The Nile basin crisis‏

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. The Nile basin crisis‏

رائع برجراف عن ازمة دول حوض النيل
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مُساهمة في الجمعة 18 مايو 2012, 1:31 pm  Professor

The Nile basin crisis

Egypt is the gift of the Nileمصر هبة النيل . This a wise saying said by
Herodotusهيرودوت centuries ago. Today we can say that The Nile is the
artery of life شريان الحياة in Egypt on which we depend mainly to
irrigate نروى our fields and to drink .So messing around التلاعبthe
share حصة of Egypt from the Nile water is an undeniable national
security caseقضية امن قومى لايمكن انكارها .I can say that banningمنع a
drop of waterقطرة ماء to reach us in Egypt will be met with shedding
millions of blood dropsاراقة ملايين القطرات من الدم to restore
I would like to hint outالمح الى that it is remarkable جدير بالذكرthat
throughout history the great Egyptian rulersحكام paid attention to
the Nile and its strategic importance اهمية استراتيجية as part of our
national security since the time of ancient Egyptians. I will not speak
in ancient history but I will speak about the modern history. Mohamed
Ali understood the importance of both Sudan and the Nile sources and
thus he expanded توسع in the South before he would go to the East and
to the North building his fast empire.امبراطورية
There have been continuous warnings تحذيرات مستمرةthat Israel was and
is still messing around in the Nile Basin countries encouraging them to
build dams giving them expertise الخبرةneeded to do such thing in
order to affect Egypt's share from the Nile water.
I want to hint out that there is a huge responsibility lay on us
whether a regime or the people. We are wasting the Nile water in the
best way we can using it in useless projects like golf courses and
those endless swimming pools everywhere where as farmers do not have
access to clean water and use sewage instead and people across the
country can't have a clean glass of water !!!!??
Of course the official media is attacking the farmers and does not dare
to open its mouth against the businessmen who are wasting our precious
water in useless projects and polluting with their industrial and
chemical wastes. I believe the current crisis , the current struggle is
an alarm to all of us.
Some people say that we are on the vergeاعتاب of the first water war
in the world , I disagree , we can reach to a peaceful solutionحلول
سلمية that will make everyone happy if we really want to. If we have a
real cooperation with the Nile basin countries , if we can make them
our really allies حلفاء, if we want to stop Israel for messing around
تتلاعبus and threateningتهدد our national security امن قومى we must
think in strategic way in winning allies and friends. Those African
countries need us as much as we need them

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reem elhadad

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