English for 3rd prep - Revision Exercises - Unit 11

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MdrsAwnLayn English for 3rd prep - Revision Exercises - Unit 11

English for 3rd prep       Revision Exercises             Unit 11

1- Rewrite the following sentences using the words in brackets:
1- She read a story and it was very interesting. ( which )
2- What is the meaning of this word? ( does )
3- He likes Alexandria. He was born there. ( where )
4- Leila has got a new friend. Her name’s Huda. ( whose )
5- Magda bought the dress. She saw the dress yesterday. ( which )
6- June is a month. We take our holiday in it. ( when )
7- Mr. Samy is an English teacher. He taught us English last year. ( who )
8- I dropped a pen. This was in the English lesson. ( during )
9- The tourist arrived at the pyramids in the early morning. ( reached )
10- “ How do you feel, Ali? ” Nadia asked. (Nadia asked Ali )
11- He moved away years ago, but I still get in touch with him. (Although….. )
12- Ali told me that he had lost his car. ( Ali said to me )
13- He failed in his last exam. ( succeed )
14- The plane had 200 people on board. ( There )
15-I have been studying English for 8 years.                   (since)
16-Dalia won the competition. She is my sister.           (who)
17-Mohamed is my cousin. His eyes are blue.               (whose)
19-This is Luxor. I spend my vacation here.                 (where

2- Read and correct the underlined word:
1- where are everyone?
2- I can see a few drop of water on the floor.
3- We are looking forward to meet our cousins.
4- The information who the captain radioed was strange
5- It has been raining for 2:30.
6- It has been raining since two hours.
7- He is the one which came first.
8- This is the place when I was born.
9- He searched to his pen, but he didn't find it.
10- He went to the station as he flew to Paris.
11- The drawer consists pens and books.
12- The pilot took up at 7:00 o'clock.
13- Ali is in Damietta . He's been their for a week now .
14- Hala always gives care of her little sister when her mother is away.
15- Our flat contains of three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom .
16- A baker can prepare medicine for sale .
17- An ocean is a piece of land completely surrounded by water.
18- E-mails are an easy way to get in touch of friends and family.
19- The weather is very dry and cold in London in winter .
20- The ship sailed but a lot of passengers were rescued .

3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1- It was a …………, so no one knew the reason why the plane disappeared.
a) mystery b) master c) mistress d) mister
2- Mum asked Sally how much …………….. for her bag.                                            
a) she paid b) had she paid c) did she pay d) would she pay
3- She ……… her father had been abroad.
a) told b) said c) told me d) asked me
4- Maher ………… computer games for two hours now.                                            
a) played b) is playing c) plays d) has been playing
5- The ………. is the person who works on a boat or a ship.                                  
a) pilot b) driver c) sailor d) tailor
6- flight 19 suddenly ………… and no one could find it.
a) disappointed b) discovered c) appeared d) disappeared
7- The pilot said that he was ready to ……….. off.                                                      
a) take b) put c) turn d) switch
8- My father told me ………. Play in the street.(
a) don’t b) can’t c) didn’t d) not to
10- The diver ………… for the lost ship, but they didn’t find it.                                  
a) searched b) set c) apologized d) consisted
11- The new flat consists …………. three big rooms.                                                  
a) off b) at c) on d) of
12- This is the book ………….. I bought yesterday                                                    
a) who b) which c) where d) whose
13- That’s the man ………. car is outside my house.(
a) who b) which c) where d) whose
14- This is the policeman ………. rescued my life                                                      
a) who b) which c) where d) whose
15- The museum is the place ……….. you can see old things.(
a) who b) which c) where d) whose
16. The plane ……… at 4,00.                                                                                                
a) turned off           b)took of               c) set off             d) put off
17- Ahmed asked Heba if she ………. To England.                                                        
a) travel         b) travelled           c) will travel         d) has travelled
18- My brother is looking forward to ………………… to Rome next week.
a) travel b) travelling c) travels d) travelled
19- Ramadan is the month …………… we fast.
a) who b) where c) when d) which
20- We take ……….. our shoes when we enter the mosque.
a) out b) in c) up d) off
21- I am grateful to you for ………….. in touch with me during my illness.
a) getting b) gathering c) giving d) growing
22- The writer …………… story has been made into a film is very happy.
a) who b) whose c) when d) which
23- Mona …………. English for five years now.
a) learns b) is learning c) was learning d) has been learning
24- The art exhibition in our school ………… of 60 drawings and paintings.
a) contains b) covers c) consists d) brings

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