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امتحان انجليزى متوقع لتالتة ثانوى2012

Ministry of Education General Secondary Education Certificate
Examination, 2012
[Second Stage - First Session]
First Foreign Language: ENGLISH (1) Time : 3 Hours
Language Functions

1- Respond to each of the following situations:(4 Marks)1mark each
1- You regret not participating in the 25 of January revolution.
2-You are asked about the main causes of global warming.
3-. You persuade your friend to visit the Egyptian museum.
4-You see a child throwing litter in the street.

2- Say where each of the following two mini – dialogues take place and who the speakers are (4 Marks)

A: What is wrong with your animal ?
B: It suffers from foot and mouth disease.

2- A) In today’s episode I’d like to thank our celebrity.
B) It’s a pleasure.

3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d: (8 Marks)
1-You can use ……………boxes to store these books.
a) blackboard b) credit card c) cardboard d) board card
2- …………. working for others is not a good idea, you sometimes have to.
a) Despite b) In spite c) Although d) However
3- Abu Simbel is the……of two temples, carved into a cliff in about 1250 BE.
a) sight b) location c) site d) destination
4-Huda wishes she. ........ all her money at the weekend.
a) didn't spend b) doesn't spend c) hasn't spent d)hadn't spent
5- Ali ......... the train. He was at the station half an hour before the train left.
a) can't miss b) can't have missed c) must have missed d) didn't miss
6-Two men have been accused of ……………… a parliament member.
a) blackmailing b) appearing c) committing d) knocking
7- At the weekend, my aunt asked me what I ………….since we last met.
a) did b) was doing c) have done d) had been doing

8- At least 300 people are believed to …… and thousands injured since the protests began on January 25.
a) have been killed b) have been killing c) have killed d) have be killed
9- She............ sport as a very important part of her life.
a) thinks b) believes c) regards d) looks
10-The …………………..of the pipe was 13 millimeters, perfect for the passage of the thick liquid.
a) commuter b) diameter c) base d) mass
11- She promised she ................ me as soon as the plane landed.
a) will phone b) had phoned c) would phone d) phones
12-The …..…between them went on long after the court battle was decided.
a) conflict b) appearance c) disaster d) human nature
13- When the Yellow River………….. in 1887, a million people were killed .
a) occurred b) erupted c) flooded d) blew
14- ……come to the party, you would have a happy time with us there.
a) Had you b) Were you to c) If you d) As long as
15- When Samira paints, she uses turpentine as a paint…………….
a) improver b) recover c) revolver d) remover
16-Ali wasn't badly injured in the accident, but his……. took longer than we thought
a) recuperate b) recuperation c) reputation d) repetition

4-Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly:
1-We have to show our credit cards before entering the university.
2- If only I studied well yesterday.
3-Distant learning has proved to be a must nowadays
4- They are working for five hours before the light went off.
5- All the information that you need can find on the internet.
6- He asked me what had I bought the day before.
5- Read the following passage then answer the questions
Over the past twenty years, computers and the internet have become more and more important to us. In fact, depending on computer technology continues to grow every day. We seem to use computers for almost everything these days; in shopping, driving our cars; or communicating with relatives and colleagues. This explosion in computer technology has resulted in a rush to install computers in every classroom and to " wire " every school to the internet. In the USA, between 1984 and 1997 alone, the number of computers in secondary schools increased to more than 8 million units. Both educators and students alike have been forced to keep up with this new wave of technology. Teachers have found that even though they themselves are still trying to learn the most basic computer skills. They are expected to teach students about computer know-how.
Few people would question the role that computers could play in education. Some educators claim that students, given the opportunity to use them
in a classroom setting, will get better grades than those who learn without having
had any computer experience. These people say that just as computer technology has improved the way cars work, computers will make the classroom a better place to teach concepts and ideas that students need to become brighter, more successful adults.
A- Answer the following questions:
How could computers help students become more successful?
In your opinion, what are the possible disadvantages of using computers?
Give some examples of every day uses of computers in our lives?
B- Choose the right answer from a, b, c or d:
4-The expression " keep up with " means.
a) keep in touch b ) support
c) manage d ) continue to learn
5-"Few people are unaware of the role played by computers " means.
a) Many people are certain about the importance of computers.
b) Some people ask questions about computers.
c) Not many people doubt the importance of computers.
d) Some people want more computers.

6- Read the following passage , then answer the questions:
The idea of Mother's day is a very old idea. The idea dates back to the ancient Egyptians' who celebrated a day to honour Isis, the mother of the pharaohs. The Egyptians were not the only ones who felt the need to honour their mothers. The ancient Greeks celebrated a day to honour Rhea, the mother of gods. The Romans built a temple to the mother of the gods, named Magna Mater. They also held a celebration every March in her honour. The Christians celebrated a day to honour Mary, The mother of Jesus. Later, English Christians expanded the celebration to honour all mother. The English holiday was called "Mothering Sunday" When the English colonialists came to America, they didn't have time for "Mothering Sunday" so the holiday was not celebrated there. The grieving mothers after the US Civil War from both sides had meetings. They established a "Mothers, Friendship Day" for mother who had lost sons in the war.
A- Answer the following questions:
1-How did the Romans honour Magna Mater?
2-When did the "Mothering Sunday" holiday stop?
3-Give words from the passage that give the meaning of :
a) treat with special respect b)feeling extremely sad
B- Choose the right answer from a, b, c or d:
4-The underlined word "they" refer to ……
a) the Greeks b) the Romans
c) the ancient Egyptians d) the early Christians
5-There are……goddesses mentioned in the passage.
a) four b) three c) five d) six

7- The Novel:
7 - A- Answer the following questions:
What was amazing about the Incas?
Leila was brave and adventurous, give two examples?
B- Read the following quotation , then answer the questions:-
"I want to show you something. Let's walk along the road a little"
1-Who said this? To whom?
2-What did the speaker want to show?
C- Complete the following sentences:-
1-Amalia wanted to catch Lander because ………
2-Pablo Alvarez was shown everything found because ………
8- Writing

8- Write a paragraph on “ How to make yourself more employable “

9- a) Translate into Arabic:

Egypt deserves a better future so we all have to work hard for its progress and prosperity We need a radical change in many systems and ways in our life to able to attain real progress . We have to uplift some banners as no for cheating, no for bribe and no for any form of corruption.

b- Translate into English

1- الأنتخابات واجب وطنى يجب على كل الأفراد المشاركة فيها لتحقيق الديمقراطية .
2 - فى الاونة الاخيرة انتشرت امراض مميتة بين الحيوانات مما تسبب فى خسائر فادحة فى الثروة الحيوانية فى مصر
3-تعتبر مدينة زويل للعلوم والتكنولوجيا في مصر مشروع قومى للنهضة العلمية .
4- احتفل المصريون بذكرى مرور عام على الثورة متطلعين الى مستقبل افضل .
انتهت الأسئلة مع أطيب تمنياتي لكم بالنجاح

Mr . Saeid Ibrahim

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