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How long will you stay ?
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وهذا امر سهل فأنك هتجيب على الأسئلة بصورة مبسطة
I will stay 5 days
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7-Write a dialogue between Sarah and Ramzy. They are talking about possible choices of the faculties to join next term.
Each person should speak three times. Greetings are not counted.

Sarah: What faculty would you like to join next term ?
Ramzy: I would like to join faculty of medicine .and what about you ?
Sarah: I hope to join faculty of engineering .
Ramzy: Why are you interested in engineering ?
Sarah: Because I like to design buildings.
Ramzy: That’s great . May God help us achieve our dreams

7-Write a dialogue between Adel, a new graduate and his father who offers to help him start a small project.
Father: What are you going to do after finishing your studies ?
Adel: I am going to look for a job.
Father: But what about starting a small project ?
Adel: That’s great but I need a lot of money to do that .
Father: you can get a loan from the bank .
Adel: That is a good idea . I will apply to get a loan tomorrow.

7-Write a dialogue between a passenger, who has lost his suitcase in a train station and the clerk at the lost property office.

The passenger: Can I help you ,sir ?
The clerk: yes, please I‘ve lost my suitcase at the station.
The passenger: Coud you tell me more information about it ?
The clerk: yes ,sir . it is big and brown.
The passenger: Don’t worry we will do our best to find it .
May I take your name and your mobile number ?
The clerk: Here’s my personal card .

7. Write a dialogue between Hazem. who is calling al Salam Hotel to book two rooms. and the hotel receptionist:
Hazem: Is it Al Salam Hotel ?
The hotel receptionist: yes ,sir . How can I help you ?
Hazem: I want to book two rooms .
The hotel receptionist: How long will you stay ?
Hazem: 5 days
The hotel receptionist: Ok ,sir when will you arrive ?
Hazem : Tomorrow morning

7.Write a dialogue between a talk-show host and a guest talking about the problem of unemployment and its evil results on people.

The host: Welcome you . Today we are talking about the problem
of unemployment .Can you tell us the bad effects of it on people?
The guest: of course , A lot of young people today suffer from it and it makes young people feel bored.
The host:But how can we face it ?
The guest: young people should start their own business by making small projects.
The host: Most young people don’t have enough money to do that .
The guest: I think they can get loans from banks and the government will help them to do that.

7- Write a dialogue _about traffic accidents: Each person should speak THREE times. (Greetings are not counted).
The policeman: could you tell me what happened?
The witness : A car was coming very fast and hit my car .
The policeman: Is there anyone injured ?
The witness : yes ,sir an old man was crossing the road and he was taken to hospital
The policeman: Have you taken its number ?
The witness :yes, sir here it is.
The policeman: That’s great We will do our best to arrest the driver of that car .
Mr. Saeid Ibrahim 0100286066 www.saeedibrahim.webs.com
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1-Could you post this letter for me , please ? { mind }
2-Fady says that he is happy to help the poor man . { mind }
3-Can I borrow your story ? { mind }
4--He likes reading books more than watching TV . { prefer }
5-She said that he broke the window . { accused } { charged }
6-He said that failing all her subjects was her fault . { blamed }
7-Mona told Samy it was great that he had won the race . { congratulated }
8- “ Let’s go for a drive .”, said Sami . { suggested }
9- He said “ I didn’t steal the money .” { denied }
10-I’m sorry I didn’t lock the door . { regret }
11-I’m glad I started my business . { regret }
12-Are you sorry you didn’t get the best marks ? { regret }
13-You shouldn’t waste your time . { avoid }
14-It’s not a good idea to go camping in the middle of the winter . { It’s better to avoid }
15-I don’t expect to see you here . { fancy }
16-The computer can store a lot of information . { The function }
17-When I was young , I went to school on foot . { used to }
18- She usually gets up early . { used to }
19-Fady told me he was sorry that he had broken the vase . {apologized }
20- Mona told me she was sorry that she didn’t come yesterday . { apologized }
21- He said to me , “ Can I help you ? ” { offered }
22- Mary said she wouldn’t lend me her story . { refused }
23-Dr Hafez insisted on taking a photo to Leila in the cave . { decided }
24-You should work to a plan . { supposed }
25- I really regret ever starting that business . { supposed } { should }
26-They should have left early . { supposed }
27-You shouldn’t waste your time . { supposed }
28-He visited Aswan in 1999. { ago }
29- She has been studying English for 7 years . { ago }
30-He didn’t study well . The result was that he got low marks . { consequently }
31- They can speak English very well . { able } { capable }
32- We use computers to store information . { enable }
33-I like most of my school subjects but not Math . { Although } { although }
34-They played well but they lost the match . { Despite }
35-The match was cancelled as the weather was bad . { due to }
36-Last year , we visited Luxor and Aswan . { Besides }
37-We went to the cinema to see the new film . { so that }
38-For travelling round the world , I should have a lot of money . { so as to }
39-Although he wrote badly , he passed his exam . { However } { however }
40-They made a lot of mistakes but they succeeded . { Whatever }
41- She passed the exam and got the best marks . { Not only }
42-Study hard to get high marks . { If }
43- He doesn’t play well so he can’t win the match . { If } { Without }
44-She didn’t get up early so she missed the bus . { If } { Unless }
45-He made an accident because he was careless . { If }
46-I am not a doctor so I can’t help you . { If }
47- It’s better to work to a plan . { If }
48-You won’t be allowed to enter unless you come early . { if }
49-Metals expand by heating . { If }
50- If she had studied hard , she would have succeeded . { because }
51-He arranged to travel tomorrow . { travelling }
52-She decided to buy a car . { going }
53- She last went to Aswan in 1998 . { since } { for }
54-He hasn’t visited his uncle for 3 weeks . { since }
55-She started to study English 3 years ago and he’s still studying it . { since } { for }
56-We admire him for his bravery . { He }
57-I wondered how long they had followed me . { been }
58-The government will carry out a lot of projects in Upper Egypt . { be }
59-Poverty drove them into a life of distress . { They }
60-Shakespear wrote Hamlet . { by }
61- Tourists are asking us many questions . { We }
62-The criminal ought to be punished . { They }
63- By next year that bridge will have been built . { Our government }
64- We are taught to respect our teachers . { Our parents }
65-It is believed that the film is very good . { The film }
66-People say that he stole the money . { It } { He }
67- People say that he is clever . { It } { He }
68-People say the she was killed in an accident . { It } { She }
69-She ate her meal and went to bed . { After / Before / No sooner / until }
70- Having written the letter , he posted it . { As soon as }
71- He said to me , “ I didn’t go to the club yesterday .” { told }
72- “ Did you write the lesson , Adel ? ” said Mona { asked }
73- She said ,” Where did you go yesterday ?” { She wanted to know }
74-The teacher said to us , “ Don’t move forward .” { told }
75-He said to me ,” could you lend me some money ?” { asked }
76-She told me that she had gone to the club with her brother the week before . { She said to me … }
77- He asked me if I had finished my work . { She said to me …..}
78-She asked me when I would travel to USA . { She said to me }
79-He advised me not to waste my time . { He said to me }
80- It is necessary for students to study hard . { must }
81-It is not necessary to leave early . { don’t have }
82-It was not necessary to go there by taxi . { didn’t have } { needn’t }
83-No parking here . { mustn’t } { allowed }
84- He won’t leave until I come . { After } { when }
85-He was too tired to do his homework . { so …. that }
86-The film was very interesting . { such }
87- The test was too difficult to answer . { so …. that } { such ….. that }
88-I’m sure he didn’t steal the money . { couldn’t }
89-Adel was ill so he didn’t go to school . { can’t }
90-You can’t be serious . { joking }
91-It’s certain that he broke the window . { must }
92-It’s impossible that he didn’t hear the warning . { must }
93-I’m sorry I didn’t phone you . { wish }
94- My dearest hope is to join the faculity of medicine . { wish } { If only }
95-I didn’t know his address and now I’m sorry . { wish }
96- It’s a pity she couldn’t go to the wedding party . { wish }

General Secondary Education Certificate Examination 2008
First Foreign Language: English - Advanced Level - Time: 3 Hours
A- Language Usage and Set Book
1- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d:-
1. He has ……… her some flowers.
a) received b) got c) taken d) had
2. If you disagree very strongly with someone. You have probably been …
a) conversing b) disputing c) quarrelling d) discussing
3. I can't join you for coffee. I..................... a lecture now.
a) have b) make c) study d) write
4. I'm not opposed to what you're saying................. I completely agree with you.
a) Contrary b) The contrary c) In contrast d) On the contrary
5. Everything ......................... in order when I entered the flat.
a) were b) was c) is d) be
6. Something you can buy at a good price can be described as ……..flying.
a) an occasion b) a bargain c) an opportunity d) second hand
7. As she was telling me the story, her eyes were .......... with tears.
a) raised b) mounted c) aroused d) filled
8. A person who has a genial nature is very.................
a) sad and miserable b) talented and skilful
c) angry and aggressive d) friendly and cheerful
9. Every morning the pupils ........... the flag.
a) greet b) salute c) wave to d) welcome
10. Nobody could fail.......... the extensive use of the internet.
a) notice b) noticed c) to notice d) noticing
2. Find the mistakes, then Correct the sentence:
1. They spoke very polite to their teacher.
2. A lot of workers object to be sent away.
3. When you do something wrong you feel shy of yourself.
4. Everyone must take place in the campaign for fighting cancer.
5. We are all being encouraged to pick up any rubbish we see laying in the street.
3. Rewrite the following sentences, using the word(s) in brackets, to give the same meaning.
1. You shouldn't reply to this letter in any circumstances. (In no circumstances)
2. He has postponed the meeting till next week. (The meeting)
3. He is interested in antiques, (interest)
4. Silly questions really make me angry, (anger)
5. We were all surprised at their sudden decision to leave the country. (decide)
4- Answer FOUR ONLY of the following questions:-
1. With its tropical climate and natural beauty, Hawaii is a major tourist attraction. Explain.
2. What makes diving in the water of Hawaii cheerful?
3. How did Maria Montessori prove that she had the same potentials as men?
4. What did Maria Montessori refuse to accept concerning idiot children?
5. How did modern farming methods affect the society?
6. How is life expectancy inversely proportional to birth rate in industrial countries?
5. A) Read the following passage and then answer the questions:(4 marks)
Your thoughts and feelings are important, so communicating them is vital. You are more likely to get what you want if you can ask in a direct open way. Even if you don't get your way, you will feel stronger, in yourself as a result. Consequently, increase your communication skills by writing down your views and desires. Say them to yourself in the mirror or recordthem on a cassette. By practice, you'll feel less nervous when you really do have to speak up. Learn to voice your feelings-no one else will do it for you. In, addition, the way we use our bodies conveys even more about our feelings than the things we say. Therefore, think how you use your body when talking: direct eye contact, upright posture, emphasizing gestures anda lively tone of your voice are signs of assertiveness. Eventually, observe others and think what your body is saying.
1. What is the best way through which you can get what you want?
2. How can you improve your communication skills?
3. What is the writer's purpose in writing this article?
4. What is the body's role in conveying a message?
B) Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer:(4 marks)
Rather than investing in expensive equipment to predict earthquakes, perhaps scientists should spend more time with their pets. Chinese scientists, in 1970, thought that reports of farm animals running around in circles, and dogs barking all night may indicate an impending natural disaster. They decided to evacuate the city of Haichin, which shortly afterwards, was hit by a huge earthquake. Thousands of lives were saved. Japanese scientists have also discovered that catfish become livelier several days before moderately strong earthquakes.
Scientists now accept that this can't be pure coincidence, they believe the explanation may be linked to slight changes in the earth's magnetic Held. Although human beings can't perceive such changes, it is thought that the sensitive nervous systems of some animals must be affected by them. Now scientists must discover exactly which animals are affect in this way, so that they can save more lives in the future.
1. Scientists should invest their time in .................
a) Investing new machines to kill pets. b) Investing new machines to predict the future.
c) Preventing dogs from barking at night. d) Observing the significant behaviour of some pets.
2. Scientists decided to evacuate the city ofHaichin .............
a) shortly before it was hit by an earthquake b) after it had been hit by an earthquake
c) during the earthquake d) a year before it was hit by an earthquake
3. Japanese scientists have discovered that catfish become livelier before earthquakes because.............
a) it is pure coincidence.
b) They are affected by the epicenter of the earthquake
c) some changes in the earth's magnetic field take place
d) the earthquake shakes the buildings
4. Scientists must discover the effect of earthquakes on ..............
a) humans b) animals c) buildings d) cities
Critical Thinking
6. Choose the best ending for the following paragraph: (2 Marks)
We all know that monkeys are smart animals, but sometimes their intelligence is surprising. A psychologist once wanted to see just how smart a monkey was. He hung a banana up in the monkey's cage. He put in several large boxes and a long stick. The monkey looked at the banana, the boxes and the stick. Then it took the psychologist's hand and led him to where the
banana was hanging. It jumped onto his shoulders and ....................
a) looked at the banana.
b) reached the banana from there.
c) jumped down into one of the boxes.
d) hit him with the stick.

C- Writing
7. Write a dialogue between a passenger, who has lost his suitcase in a
train station and the clerk at the lost property office.
Each person should speak Three Times. Greetings are not counted.
8. Write an essay of not less than Twenty lines on (A) or (B) :
A- Parents should set a good example to their children.
B- The qualities a good leader should gave.
General Secondary Education Certificate Examination 2009
A- Language Usage and Set Book
1- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d:-
1. We are going a long way ahead; let's wait for ........ to catch up with us.
a) the others b) others c) other d) another
2. I don't know how you can ........ these conditions.
a) put off b) point out c) put up with d) put on
3. The two models are exactly the same in ............... .
a) all cases b) all respects c) any event d) any experience
4. It's hard to imagine ............... without electricity.
a) live b) living c) to live d) lived
5. How long is it since you ............... this clock?
a) set b) filled c) emptied d) fell
6. You never ............... my side in any argument.
a) help b) do c) take d) make
7. We were surprised .............. their sudden decision to leave the district.
a) of b) to c) from d) by
8. A person who likes to tell the truth is ............... .
a) friendly b) grown up c) emotional d) frank
9. There is little to choose between them. They're ............... .
a) equally nice b) equally as nice c) nice equally d) as nice equally
10. The opposite of the word "ahead" is .............. .
a) ago b) ajar c) apart d) afoot
2- Find the mistakes, then correct the sentences:-
1. We are supposed to tell them collecting the rubbish.
2. Do a good act today! Keep our streets clean! Don't be a letterbag.
3. The girl was dressed in blue from head to head.
4. You like chocolate and so I do.
5. We are eager expecting your arrival.
3- Rewrite the following sentences using the word(s) in brackets to give the same meaning:-
1. We can't offer a discount for our services on any account. (On no account)
2. But for volunteers, many people would have died. (Hadn't)
3. Only then did we realize what a mess we had got ourselves into. (We)
4. You shouldn't walk on grass. (are)
5. Are you sorry for cheating in the exam? (regret)
4- Answer FOUR ONLY of the following questions:-
1. Although Hawaiian Islands differ from one another, they share many of the same features. Explain.
2. Surfing is a sport which needs many skills; what are they?
3. Maria's mother played an important role in her life. Illustrate.
4. Explain when Maria had doubts about her career.
5. Environmental destruction requires global thinking. Give an example.
6. What is the link between the birth rate and life expectancy?

5- Read the following passage and then answer the questions:-
Online distance learning is an instructional system which connects learners with educational resources. Students work on their own at home, or at school and communicate with faculty and other students via e-mail, video conferencing and other forms of computer-based communication. There are both advantages and disadvantages to online distance learning. Online distance learning is available all the time and everywhere. However, there are drawbacks for some learners. The online learner only
has the written text and no other face cues. This may confuse the learner and cause misunderstanding. While distance learning allows openness, it is also cumbersome because it is done by e-mail messages and writing and therefore may take more time than face- to- face learning. Online distance learning is important for students who may be unable to attend classes for various reasons like illnesses or busy schedules. They just want to further their studies at home.
1. Online distance learning has merits. Mention some.
2. What is the effect of computer-based communication on distance learning?
3. How can you solve the demerits of distance learning?
4. Find the equivalent of the word "problematic" in the passage.
B- Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer:-
A few minutes ago, walking back from lunch. I started to cross the street when I heard the sound of a coin dropping. It wasn't much but, as 1 turned, my eyes caught the heads of several other people turning too. A woman had dropped what appeared to be a coin. The tinkling sound of the coin dropping on a pavement is an attention-getter. Whatever the coin is, no one ignores its sound. It got me thinking about sounds again. We are besieged by so many sounds that attract the most attention. People in Cairo seldom turn to look when a fire engine, a police car or an ambulance comes screaming along the street. When I'm in Cairo, I'm a Cairene. I don't turn either. I hardly hear a siren there. In my little town, Tanta, the situation is different. The wail of apolice or a lire siren brings me to my feet if I'm seated. It's the quietest sounds that have most effect on us not the loudest.
1. The sound of a coin dropping makes people ...........
a) think of money, c) look at each other.
b) pay attention, d) stop crossing the street
2. People in Cairo ..................
a) don't care about emergencies c) are attracted by the sounds.
b) are used to sirens d) don't hear loud noises.
3. The writer .........................
a) has lived in Tanta for a while. c) is interested in lire engines.
b) has lived all his life in Cairo. d) hears sirens in Cairo.
4. The word 'besieged' in the passage means ............
a) silenced b) crowded c) surrounded d) beseeched.
Critical Thinking
6- Choose the best ending for the following passage:-
Last year. I shared a flat with a friend. One night while sleeping, I woke up,
feeling frightened. I didn't know why? But at that moment, I heard a loud
crash from the living room. I waited then I decided to find out what was
happening. I went to the living room but I didn't want to go in, so I stood
behind the door, then I stepped into the room and switched the light on. My
friend was on the floor asleep. I spoke to him and shook him and finally he
woke up. Then he said ....... .
a) "I wanted to sleep on the floor."
b) "I often walk in my sleep and fall over chairs or tables without even noticing."
c) "It's my hobby to sleep under chairs and tables." d) "I like to do that."
C - Writing
7- Write a dialogue between a talk-show host and a guest talking about the
problem of unemployment and its evil results on people. Each person
should speak three times.
Greetings are not counted.
8- Write an essay of not less than twenty lines on (A) or (B):~
A- Generation gap. B- Bird Flu.
General Secondary Education Certificate Examination 2010
1- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d:-
1. It............... an easy exam, everyone looks satisfied.
a) must have been, b) had to be c) is going to be d) might have been
2. ............... through a telescope, Venus appears to go through changes in size and shape.
a) It is seen b) Although seen c) It has seen d) When seen
3. You can have these goods ................ for up to a month.
a) on balance b) on condition c) on approval d) on demand
4. You don't have to make me look silly in public. Don't ...............please.
a) hold me up b) show me up c) write me up d) show up
5. I wrote to both Amir and Ahmed but I didn't hear from .............of them.
a) none b) some c) either d) neither
6. "One of these days, there'll be a terrible accident on this corner." "I...............!"
a) hope no b) don't hope it c) don't hope so d) hope not
7. I'm looking forward to seeing Reda. Do you know when .............?
a) the plane will arrive b) does the plane arrive
c) the plane does arrive d) will the plane arrive
8. A/An............. is something you buy at less than normal price.
a) occasion b) opportunity c) bargain d) brand
9. Oh no! My landlord has............ my rent again. I must pay LEI00 more each month!
a) risen b) raised c) arisen d) aroused
10.The ......... explores human nature and builds to a remarkable conclusion.
a) beautifully written novel b) novel beautifully written
c) written beautifully novel d) written novel beautifully
2- Find the mistakes, then correct the sentences:-
1. I wonder if you can do me a fever
2. I don't think I'm very susceptible of advertising.
3. You have a nerve come to me for help.
4. You must buy the tickets, however, we won't be able to see that play.
5. To avoid a boiling discussion, make sure all your responses are objective.
3- Rewrite the following sentences using the word(s) in brackets to give the same meaning:-
1. My sister knows little about what it is like working in a restaurant kitchen. (Little)
2. Mas the teacher marked our exam papers yet"? (been)
3. You shouldn't walk on the field that has just been sown. (It)
4. They were prevented from coming into the class they were trouble makers. (The teacher said)
5. We didn't have the same viewpoint, so we didn't reach an agreement. (Had)
4- Answer FOUR ONLY of the following questions:-
1. Give examples of natural beauty in the Hawaiian Islands.
2. What is the origin of "leis" in the Hawaiian tradition.
3. How can you prove that Maria was not a brilliant student in primary school?
4. In what way was Maria an exceptional doctor?
5. Why should chlorofluorocarbons be soon banned all over the world?
6. How did the Green Revolution cause social conflict?
5-A- Read the following passage and then answer the questions:-
Obesity is generally defined as an accumulation of fat beyond what is considered normal for a person's age and body type In today's society obesity is considered a disease. It occurs when energy intake exceeds the amount of energy expended over time. Only in a small minority of cases is obesity caused by some illnesses or as the result of taking medications that can cause weight gain.The more a person weighs, the more blood vessels the body needs to circulate blood throughout the body. The heart takes on a heavy burden as it has to pump harder to force the blood to flow through so many vessels. As a result, it grows in size and blood pressure tends to rise. Obesity can also cause psychological problems. Sufferers are associated with laziness or inadequate willpower. As a result, overweight men and women blame themselves for being heavy, thus causing feelings of guilt and depression.
1. Who is considered obese?
2 Is food the only cause of obesity? Why? Why not?
3. Why do you think many overweight people go to dietitians?
4. What does the underlined word refer to?
B- Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer:-
It often appears that we have more to gain by speaking than by listening. One big advantage of speaking is that it gives you a chance to control others' thoughts and actions. Whatever your goal - to be hired by a prospective boss, to convince others to vote for the candidate of your choice, or to describe the way you want your hair cut - the key to success seems to be the ability to speak well. Another apparent advantage of speaking is the chance it provides to gain the admiration, respect, or liking of others. Tell jokes, and everyone will think you're a real wit. Offer advice, and they'll be grateful for your help.Tell them all you know, and they'll be impressed with your wisdom. But keep quiet—and you think you'll look like a worthless nobody.Finally, talking gives you the chance to release energy in a way that listening can't. When you're frustrated, the chance us talk about our problems can often heir.
1. The main idea of the passage is ................... .
a) speaking has advantages over listening b) listening has advantages over speaking
c) a good listener is appreciated d) both listening and speaking have advantages
2. How is the first sentence of the second paragraph ("Another apparent advantage of speaking.") related to the second sentence of the first paragraph ("One big advantage of speaking ...")?
a) Cause and effect b)Addition c)Comparison d) Time order
3. Talking can result in ............... .
a) increasing stress b) decreasing tension c) solving problems d)increasing anger
4. In the second paragraph, the word wit means a/an ................. person.
a) stupid b) ridiculous c) amusing d) intelligent
Critical Thinking
6- Choose the best ending for the following passage:-
Much can be said in favour of television because of the fact that it is a medium for transmitting information. This means that it can both entertain and educate children, while keeping them amused. Television is also a convenient option for busy mothers, acting as a "babysitter much of the time while they get on with everyday chores. On the other hand, television..................... .
a) teaches children only good language and polite behavior
b) gives children an idealistic portrait of "ife
c) can turn children into lazy couch potatoes
d) can have favourable effects on the children's perception of events
C - Writing
7- Write a dialogue about traffic accidents.
Each person should speak three times. Greetings are not counted.
8- Write an essay of not less than twenty lines on (A) or (B):~
A- Water war. B- Street children
إمتحان المستوى الرفيع لعام 2008


1. b 2. c 3. a 4. d 5. b 6. b 7. d 8. d 9. b 10. c
They spoke very politely to their teacher.
A lot of workers object to being sent away.
When you do something wrong you feel ashamed of yourself.
Everyone must take part in the campaign for fighting cancer.
We are all being encouraged to pick up any rubbish we see lying in the street.
1. In no circumstances should you reply to this letter.
2. The meeting has been postponed till next week.
3. He has an interest …..
4. Silly questions arouse my anger / fill me with anger.
5. We were surprised when they suddenly decided to leave the country.
People come from all over the world to view the volcanoes, the seacoast and the rain forests. They come to sunbathe or surf at the beaches, or they come just to relax in the warm, sweet air.
The wasters of the Hawaiian Islands are clean, clear and warm. They contain hundreds of kinds of colorful fish. The undersea world is made even more colorful by the coral reefs of red, gold, white and light purple. Among these reefs there may be large fish or sea turtles.
She became a doctor−the first woman doctor in Italy. With her brilliant medical studies and research, she proved that women could indeed think and work as well as men. Later, she became internationally famous as the inventor of the Montessori method of teaching. To this day, Montessori schools around the world follow her method.
She refused to accept that they were unteachable as other doctors said. Somehow, she felt it must be possible to reach these children. With the right kind of teaching, she believed that she could help them become human again.
Only the larger landowners can afford to make the necessary investments for maximum production of the new grains. With their profits, the large landowners then buy the land from the smaller farmers. This way, the large landowners become ever richer and the number of landless people increases. Social tensions naturally increased in this situation.
While birth rates have been declining in the industrial countries, life expectancy has been increasing. In almost all the industrialized countries, life expectancy is now over 70 years of age. This means that the percentage of older people in the population is increasing.
You can ask in a direct way.
By writing down your views and desires. Say them to yourself in the mirror or record them on a cassette.
The writer's purpose is to show the best way for communicating thoughts and feelings and the various ways of improving communication kills.
We use our bodies when talking: direct eye contact, upright posture, emphasizing gestures and a lively tone of voice are signs of assertiveness.

1. d)
2. a)
3. c)
4. b)

6. b)

2009 Advanced Answers
A – Language Usage and Set Books ( 21 marks )
1- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d : ( 5 marks; half a mark each )
1- a) the others 6- c) take
2- c) put up with 7- d) by
3- b) all respects 8- d) frank
4- b) living 9- a) equally nice
5- a) Set 10- a) ago
2 – Find the mistakes, then correct the sentences : ( 5 marks, one mark each )
1. We are supposed to tell them to collect the rubbish.
2. Do a good act today ! Keep our street clean ! Don't be a litterbug.
3. The girl was dressed in blue from head to toe or head to foot.
4. You like chocolate and so do I.
5. We are eagerly expecting your arrival.
3 - Rewrite the following sentences using the word(s) in brackets to give the
same meaning:
(5 marks; one mark each )
1. On no account can we offer a discount for our services.
2. Hadn't it been for volunteers, many people would have died.
3. We realized, only then, what a mess we have got ourselves into.
4. You aren't supposed to walk on grass. / You aren't allowed to …... / You are forbidden to …...
5. Do you regret cheating in the exam ?
4 – Answer four only of the following questions :
1. They have a tropical climate, the average temperature is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and 85 in summer. Rain falls often. They are similar in their natural beauty. They all have volcanic mountains and waterfalls, rain forests and beautiful beaches.
2. You need to be a good swimmer. You have to have an excellent sense of balance.
3. Maria's mother supported all Maria's decisions and helped her through many difficult times. Her mother encouraged her to be optimist and gave her the ideals necessary for success.
4. That was where she began to attend anatomy classes. During that time, women were not used to looking or talking about people's body parts.
5. The environment is a global issue which affects not only people all around the world but also all other creatures .e.g. Water pollution and air pollution.
6. While birth rates have been declining in industrialized countries, life expectancy has been increasing.
A) Answer the following questions :- ( 4 marks; one mark each )
1. There are many merits of distance learning e.g. it is available all the time. It allows for an openness. It gives a good chance for the ill and the very busy people to complete their education.
2. Using the e-mails, video conferencing and messages connect learners with the staff.
3. Meeting with the staff every now and then ( any possible answer will be correct )
4. 'Cumbersome'.
B) Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d
1. (b) pay attention 2. (b) are used to sirens 3. (a) has lived in Tanta for a while 4. (c) surrounded
6 – Choose the best ending for the following passage : ( 2 marks )
( b ) " I often walk in my sleep and fall over chairs or tables without even noticing."

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