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In fact, I think Dr Ahmed Zewail is the person I admire ( respect ) most because he gives back to Egypt much in his field as a great scientist. He was born in 1946. He finished his studies at Alexandria university in 1976. He worked at the California university . He was one of Noble laureate. He got the Noble prize for chemistry in 1999 because he discovered the Femtosecond . Now, he helps scientists to make new medicines . For the previous reasons I admire Dr Zewail most .
2-" The importnce of the Computer "
The computer is one of the greatest inventions in our modern life . Computers are widely used in all fields of life. They are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can solve the most complex mathematical problems. They can be put to varied uses. They can provide us with information in schools, hospitals ,banks ,airports …..etc. Really , we can't do without it.
3-" The importance of sports and games for us "
No one can ignore that games and sports are very important in our life. Everyone must practise sports because they are useful to us for example ,they can make our bodies strong, prevent us from getting too fat and keep us healthy. Games and sports also make people lead a healthy and active life because it is said that a sounded mind is in a sounded body .In addition ,Sports and games teach our youth discipline, co-operation, the sense of belonging and protect them from deviation and taking drugs. Finally , they can help people enjoy their time and feel happiness.
4-" A day you will never forget "

One day , I and my friend decided to go fishing in the sea . We hired a fishing boat and some fish equipment . We sailed into the sea but the sea was rough and the waves were high . We couldn't control the boat because the engine of the boat stopped . We had to use the rows . We couldn’t return back to the land .Luckily , we saw a big ship passing near us. We waved to its crew who turned to us and threw us a rescue boat . Finally we were saved . I don't forget that day .
5-" The problem of Pollution "" How to keep our environment "

Pollution is one of the greatest dangers of our modern technology. It is caused by the smoke of factories and car fumes. Exhaust gases are very harmful, especially from badly maintained cars . Factories throw their waste products into rivers and we drink this poisons water . This water is very dangerous to us. Overpopulated areas suffer greatly from pollution which has a terrible effect on the people. It causes many dangerous diseases such as cancer, lung diseases and heart diseases. To solve this problem, factories should be built outside cities and cars should be checked regularly. We have to keep our environment clean to live happily.
6-" life in the future "

I think that life in the future will be different from life nowadays. Every thing will be easier and more comfortable. Computer will be used everywhere. It will be used in houses, shops, offices, banks …….etc. The information will be easy to get. By using the computer, we can do without libraries. There will be medical progress ,so many organs will be replaced. There will be no money but cards .Many people will live on the moon or Mars. The deserts will be changed into green lands. Means of transport will be developed and planes will be used even in short distances.

remove_circleمواضيع مماثلة
is very important in the prevention of many diseases . If we eat with
dirty hands , they will be covered with many germs . Of course ,this
will cause many diseases so we should wash our hands before a meal. We
should not let flies or insects crawl on our food as they will pass
their germs to us We should not eat food that smells bad . In hot
weather , we should take a bath at least once a day . To sum upخلاصة
القول ,If we follow these instructions التعليمات, we will keep our
health and avoid illness .
8-" Advantages and disadvantages of living in big cities"

Some people think that life in a big city like Cairo or London has many
advantages. They suppose يظنواthat it is enjoyable because it has many
historic buildings and many wonderful places to visit like museums,
theatres, beautiful shops and big parks .On the other hand other people
think that life in a big city has some disadvantages .They say that it
is very boring and expensive . Everything costs much .Means of transport
are very slow, crowded and dirty.
9-" What are the good and bad points about traveling by public transport?"
Many people are for public transport for many reasons. They think
that they are cheap and available because you can travel to any part of
the country at any time with little cost. Other people are against
public transport because they think they are uncomfortable and they are
often overcrowded.
10-" An old man or an old woman you respect"

In fact, I think my grandfather is the person I respect most. He is a
great man. He was born in 1940. He worked hard to bring up his children
well. He taught all his sons to become good citizens. For the previous
reasons I admire him most.
11- "A book I have read recently "

Reading is the only source of knowledge and I want to say that a man
without reading is like a river without water .Last week I read Oliver
Twist which is the first novel in the English language to centre
throughout on a child hero .It is an early example of the social novel .
The moral of Oliver Twist is that bad people must be punished and good
people live happily.Mr Brownlow, Rose and Oliver symbolize right whereas
the gang symbolizes evil. Really, it is a very interesting novel.
12-" A city you visited and admired it"
I've been to London in 2007 and I really enjoyed this visit too much.
London is the capital and largest area of both England and the United
Kingdom. London's history goes back to its founding by the Romans
.London is one of the world's leading business, financial and cultural
centres, and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, media,
fashion and the arts contribute to its status as a major global city. I
visited historic buildings and wonderful places, museums, theatres,
beautiful shops and big parks. I liked it so much. The traffic is not as
bad as it was before .You had to pay to drive through the middle of
London!. I agree that buses in London can be slow, but the underground
is quite fast. I like living in London. It's a really safe city.You can
express your opinions freely as long as you are in London.
13- " A job I would like"

There is no doubt that choosing the suitable job is very important for
man’s happiness. One should know his abilities and should love the job,
which he may choose. Speaking above myself, I would like to work as a
doctor. Although it is a hard job, but I am interested in it as I like
to help poor patients. Doctors, should work day and night to help
patients. Great efforts are exerted to help doctors to perform their
duties for the sake of humanity. From the previous lines, we can see the
importance of choosing a suitable job for the man’s happiness and
14- "Man's fight against nature"
We are continuously
fighting with the nature and the result is in front of us. Global
warming, pollution, many harmful diseases, drought, and floods are all
the results of fighting with nature. It is sorrow that we do not
understand that this fight will only harm us. Nature has given us many
things but what we return to it. It is our duty to save nature not for
itself but for ourselves and for our future generation. We have been
fighting with nature for many years but I am sure that we can not defeat
the nature. Finally, I can say that if we don't keep our nature, this
world may be destroyed.
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