Practice test (6) Language Functions

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. Practice test (6) Language Functions

Practice test (6)
Language Functions
1-Respond to each of the following situations:
1- You are interviewing someone for a job. Find out about their qualifications and experience.
2- Your friend looks like he/she hasn't been sleeping for days. Advise him/her.
3- An interviewer has asked you why you have applied for a job in a particular company. Give reason.
4- You do not understand what distance learning is. Ask a friend.
2- Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in
each of the following two mini-dialogues: '.'
1- A) Are you in your first year?
B) Yes. I'm studying English. but it's only my third week.
A) My parents would like me to apply here. Would you recommend it?
B) Yes, definitely.

2- A) Well, your application has been successful.
B) That's great when do I start? ,
A) At the beginning of next month. You'll be working at our Cairo branch.
B) I'm looking forward to starting.
3 Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1- In some modern homes, water ................ by energy from the sun.
a) are heated b) heat c) is heated d) is heating
2- My daily ................ starts when my alarm clock goes off at 6.30.
a) routine b) habit c) custom d) way
3- There's water all over the floor. turn off the shower.
a) must forget b) must have forgotten
c) can't have forgotten d) can have forgotten
4- Her parents ……. have meetings with the teachers at her school.
a) totally b) gradually c) slowly d) regularly
5- My brother and I have just had a phone conversation........ we discussed our holiday plans
a) which b) in which c) what d) to which
6- At the weekend, my aunt asked me what I since we last met.
a) did b) was doing c) have done d) had been doing
7- Teachers are always encouraging their students to be …………..and hard-working.
a) conventional b) common c) confusing d) conscientious
8- He wanted to know whether anyone ………… the book he was reading.
a) had1seen b) has seen c) sees d)saw
9- My sister hasn't finished her course yet. She's still.............
a) a trainer b) an employee c )an employer d) a trainee
10- The best writers force their readers ………. about serious questions.
a) to think b) thinking c) thought d) think
11- A new supermarket in our town was opened by a well-known .......... yesterday.
a) celebrity b) famous c) character d) somebody
12 I think someone may have.................. today's newspaper by mistake.
a) wasted b) thrown c) refused d) thrown away
13 I really ............... phone my parents to tell them I'm going to be late home today.
a) need b) must c) can d) could
14- At her first school, she ............... to wear a blue uniform.
a) had b) must c) could d) has
15- He is thinking of..............on a Business Studies course at the local college.
a) entering b) applying c) enrolling d) beginning
16- Pupils don't have to pay for their books. The school……….them.
a) pays b) provides c) takes d) affords
4-Find the mistake in each' of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
1- I wish I can read more quickly.
2- She asked her friend weather she had finished her homework.
3- My parents have invited one of my friends stay for the weekend.
4- When Wagdy was five years old, he was sting by a scorpion.
5- I need to go to the university to buy some medicine.
6- A civil servant is someone who works for the army.
5-Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
Most students find university very different from school. One of the biggest differences is that university students are expected to manage their time themselves. Although staff will help, it is .the students' responsibility to be in the right place at the right time and to hand homework in on time. The way teaching is organised is also very different from school. At university, lecturers teach classes that may last two or three hours and can include 300-400 students. There are usually other smaller classes where students can discuss subjects they find difficult, and from time to time lecturers spend time with individual students, talking about work they have done. If students are not living at home while they are at university, there are many ordinary things they may have to do for themselves, such as cooking.
a) Give short answers to the following questions:
1 What two places does this passage compare?
2 How many students can be)n a university class?
3 Why are smaller groups sometimes necessary at university? ,
b) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4 Who does (they) refer to in talking about work they have done?
a) lecturers b) classes c) students. d) subjects
5 What does the writer suggest students should be prepared to do when they go to university?
a) Be organised. B) Read many books. c) Find a job. D) Discuss ideas.
6-Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
Ed Hannigan has a job which few people would want. Every week he falls off horses, he crashes cars and jumps from tall buildings. He has broken nearly every bone in his body and has been in hospital ten times. Ed works on films and television programmes, doing the dangerous things that make them exciting. His main work is to replace famous actors who don’t want to do dangerous things themselves. To do this kind of work, You need to be very fit has to be the same, height and weight as the actors he is replacing, and his hair and clothes also have to look exactly the same. Ed enjoys his work and does not worry
About the danger "most thing I do are quite safe," he says.
a) Give short answers to the following questions:
1- What kind of work does Ed do?
2- Why do famous actors not want to do dangerous things?
3- Why does Ed have to look like the actors he is replacing?
b) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- What does them refer to in the dangerous things that make them exciting?
a) the actors Ed replaces b) films and television programmes
c) the dangerous things d) the jobs Ed does
5- Which of these words describes' the work Ed does?
a) popular b) healthy c) dangerous d) boring
The Reader (The Mask of Gold)
a) Answer; the following questions:
1- How had Amalia's father lost all his money?
2- How did Leila stop Martin Lander's plane from taking off?
b) Complete the following to make meaningful sentences:
1- A helicopter came to................................ "
2- Leila and Dr Hafez discovered that the village in the mountains was……………………..
c) Read the quotation and answer the questions:
"He told me how hard his life was, how little money he was paid. He told me he had a sick child and he needed to pay for medical expenses".
1- Who is Dr Hafez talking about? .................. .
2- What did this person do to get money? ........ .
Write a letter to a friend telling him or her what you hope to do next year.
a) Translate into Arabic:
Thirty years ago, most university students believed that when they graduated, their education had finished. They expected to get a job and work for one employer. They would work in one place until they retired.
a) Translate into English:
1- هل فكرت فى الالتحاق بجامعة فى الخارج بعد التخرج
2- كثرة المال لاتوفر باضرورة حلولا للمشاكل
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