The Wishing Stone للصف السادس

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MdrsAwnLayn The Wishing Stone للصف السادس

The wishing stone
1- How was the weather when Mr. and Mrs. Williams arrived at the airport?
The heat was intense and they felt heat of the ground through the soles of their shoes.
2- Why wasn't inside the airport building much cooler?
There was no air-conditioning: only fans.
3- Who was waiting for the Williams?
Mr. Mugambo.
"we have a hotel booked for you: not the beast in the world, but the best in town."
4 -How did Mr. Mugambo help the Williams ?
1- He booked them a room in a hotel.
2- He waited for them at the air port.
3- He drove them in his Merceds.
5- How was the road between the airport and the city?
It was a dusty tarmac road.
6- Who did Mr. Mugambo introduce in the hotel?
He introduced a young woman dressed attractively in native costumes(his wife Onga)
7- Describe Mr. Mugambo's wife?
8- How was Onga dressed?
She was a young woman dressed attractively in native costumes.
9-Why would Mrs. Williams and Onga enjoy spending some time together?
Because Mr. Williams and Mr. Mugambo will be spending a lot of time together talking business.
10- What did Onga say about her city?
She said that the city is very small: not like London , Paris or Rome. And said that Mrs. Williams perhaps didn't know her country existed until she arrived. And added that it is so small and unimportant.
11- Did Mrs. Williams know about Onga's country?
Yes ,she did
12-When did she know about it?
When she was a very little girl.
13- What did Onga ask Mrs. William to do?
She asked her to tell her about Sara when she was very little girl.
14- Who was Sara?
She was Mrs. William when she was very little girl.
15- Where did Sara live?
In a quiet residential سكنية suburb ضاحية  of a large city.
16- With whom did Sara live?
She lived with her father and mother.
17- What was Sara's father? = What was her father's job?
He was an ordinary manger for a company in the city center.
18- What was Sara's mother? = What was her mother's job?
She was an ordinary housewife.
19- What is the extraordinaryغير عادي thing about Sara?
That was her friendship with Granny Hicks, who lived next door.
20- Who is Granny Hicks?
She isn't Sara's real grandmother, but Sara liked to think of her as granny.
21- Why did Sara's mother complain?
She complained that Sara spent too much time next door.
22- Why did Sara like to visit Granny Hicks?
1- Granny Hicks was never too busy to see Sara.
2- There were always things to talk about, questions to be asked and answered , secrets to be exchanged and promises to be made.
3- There were also cakes and sweets to be eaten.
23- " I may have to leave soon, so there's something I'd like you to have."
a) Who said these words? To whom?
Granny Hicks said these words to Sara.
b)What was that thing?
She was talking about the wishing stone.
24- Describe the wishing stone?
It was blue stone.
25- What are the coulor of Sara's eyes?
They are blue.
26- How did Granny Hicks get the wishing stone?
When she was young , her husband travelled  to lots of different parts of the world. He brought many different things.
27- Where is the wishing stone from?
May be , Persia.

28- What did Granny Hicks ask Sara to do with the wishing stone?
1- She asked her not to make too many wishes with it.
2- Only very important wishes.
29- Why did Granny Hicks ask Sara not to make too many wishes with the wishing stone?
Otherwise the power of the stone weakens and then she can't make any wishes at all.
30- What did Sara promise?
She promised that she wouldn't make any wishes until she was very certain.
31- Why didn't Sara let her parents touch the stone?
Because they might rub the wishes off.
32- Where did Sara hide the stone?
In a secret place in her room.
33- What was Sarah's mother complaintشكوى  ?
That Sarah always goes to Granny Hicks house.
34- What happened to Granny Hicks? Why wasn't Sarah able to see her any more?
Granny Hicks moved into another house.  Sarah never saw her again
35- What unpleasant experience did Sarah have on evening? What did Sarah see on TV?
There was a report about a country in Africa where there were terrible problems and children were dying. Sarah couldn't believe the pictures she saw were real.
36- Why did Sarah's father change the programme?
He didn't want his daughter to see these pictures.
37- Why couldn't Sarah sleep that night?
For thinking about the children.
38- What was the headline in the newspaper on the first day?
Help urgently needed.
38- What was the headline in the newspaper on the second day?
Help too slow and not enough.
39- What was Sarah's wish?
She used the wishing stone and she wished she could save the children.
40- Why did Sarah think the wishing stone didn't help the children?
Perhaps she was not wishing strongly enough.
Perhaps the stone couldn't work such a big wish.
Perhaps the stone lost it's power.
41- What did Sarah think the wishing stone would help the children?
As the stone was very old and valuable, she could sell it and send the money to Africa to help the children.

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