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أفضل مراجعة في اللغة الانجليزية للثانوية العامة 2020 بالاجابات

أفضل مراجعة في اللغة الانجليزية للثانوية العامة 2020 بالاجابات 4113
لطلاب ثالثة ثانوي ننشر أفضل مراجعة في اللغة الانجليزية للثانوية العامة 2020 بالاجابات
Final Revision    Part 1   Units: 1-3
1-This car has been adapted for……….drivers.
(disable – disabled – disability – the disabled)
2-Over the years, his small project has……into a highly profitable business.(developed – discovered – invented – established)
3-She has made the spare room…..an office.  (for – in – into – on)
4-How long……did they buy their tickets?
(since – for – before – ago)
5-He first……to America when he was twenty-five.
(went – has gone – has been – had gone)
6-The majority of the villagers……the plans to build a new school last year.   (depressed – suppressed – supported – discouraged)
7-When I saw the question, I knew the answer and…….it correctly.
(wrote – had written – was writing – have written)
8-Few well-known Egyptian footballers have gone to clubs…..
(aboard – on board – board – abroad)
9-The puncture……… The tyre is no longer flat.
(was mended – has been mended – is mended – mended)
10-I have…..been to the zoo before.
(ever – never – always – sometimes)
11-Do you know what………..a job worthwhile?
(takes – forms – makes – gives)
12-I have been happily married for 5 years, ………the age of 30.
(since – ago – for – by)
13-I fear the football match………..start on time.
(won’t – isn’t going to – doesn’t – didn’t)
14-All these files need to be….. We should add the most recent information.(uprooted – uploaded –updated – downloaded)
15-Books originally……..access to education to large numbers of people.       (did – made – played – gave)
16- “PTO” means please Turn…the page. (On – Over – Out – Off)
17-Within hundred years, people……….on the moon.
(will be living – are going to live – are living – would live)
18-Look at that clear blue sky. It…….rain today.
(isn’t going to – is going to – would – will)
19-That vase isn’t big enough to…..all these flowers.
(include – hold – consist – teach)
20-Farmers will have harvested wheat……the end of May.
(until – by – when – yet)
21-I was very…..by all the cards my friends sent me.
(tortured – touched سعيد– treated – defeated)
22-I don’t iron my trousers. I’d like to have them………….
(washed – pressed – soaked – bleached)
23-Time……devices have made our life faster and more enjoyable.   (measuring – counting – saving – telling)
24-Writing a novel often…..much longer than a short story.
(contains – takes – forms – makes)
25-It was the first time they……..by plane.
(are flying – fly – had flown – have flown)
26-She…….live with her parents, but she doesn’t any more.
(didn’t used – got used – used to – wasn’t used)
27-Most astronauts consider Armstrong to have been the…..of space travel.     (brother – cousin – father – grandfather)
28-I found the book really…I kept forgetting who the characters were. (confuse – confused – confusing – confusion)
29-The noise of the city centre always…..me a headache.
(does – makes – works – gives)
30-My brother……in physics from Cairo University and became a professor.     (graded – taught – educated – graduated)
31-My arms……a lot from carrying all the heavy groceries.
(cured – healed – ached – pained)
31-I was embarrassed when the teacher….to know why I was late for school.(suggested – demanded – refused -  begged)
32-We were taught to……respect for older people.
(have – lose – show – deserve)
33-Oil and water don’t …and even if you shake them together, they separate into two layers. (break – soak – fix – mix)
34-Countries must try to reduce the…damage caused by the chemical industry.  (political – social – economical – environmental)
35-Most of our news papers and magazines are made from ….paper. 
(recycle – recycled – recycling – cycled)
36-Many manual occupations have become part of…..with the invention of machines. (authority – history – wealth – future)
37-These two cats are alike. I can’t …..the difference between them.          (imagine – make – tell – discuss)
38-The most important rule in life is always to…..confident.
(lose – have – win – appear)
39-Can you….the internet on your mobile phone?
(enter – steal – access – repair)
40-Most countries have laws to punish newspapers which publish ……news.   (accurate – inaccurate – reliable – valuable)
41-When we arrived at the station, we…..on the train.
(were getting – got – had got – have got)
42-When the film started, I realised  I …..it.
(already saw – see – had already seen –have already seen)
43-She was exhausted because she……200 metres.
(had swum – swims – swimming – has swum)
44-He….his leg so he couldn’t walk.
(has broken – had broken – was breaking – breaks)
45-I was sorry to sell my car. I…..it since college.
(have had – had had – was having – am having)
46-We couldn’t get enough sleep last night because the people next door…..a noisy party. (had had – had – were having – have)
47-Prices…..sharply over the past six months.
(had risen – have risen – rose – were rising)
48-I…..anyone taller than Tarek in my whole life.
(have never seen – never see – have ever seen – just saw)
49-I haven’t drawn a picture since I …..a child.
(have been – was – had been – were)
50-I haven’t written to my English pen friend…..the last year.
(until – in – for – since)
51-Have you finished your homework…..? I really can’t believe.
(ever – already – just – yet)
52-I’m tired of walking. I ……a taxi.
(would take – am going to take – will take – am taking)
53-He is driving too fast. I think he……an accident.
(is having – is going to have – will have – has)
54-Teams wear different colours to avoid……….
(confuse – confused – confusing – confusion)
55-Children are usually……on buying what they want. They don’t stop asking for it.   (insistent – secretarial – influenced – relevant)
56-In most countries, it is the……to shake hands when you meet people. (custom – costume – customary – consumer)
57-Naguib Mahfouz is a……writer. (twenty-century / twenty-centuries / twentieth-century / twentieth-centuries)
58-Mr Adel, my first teacher at primary school, had a positive …..on my life.  (influence – influential – influenced – influentially)
59-Researchers………surveys as part of their career.
(make – give – conduct – drive)
60-……polished, my shoes looked new.
(Had – Having – Having been – Been)
61-It’s time you…back my money. (pay – pays – had paid – paid)
62-………to Aswan’s hot weather?
(Were you used – Did you use – Had you used – You used)
63-I’d rather you……my dictionary yesterday.
(return – returned – didn’t return – had returned)
64-……..lunchtime, everybody had returned home.
(After – When – By – While)
65-Lamia got used to…..in the countryside.
(life – live – be lived – have lived)
66-A:Have you….Cairo since you were born?
B: Yes, I have always lived here.
(been to – been in – gone to – gone in)
67-The evening news……at nine on Channel one.
(will be – is – is going to be – would be)
68-……..my arrival home, I saw that no one was there.
(During – On – While – As)
69-Don’t open the door until I …….you.
(tell – told – had told – was told)
70-I had lunch. After that, I…to bed. (had gone – went - go – gone)
71-When I was at prep school I won a reading………….
(race – competition – game – article)
72-She….answer the question until she had looked at it twice.
(wasn’t – won’t – couldn’t – doesn’t)
73-What……..at 6 p.m. on Sunday?
(will you do – will you be doing – do you do – are you doing)
74-That’s the sixth cup of coffee you….today.
(was having – have had – had  - had had)
75-The wind had blown the rain in and…….the carpet.
(mixed – soaked – recycled – rolled)
Final Revision   Part 2 Units: 4-6
1-Who took the bag……was on the table?
(when – whose – whom – which)
2-My friend showed me round the town, ……was very kind of him.
(who – which – where – whom)
3-The government....a law prohibiting tobacco advertisements on TV.          (introduced – produced – induced – reduced)
4-My brothers, both of…are brilliant cooks, are opening a pizza place.            (who – that – whose – whom)
5-Car exhaust is the main reason……the city pollution.
(for  - about -  why – of)
6-The boy, ……yesterday, promised not to be late again.
(was punished – punished – who punished – punishing)
7-The singer is not a part of a group. He is a………artist.
(alone – solo – lonely – double)
8-The man, ….over there, is the company manager.
(stand – who standing – is standing – standing)
9-The runner was puzzled and sad because he…..the record by just 2 seconds.    (missed – broke – set up – won)
10-That’s the reason…..I didn’t accept the job.
(why – where – whose – when)
11-My brother was over the ….when he knew that he’s going to have a baby.         (sun – earth – sky – moon)
12-I tried to get an autograph from the baseball player…the fence.  (who beside – whose beside – is beside – beside)
13-It bothers me….someone smokes in my office.
(which – when – who – where)
14-Try to get him to accept this job. “get” here means………..
(reach – receive – persuade – buy)
15-He has worked…..a secretary for a long time.
(like – such – such as – as)
16-Where’s the envelope……….on my desk?
(I had left it – which I had left – which I had left it – that I had left it)
17-Your insults have…….my pride. I was upset.
(warmed – inspired – worried – wounded)
18-Our challenges in health care and…continue to be more immediate and urgent. (nurse – nursery – nursed – nursing)
19-Don’t be easily defeated. Keep……yourself.
(encouraging – discouraging – appointing – cleaning)
20-I was surprised when I saw children sitting in…..silence.
(respected – respectable – respect – respectful)
21-The valley………the town lies in heavily polluted.
(for which – in which – to which – from which)
22-I didn’t like life in a small town and my brother didn’t like it…..
(either – too – as well – neither)
23-A:Would you like tea or coffee?
B: ……, thank you. I am not thirsty. (Either –Neither – Both –All)
24-Have you ever bought anything from……of the two shops?
(neither – either – whole – every)
25-The doctor gave him more powerful drugs, but in …….he didn’t get better.               (order – mess – vain – detail)
26-………of this money is yours, the other is mine.
(Half – Neither – Both – Either)
27-…….of the shop assistants could help me. I won’t go to that shop again.               (Each – Every – All – None)
28-We……wanted the bedroom with the balcony, so we tossed a coin to decide.         (each – every – either – neither)
29-The story made me feel strong emotions. It was a very….story.
(movable – moving – movingly – moved)
30-I have got two watches, but…..of them works properly.
(either – none – both – neither)
31-Neither Hany nor his sisters………coffee.
(drinks – is drinking – drink – drinking)
32-There is a row of houses….the river.
(aloud – ahead – ashore – along)
33-Getting a new assistant will…..the workload or burden.
(increase – double – lighten – grow)
34-Both Donia and Dalia……….got curly hair.
(has – have – is  - are)
35-He tried…..to make them listen but he couldn’t.
(vaguely – vainly – validly – vain)
36-To…..this poem means to make it shorter or simpler.
(sing – write – copy – paraphrase)  
37-………of my friends has/have phoned me this weekend.
(None – Both – All – Every)
38-I’m going to read that poem. It sounds………
(lovely – friendly – lively – ugly)
39-Sally wasn’t at the party.  ……was Shady.
(Either – Neither – Both – All)
40-Try to slow down. The road…….is very busy.
(ashore – awake – alive – ahead)
41- Don’t take…..more responsibilities or you’ll suffer in the end.
(off – in – on – up)
42-I don’t have….money for this. Can you lend me some?
(so – enough – many – too)
43-There’s no way. You must…….the deadlines.
(miss – work – meet – catch)
44-I’m poor-sighted, so I went to the oculist to….a lens.
(make – do – focus – fold)
45-I think I’ve finally saved up…..money to go a holiday.
(so – such – enough – too)
46-Shady wasn’t …….to lift the case.
(too strong – so strong – strong enough – enough strong)
47-There were….many dogs on the beach to feel safe.
(so – enough – too – such)
48-A/An…of sleep makes you feel exhausted at work the next day.     (plenty – lack – excess – lot)
49-……..a mess is your room that you have to clean it now.
(So – Too – Enough – Such)
50-Parents often give their sons……responsibility to prepare them for adult life.           (too – so – enough – such)
51-The principal writes…..many letters that his secretary can’t type them fast enough.    (such – enough – so – too)
52-He had…..much experience that they gave him the job.
(so – such a – such – such an)
53-Your point of view…..on a number of incorrect assumptions.
(rests – lives – feeds – restates)
54-It was…….bad weather that we didn’t enjoy our holiday
(so – such – such a – too)
55-So heavily……..raining that we stayed in.
(it was – was it – it is – did it)
56-Mary Curie was…..the Nobel Prize twice for chemistry and physics.     (awarded – got – gave – rewarded)
57-Ali’s ability to speak French is very…Many companies will want to hire him. (impress – impressed – impressive – impression)
58-My friend was born…..a wealthy family, so he doesn’t have financial problems.            (for – into – on – about)
59-Schools should train children to be….to elderly people.
(respect – respected – respectable – respectful)
60-Father always says that he is really appreciative….mother’s support to him.               (of – for – in – at)
61-If you don’t have olive oil, you can use sunflower oil………
(well – installed – instead – outside)
62-Women have now taken on many roles that were…..for men.
(accidently – deliberately – intentionally – traditionally)
63-Exams are…., so students feel under pressure.
(stress – stressed – stressing – stressful)
64-My friends and I stay in…..by email.
(compact – connect – attract – contact)
65-The president,………private life the newspapers are so interested, has nothing to hide.
(whose – his – in whose – who)
66-We didn’t believe all……..the servant had said about the robbery last week.        (what – that – which – where)
67-Why do you blame me for everything……goes wrong?
(which – that – who – what)
68-He’s the man……house the jewellery was stolen.
(in which – from which – from whom – from whose)
69-They worked so…..that the boss rewarded them all.
(hardly – hardness – hardy – hard)
70-I found university work very difficult, but my friends were always very….(encouraging – encouraged – courage – discouraging)
71-The actor who played the king is……. I admire him very much.
(terrible – terrific – trouble – terrified)
72-I take my laptop with me……. I go.
(whatever – wherever – whoever – however)
73-A palace is a big house….many rooms where a king or a queen lives.(whose has – where has – what has – with) 
74-My boss’s official……….is Financial Manager.
(address – title – grade – rank)
75-The job….which he applied is well paid. (at – to – in – for) 
Final Revision Part 3        Units (7-10)
1-It is……that in the next ten years, people will spend their holidays in space.  (feared – advised – worried – predicted)
2-Presently, a lot of money……….on necessities not luxuries.
(is being spent – was being spent – is spending – was spending)
3-She likes……on her work.
(be complimented – to compliment – 
being complimenting - to being complimented)
4-I was trembling with fear when the plane…..through the clouds.
(flew – swam – rode – ran)
5-Space station……has to be examined and repaired.
(tools – equipment – instruments – sets)
6-For a buffet service, most of the food……before the meal.
(is cooked – has cooked – cooked – cooking)
7-My brother was promoted after taking a…..course.
(trainer – train – training – trainee)

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