انجليزى 2 ثانوى 7 براجرافات متوقعة فى امتحان 2011 للاستاذ اشرف عزت

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. انجليزى 2 ثانوى 7 براجرافات متوقعة فى امتحان 2011 للاستاذ اشرف عزت

انجليزى 2 ثانوى 7 براجرافات متوقعة فى امتحان 2011 للاستاذ اشرف عزت
لمعاينة احد البرجرافات
the 25th Jan, Revolution ثورة 25 يناير / Youth الشباب

Youth play a vital role in the lives of nations. They are the backbone of any nation. Without the efforts and energies of youth, any country will suffer from backwardness نخلف The Egyptian people / youth have suffered عانوا alot from corruption الفساد , injustice الظلم and unemployment البطالة what made them gather يتجممعوا in Tahrir square and revolt يثور to express يعبر عن their inner feelings مشاعر داخلية without fear دون خوف. They gave the world a good example to follow, No thing could stop that flood الفيضان even the force of the police officers . The Egyptians the youth wanted to free يحرر themselves from all restrictions قيود and injustice ظلم . they wanted to put an end to ينهى the corruption that prevailed ساد year after year., the power قوة that Allah gives to our youth could help them achieve a great victory انتصار the whole world can not deny or ignore يتجاهل. we hope that our glorious revolution ثورة مجيده achieves its aims تحقق اهدافها soon after the constitution changes تغيير الدستور
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Child labour
    Child labour is often the upshot of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. Unless the menace of child labour is eradicated, the country's progress in near future is bound to be poor. The children who languish in slavery in dimly lit, cramped spaces in factories, houses, toiling 16 hours a day, getting little pay and more abuse are crying for rescue. Although civilization has entered the 21st century, child labour continues as the worst form of slavery in society.
    A labourer in an industrial set up is one who sells his/her labour to an employer in lieu of wages under certain work-related conditions such as legal safeguards, work safety, bargaining power, and right to special amenities. But children have no identity as workers. They have just to obey the master and remain at his mercy. There are not minimum wages or working hours for them. Vulnerable to physical and mental exploitation, the children are abused and beaten and more often than not such abuses go unnoticed.
    It is generally believed that poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and the population explosion are the major reasons allowing child labour to thrive. Some think that so long as poverty exists child labour cannot be removed. But the truth is that child  servitude is the root cause of the other maladies. Adults lose much because an employer seeks cheap child labour. Thus, poverty can never be removed unless child labour is strictly abolished. 
    The young citizens of our nation constitute the most vital human resource. Egyptian youth has made a mark in all walks of life – education, sports, literature, international arena, technology, social causes, etc. The young mind is fresh and energetic and hence, can contribute towards the growth of a nation in the most effective manner. This energy can be channelized for building the nation and for sustaining her growth.
    However, drugs and seditions take the toll of our youth in an adverse manner. Drugs affect the minds permanently. A person, who takes drugs even once, cannot escape from it for life. Further, some young boys and girls take medicines which contain drugs or alcohol. Their parents and teachers are unaware that their children or wards have offered themselves to complete annihilation under the disguise of medical treatment.
    Drugs affect mind and body equally. The young mind stops thinking positively. His body becomes lethargic and he tries to remain under the effort of the drug throughout day and night. His behaviour becomes abnormal and his psyche becomes sick. He resorts to fighting, stealing and his mannerisms become volatile.
    The solution for the drug problem lies in the willpower of the young mind. The youth taking the drug should stop taking it and must allocate more time to studies, sports and career-building. After all, it is the mind which is sick and not the body. The government agencies have initiated many anti-drug programmes. The rehabilitation of the youth after treatment is a must else they would be tempted to resort to their earlier lifestyles. The State and the youth can join hands for eradicating this menace for our young generation. The family should also take a positive attitude. A drugged youth means a drugged nation and sick nations have no future. We must control and eliminate this menace before it overcomes our youth.
    Advertisements have become part of our daily life. They face us everywhere; on street posters, in newspapers, and magazines; no radio and TV programme is void of advertisements. They are attractive and catch our eyes and appeal to our ears to hear. They employ tasteful music and light styles. They have their own specialists who design them.
    They play an important part in today's life. They help producers as well as consumers. Producers increase their sales by effective advertising, and consumers find it easy to compare between different products and may decide on a particular product while sitting comfortably in their homes.
    But on the other hand; advertisements may make people buy something they don't really need. They also may be annoying when a programme on TV is paused for an advertisement. Finally, advertisers may employ techniques that don't go with our morals. But by and large they are useful and interesting.
Street Children
    Homeless children or "Street Children" is a challenging problem  that faces our society. Such children are prone to being influenced by bad persons and acquire bad habits. They may turn to be criminals kidnapping, stealing, or even killing. This problem has its causes; overpopulation is an immediate cause of the problem. Poverty and population growth breed on each other and are closely interlinked. Some orphans don't receive proper care from their relatives and decide to abandon them to streets. Some poor families cannot support their children and provide reasonable standard of living for them, so children of such families quit their homes and roam in streets seeking their own way. Also some cruel parents may cause their children to escape abuse and ill-treatment. Add to all those, children who cannot pursue their studies at different stages of education. All these children gather in streets together with other bad people and tend to be deviated.
    It is the duty of all governmental and non-governmental organizations to face this problem by all possible means. They may be collected and helped to be good citizens. They may be taught a useful craft to earn their living honestly. They should feel loved and cared for. If given due care and feeling of being important, they would be self-confident and tend to be good.
      Heart problems sometimes occur when people smoke heavily and are overweight. What can people do to prevent heart problems.
      The heart is the vital organ in the human body; if it stops working, we die. It is the pump of life, so we have to keep it healthy. People who smoke heavily risk their lives as smoking is harmful to the health, in particular the heart. Heavy smokers should think about their hearts and give up before it is too late; passive smokers should take care and avoid people who smoke. Young people who think of smoking thinking that it is an aspect of manhood, should never think of committing such a sin otherwise they would destroy themselves.
    Also overweight is harmful to the heart. We are advisable to be careful what to eat. We should avoid eating rich food that causes us to put on weight. We may practise exercises that help us to lose weight and keep us fit. We also should avoid any bad habit that may affect our health badly. Health is wealth and it is up to us to keep or lose it.

Women's rights
    The majority of working women used to hold low-paid jobs and were minimally represented in party and government councils. Birth-control techniques were primitive, day-care centers were few, and working wives were responsible for keeping house and tending children. In many parts of the world,  job discrimination against women existed. Socialist governments in the 1930s established wide-ranging programs of equal rights for women, which included extensive child-care arrangements.
    The number of working women increased substantially after the two world wars, but they generally had low-paid, female-dominated occupations, such as school teaching and clerical work. Little opportunity existed in high-paid, male-dominated professions and major government posts. Advocates of birth control agitated for decades before women's right to family planning was recognized.
    In the 1960s, however, changing demographic, economic, and social patterns encouraged a resurgence of feminism. Lower infant-mortality rates, soaring adult life expectancy, and the availability of the birth-control pill (after 1960) gave women greater freedom from child-care responsibilities. These developments, combined with inflation—which meant that many families needed two incomes—and a rising divorce rate, propelled more women into the job market. In the late 1960s they made up about 40 percent of the work force. This figure rose to more than 50 percent by the mid-1980s.
    As working women encountered discrimination in many forms, the women's movement  gained momentum. Commissions were established in 1960 to consider equal opportunities for women. Many Acts  entitled them to equality in education, employment, and legal rights. The women's movement also questioned social institutions and moral values, basing many of its arguments on scientific studies suggesting that most supposed differences between men and women result not from biology but from culture. Some women experimented with new kinds of female-male relations, including the sharing of domestic roles. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, active feminists organized women's rights groups, ranging from the moderate National Organization for Women  founded in 1966 and claiming about 250,000 members by 1985, to smaller, more radical groups. Much attention was given to consciousness raising to make women aware of their common disadvantages.
    In different parts of the world the women's rights movement has made some progress. In more than 90 percent of the nations, women can vote and hold public office. Aided by the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (1946), women in many nations have gained legal rights and fuller access to education and the professions. However, the advent of industrialization in non-Western nations has destroyed some traditional economic arrangements that favored women and has made underpaid factory labor the only work available to them, while the reappearance of fundamentalism (for example, in the Muslim world) has sometimes brought about the reemergence of oppressive practices toward women. In 1975 the United Nations launched a Decade for Women program, and major conferences were held in 1975, 1980, and 1985.
The Advantage and disadvantage of using atomic power as a source of energy.
Oil is running out and it has become so expensive. Besides that, it's a source of dangerous pollution. Man has turned attention to other sources of energy to keep the wheel of civilization running. One of these alternatives to oil is atomic  power. It produces huge energy that excels oil a great deal. It can provide much energy to satisfy man's ever-increasing needs. It may last so long. But man hasn't learnt enough about using it safely.
It may be too dangerous to human life if an accident takes place in a nuclear reactor. Its dangerous effects last long as radiation may affect subsequent generations badly. On the other hand, there is the problem of atomic waste which is not safe at all. It's the duty of scientists to find solutions to these problems so that man can make good use of this great power in his life.
Made in China!!!
"Made in China" a label we see on so many products in our daily life. I feel ashamed that most of us use Chinese products ranging from matches up to cars. They may be cheaper than our local products, but have you ever thought about this phenomenon? What does this mean? It means decline in our industry; it means proliferation of unemployment and too many young people fall vacant. The effect of this on our economy is fatal. Our standard of living cannot go up, but vice versa. We may think this is intended to undermine our economy.
We have to be aware of this danger and insist on buying our local products to encourage manufacturers to increase their production and provide job opportunities for more people. This will help our economy. Egyptian manufacturers should help by making the prices of our local products as low as possible. Unless we do something in this respect we will be consumers of others' products and can never be free and will lose everything.
Business in space!!!!
Space has become very important to us. Man has been using it for different purposes. There hundreds of different kinds of satellites in space serving different purposes. For example, there are communications satellites which enable us to contact people in any part of the world. There are navigation satellites which serve aviation and huge ships carrying expensive cargo.
Man has been looking for other businesses in space. He is thinking about having holidays in space. This is called space tourism which brings in great income. Also man is trying to exploit asteroids. He thinks that they contain rare metals which he can use in his modern industry. The future may have many other benefits of space.
Advice to our youth
Life today is challenging and demanding. Young people should be equipped with certain qualities that help them face these challenges. First they should be good-mannered and cling to their religion teachings to avoid deviation and false principles. Secondly, they should acquire relevant knowledge; i.e. they may learn computer skills and the internet. They should be trained in using the computer effectively in different fields of life.
Also, they should keep pace with the latest advances in the world. They should master two foreign languages at least. They should learn modern sciences such as dealing with others. They should put in mind that getting certificates means that they are really cultured; they should seek perfection even in some fields to be successful in their life.


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