الخلاصة فى اللغة الانجليزية (Definitions) للصف الاول الثانوى

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. الخلاصة فى اللغة الانجليزية (Definitions) للصف الاول الثانوى

unit 1
1- Astronaut                            رائد فضاء                
- Someone who travels and works in space.( space man)
2- Geologist  : عالم جيولوجى
- A scientist is someone who studies rocks and their history.
3- Headmistress : ( female) ناظرة                
- A teacher who is a woman and the leader of a school.
4- Headmaster : ( male)     ناظر
- A teacher who is a man and the leader of a school.
5- Archaeologist : عالم أثار
- A person who studies buildings and tools from the past.
6- Jewellery : مجوهرات
- Things that people wear round their neck, fingers, etc.
7- Statue : تمثال
- A shape, sometimes a person or animal, made of stone or metal.
8- Ancient : (مرتبط بحضارة قديمة)     قديم
- Very old, historical.
9- Soil : التربة الزراعية
- The layer on the earth in which plants grow.
10- Space : الفضـــاء
- The area outside the earth's atmosphere.
11- Underground (adj) : تحت الأرض - جوفى
- Under the surface of the earth.
12- The underground (n) :مترو الأنفاق
- The metro.
13- Junior : مسابقة للشباب
- A kind of competition for young people.
14- Expert :خبيـر
- A person with special skill or training.
15- Photography :التصوير الفوتوغرافى
- Taking pictures with a camera.
16- Professional : محترف
- Doing something as a job or for money
17- Major : رئيسى/ أساسى
- Big, very important
18- Quiz : مسابقة
Game where people answer questions.
19- Novel                              رواية
A story about people that are not real.
20- Prison      السجن
a building where people who do something wrong are sent.
21- In debt   مديون
When you owe money to someone.
22- A journalist          صحفى
someone who writes for newspapers.
23- Character         شخصية
a person in a book, play or film.
24- Adopt     يتبنى
Let someone else's child become a part of your family
25- Gang   عصابة
A group of criminals who work together.
26- Grow up        
              يكبر / ينمو  
Change from being a child to an older person.
27- Kidnap   يخطف  
To take some one a way by force and keep them as your prisoner
28- Niece إبنة الأخ / إبنة الأخت
The daughter of your brother or sister
29- Pocket   جيب  
A Place in clothes for keeping small things.
30- Punish يعاقب  
Do something bad to someone because he/she has done something wrong.
31- Choice إختيار
When you can choose between two or more things  .
32- Reward يكافىء
To gave something good to someone for something good he did.
33- moral حكمة.مغزى
A lesson to be learned.( from a story)
34- Adult  an older person  , not a child
35- Surprise : a feeling caused by an unexpected event  
36-  Class :طلاب فصل دراسى                
- A group of people who study together.
37- - Incredible (adj) :غير معقول – لا يصدق
- Difficult or impossible to believe.
38- - Password :كلمة الســـر
A special word you need before you enter something or use a               computer.
39- Photographic memory :ذاكرة فوتوغرافية
- Being able to remember something by looking at it.
40- Repeat :يردد – يكرر   Say again.
*- Analyse (v) :يُحلل
- Examine or think about something carefully to understand it.
41- Breathe (v) :يتنفس
- Take air into your lungs and let it out again.
42- Cell (n) :زنزانة
- A small room in a police station or prison where people are kept.
43- Cell (n) :خلية
The smallest part of an animal or plant that can exist on its own.
44- Pain (n) :ألم
- The feeling you have when part of your body hurts.
45- Powerful (adj) :قوى
- Having a lot of physical power, strength or force.
46- Temperature (n) :درجة الحرارة
How hot or cold something is.
47- beat
To be more successful than other people in a game or a competition, etc
48- break a record
To do something better or faster than it has ever been done before.
49- exhausted   متعب : Extremely tired
         50- generosityكرم
          When you are happy to give money, time, etc to
    help someone, or something you do that shows this.
51- hero   بطل
Someone who is admired for doing something very brave or good.      
         52- proud  فخور    
   Feeling pleased with your achievement, possessions,                       family etc, because you think they are very good.                  
53- athlete رياضى  Someone who is good at sports
54- Charity  جمعية خيرية is an organization for helping people in need
55- apprentice :صبى تحت التمرين فى صنعة أو حرفة
     - someone who works for an employer for an agreed amount                of time in order to learn a skill.
56- bait : طعم لصيد الأسماك -  
         food used to attract fish so that you can catch them.
57- continue :يستمر – يواصل
keep doing something without stopping.
58- Fishing  line : خيط الصنارة-
strong string for catching fish, attached to a fishing rod.
59- Skeleton : هيكل عظمى -  
structure consisting of all the bones in a human or animal body.
         60- the Red Cross : الصليب الأحمر –
        An international organization for taking care of the wounded                 or saving the victims of floods  and fires …. etc.
         61- traffic jam : إختناق المرور
        vehicles which are not moving or moving slowly.
62- navigation :الملاحة
- When you decide which direction to go in. OR which road to take while traveling.
Someone whose job is to check that something is highly standard.
64- environment :البيئة
- our natural surroundings.
65- vegetable oil : وقود ( نباتى – حيوى )-
oil is made from vegetables.
66- pollution :تلوث
- the process of polluting the water, air or land.
67- fumes : أبخرة عادم
unpleasant gases or smoke which we breathe in
68- airbag: وسادة هوائية
a bag in a car that fills with air to protect people in an accident.
          69- route :خط السير – طريق
        - the way from one place to another.
70- battery: بطارية
something that provides electrical power for a toy machine or car.
71- disease :مرض
- an illness or serious medical condition.
72- infected :مٌلوث
- having harmful bacteria.
73- outbreak :انتشار مرض – إنلاع حرب
- spreading of a disease or a war.
74- wildlife :الحياة البرية
- plants and animals which live or grow in natural conditions not   looked after by people.
75- cleanliness :النظافة
- the state of being clean.
76- fly : ذبابة
- a common kind of insects.
77- flu : أنفلونزا
- a common disease like a bad cold but more serious.
78- poisonous = toxic :سام
- containing something that kills or makes you ill.
79- actor :ممثل
- someone who performs in a play or film.
80- patron :الراعى
- some one who supports or gives money to an organization, artist ,  musical performer, etc.
81- perform : يؤدى ( دور )
- to do something to entertain people, especially in public.
82- theatre :مسرح
- a building with a stage where plays are performed.
83- retire :يتقاعد
- Stop working.
84- Obvious : واضح
- easy to understand.
85- Wander : يتجول
- walk with no where to go (aimlessly).
86- Beat :يهزم
- Win a fight against someone.
87- financial :مالى
- connected with money.
88- Public : عام
- for everybody to use .
89- ashamed :    خجلان
- feeling bad about something.
90- Criticize :  ينتقد  
- say bad things about.
91- foreign : أجنبى
- not from your own country .
92- overcrowded : مكتظ .شديد الإزدحام  
- filled with too many people.
93- population : تعداد السكان
- the number of people living in an area, country, etc.
94- harbour :      مرفأ
- an area of water next to the land where ships can stay safely.
95- structure : بناء . تركيب
- something that has been built.
96- emperor : إمبراطور
- a kind of king.
97- a palace : قصر
- house for a king or queen.
98- a skyscraper : ناطحة سحاب
- a very tall building.
99- freedom : الحرية            
- the right to live your life the way you want to.
100- symbol : رمز
- a picture, object, etc., that is the sign of a particular idea or organization.

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