مدرس اون لايندخول

امتحان انجليزى استرشادى 2 ثانوى

1- Respond to each of the following situations:
1- Someone asks about the best qualities of a successful leader.
2- A tourist asks you if you mind showing him around the city. You agree.
3- You persuade a tourist to visit an interesting place .
4- Your friend looks worried ask him for the reason.

2- Say where these mini- dialogues take place and who the speakers are:
1-) A: Thank you for rescuing me. I could have died.
B: You're going to be OK. This oxygen mask will help you breathe?
A: Where are we going?
B: We're on our way to Kasr Al Ainil Hospital.
The doctors will take care of you there

2-:- Have you got anything to declare?
B:- I've got some small presents for my children and my wife.
A:- Would you open this suitcase, please?
B:- Certainly

B- Vocabulary and Structure
3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d:
1. He is as……….. as his brother. They are the same height.
a- high b- tall c- heavy d- old
2. My clothes are dirty because I ………. the car all morning.
a- have repaired b- have been repairing c- repaired d- was repaired
3. ………….cooperation , we wouldn’t achieve any progress.
a- Despite b- Unless c- Without d- In case of
4. I sometimes surf the internet for fun, but I........ use my computer for sending e-mails.
a- naturally b- lonely c- rarely d- mainly
5. ………….means the beliefs, behaviour and ideas of a society.
a- Ecology b- Biology c- Culture d- Archeology
6. Ali is a very ………….person ,he believes that something bad will happen
a- lucky b- optimistic c- pessimistic d- cruel
7. He ...........to get up early tomorrow . It’s a public holiday.
a- couldn’t b- doesn’t have c-needn’t d-mustn’t
8. Finally, I............... send the e-mail at 6 o’clock.
a-could b-managed to c- succeeded in d- was able
9. I don’t think they made this mistake ,…………?
a- did they b- didn’t they c- do I d- don’t I
10.A………. is a plastic card that can be used to buy things and pay later.
a- bill b- credit card c- debit card d- receipt
11.After…………. his homework, he watched TV.
a- had finished b- finishing c-finish d- finishes
12.The earthquake happened out of …....and destroyed a lot of houses .
a-the crew b- the blow c- the clue d- the blue
13.Is that the woman ……….husband died last month.
a- who’s b- whose c- whom d- that
14................he to study hard ,he would succeed
a- If b- Unless c- Had d- Were
15.You boys ! You have to look after ………………
a- yourself b- ourselves c- themselves d- yourselves
16.All the information you want can ……….on the internet.
a- found b- find c- be found d- have found

4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly:
1. It’s a long time since I seen him.
2. You mustn’t come to the party if you don’t want to .
3. Well isolated walls keep out heat and cold.
4. My ambitious is to become a police officer .
5. Ice at the Antarctic is melting due to global warmth.
6. As long as I'm concerned, markets are the best places to buy food, aren't they?
C- Reading
5- Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
In many countries around the world, women are entering the work force in great numbers for the first time. It is true that more women are currently employed than ever before. However, the goals of equal work opportunity for women have not been fully realized. For a number of reasons; they held low-ranking positions, the last to be employed and the first to be fired when employment drops off. They usually got lower-paying positions than men; even they were doing the same work. Certainly, great efforts have been made towards equality, but the problem of reaching this goal is becoming increasingly clear all the time. Although women have come a long way, they still have a long way to go for equal opportunity.
Women in China now receive equal pay for equal work, therefore, they are not dependent on their families as they once were. In the field of medicine ,they are nearly half of all the doctors, there.
On the other hand in many countries, women now work as scientists, medical workers, welders, electrical workers, oil-well operators, vegetable growers and members of the Armed forces.

Answer the following questions:
1. How far have women around the world achieved equal work opportunity with men?
2. What is meant by the underlined word “drops off”?
3. What is the situation of women in China?

B. Choose me correct answer from a, b, c, or d:
4. In the past, work conditions were……. for men and women.
a- equality b- the same c- equator d- different
5. To hire means to………………
a- work b- do c- employ d- dismiss

6. Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
Sport is an important part of today’s society and plays a large role in people’s lives. Now more than ever sport events dominate headlines and athletes have become national heroes. From a social standpoint, sport plays a positive role in uniting people from different social backgrounds in support of their favourite team. However, just as sport unites people so it can divide them, as is often demonstrated by crowd violence at football matches. Sport is also an important part of every child’s schooling, as it plays a big role in their physical and mental development. It teaches children how to work as part of a team and co-operate with others, while at the same time, it improves their physical condition. The only drawback to this is that children who are less able to perform well in sports are likely to feel inadequate in comparison to their more gifted classmates, which may affect their self- confidence. From an economic point of view, sports can be very profitable, as it attracts a lot of advertising. On one hand, this creates profit for the sporting industry which allows for improvement and expansion. On the other hand, large sums of money are often paid to event organizers to promote products such as cigarettes, which are harmful to one’s health.
A. Answer the following questions:
1. According to the passage, sport has two social effects on people, what are they?
2. in what way can sport be profitable?
3. How does sport play an important part in education?

B. Choose the correct answer from a, b. c or d:
4. The children who are likely to feel inadequate are usually……… sport.
a- good at b- experts at c- interested in d- weak in
5. One drawback of sport at football matches is that………..
a- it creates profit for the sporting industry.
b- it often leads to violent actions.
c- it improves the physical condition.
d- it develops the mental condition.

7-The Spiders
Answer the following questions:-
Why was the female spider more dangerous than males ?
2-Why was the professor against destroying the spiders?

Read this quotation and answer the questions:-
“My job is to prevent more deathes”
1-Who said this to whom ?
2-What did the speaker intend to do?

1- Everyone was surprised that Ayman didn’t die as ………………….
2-The ancient Egyptians were so clever that …………………………...
D. Writing
8- Write a paragraph on
“ Cooperation leads to success “

9- a. Translate into Arabic:
Recycling is very useful and profitable. Recycling means processing used materials into new products . It can reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials and decreases emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.
b. Translate into English:
1- إن زيادة الإنتاج أصبح واجبا وطنيا لأنه يمكننا من مواجهة مشكلة تزايد السكان والبطالة فى مصر
تدعو كل الأديان الى التعاون والتسامح والتعايش السلمي.
تعرضت اليابان لزلازال مدمر نتج عنه خسائر فادحة فى الارواح والممتلكات .

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