انجليزى 2 ثانوى براجرافات علي المنهج

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. انجليزى 2 ثانوى براجرافات علي المنهج

انجليزى 2 ثانوى براجرافات علي المنهج

Unit 1
The reasons why I like my job

Sometimes I ask myself what if I wasn't an engineer. Really, I've always decided to be an engineer. The reason why I like this job is that 1 meet all kinds of people that makes me gain good experience in dealing with others. Also, I find this job different everyday as I am not
:chained to the same chair doing the same routine. Moreover. despite working outside in the heat with the noise of heavy machines around me all the time, I am proud to be helping to build the renaissance of my country. 1 work on a lot of useful projects such as planning roads, building bridges and dams. These projects will help to make Egypt richer and that will be good for our children and grandchildren. In a word, for these reasons I can't imagine myself in
another job.
The role of charitable organizations
Doubtless , charities have become more important than ever. Today, some societies suffer from more and more problems with poverty, diseases and food shortages that need the help of the white hands of donors and charitable organizations. Socially, millions of people are starving to death daily throughout the world because of famines or droughts . Who would be for those people if there weren't aid agencies and charitable organizations. Medically these organizations play a big role in helping moneyless people to be treated free of charge in advanced medical centers. Politically it is a means to stand beside a neighbouring country in times of earthquakes and natural catastrophes . In a word people should give more money to charity so that these organizations can play their role perfectly
Unit 2
Life in the future

Life in the future will be different from life now. Many changes will take place in every field. New inventions and new discoveries will appear. Man will send more spaceships to other planets and may find life possible there. Vast areas of the world’s desert will be reclaimed. The production of food will increase. A cure for dangerous diseases such as cancer and AIDS may be discovered.
New sources of energy will be found. Computers will be widely used in all fields, especially in education. Means of transport will be faster and more comfortable. In fact, life will be very complicated and man will depend completely on machines. No one can be sure if life in the future will be better or worse.
Unit 3
Internet shopping

Doubtless, online shopping has become so popular today. It has some advantages and disadvantages for companies and consumers. As for companies; they have a bigger market: they can sell anywhere in the world. They don't need to spend money on shops and places to sell their products: they only need to have a website. This way they can sell the products more cheaply. As for consumers, things are cheaper for them to buy and they have more choice
because they can shop in many different places, looking for the cheapest prices. They can buy everything online and from home. They don't have to go to the shops, so it is quick and convenient. However, this kind of shopping can be risky for customers for many reasons: firstly, there aren't any real products to pick up .Secondly, to buy online, you should have a credit card and this may be risky because of the credit fraud. Thirdly older people and people who don't have experience using a computer might find it difficult. Fourthly sometimes the wrong products are sent or they arrive damaged or don't arrive at all.
In the end if you shop online, you must use only trusted companies and not give your bank information.

Unit 4
cooperation and tolerance

In fact, cooperation together with tolerance is essential for the success of any work and any company. Good teamwork requires that team members cooperate fully and show tolerance to each other. Each member does his/her part cooperatively, which in turn facilitates the work of the whole group. They do the work in a lovely atmosphere and achieve their goals. Furthermore, people can't get on and agree all the time. Thus, showing tolerance to inflexible people melts all the disagreements among the members making them friendly and helpful with each others. Finally, when people cooperate with each other, life will be better for all.
Keeping Your Body Healthy
Would you like to live a longer life? To live longer, you must keep your body healthy, and I have some suggestions for you. First you must eat healthy foods that will provide necessary protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. You should not eat food that contains a great deal of fat and cholesterol because they clog your arteries and cause heart attacks. Proper diet can help to keep you body healthy. The second important requirement is regular exercise. You should exercise every day. You might jog or lift weights to keep your body healthy and active. The third and most important point is not to take illegal drugs. Drugs can ruin your life and the lives of your family. You should not smoke, and you should not take heroin. LSD, or cocaine. By keeping your body healthy now while you are young, you could live longer, and you might enjoy life more.
Unit 5
Why people should keep to the rules

Doubtless, rules organize people's lives and help them to work |together and to cooperate. Firstly: they help people know what is1 'right to follow and what is wrong to avoid. Secondly, they help to i make sure things run smoothly and that people know what other} 'people will do in certain situations. Thirdly, they help to make it possible to organize things. For example, in families there may be rules about bedtime, doing homework, helping with chores: in school there may be rules about uniform, meal times, play times, etc. and when} 'driving a car there are rules about speed, traffic lights, roundabouts, etc. However. If there are no rules, or people break the rules, people} 'don't know what others will do in certain situations and it makes life unpredictable. People can get hurt, cars can crash and there could be a complete lack of order.
Unit 6
Why do people climb mountains?

All of us at certain times in our lives want to conquer great challenges. Climbing big dangerous mountains may be the most obvious reason for people who enjoy challenge and prove that they
could overcome all the obstacles, it is not climbing the mountain that is the hardest thing; it is actually what is in mind - thinking about their dangers, missing family and friends. However There is no room for mistakes. They have to do everything correctly because the dangers are very high. Furthermore some climbers see it as their lifelong ambition that they want to fulfill They have always been inspired by stories of great climbers who were motivated by something greater than themselves. Moreover for others it is a national pride; they are proud of their country and they want to honour their county by their, J climbing achievements. In the end, While mountain climbing can be one of the most exciting and challenging sports, there are also many dangers involved m mountain climbing which one should consider .
Unit 7
Unemployment البطالة

Unemployment means that there aren’t enough jobs for people. The most important cause of unemployment is over-population. Thousands of young people graduate every year from schools and universities. They remain for long years without jobs. This is because most of them are waiting for governmental jobs.
Another cause of unemployment is the increasing use of modern technology in all fields. Man depends a lot on machines. This leads to a lack of job opportunities. To solve this problem, we should encourage young people to go the desert and reclaim it. They should look for jobs in the new cities. Banks can lend them loans to start their own projects.

Globalization is the system in which the same products are sold throughout the world by huge multinational companies. Everybody wears the same trainers, eats the same fast food, drinks the same drinks and watches the same programmes on television. Globalization is seen as a threat by increasing numbers of people. People feel that globalization is growing as consumers are not given a choice. They worry about the effect globalization will have on the culture of individual countries, cities and towns Moreover, in a global market, the bigger companies have more money to expand and advertise, and they can also make and sell their products cheaply. The result is that people stop buying from the smaller, local companies. Some people might see the global culture as a good thing as it brings people together and means that we have cheap food.


Unit 8
How people should feel about their situations in Ufa

Not many people are content with the situation of their lives. They either blame bad luck or circumstances for their miserable living conditions, especially when they are born poor. For
.them, money, nice things and appearance are very important things. 'Perhaps, they feel a bit disappointed if they haven't got nice clothes or mice jewellery to wear at formal occasions ....etc. They only believe that happiness is in collecting money which makes their daydreams come true. , everything may not really be what they think it is that they may get deceived by its appearance. Hence, Everybody should be happy with their lives and be proud of what they I have got. They must know that qualities make men highly respected. They must work hard to improve themselves as hard work is the way to real happiness In the end, I see that if one feels his inner satisfaction , he misses nothing in life.

Online distance learning
Online distance learning is an instructional system which connects learners with educational resources. Students work on their own at home, or at school and communicate with faculty and other students via e-mail, video conferencing and other forms of computer-based communication. There are both advantages and disadvantages to online distance learning.
Online distance learning is available all the time and everywhere. However, there are drawbacks for some learners. The online learner only has the written text and no other face cues. This may confuse the learner and cause misunderstanding. While distance learning allows openness, it is also cumbersome because it is done by e-mail messages and writing and therefore may take more time than face- to-face learning. Online distance learning is important for students who may be unable to attend classes for various reasons like illnesses or busy schedules. They just want to further their studies at home.
The benefits of international sports
Doubtless. International sports encourages world understanding among countries. People travel to other countries and meet other cultures. They feel proud of their players sports achievements and appreciate athletes from other countries. Furthermore, international I 'sports encourage world peace. They are the field where countries with political disagreements forget them and turn over a new leaf-Moreover, they have become big business for most countries specially. .the poorest. For the host countries, they get lots of publicity creating a boom رواج, in tourism and business. One thing important, | (fair play and honesty are important in international sports because all| (competitors and countries must be seen to have an equal chance.

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