كل اجابات الورك بووك (work book) للصف الثاني الثانوي

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MdrsAwnLayn كل اجابات الورك بووك (work book) للصف الثاني الثانوي

 (    كل اجابات كتاب (  work book )           Practice test 1 ( model answer)
1:- Respond to each of the following situations :
1- I enjoy reading them because they tell me what is happening in the world.
2- Sorry, I would prefer not to answer that
3- What  do you think about the book?
4- Which subject did you enjoy most when you were a student?
2:- Say where these mini dialogue take place and who the speakers are :
a-  place          :  classroom                  speaker a   :  teacher                  speaker b   :   student
b- place           :  clothes shop              speaker a   :   seller                     speaker b   :  customer
3:- Choose the correct answer from a,b,c or d:
1-  online                             2- rather                        3- make                         4- surfing                      
5-research                           6-single                          7- marital                      8-goes on              
9- do                                   10- transplant                11- made                       12- make
13- politician                      14- explanation             15- Although                16- ridiculous                                
4:- Find the mistake and correct it :
1- does      (make)                         4- prefers                ( prefer)
2-  meet    (met)                             5- traditional          ( imaginative)
3- credit   (cash)                            6- grandparents     ( grand children)
5:- reading :
1-This passage is about goals and how to achieve them.
2- when I have written my goal on a paper , I should think how happy I will be when I succeed.
3- Some people don’t reach their goal because they think it is impossible.
4- fail                                    
5- things that are easy
6:-reading :
1- One was wearing old clothes and the other was wearing a suit.
2- The writer thought it was strange.
3- “ most” refers to the people who passed by the man in old clothes.
4- he put it there for people to throw  money into.
5- he had lied about why he needed money.
7:- The Reader:
A ) Answer the following questions :
1- He was born on a farm in the middle of England.
2- He had four brothers.
3- He taught him to be a surgeon.
4- He wanted to travel and explore the world.
B ) Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
1- Gulliver's wife (Mary Barton)
2- To her husband Gulliver.
3- Yes, I agree with her as he had to work to earn money for them.
C -  Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it:
1- The Shadow. ( The swallow )
2- Blefuscu  ( Lilliput )

9:- translate into Arabic :
يفخر المصريون بالدكتور مجدي يعقوب . فبفضل مؤهلاته المتميزة فقد أصبح رائد جراحات زراعة القلب, و على الرغم من أنه في العقد الثامن من العمر فما زال يبذل جهودا عظيمة من اجل الأطفال الذين يعانون من مرض في القلب
Translate into English :
1-Now I am doing research about modern technology.
2- I have never been to any foreign country in Europe or America.  
Practice test 2 ( model answer)
1:- Respond to each of the following situations :
1- What do you think of the tennis match?
2- I would eat a healthy diet and exercise a lot.
3- He was the first Egyptian to climb Everest.
4- I think a successful swimmer needs to practise regularly and follow instructions.
2:- Say where these mini dialogue take place and who the speakers are :
a  place :    studio                    speaker a  :  professor Magdy Yacoub          speaker b :    presenter
b  place :   hospital                  speaker a  :   doctor                                         speaker b :    patiant
3:- Choose the correct answer from a,b,c or d:
1- fun                                      2- uniform                                3- cash                                    4- a team                  
5- cooperate                           6- made                                     7- pessimistic                         8- literature        
9- lifelong                              10- met                                      11- because                            12- had missed
13- The                                  14- as                                        15- am meeting                      16- will enjo                  
4:- Find the mistake and correct it :
1- faster     ( fastest)                  4- a             ( the)    
2- the         ( a)                             5- army       ( navy)        OR         Sailor ( soldier)  ‘ ( officer )
3- jogs       ( surfs)                      6- kind        ( cruel)                    
5:- reading :
1- Hockey is played on grass or ice.
2- hockey players use sticks which they carry to hit the ball.
3- goalkeeper can kick the ball but other players can’t.
4- the hit the ball into the net with a stick .
5- it is smaller.
1- The writer’s friends had climbing lessons for six months ( and took ropes and other equipments for
2- the weather was bright and sunny when they started climbing.
3- The were unable to continue because snow was falling . They had to wait for five hours to be rescued.
4- three weeks  
5- on the second morning
7:- The Reader :
a- Answer the following questions:
1- They fit 600 beds together.
2- The rule said that no one could see Gulliver without a licence.
3- Six of the kings' advisers.
4- Because the king didn't understand what it was or why it made a continuous noise.
b- Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
1- He said this to one of the men who shot arrows at  him.
2- I think that he tried to tell them and the king that he wanted to be free.
3- Gulliver's situation improved and the king made him a bed.
c - Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it:
1 - awarded.     ( Punished )
2 - killed.         ( Welcomed )
9:- translate into Arabic :
لقد ازداد التسوق عبر الإنترنت زيادة كبيرة هذه الأيام. فكثير من المحلات و الشركات لديها الأن مواقع سهلة الإستخدام على شبكة الإنترنت لكي تجعل عملية الشراء أسهل و أرخص و أكثر إثارة للإهتمام وبهذه الطريقة ينجذب عدد أكبر عبر الإنترنت    
Translate into English :
1- When will the plane reach Rome : in the morning or evening?
2- We all must cooperate together and be more tolerant to lead a better life.
Practice test 3 ( model answer)
1:- Respond to each of the following situations :
1- do you mind putting out the cigarette?
2- I thinh a good team player cooperate with his mates and plays to win.
3- Nice to meet you.
4- What have you been doing?
2:- Say where these mini dialogue take place and who the speakers are :
a  place :    street - taxi             speaker a  :      passenger                         speaker b :        taxi driver
b  place :    the citadel              speaker a  :       tour guide                       speaker b :         tourist
3:- Choose the correct answer from a,b,c or d:
1-   voyage                          2-  deep                             3- summit                               4- employs      
5-  afford                           6- valueable                       7- part                                    8- highlight  
9-  seen                             10- while                            11- the best                            12- will be
13- where                         14- used                              15- that                                  16- did              
4:- Find the mistake and correct it :
1-   are       (  have)              4-  local     ( global )
2-  more     ( most)              5-  cheap    ( expensive)
3-     used   ( use)                 6-   third    ( first )  or  gold  ( bronze)
5:- reading :
1- Maupassant moved to Paris during the early 1870s .
2- “ these “ means the beautiful new buildings
3- people came into Paris by railway to work in the growing industries.
4- in the 1840s                                                 5- an underground railway.
6:-reading :
1- The man on the bicycle was travelling to Turkey
2- The guard expected to find something illegal in the bag.
3- “ This” means the man going from Greece to Turkey and the guard
      looking inside his bag and finding only sand
4-  between 21 and 30                                   5- in a Turkish town
7:- The Reader :
a- Answer the following questions:
1- His plan is to take the ships so that Blefuscu can't attack them.
2- He gave him the most important medal .
3- They want to end the war peacefully and see Gulliver.
4- Because he didn't hurt their people.
b- Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
1- Gulliver.
2- To the king of Lilliput.
3- To attack Blefuscu and put his enemies in prison.
c- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it:
1- money.                 ( Food )
2- gold locket              ( Painting )
Translate into English :
بدأت الألعاب الأولمبية في اليونان القديمة حيث كانت جزءا من بعض الإحتفالات الدينية ثم أصبحت مهرجانات رياضية دولية تقام في مدينة مختلفة كل أربع أعوام. وفي هذة الألعاب يحصل المتسابقون الفائزون على ميداليات ذهبية أو فضية أو برونزية
9:- translate into Arabic :
1- Do you think the Pacific Ocean is deeper than the Indian Ocean.
2- We traveled to Sudan and spent two weeks with my brother who works in the Egyptian Embassy there.

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Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
Practice test 1
1 My father has just bought a camera………..….. .
a by internet b by website c online d on computer
2 I’d………….... be a doctor than a dentist.
a rather b prefer c want d like
3 I have a very important decision to…….……... next week.
a make b have c come d do
4 In the evenings, I like……..…….. the internet.
a surfing b travelling c going d running
5 Scientists are doing…….……... into new kinds of energy.
a study b research c work d experiment
6 …….……...people live with their families before they are married.
a Single              b Individual                    c Alone      d Professional
7 Application forms often ask people about their…….……... status.
a married b waiting c marital d famous
8 My father works very hard, and he…….……... working even when he doesn’t feel well.
a gets on b goes back c gets up d goes on
9 Surgeons…….……... operations to help people get better.
a do b make c take d bring
1 0 Professor Magdi Yacoub is a famous heart…….……... surgeon.
a change b move c transport d transplant
11 Mother Teresa really…….……... a difference in people’s lives.
a making b made c did d does
12 It’s OK to…….……... mistakes when we are learning something for the first time.
a do b have c take d make
13 My father is a…….……... . He works in politics.
a diplomat b politician c surgeon d pilot
14 Can you give me an…….……... for being late to class today?
a example b imagination c explanation d invitation
15 …….……...I studied as hard as I could, I only scored 70% on my exam.
a Although b If c Because d However
16 It’s…….……... to think that horses can fly!
a famous            b ridiculous                    c available d traditional
Practice test 2
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1 It isn’t very polite to make…….……... of people.
a laugh b joke c funny d fun
2 If you are a policeman, you have to wear a special…….……... .
a shirt b dress c uniform d trousers
3 In most shops, you can pay by…….……... , cheque or credit card.
a cash b money c debit d coin
4 Squash is…….……... sport.
a a team b a single c an individual d a personal
5 To be successful, the members of a sports team must…….……... with each other.
a cooperate b leave c pass d prove
6 They have just…….……... a good decision.
a done b made c found d brought
7 He’s very…….……... . He always thinks the worst is going to happen.
a sensible b happy c pessimistic d intelligent
8 Shakespeare and Dickens are two of the most famous names in English…….……... .
a music b books c writers d literature
9 My brother’s…….……... ambition is to climb Mount Everest.
a lifelong b life c long d wrong
10 While I was doing the shopping, I…….……... one of my teachers.
a was meeting b met c have met d am meeting
11 I could sleep anywhere…….……... I was extremely tired.
a while b although c because d however
12 As soon as I got to the station, I realised that I…….……... my train.
a had missed b missed c have missed d miss
13 ……..author of Lord of the Flies is William Golding.
a An b A c The d No article
14 Europe is not as large…….……... Asia.
a as b than c to d so
15 Next Monday, I…….……... my brother for lunch. We’ve already booked the restaurant.
a meet b met c will meet d am meeting
16 Go and see that film. I’m sure you…….……... it.
a will enjoy          b enjoy                c are going to enjoy d are enjoying
Practice test 3
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1 We went to Italy by sea. Our…….……... took two days.
a flight b drive c crew d voyage
2 It’s quite safe to swim here. The water’s not very…….……... .
a deep b high c tall d long
3 The…….……... of that mountain is always covered in snow.
a head b bottom c summit d height
4 My father’s…….……... company people from many different countries.
a plays b works c keeps d employs
5 I’m afraid we can’t…….……... a holiday this year.
a buy                   b pay                  c afford                d earn
6 There are many…….……... pictures in the museum. Some are 1,000 years old.
a valuable b cheap c rich d high
7 I’d love to take…….……... in the Olympic Games, but I’ll never be good enough.
a place b care c turn d part
8 The…….……... of the year for my family was my sister’s wedding.
a height b highlight c benefit d worst
9 Have you ever…….……... a dangerous spider?
a see b saw c seen d seeing
10 I was so tired that I fell asleep…….……... I was doing my homework.
a while b because c if d but
11 That was one of…….……... books I’ve ever read.
a best b the best c better d good
12 I expect it…….……... sunny and warm tomorrow.
a will be b is being c is d is going to be
13 A supermarket is a large shop…….……... you can buy many different things.
a who b what c which d where
14 In the past, many people…….……... to pay for things in cash.
a use b uses c using d used
15 The first person…….……... I spoke to this morning was my sister.
a which b that c what d when
16 Where ................. your brother use to live?
a does                 b do                     c did                    d doing

Practice test 4
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1 People who…….……... money should go to prison.
a borrow b lend c bring d steal
2 Most people are…….……... . If they find something, they give it back to the owner.
a honest b nice c kind d intelligent
3 John doesn’t get paid for playing football. He’s…….……... .
a a professional b a player c an amateur d a career
4 I’m really enjoying this dessert. Can you tell me what the…….……... are?
a goods b ingredients c crops d foods
5 If you need more…….……... , eat more meat, fish and eggs.
a sugar b fat c protein d carbohydrate
6 In the story of Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is absolutely…….……... to catch the white whale.
a determined b sure c serious d primitive
7 When the boat sank, the…….……... were saved by a passing ship.
a staff b group c crew d employees
8 My sister and her husband live on the…….……... of the town.
a top b outskirts c side d outside
9 The people…….……... have just moved into the next flat are from Tanta.
a which b who c what d where
1 0 Where…….……... you going when I saw you in town yesterday?
a were b did c had d was
11 The Nile is…….……... river in the world.
a longest b long c the longest d longer
12 Those are the people…….……... car has been stolen.
a who b whose c which d who’s
13 Ali has had to go to hospital because he hurt…….……... while playing football.
a herself b him c his d himself
14 We arrived late and by the time we sat down, the film…….……... .
a has started b had started c is starting d starts
15 In my opinion, it’s warmer now…….……... it was this morning.
a as b so c than d that
16 My clothes were dirty because I…….……... the car all morning.
a had been repairing b had repaired c repaired d am repairing
Practice test 5
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1 Most houses in countries where it rains a lot have…….……... roofs.
a straight b sloping c flat d long
2 If you want to keep fit, go running. It’s a very good form of…….……... .
a exercise b practice c food d work
3 My friend’s father is the…….……... of our local newspaper.
a politician b diplomat c man d editor
4 This CD was a …….……... . It cost less than two pounds.
a cheap b bargain c credit d value for money
5 Our cat has…….……... . We haven’t seen him for a week.
a missed b come c gone missing d abandoned
6 We…….……... to inform passengers travelling to Cairo that their train will be 20 minutes late.
a suggest b announce c refuse d regret
7 There is no airport on the island, so boats…….……... food and other goods.
a sail b supply c give d carry
8 My…….……... is to be a journalist for an international news magazine.
a ambition b hero c idea d announcement
9 As soon as I met him, I knew I…….……... him somewhere before.
a had seen b saw c have seen d see
1 0 I didn’t realise it was late…….……... I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing.
a if b and c because d but
11 I…….……... my brother’s car all morning – and he says it’s still dirty.
a have cleaned b clean c am cleaning d have been cleaning
12 Many cars…….……... in Egypt.
a made b are made c is made d make
13 If it was cold in the evening, you…….……... warm clothes.
a will need b needed c would need d would have needed
14 I’m not very good…….……... remembering people’s names.
a in b at c with d on
15 The Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed…….……... an earthquake.
a from b to c by d at
16 It…….……... that people have lived here for centuries.
a know                b known              c is known           d has known

Wish you the best of luck

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مُساهمة في 10/12/14, 07:28 pm  العلم والايمان

1.  A:  On which platform is the train to Aswan?  
B: Platform No.5.
A: May you help me with my bags?  .
B: With pleasure.
Train station  - Passenger - Porter
2. A:  How do you like this T-shirt?
B: It's lovely but I'd rather have it white.
A: Red is fashion now.
B: But I can not stand it.                                          
A:  All right. I'll bring you a white one.
Clothes shop – Salesperson - Customer
3. A: It's good that you have got a mobile phone with you. Let's phone the police about the diver.
B: Yes, he pit the old man and ran away.
Street – Passer-by - Friend
4. A: Excuse me, I'm looking for some information about festivals around the world for my English class.  
B:There are some books about festivals in the cultural section over there.
Library – Student - Librarian
5.  A: I come from England.
B:  Are you coming for work?
A:  Yes, I have some work near Siwa.
B. I hope you enjoy your stay. Don't forget to take dates back with you to England.
Airport - Foreigner – Airport clerk                                                                                                                6. A:  I'll bring my tools and come to your house to fix the pump.
B: Thanks a lot, I'll be waiting.
Plumber's – Plumber – House owner
7. A: I got to grips with instructions for the new video player.
B: I'm sure; you would be very pleased as you use our products.
A: Thanks a  lot for your help.
Video shop – Customer - Salesman
8. A: Can I buy couples of coloured birds?
B: Of course, after you fill in a form and pay the price  
A: Where?
B: At the zoo manager's office on your left.
Zoo – Customer - Assistant
9. A: I'd like to deposit L.E 2.000 to my saving account, please.
B: With pleasure, but first fill in this form.                        A: Ok.
Bank – Customer – Bank clerk
10. A: What time will you be checking out tomorrow?
B: I'd like a 6:00 am wake-up call because I have to leave early to catch my flight.
A: I hope you have enjoyed your stay with us.
B: Yes, I have. Thank you.
Hotel – Receptionist - Resident
11. A: What's wrong with you?
B: I have a great pain in my bones and I have a sore throat.
Clinic – Doctor - Patient
12. A: This dress is OK. How much is it?
B: Eight hundred pounds.
A:  May I pay by cheque?
B:  Sorry. We'd like to have cash.
Clothes shop – Customer – Salesperson
13.  A:  I'd like to have steak, please.    B: How would you like it, sir?
A: Well done, please.                            B: With pleasure, sir.
Restaurant – Customer - Waiter
14. A: May I see your ticket, please?
B: Here you are.
A: Seat 525. That row sir, the third seat along.  
B: Thank you. What time does it start?              A.  It starts at nine.
Cinema – Usher - Spectator                                                                                                                          
15. A: Where have you been all this time?
B: I accompanied my father to Siwa where he works.
A: What is his job?                     B: He is an archaeologist.
Classroom – Teacher - Student
16. A: I'd like to change some money, please.
B: Here you are Cash or travellers cheques?
A: Travellers cheques.  
Archaeological Site – Tourist Guide - Tourist
31. A:  Passport and tickets, please.
B: Here you are.
A: Smoking or non-smoking?
B:  Non-smoking, please.
A: Thank you, I have given you a window seat 24 A.
Check-in-desk – Check-in-clerk - Traveller                                                                                                                        32. A:  Good morning, madam. Can I  help you?
B: Yes, please. I'd like to get a new passport. What can I do?
A: Please, fill in this form and bring two photos. You also pay 150 pounds.                                  B: Ok.
Passport office – Official - Citizen                                                                                                                         33. A: Would you like to start with chicken soup, sir?
B: Yes, please.
A: What would you like to have next.
B:  Rice, meat and potatoes.
Restaurant – Waiter – Customer                                                                                                                          34. A: I'd like a fashionable dress, please.
B: What size do you wear?
A:  38                            B: Here you are.
Clothes shop – Customer – Salesperson
35. A: What would you like to start with, sir?
B: Lentil soup.
A: Next?                   B: Roast meat and rice.
Restaurant – Waiter – Customer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                36. A: Where can I find some books about geology?
B: They are on the shelves over there.
A: How many books can I borrow at a time?
B: Only three.
Library – Student - Librarian
37. A: Why are you throwing this rubbish here?
B: Well, what would you like me to do with it?    
A:  You should put it in the garbage bin.  
Home – Mother - Son                                                                                                                           38. A: Excuse me; do you have these trousers in a large size?  
B: Just one moment, madam. I'll check.                   A: Thank you.
Clothes shop – Customer – Salesperson
39. A:  Can I see your driving license, please?
B: What for?
A: You have parked in a no- parking area?
Street – Policeman – Car owner                                                                                                                                       40. A: Please, fasten your seat belt.
B: Are we about to land?
A:  Yes, in a few minutes.
Plane – Air hostess - Passenger                                                                                                                          41. A: It's very kind of you to bring me such lovely flowers.
B: Not at all. I hope you get better soon.
Hospital – Patient - Visitor                                                                                                                              42. A:  How would you like to pay for this suit?
B: By Master Card.                              A: That's fine.
Clothes shop– Salesperson – Customer
43. A: May I book a tour to Hurghada?
B: With pleasure. How would you like to go?  
A: By plane because it's fast.  
Travel agency – Tourist – Travel agent
44. A:  You have to pay a fine.
B: Why?                               A: You exceeded the speed limit.  
Street – Policeman – Taxi driver
45.  A:  How long have you been feeling unwell?
B: Since Friday.
A: Take one of these tablets three times a day.
B: Thank you.
Clinic – Doctor – Patient                                                                                                                                                                                                               46. A: May I have your attention, please? We will soon be arriving at the monastery of St Catherine.                                                                                             B: When was it built?
A: It was built in the sixth century by the Roman Emperor Justinian.
B: Thank you.
Tourist site / Bus – Tourist guide - tourist
47.  A:  How quickly can you get me to the airport? Bank – Client – Bank clerk
17. A: I want to buy a new blouse. May you give me advice about the latest fashion?
B: With pleasure. Floral blouses are now the latest fashion.
Clothes shop – Customer – Salesperson
18. A:  What can I get for you
B: I prefer fish and watermelon as a dessert..
Restaurant – Waiter – Customer
19. A:  Our teacher asks us to read about pollution. Can you advise me about the book to read?
B: There are five books on that shelf on your right. I think the first one is the best.
Library – Student - Librarian
20. A:  Can I help you, madam?
B: Yes. My car suddenly broke down.
A:  Where is it now?
B:  About fifty meters from  here.
Mechanic's – Mechanic – Car owner
21. A: A car hit mine and broke its door.
B:  Have you got the number of the car?
A:  A taxi 33333.
B. Ok. We will find the taxi-driver.
Police Station – Reporter - Officer
22. A:  I'm fascinated by chemistry.
B: That's good. You can join our research team in the field of bacteriology.
A:  Alright. Thanks for your advice.
College – Student - Professor
23.  A: Silence, please. He has just been operated on.
B: I'm awfully sorry.
Hospital – Nurse - Visitor
24. A:  I'd like to have a cup of coffee.
B: How do you like it?
A: With little sugar, please.
Café – Customer - Waiter
25. A.  A:  For homework, please do Exercises A  and B  on page 20.
B:  Could you repeat that, please
A:  Certainty. Do exercises A and B on page 20.
Classroom – Teacher - Student  
26.  A:  How would you like to pay for it, sir?  
B:  By credit card, please.  Speaker B:  ........ .
A:  That's fine, sir. Shall I put it in a bag for you?
B:  No, thank y0U.  It's starting to rain, so I think I'll wear it now.
Clothes shop– Salesperson – Customer
27- A: I'm sure our listeners would like to hear how you first became interested in heart surgery.
B: Well, my father was a  surgeon so I grew up watching him save people's lives. But I  really became interested in heart surgery when my aunt died of a heart problem.
A:  And why do you continue to work today, even though you can take lots of time off?
B: Well, I believe that I can really make a difference in people's lives.
A: Well, that's all we have time for.  Thank you very much, Professor.
TV Studio – Interviewer - Surgeon
28- A: How long have you been feeling unwell?
B: Since Thursday.
A:  I see. Well, you need to go to bed, keep warm and rest for a few days. Take one of these tablets three times a day.
Clinic – Doctor – Patient                                                                                  
29-a.  A:  Helwan, please.
B: Certainly, sir. But will take a long time because the roads are crowded.
A: Yes, I understand.
B:  (after an hour) Here we are, sir. That will be twenty pounds.
A: Thanks you. Here you are.
Taxi – Passenger – Taxi driver                                                                                                                              30-A: Welcome to this famous Egyptian site. It was built by Salah El Din.
B:  When was it built?
A:  It was built in 1176. It was built to protect Cairo from enemies.
B:  It's amazing!
B:  It's a 40 minute drive using the six of October Bridge.
A:  Can you get faster? I' m very late.
B:  I'll do my best.
Taxi – Passenger – Taxi driver                                                                                                                                 48.  A:  Excuse me, I'm interested in buying this skirt but the price is not marked on it.
B:  The price is LE 150.
A:  This is really expensive. It's unbelievable.
B:  But all our prices are fixed.
Clothes shop – Customer – Salesperson                                                                                                                        49.   A:  Open your English books, please.
B: Which page, sir?                                     A:  Page 55.
Classroom – Teacher - Student                                                                                                                       50.   A:  Excuse me, What time is the next train?
B:  8: 30 platform 5                               A:  Thank you.  
Railway station – Passenger – Station master
51- A:  Can I help you, sir?
B:  Yes, please. I have a problem with the engine of the car.
A:  What's wrong with it?
B: It produces too much heat.
Mechanic's – Mechanic – Car owner                                                                                                                          52- A: How was your flight, sir?
B: Very good.                               A: Welcome back to Egypt.
Airport – Airport clerk - Businessman
53- A: What's the matter with you?  
B: One of my teeth hurts.
A: Let me see. It must be pulled out.
Dentist's – Dentist – Patient                                                                                                                         54- A: How much is a kilo of apples?
B: It's LE 10.                                A: I'd like two kilos, please.  
Market – Customer – Fruit seller
55.  A:  Passport and tickets, please.
B: Here you are?
A: Window or aisle seat?
B: Window seat, please
A: Thank you. I've given you a window seat, 24A. Here's your boarding card. Boarding will be at 10 o'clock from Gate 17.
Passport control – Official – Traveller                                                                                                                             56.  A:  Which tooth seems to have a problem?
B: The one at the front left. It always hurts when I chew on it.
A: Right. Would you open your mouth, please. Yes, it seems                                                                                                                  you have a slight problem, but 1 can fix it right away?
Dentist's – Dentist – Patient                                                                                                                        
57- A: May I have your attention, please? I hope you are enjoying the beautiful view of the Sinai.
B: When was the monastery built?
A: It was built in the sixth century by the Roman Emperor Justinian.
B: Thank you.  
Tourist site – Tourist guide - tourist                                                                                                                             58- A:  May I take your order, sir?              B: Yes, I'll have fish, please.
A: How would you like it, sir?                      B: Fried, please.
A:  Certainly, sir. Any vegetables?
Restaurant – Waiter – Customer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
59.  A: Your tickets, please, sir.
B:  Here you are. What time do we arrive at Banha?
A:  In half an hour or so.  
B:  Will we stop at Tanta?  
A:  No. We are going straight to Alexandria after that.
Train – Conductor – Passenger                                                                                                                                60.  A:  Thank you for rescuing me. I could have died.
B:  You're going to be OK. This oxygen mask will help you breathe?  
A:  Where are we going?
B:  We're on our way to Kasr AI Aini Hospital. The doctors will take care of you there.
Ambulance – Patient – Paramedic

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