اللغة الانجليزية جميع تعريفات المنهج انجليزى 2ثانوى

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. اللغة الانجليزية جميع تعريفات المنهج انجليزى 2ثانوى

اللغة الانجليزية جميع تعريفات المنهج انجليزى 2ثانوى
1.Uniform : Something you wear to work and it helps to identify you .
2.Grandchildren The children of the son or the daughter.
3.A delegation It is sent by a company to speak for it at a meeting.
4.Air conditioning : It is used to make fresh air and coal in a hot building.
5.Surgeon performs / does / carries out operations .
6.Civil engineer: designs roads, bridges, dams and the infrastructure of the state.
7.Architect: designs houses or small buildings.
8.receptionist: receives important people at the company.
9.News reporter reports people's speech ,news and headlines for newspapers
10. Programmer writes computer programmes .
11. Professor gives lectures and does researches at the university.
12. Hardware repairs computers.
13. Mechanic repairs machines and equipment .
14. A lawyer speaks for people in the court .
15. Currency the money of a country (group of countries )like dollar, pound, ..etc
16. Bank notes money, which is made of paper.
17. Coins money, which is made of metal like gold or silver .
18. Cash carrying money in your pocket and using it for paying for something.
19. Credit getting goods before paying.
20. Credit card plastic money, which is used for buying things and paying later.
21. Debit card plastic money when you use it ,money leaves your bank immediately.
22. Surf the net: looking for something on the internet .
23. A bank account an arrangement that allows you to keep money in a bank .
24. User – friendly easy to use , good treatment.
25. Traditional: an old or way , out of date .
26. Cheque: a paper, which is an instruction to the bank to pay money to someone.
27. Accounts keeping money in a bank or the money, you have in a bank .
28. A bargain Something that is a good price .
29. Online : to be connected to the internet .
30. A survey a report about people's opinions of something .
31. Broadband a fast connection with the internet .
32. Catalogue a large book contains pictures of a product.
33. Barter exchanging goods is an old way of buying things.
34. Adult fully grown person.
35. A team people who play or work together in the same place.
36. individual one person who plays or work alone or on his own.
37. pack wild animals that hunt together such as lions or wolves.
38. Group several people , animals or things are all together in the same place.
39. cooperate to work with someone else in order to achieve what you both want.
40. Attach to fasten or join one thing to another.
41. Bring up to look after children until they are adults.
42. Situation the condition of the things that are happening and existing.
43. String: a thin rope made of several twisted threads , used for tying things.
44. Tolerance: allowing others to do what they want without criticizing, punishment
45. Optimistic expecting good news , good things or good events
46. Pessimistic: expecting bad news, bad things or bad events
47. Navy the ships or submarines that are used for fighting a war on the sea
48. Shelter: a place to keep you dry and safe.
49. Split to divide ( into)
50. Violent wanting to hurt people
51. Cruel to be unkind and hurt people or animals
52. Literature novels, stories , poems , poetry……etc.
53. Shocked the feeling you have when something bad happened.
54. Capture to catch someone or something to keep them .
55. Sea level the average height of the sea.
56. above in or to a higher position than something else .
57. summit the top of a mountain or something else .
58. challenge Something difficult or new that needs effort or skill.
59. conquer get or win control over a problem or a feeling or defeat an enemy.
60. lifelong continuing through your whole life.
61. mountaineers People who climb mountains. * slightly : a little
62. toddler a child who has just started walking .
63. professional a person who does something for money .
64. chain A group of shops, hotels, etc. that are owned by the same person or
company*It is a type of jewellery *You use it to connect things.
65. chief: highest in rank.
66. representative: someone who is chosen to do things and speak for someone else.
67. yield: the amount of money or the quantity of something
68. Fruit grapes, peaches, oranges, melons, dates, pomegranates, mangoes, ,
69. Vegetables: green beans, garlic, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, pepper....etc
70. afford: to have enough money to pay for something.
71. corporation: a large business organization.
72. distribute: to supply goods to shops and companies in a particular area .
73. economy: the way that money, business and product are organized in a country
74. employ: to pay someone to work for you .
75. Global: affecting or including the whole world.
76. goods: things that are produced in order to be sold.
77. Technology equipment, methods, etc. that are used in science or industry.
78. wages: all the amount of money that someone is paid daily or every week
79. act perform in a play or a film .
80. army part of a country's military force that fights on land.
81. canoeing activity or sport using a long narrow boat on rivers or seas.
82. collection a set of similar things that are kept together.
83. continuously without stopping.
84. except not including.
85. savings It is the money you don't spend but keep in the bank .
86. valuable It is something that is worth a lot of money.
87. admire . to look at someone or something and think how beautiful they are
88. ball a large formal occasion where people dance.
89. debt money that you owe to someone.
90. identical exactly the same.
91. necklace a piece of jewellery that you wear around your neck.
92. manual working using your hands, especially doing hard physical work.
93. festival a time when people celebrate something or an occasion
94. amateur someone who does something for enjoyment and not as a job.
95. professional: a sport or an activity are played by people who are paid .
96. benefit: if something benefits someone, it helps them .
97. Highlight the most important, interesting, or enjoyable part of something.
98. destroy to damage something very badly, so that it cannot be repaired.
99. career: the period of time in you life that you spend working.
100. take place : to happen.
101. take part in: to do something together with other people .
102. exercise: Physical activity that you do in order to stay strong and healthy.
103. bronze medal the prize that you get for coming third in a race or competition.
104. boxing: a game in which two men fight by hitting each other.
105. judo: a sport which you try to throw your opponent onto the ground.
106. fertile producing plenty of good crops.
107. organic using farming methods free of harmful chemicals.
108. gene It is a part of a cell of a living thing.
109. genetically modified changing genetic structure of crops to improve them.
110. pesticide a chemical substance which kills insects.
111. spray to make liquid come out of a container in small groups.
112. ripen ready to eat .
113. ingredients one of the things from which a type of food is made.
114. carbohydrate a food substance that provides body with heat and energy.
115. protein a food substance which helps body to grow.
116. starvation to become ill or die because of not having enough to eat .
117. rot go rotten = decay
118. seed a small hard thing produced by plants that a new plant grow from.
119. ashore On to land by the side of the sea.
120. harpoon It is a sharp metal used for hunting whales.
121. a whaling ship It is a ship used for hunting whales .
122. Whaling it is the activity of hunting whales.
123. a crew the people that work together on a ship or a plane.
124. continent It consists of a group of countries .
125. ram crash into something with great force.
126. primitive very simple or old-fashioned
127. remote it is far away from other places.
128. aboard on or onto a ship or train .
129. abroad in or to a foreign country .
130. above in a higher position .
131. ahead in front
132. serious not funny
133. purpose what you want to achieve when you do something.
134. determined wanting to do a thing so much without being stopped by anyone
135. block a large building with many homes or offices in it
136. detached not joined to another house
137. storey a level of a building
138. outskirts outer parts of a city away from the center
139. high-tech using the most modern machines ,equipment and methods
140. sloping to be higher at one end than at the other
141. flat smooth and level without any raised curved or hollow parts
142. lock to fasten something with a lock
143. conduct allows electricity or heat to travel along or through it
144. insulate prevent electricity or heat from passing through
145. concrete a building substance made by mixing sand, water and cement
146. view everything you can see from a place
147. overlook to provide a view of……………….
148. ambition Something that you want to achieve for a long time
149. chat Talking in a friendly and informal way
150. silent Not saying any thing or making any sound
151. conductor Someone collects money from passengers on a train or a bus
152. meaningless Without any meaning or any purpose
153. paramedic He is trained to help ill or injured peoploe(not a doctor)
154. pour To make a liquid flow out of or into something
155. regret To be sorry or sad a situation
156. inform To formally tell someone about something
157. announcement An important statement that has happened or will happen
158. civlization a societ that is well organized and develped
159. battle when two armies fight each other in one place
160. oppose to disagree with someone or something and try to stop it
161. go missing to become lost
162. reform to change a law, system or organization to be more effective
163. eventually finally/ after a long time
164. almost nearly but not completely
165. adviser the person who gives advice about a subject
166. trap not being able to escape from an unpleasant situation
167. fortunately It's a good thing that something happens
168. off the beaten track Far away from ordinary places
169. inhabitant One of the people living in a particular place
170. settlement A place where a group of people live
171. spring A place where water comes up naturally from the ground```
172. supply To provide people of something
173. landscape A view across an area of land
174. monastry A building in which monks live
175. site A place where something important or interesting happened
176. persuade To make someone decide to do something
177. abandon To leave someone or something for a long time
178. accommodation A place to live, stay or work in
179. culture The arts believes behaviour or a particular society
180. reputation The opinion that people have or form of a person or a product
181. staff The group of people who work for an organisation
182. package tour A holiday arranged by a company for a fixed price
183. destination The place you are going to
184. wear away Disappears by using a lot
185. currency Money used by a country
186. mass Involving a large number of people
187. essential Important and necessary
188. pretend To behave as if something is true when you know it is not
189. fixed Already decided and impossible to change
190. anthropology The scientific study of people, their cusatoms, believes, etc..
191. caytionary tale A story that is intended to warn people
192. director Someone who gives ninstructions to actors in a film or play
193. interfere To deliberately become involved in a situation
194. producer Someone who controls the making of a play, film .. etc.
195. remerkable Very unusual or noticeable
196. creat To make something new, exist or happen
197. award To officially give someone a prize or money
198. set up To start a company or organisation
199. fence A wooden post enclosing an area of land
200. survivor Someone who lives afeter an accident or illness
201. ability The mental skill or physical power to do something
202. atmosphere The mixture of gases surrounding the earth
203. ban Forbid something officially
204. carbonedioxide The gas produced when animals breathe out
205. demand something people want to buy.
206. dependence The state of needing someone’s help
207. erupt Sending out smoke and fire into the sky
208. greenhouse effect The trapping of heat in the earht’s atmosphere
209. hunger A sever lack of food
210. reduce To make something less
211. melt To change from solid to liquid
212. Run out of To use all of something so that there is none left
213. volcano A mountain that sometimes

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