot of energy to heat water.  Use less hot water by washing your clothes in cold or warm water . Finally ,  Plant a tree: A single tree will absorb over 1 ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime!

No. 9
Translate into Arabic :
  ليتم تصنيع الورق من الخشب ، تطحن القطع الخشبية إلى قطع صغيرة ويتم خلطها بمواد كيمائية ثم تُبيض و يتم إزالة الماء من الخليط الذي يمر خلال اسطوانات ساخنة لإنتاج الورق الجاف.
Translate into English :
1. Solar energy is used to generate / produce electricity in some giant power stations.
2. Excuse me, can you tell me the shortest way to reach Cairo Stadium ?

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