مراجعة الوحدات 1’2’3 لغة انجليزية 3 ثانوي

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. مراجعة الوحدات 1’2’3 لغة انجليزية 3 ثانوي

Respond to each of the following situations:
1. A friend wants to know how to make tea the Egyptian way. Tell him/her what to do first.
2. Someone asks what you were doing at eight o'clock this morning .
3. A friend asks you what you think about 1V news programmes.
4. A friend wants a job to help poor people. Advise him or her.
5. Someone says they think magazines are a waste of money. Disagree, giving a reason.
6. A friend from England calls and asks about the weather. You see dark clouds in the sky.
7. One of your friends watched a football match on TV and found it boring. You have a different opinion.
8. You hear someone use a word you do not understand. The word is energy.
9. You do not understand why it goes dark at night. Ask someone to explain it.
10. A friend suggests that swimming is a good way to keep fit. State another way.
11. A friend suggests that you join a squash club together. Suggest something else.
12. Someone asks where your friend Ali is. You are almost certain he is on holiday.
13. You are interviewing someone for a job. Find out about their qualifications and experience.
14. Your friend looks like he/she hasn't been sleeping for days. Advise him/her.
15. An interviewer has asked you why you have applied for a job in a particular company.
16. You do not understand what distance learning is. Ask a friend.
17. Your friend starts to cross a road when you see a car coming. Warn your friend.
18. Someone asks if you think people will ~till have cars in 50 years.
19. You hear the word magnet on the radio. Ask a friend what it means.
20. A friend asks you why you have such an expensive mobile phone. You have two reasons.
21. Your brother looks worried. You want to know whether he has a problem.
22. Your mother was very busy yesterday. You regret not helping her.
23. An English friend asks you how you celebrate Sham E/-Nessim.
24. You forgot to thank a friend for a present he/she gave you.
Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in these Mini dialogues:

1) A) Is there anything I can do to help, Miss Salma?
   B) Could you give these books back to the class after break?
   A) Yes, of course. Is that the homework we did last week?
   B) Yes, that's right. Your homework was very good.

2) A) Excuse me. I need to find out about modern farming in Egypt for a university project.
   B) All the information on agriculture is on the second floor. Place:
   A) Thank you. Can I take any of the books out?
   B) Yes. Just bring them to the desk near the entrance.

3- A) Do you remember what happened?.
   B) No, I just remember waking up in the road.
   A) How do you feel now?
   B) Not too bad. Will I have to stay here tonight?

4- A) Could you tell us why you would like to study here?
   B) Your Biology Department has a very good reputation.
   A) And if we accept you, what do you hope to do when you graduate? '
   B) Well, I'd like to work for a food company.

5- A) Are you in your first year?
   B) Yes. I'm studying English. but it's only my third week.
   A) My parents would like me to apply here. Would you recommend it?
    B) Yes, definitely.

6- A) Well, your application has been successful.
   B) That's great when do I start? ,
   A) At the beginning of next month. You'll be working at our Cairo branch.
   B) I'm looking forward to starting.

7- A: Excuse me, sir. The captain has asked everyone to return to their seats.
    B: Does that mean we are going to land soon?
   A: Yes, in about 15 minutes.

8- A: Have you seen Tarek?
   B: No, sir. He was at his desk on the phone a few minutes ago.
   A: Isn't he there now?
   B: No, maybe he's gone home already...
   A: He can't have gone home. He's preparing a report me.

9- A- So, John, could you tell our listeners how you started?
   B- Certainly. It was when I was seven. I won first prize in a poetry competition.
When I was a student, some of my stories were published in a university magazine.
  A- And now it's your full-time job?
  B- That's right. My second novel was published last year.

10- A- Could you help me carry the shopping into the house, please, Aisha?
     B- OK, Mum. Where shall I put it?
     A- Just put the bags on the kitchen floor for the moment

11- A) At last we're here. What time does our flight leave, Dad?
     B) At midday. We've still got lots of time.
     A) Are you sure we have everything we need?
     B) Yes, I'm sure. Please stop worrying, Ali!
12- A) For your homework, I want you all to make a list of all the plants in your neighbourhood.
     B) Shall we just write the names of the plants?
     A) No, write the names and a short description.
     B) When is the homework for?
     A) Next Thursday, please.

Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1. This medicine is safe. There are no................
a) top effects          b) side effects          c) leaks                    d) waste
2. I'm going to have lunch with friends tomorrow. We are ....at the restaurant at 12.30.
a) going to meet         b) would meet       c) will meet             d) meet
3. The ................ between Cairo and my town is 650 kilometres.
a) district                    b) area                    c) distance              d) space
4. It is hard to walk in space because there is no…………………
a) gravity                     b) waiting              c) spin                     d) air
5. In Britain children ……………………secondary school from the age of 11 .
a) go                             b) Intend                c) share '                d) attend
6. Most furniture........... from wood.
a) made                        b) is made              c) make                   d) makes
7. Many people ............... vegetables in their gardens.
a) growing                    b) are grown          c) grow                     d) is grown
8. In very hot weather, ice cream turns to.....
a) water                         b) soft                    c) liquid                   d) solid
9. We call oil and coal.............. fuels.
a) fossil                          b)old                      c) renewable            d )waste
10. She ........... an archaeologist when she leaves university. That is her plan.
a) will become     b) am becoming     C) is going to become .       d )become
11. He is flying to London at the weekend. His flight... …at 5.30 in the morning.
a) leaving            b) leaves                  c)left                                  d) leave
12. We don't have................. time. We'll have to hurry.
a) many               b) Some                    c) lot                                 d) much
13. My friend and I look very different, but our personalities are ............... .
a) alike                b) same                      c) common                      d) like
14. Six months ......................... half a year.
a) are                   b) is                            c) be                                 d) am
15. The walls of the……........ were built to protect the town.
a) pyramid           b) mission                   c) castle                          d) house
16. I am writing ……………….. that my teacher asked for.
a) essay                b) a essay                   c) the essay                     d )that essay

17. I expect I.............. you at the weekend.
a- am going to see           b- am seeing          c- I'll see               d- see
18. After the accident, the doctor ................ her to check she was not injured.
a- examined                     b- looked at             c- tested              d- studied
19. Do you have ................ free time this afternoon?
a- a                                   b- the                       c- many               d- any
20. We went to the opening of a new school last week. It was a very interesting.............
a- occasion                       b- time                      c- view                d- situation
21. Petrol…………… from oil.
a- made                            b- is made                   c- makes             d- are made'
22. Wind and wave power are  typos of…………….. energy.
a- new                             b- waste                       c- renewable         d- cheap
23. When I was younger, I ................ go swimming every day.
a- usually                        b-used                        c- use                       d- used to
24. My sister ................ at university for three years. She comes home every weekend .
a- is                               b- has been                  c- is being                 d- had been
25. The police think he did it. He is the main ................ .
a- suspect                      b- pioneer                   c- publisher                d- agent
26. I really enjoy reading Agatha Christie novels. I particularly like her ............... .
a- way                         b- style                      c- system                        d- design
27. It .............. that air travel will become more popular in the future.
a- is thought               b- was thought           c- thought                       d- thinks
28. He did nothing wrong. He's.................
a- suspect                  b- guilty                      c- innocent                     d- sensible
Find the mistake in each of the following sentences:
1. I want to make some sandwiches. Have we got a bread?
2. Soha shouldn't eat too many sweets because she is chronic.
3. I asked my mother whether had she seen my English book.
4. Sylvia is on a low-fat diet because recently she's lost a lot of weight.
5. She has always enjoyed to go to the theatre.
6. Alfred Farag is a famous Egyptian playwrite.
7. When I have nothing to do, I feel really boring.
8. The person who's job is to clean the school is not here today. He's ill.
9. When Umm Kalthoum died, thousands of people attended her wedding.
10. You should reinvent paper, rather than throw it away.
11. Some people believe that in the future, water will use as a fuel for cars ..
12. Despite he is 68, my grandfather is still working.
13. I wish I can read more quickly.
14. She asked her friend weather she had finished her homework.
15. My parents have invited one of my friends stay for the weekend.
16. When Wagdy was five years old, he was sting by a scorpion.
17. I need to go to the university to buy some medicine.
18. A civil servant is someone who works for the army.
19. Let's try to find them. They can't have went very far.
20. Teachers and supervisors belong to the teaching confession .
21. He asked me if saw his newspaper.
22. The statue of Ramses II is a very important Ancient Egyptian magnet.
23. People can waste lots of money by using the underground.
24. The accident wouldn't happen i,f he hadn't been using his mobile phone.
25. She's going meet her sister in town.
26. I fixed the lake in the petrol tank.
27. How many time do I need to drive to the city centre?
28. Oil and gas are find under the ground.
29. Water is the solid form of ice .
30. The married team went to Italy on their honeymoon.
31. I need to get fit, so I've made a decision. I do more exercise.
32. The Prisoner of Zenda was wrote by Anthony Hope.
33. We moved 'to this house two years ago today, so we lived here for exactly two years.
34. Before I entered the university, I had to show my credit card.
35. If you heat water, it melts.
36. Ra'fat EI-Haggan and Goma'a EI-Shawwan were very famous Egyptian kings.
The Prisoner of Zenda
Chapter (1)
A ) Answer the following questions :
1 – What is the setting of the story( time and place)

2 – Why didn't Rudolf Rassendyll work?

3 – What kind of work did Rose suggest Rudolf should do?

3 – Why had the Rassendyll family been interested in the Elphberg family?

4 – Where did Rassendyll decide to travel ?

5 – What did he tell his family about travelling?

6 – What did the owner of the in think of Duke Michael?

7 – Why did Rassendyll decide to walk through the forest the next day?

8 – Who did Rassendyll meet in the forest and why were they surprised ?

9 – What did Rassendyll mean by saying opportunities are responsibilities?

10 – The Duke was popular with the people. Give a reason.

B ) Read the quotation and answer the questions :
1 ] " To a man like me , opportunities are responsibilities . "
1 – Who said this and to whom?

2 – when did he say this?

3 – Do  you think a person like him is serious about work or life?

2 ] " He has always lived in Ruritania and cares about the people , so people like him . "
1 – Who said this and to whom?

2 – Who is the person talking about?

3 – What more does the speaker think about the person?

C ) Find the mistakes :
1 – Rose is the mother in law of Rassendyll.
2 – Rassendyll was living with his brother and Flavia.
3 – The joyous occasion in Ruritania was the king's marriage.
4 – The hotel owner supported the king.
5 – The Rassendylls were the royal family in Ruritania.
6 – Rose wanted Rassendyll to do something useless.
7 – Rassendyll was ashamed of his family.
8 – Rassendyll's brother was a prince.
9 – Rassendyll went to Ruritania by plane.
10 - Rassendyll hoped to see Amelia on the train.

a) Translate into Arabic:
1-Yahia Haqqi was born in 1905 in the Sayyida Zeinab district of Cairo. He graduated in law and worked for a short time as a lawyer. In 1929, he began his career as a diplomat.

2- Everyone who has travelled in space has described the magical feeling of looking down on the Earth as it spins. It is impossible to go for a walk. However, you can do exercises.

3- Egypt has many amazing works of ancient and modern engineering. At the south of Aswan, for example, Abu Simbel is the site of two temples. These were carved into a cliff in about 1250 BE.

4- Thirty years ago, most university students believed that when they graduated, their education had finished. They expected to get a job and work for one employer. They would work in one place until they retired.

5- Every year, millions of trees are cut down to make new paper. Fortunately, the trees that give us the
best wood for paper grow very quickly. Old paper can also be recycled.

6- By the time Alexandre Dumas was 20, his mother had spent all her money. He then went to live in Paris. There he found work as a secretary to an old friend of his father.

b Translate into English:

1- ليتنى استذكرت باجتهاد عندما كان الوقت متاحا

2- ما نوعية الموسيقى التى تحب سماعها  

3- اذا لم تجتهد اكثر فى دروسك سوف تفشل فى الاختبار

4- اعتقد ان الناس سوف تستملر فى قراءة الكتب من اجل المتعة

5- هل فكرت فى الالتحاق بجامعة فى الخارج بعد التخرج

6- كثرة المال لاتوفر باضرورة حلولا للمشاكل

7- هل تطفئ الأنوار عندما تكون خارج الغرفة

8- بعدما أنهت دراستها المدرسية التحقت بجامعة القاهرة

9-  لو كنت قلقا عليك أن تسال والديك النصيحة

10-  ما نوعية الأنشطة التي تحب أن تمارسها خلال نهاية الأسبوع

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