35 براجراف للثانوية العامة

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. 35 براجراف للثانوية العامة

I -The problem of over - population

It has become clear that over population in Egypt is a serious problem. It results in تؤدى إلى other
more serious problems. Our youth can't find a flat to marry in or a
suitable job to start their life. There is also a possible shortageنقصof food. Our cities became very crowded, they lack the needed infrastructureالبنية التحتية for living.

So it has become a must that we should invade the desert نغزو . The government does its best to encourage people to have small families through public awareness programmes برامج التوعية العامة on t.v. and papers. It send campaigns حملات to remote and small villages to offer people information about birth controlتحديد النسل

2- Charity Societies

Charity Societies الجمعيات الخيريةare organizations for helping the poor everywhere. Rich people establish them. They do their best toيبذل قصارى جهده make homeless and poor children live in a reasonable standardمستوى معقول .They offer them care in different aspectsمناحي – مجالات . They offer the poor medical care free of change مجاناً. If they are homeless, they offer them houses and food.

Businessmen have got a duty towards واجب نحوthese societies. They should give them support.

They can pay a part of their taxesضرائب for these societies. All of us should take part in the activities of

these societies. We can donate يتبرع بـ clothes, money, food or even we can donate efforts to please these poor children.

3- Computers

The computer has a lot of advantages مميزات. It can store a lot of information; it can do a lot of

calculations حسابات
in no time. it can pay wages, reserve seats on planes, design
buildings, compose music and do many jobs. Doctors also use the computer
widely in their job.

But it has also some disadvantages عيوب,it
can waste our time if it is used foolishly or if it is used just for
fun. it has also a bad effect on our health specially the sight الإبصار . it also teaches the children violence العنف through playing the computer games. So it is a double-edged weapon.سلاح ذو حدين

4-Sources of Clean power in Egypt

Egypt is blessed with a lot of gifts تنعم مصر بكثير من الهبات-
It is rich in sunshine, water and man power. The sunshine can be a
source of energy. It is useful for the growth of animals and plants as
well. It can help in producing solar power. Thus, Egypt can be a
developed country using a clean source of energy. Water is also
plentiful وفير in Egypt. It can be used in planting vast areas of desert land so that we can increase our food production.

However, if we don't employ man power in a proper way,بطريقة ملائمة we may spoil نهدر our natural resources. Man is the master of all these resources. Plans should be made to benefit fromيستفيد من man power to be able to face any problem in our country.
5- Technology in our life

Technology is everywhere nowadays. We all enjoy technology but
in different ways. Now, we can travel from one place to another very
easily, comfortably and fast. Modern means of transport are now supplied
with all means of comfort كل وسائل الراحة. Space travel is now more possible than it used to be in the past. One day people may be able to enjoy space journeys.

Technology has also played a role in medical care الرعاية الطبية . Now the
computer can be used to check people's health accurately. It is also
used for teaching. Students can benefit from the internet in their
researches as well. No doubt technology has changed our life to the

6- Schools in the Future

I think our school will be completely different in the future. The ministry of education وزارة الثقافةcares
about creating a good citizen and a healthy young man as well. More
attention will be given to sports. The computer will be used more
widely. Every student will benefit from the internet in all aspect of
his life. Moreover the students will be encouraged to take part in doing
scientific research. This will encourage students to visit libraries
more often.

Distance learning will be also the feature ملمحof
the future. Students can study everything while they are far away from
the school. They can take tapes or CD's to enable them to study their
subjects at home. We can imagine a more different shape of school than
what we see nowadays.

7- Sports

"The sound mind is in the sound body". العقل السليم فى الجسم السليم This is a true saying, if someone

practises sports he will be fit. That's why the ministry of education gives due attention الاهتمام الواجب to

sports in our schools. Students who get prizes or medals in any
sports championship are encouraged a lot. Schools also set up sports
competitions and offer prizes for the winners.

The government encourages sports. It sets up youth centres
and clubs everywhere to enable everyone old or young to practise sports.
Sports festivals are a call for peace and love among nations نداء للمحبة والسلام بين الأمم. So every country gives due care for taking part in the international championships. البطولات الدولية

8 -The television

The television is the cheapest means of entertainment and culture أرخص وسيلة للترفيه والثقافة. It shows us the current events الأحداث الجارية
that take place in every part of the world at the same time. It is also
a means of communication. We can learn the language of any nation
through its films or serials -مسلسلاتWe can't forget the educational programmes which attract the students of different stages.

On the other hand it has some disadvantages. It has negatively affected فقد أثر سلبيا
the habit of reading. Most of us don't read much as we are attracted to
the television more. Some people waste their time in front of the TV.
So we have to use this important invention wisely.

9- Tourism

Tourism is considered one of the most important earners of foreign currency and national income, من أهم مصادر العملة الصعبة والدخل القومى .Tourists spend a lot of hard currency during their stay in Egypt.

Tourists like to visit Egypt to enjoy the sun shine, and the wonderful
historic places. They like to visit the Citadel, the Pyramids, Luxor and

They like to see our modern renaissance نهضتنا الحديثة as well. We should do our best to encourage

tourists to visit us again and again. We should establish cheap hotels and tourist villages along our shores.

10- The role of the youth in development

youth should first work hard to achieve success. When they graduate
from their universities they have duties towards their society لديهم واجب نحو وطنهم. They can share in the social work by working in the co-operative field. They can share in abolishing illiteracy محو الأمبة in their villages.

They can take part in reclaiming the desert to increase food
production. They can join the army to defend their country in case there
is a war. They can also help a lot in solving any problem concerning
their society. They should work hard for the welfare رفاهيةof their beloved country Egypt.

11- Making the best use of spare time"

Time is gold. The time wasted is too hard to regain الوقت الضائع لا يعوض.
So we have to make the best use of our time. If we have a spare time we
can make a plan to spend it doing useful things. The wise person is one
who spends his / her time carefully in a proper way. Some people prefer
to read a useful book, or a story. In this way they increase their
information and knowledge in different aspects.

Some others prefer to practise sports. So they renew their energy, activate their minds, and strengthen their bodies. يجددون نشاطهم وينشطون عقولهم ويقوون أبدانهم.
Young men prefer to spend most of their time playing computer games,
which can be useful in developing their abilities and computer skills.

12- Life in the past & today

In my view, life in the past was quieter and easier. Modern-means
of transport tike cars, trains and planes were not there. Consequently,
there were almost no air-pollutants. Vast areas of land were
cultivated. People depended mainly on agriculture as their main earner.

In the past there was shortage of medical care. Cholera and other serious epidemics أمراض متوطنة were attacking many people for a time. At present, nearly all epidemics vanished تلاشتthanks to medical care.

we hear every now and then of new discoveries such as the Femto second,
and new inventions such as the computerized car. Also there are various
means of entertainment. In short, life today has become more

13-The Role of universities in Society

The university is not founded only for teaching and learning. It has other purposes. One of which is

providing the society with its needs.

University graduates are useful members in the society. They help in raising the standard of living. رفع مستوى المعيشة Universities take part in carrying out the development plans by doing scientific research أبحاث علميةin different aspects فى مجالات مختلفة

They can take part in reclaiming the desert to change it into
green lands and increase the food production. They can share in making
industrial progress by graduating technicians, and engineers for
factories. They can do research to help to reduce air pollution.

14- Improving our villages

Our villages can be improved by different ways. Fresh water for
drinking and electricity must be supplied. Clean and healthy houses must
be built; they must include separate places أماكن منفصلةfor animals.

Enough schools must be set up for all children to spread education لنشر التعليم. Paved roads .طرق ممهدة
and easy means of communications should be set up to enable people to
travel from place to place easily. Shops and supermarkets must be found
too, in order to provide the people with their needs. In this way we can
make our villages a better place to live in.

15 - The importance of Computers

Thanks to human inventiveness بفضل الإبداع البشرى computers now cover all aspects of our life,

Computers help man to extend the power of his mind. Without them, a lot of our technological

miracles معجزاتwould be impossible.

Computers are used in hospitals to check patients' records and diagnose يشخٍص some diseases.

Schools cannot do without them. They are used in factories and banks to improve and facilitateيسهل work. TV, radio, hotels, telecommunications, trains, ships, planes etc... depend on computers in their

work. Computers are our servant and not our masters yet. Really, the world of computer is endless

16" Egypt's achievements

Tanks to the wise policy of the recent government Egypt has achieved daring achievements انجازات شجاعة in various fields to make our life smooth and enjoyable and enable us to face the challenges of

globalization. العولمة

In the field of education, thousands of new schools are being built equipped with computers and

internet labs all over Egypt مجهزة بمعامل الحاسب والإنترنتto cope with the world changes. In the field of

agriculture and land reclamation, great projects are being
established like Toshka Project in Upper Egypt to increase the area of
cultivated land. In the field of industry, investors are encouraged to
set up factories and buy the old ones through the privatization
programmes برامج الخصخصةto modernize and increase production

In the field of transport and telecommunications, new roads and
bridges are being built to facilitate traffic and the new centrals are
now available السنترالات الجديدة متوفرةto deal with the rapid increase in population.

In the field of public health, the health insurance umbrella is covering all classes of people,
تغطى مظلة التأمين كل طبقات المجتمع

17- Life in the Future

long as we live, we have to think. Our life in the future will change
completely. Computers and internet will occupy our life. So, instead of
wasting time going here and there, we will use the internet to get our
needs. Students of the future will get the information they need through
their computers which will be available and within the reach of their
hands –فى متناول اليد-

Housewives can shop through the internet and the housework will be
done by certain kind of robots. Most houses will be air conditioned and
people won't suffer from the heat of the sun. Our factories will be
computerized. There will be better means of communications and
transport. Scientists will control the weather, so there will be no
floods or drought جفاف. But I think man will not change.

18"- Preventing pollution

It isn't acceptable to be in the third millenniumالألفية الثالثة
and we still pollute our ecology. Individuals, companies and factories
should find ways to control their waste. Clean streets and roads are the
bad need of every citizen so we shouldn't throw things away in the
streets and there must be laws to punish those who break them.

Filters should be fixed in factories to help reduce air pollution.
It's our environment and everybody should do their best to leave a
happy life. Keeping the place clean would surely avoid us thousands of
infectious diseases that may ruin our life and turn our happiness into


Unemployment must be rooted out تستأصل
because it leads to further poverty. The government is always
encouraging investors to invest their money in establishing new projects
and shoulder their responsibilities يتحمل مسئولية
to provide business opportunities for youth. Giant projects such as
Toshka project in the south of the valley, Six October industrial city,
reclaiming Sniai, and others with small projects will give a hand to
increase different kinds of jobs for those who need them.

Banks are also important, they can lend young people small
loans with slight interest to help them set up small industries all
over Egypt. When we solve this pressing problem, المشكلة الملحة we will eradicate extremity and terrorism among those poor young people. نستأصل التطرف والإرهاب بين الشباب

20"- Zewail and the Femto Second

The secret of a good invention or discovery is simplicity البساطة.The Egyptian scientist Dr Ahmed Zewail, the Nobel Prize laureate حائزfor
Chemistry in 1999, managed to discover the smallest unit of time; in
other words, "the femto second". This great work will help scientists to
see the chemical reactions and discover new and better drugs for curing
many fatal diseases such as cancer.

' On behalf of the Egyptian people, President Mubarak awarded Zewail the Necklace of The Nile in recognition إعترافاof his amazing achievement الإنجاز العظيم that raised Egypt's name high in the sky. Hail to Egypt.
21- English and its importance (Learning Foreign Languages)

English is an integral part جزء متكامل من
of your personality, your character and yourself. You can no more get
rid of it than your shadow. Knowledge of good English enables you to
communicate with foreign friends and countries. It enables you to find a
better job because it helps you express يعبر عن yourself and deal with tourists freely.

We cannot cope with the technological renaissance النهضة التكنولوجية without learning how to use the computer and internet so learning English is a must. When you are armed withمسلح بـ English, you can understand what is going on around you and you can deal with the knowledge explosion easily الانفجار المعرفى without any fear.

22 ' Electricity and its importance

Thanks to modem inventions and discoveries our life became easy and
smooth. What is electricity? It's the mysterious power which is
produced by various means e.g. by batteries or generators which provide
us with heat, light and sound. It drives machines and different kinds of
devices. أنواع مختلفة من الأجهزة

The progress, man achieves, depends basically on it. Electricity
helps man increase production because it drives our factories. It gives
us peace because it illuminates تنير our streets, houses, and schools.

We can generate electricity from waterfalls, wind and the atomic
power as well as the sun. It's a clean and cheap source of energy.
Awareness should be spread to cut down its consumption we have to be
thankful to God who gives us the blessing of thinking which led man to
the use of

electricity because its advantages are endless.

23 - Women's role in our society

We all have rights and duties, حقوق وواجبات
so we mustn't forget the work of women in the Egyptian society because
they form 50% of Egypt's population. They can work as teachers, doctors,
social workers and many others. Women mustn't forget that bringing up
children تربية الأطفال is their first aim to create sound individuals, able to shoulder their responsibilities قادرين على تحمل المسئولية.so
we can't ignore her role in the progress of Egypt. Without all people's
help women and men, we wouldn't achieve the expectations of the new
millennium, الألفية الجديدة

24- Money is a good servant but a bad master

No one can deny that money is a mixed blessing. نعمة ونقمة
in other words, it is a good servant but a bad master. On the one hand,
money helps us to get all our needs but we should not earn it in a
dishonest way. With the help of money problems can be solved. Money
makes money and with money people can lead a comfortable life.

On the other hand money is the root of all evils. For the sake of
getting money some people deceive, kill and commit crimes. Wars are
waged تشعل الحروب and thousands of people are killed because of money.

25- The duties of young people towards their parents.

It is taken for granted hat we owe much to our parents ندين بالكثير لآبائنا who looked after us

we were young. They did their best to provide us with food, clothing,
shelter and education. They sat up beside our beds when we were ill.
They spared no pains لم يألو جهدا to give us the best start in life. So it is our duty to love and respect them.

We have to take their advice and obey their orders . نطيع أوامرهمsince
they have experienced life with its ups and downs. It is also our duty
to help them in every possible way. We can do the shopping and help them
at home. When they grow old, it is our turn to repay their kindness. We
should look after them and provide them with every possible comfort. It
is truly said that a good turn deserves another. قابلو المعروف بالمعروف

26" Prevention is better than cure
I wish I had listened

A friend of mine lived in the country. He used to swim and wash
himself in the small canal near our village. Many times, I saw him and
advised him not to do so to protect himself from Bilharzias but he
wasn't listening. He repeated what he was doing for many years until he
was ill. A doctor examined him and found that Bilharzias had attacked
his liver and other organs of his body. He became ill with worry, weak
and pale. He took the required medicine, which cost him a lot of money. I
met him later and when he saw me, smiled and said, you were right,
prevention is better that cure. الوقاية خير من العلاج

27- A story I hove read and admired

Quick Thinking by: Stephen W. Pllak

Quick thinking is a tragic story. One day a diamond merchant wanted
to hire an officer to guard him and his diamonds. An officer read the
advertisement and thought that the job suited him. The merchant was
going to America to sell his lovely diamonds (children). They took a
ship and the officer advised the merchant to keep them in the ship's
safe. The merchant obeyed, but after a few minutes, he took his children
out of the safe to take a look at them. At this moment the ship gave a
sudden and violent roll. The box which contained the diamonds shot
towards and under the railing and fell into the sea.

The clever officer seized a table and two chairs and threw them
after the box. They reached the sea and formed one group with the box of
diamond .The merchant didn't see all this. He died of a heart attack as
soon as he saw his well- loved children (diamonds) disappear into the

28" A study plan

The best way to use time is to plan it, so the skill of making a
study plan is very important not only for students but also for every
successful man. It saves time and energy توفر الوقت والجهد because you know what to do and when to do the thing. You don't waste time doing a bit of work here and a bit there.

It enables you to see a comprehensive overall picture صورة كاملة وشاملة
of your time and how to manage it. A study plan should be flexible and
elastic to cope with any sudden circumstances. It should include time
for rest and play to keep your mind fresh and your body sound. Finally, I'd like to say that you can't enjoy your life unless you plan it.
29-Public Libraries
Reading For All

Never can the importance of reading be denied especially in the age of information technology.
لايمكن إنكار أهمية القراءة وخاصة فى عصر تكنولوجيا المعلومات The first lady of Egypt realized that fact long before, that's why she launched the call, Reading for All, القراءة للجميع many years ago. In order to achieve

this goal, she called for a library for each house. The government
built a lot of public libraries in both rich and poor areas giving a
particular attention اهتمام خاص to children and their needs.

The second stage was the moving libraries المكتبات المتنقلة to serve the children in remote and poor

Districts. الأحياء البعيدة والفقيرة especially in the summer holiday and weekends. Thanks to Mrs. Suzan

Mubarak, free reading is now available for every man, every woman, and every child all over Egypt

30-Made in Egypt
Protecting local products

One should be proud of his country and its local products. المنتجات المحلية.Our
local products are usually cheaper than the imported ones and sometimes
better. In addition, buying our local products creates job
opportunities for our youth تخلق فرص عمل للشبابand brings hard currency تجلب العملة الصعبةwhich need to import our needs.

There is no doubt that our products have the Egyptian taste لها الطابع المصرى which appeals to us and

Cope with our nature and way of living يروق لنا ويتماشى مع طبيعتنا وطريقة معيشتنا . Not only this but also

best cope with our hot and humid weather, with our habits of eating and
doing the daily work. Finally, buying our local products increases our
national income and raise our standard of living.

31" Pros and cons of Advertisements

Every time you watch an interesting movie or a video film, ads pop
out on the screen to cut the flow of events and get you out of your
mood. فى كل مرة تشاهد فيلم تظهر الإعلانات لتقطع انسياب الأحداث وتخرجك عن الشعور

Ads are also likely to strengthen the time of the movie that you get too bored to watch the end. Sometimes they are vulgar فظ - سوقى to be watched by the whole family.

On the other hand, ads bring a lot of money which encourages TV
companies to buy new films and pay money to broadcast football matches.
This in turn motivates يحفز production companies to produce more films and programmes of all kinds to sell to private and space channels القنوات الخاصة والفضائيةwhich buy them to attract more viewers.

As for us, ads help us to choose the goods we need easily without spending much time and effort

looking at shop windows here and there.

32'- Political Reform in Egypt
Democracy in Egypt

No doubt that president Mubarak is the pioneer of the recent political renaissance in Egypt.

لاشك أن الرئيس مبارك هو رائد النهضة السياسية الحديثة فى مصرHe started the political reform since the very

of his ruling era. He gave orders to release the political prisoners
shortly after he had received the power. Then, he called all the
Egyptians to take part in the political life freely through any
political party. In his era the freedom of press law was issued. He
called all journalists to publish facts and truth with respect to the
rights of others.

Finally he called the people's assembly to issue a new law enabling others to nominate themselves to

the post not after him but from him if they were elected by the
Egyptian people. Now we all feel the changes that will end with free
practice to democracy in Egypt.
33'- Bird Flu

Epidemics spread like fire,تنتشر الأوبئة كالنار in a few months the Bird Flue swept all the boundaries حدودof
the old world, From China in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the
west. The disease caused a lot of horror not only to poultry merchants
and breeders تجار الدواجن ومربيها but also the mere, poor customers who depend mainly on chickens as their source of Protein.

In Egypt the industry of poultry production has nearly come to an
end. Farms have been closed. Poultry shops had to change their activity
after the great loss they suffered. The government estimated the lossقدًرت الخسائر to be nearly six milliard LE. The government tried to compensateيعوض those who have been much affected by this catastropheالكارثة to save the Egyptian economy from certain disaster.

Finally, we also have a duty to limit the effects لدينا واجب للحد من الآثارof this disease through keeping hygiene and public sanitary,النظافة العامة و الشخصية checking up home poultry regularly, getting rid of the affected birds in a scientific way التخلص من الطيور المصابة بطريقة علمية and heading to the doctor's in case of tiny doubt.


Long before the first gulf war " the Iraqi invasion غزوto Kwait ", حرب الخليج الأولىPresident Mubarak was the first leader to call for holding an international conference to fight terrorism.مؤتمر دولى لمحاربة الإرهاب
Terrorism no doubt is the enemy of the whole world today. No part of
the world hasn't witnessed a bomb attack or killing of a prominent
figure of societyعضو بارز فى المجتمع . As it is said, " Terrorism has no home or eyes."

In order to eradicate terrorism, a lot of things should be done. First, Justice العدلand
democracy should spread, every citizen should feel that he gets his
rights and has the ability to express his ideas without fear or
persecution. اضطهادWriters,
churches and mosques have a great part in this battle, they have to
find approaches to change terrorists' attitudes and spread the right
thought.إيجاد مداخل لتغيير اتجاهات الإرهابيين ونشر الفكر الصحيح

Equality among people, Muslims and Christians, Whites and Blacks, should be the base make one feel citizenship.يشعر بالمواطنة A law should be issued to ban distorting religionsقانون يحظر تشويه الأديان and other people's thoughts. Finally comes the role of police to shoulder their responsibilities.لتحمل مسئولياتهم

35-'English and The Internet

The importance of the Internet grows rapidly in all fields of
human life, including not only research and education but also marketing
and trade as well as entertainment and hobbies. This implies يتضمنthat it becomes more and more important to know how to use Internet services and, as a part of this, to read and write English.

But although Internet services themselves are, generally
speaking, easy to learn and use, you will find yourself isolated معزولon the Internet if you are not familiar with English. This means that knowledge or lack of knowledge of English المعرفة أو نقصها باللغةis one of the most severe factors that cause interest أحد العوامل الهامة التى تسبب إهتمام. Learning to use a new Internet service or user interface واجهة استخدام
may take a few hours, a few days, or even weeks, but it takes years to
learn a language so that you can use it in a fluent and self-confident
manner. Of course, when you know some English, you can learn more just
by using it on the Internet. So, English and the internet became one
face of a coin.وجهان لعملة واحدة

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