English for 3rd prep - Revision Exercises - Unit 14

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MdrsAwnLayn English for 3rd prep - Revision Exercises - Unit 14

English for 3rd prep       Revision Exercises             Unit 14
1- Rewrite the following sentences using the words in brackets:
1- It is necessary for you to answer all the questions. (You have)
2- Don’t make a lot of noise in the library. It isn’t allowed. (mustn’t)
3- My father will give me a present on my birthday. (be given)
4- Adel fell down while he was running quickly.       (during)
5- He has to book the tickets. ( necessary )
6- He isn't allowed to neglect  his work. ( mustn't )
7- We have to invite him to dinner. ( must )
8- Tamer has just painted the room.                     (has been)
9- They didn't receive the letter yesterday.               (The letter)
10- He will buy a new camera,                           (will be)
11- She speaks English well.                             (English...)
12- Is it necessary to come early?                       (Do I)
13- I don't feel it's important to go there myself,       (have to)
14- It is necessary that everyone perfects their work.     (has to)
15- She has done all the jobs.                             (been)
16- Rachel will arrange everything.                       (be)
17- It's necessary for Ahmed to buy a new light bulb. ( must )
18- It is not necessary to go there by car. It's two minutes walk. ( don't have )
19- It wasn't necessary for him to buy a new watch. ( He )
20- Don't play with matches because you will bum yourself. (mustn't)
21- It is necessary for us to breathe fresh air.           (have to)
22- It is not necessary for you to go to the club.                 (don't have to)

2- Read and correct the underlined word:
1- Our flat will painting next month.
2- We have to wear chair belts while driving.
3- Pump water to farm land is necessary.    
4- I had to wrote the report myself.
5- Her camera is been repaired now.  
6- Our carpets is being washed on Sunday.          
7- Her curtains are being change on Thursday.  
8- The body of my car hasn't being painted yet.
9- New schools will build by the government.
10- The car was mend yesterday.
11-The new project may finish next year.
12-Many projects are carried out last year.
13-Great arena of Egypt is desert.                      
14- Wheat and vegetables are being painted.      
15- Form animals are very useful for us.                
16- The writer serves food at a restaurant.
17- The sign says, "Don't smoke".
18-On a trip , one takes a trip lunch .
19-He succeeded his final exams.
20-The Toshka Volley project will help Egypt.
21-Our heater is been repaired at the moment

3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1- You should do ………. exercise in order not to put on weight.
a) few                 b) a few                 c) little                 d) a lot of
2- The garden………….. tomorrow.
a) watered       b) will water           c) will be watered       d) was watered
3- My uncle makes clothes for people, he is a good …………..
a) tailor             b) lawyer               c) farmer               d) worker
4- Tom ……… his questions to Ahmed on the computer.
a) e-mail               b) e-mailed           c) wished               d) wrote
5- Ahmed asked Heba if she ………. To England.
a) travel         b) travelled           c) will travel         d) has travelled
6- Jehan is crying, she has cut …………..
a) herself                 b) her               c) hers                 d) himself
7- The plane ……… at 4,00.
a) turned off           b)took of               c) set off             d) put off
8- Primary School ………………. for six years.
a) lasts b) last c) lasted d) lasting
9- A big area of desert …………….. in the next three years.
a reclaimed b will be reclaimed c is reclaiming d reclaims
10- The number of people in Egypt …………….. by about one million every year.
a is growing b was grown c grew d will grow
11-The government hopes that more farms …………….. by 2020.
a opens b is opening c have opened d will be opened
12-There ……… enough farm land in the future without reclaiming land from the desert.
a wasn’t b hasn’t been c won’t be d is not
13-In future, crops from the Toshka Valley …………….. inside and outside Egypt.
a will be sold b are selling c sold d are going to sell
14-The Nile ........... is very crowded.
a. bank         b. shore         c. Valley         d. beach
15-If land is ........... from the desert, more crops will be planted.
a. bought       b. sold         c. borrowed     d. reclaimed
19-About 90 percent of Egypt is ...................
a. river         b. desert         c. lake         d. sea
20-About 3 million people will ........... to the Toshka Valley.
a. move       b. grow         c. leaved. d. plant
21- Crops from Toshka Valley.......... inside and outside Egypt in the future.
a. were sold     b. will be sold c. are going to sell   d. sold
22- This chair is .......... of wood.
a. done         b. built         c. made           d. cooked
23- We hope more goods .......... to other countries.
a- exported           b. will be exported c. will export                 d. are exporting
24- One of our problems is .......... buses.
a. free         b. busy         c. crowded     d. empty
25- A million babies .......... every year.
a. are born     b. were born     c. is born     d. born
26- The Pyramids ……………….by the ancient Egyptians.
a. will be built b. are built     c. were built       d. are being built

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