Comparative and superlative adjective

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. Comparative and superlative adjective

Comparative  and superlative adjective.
أولاً المقارنة بين الصفات وهي ثلاث درجات.
هناك نوعان من الصفات. - صفات ذات مقطع واحد.      One syllable adj.:
- صفات ذات أكثر من مقطع More than one syllable  adj.
درجات المقارنة           Comparative Degrees.
Positive.وهي مقارنة بين اثنان في مستوى واحد من هذه الصفة
Comparative.وهي مقارنة بين اثنان منهم واحد أعلى من الآخر في هذه الصفة.
Superlative . وهي مقارنة  ين واحد ومجموعة وهو أعلى منهم في هذه الصفة
-- صفات ذات مقطع واحد One syllable adjectives.
Add “er” to short adj.  nice… nicer---- tall…taller-clever…cleverer
Ex: It is cheaper to travel to Aswan by train than by plane.
Add “er” to adjectives ending in “y” and change “y”  into “I”
- أضف " er" للصفات التي تنتهي حرف "y" مع تحويل "y" إلى "I"  .
Ex: lucky, funny, happy------ luckier; funnier; happier
Zidan was luckier than Song in the final match.
Add “er” to adjectives ending in a consonant preceded by a vowel and double the consonant.
- أضف "er" للصفات التي تنتهي حرف ساكن ويسقه حرف متحرك مع مضاعفة الحرف الساكن.
Ex: big, hot, fat----bigger; hotter; fatter
Ahmed Ezz is richer  than any other person in Egypt.          
الصفات الشاذة
good Better than The best
Bad Worse Worst
Little Less Least
Much / many More Most
Far Farther Farthest
Further Furthest
- صفات ذات أكثر من مقطع.More than one syllable
A- positive B- comparative C- superlative Adj.-
As صفة  as more صفة than the most صفة
نستخدم-------------- ملحوظة as……..adj….as   لمقارنة المساواة
1- Amira  is as beautiful as Laila.
2- Laila is more beautiful than Noha.
3- Samia is the most beautiful girl in our class
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1-This in the world.
a)big             b)bigger        c)biggest      d)the biggest
3-English is.................than many other languages.
a)easier         b)more easy    c)easiest      d)the easiest
4-Medo is a......... football player than anyone else in the team.
a)good       b)best         c)the best                 d)better
5-You look much..................than yesterday.
a)happy      b)happier    c)more happy        d)happiest.
6-My mother is...................cook I have ever known.
a)clever    b)cleverer   c)the cleverest  d)the most clever
7-Rami is.................of two brothers.
a)tall       b)the taller      c)the tallest              d)taller
8-I had..................time than I needed to finish the job.
a) less         b)   least              c)   little         d)   the least
9-The road is not I thought.
a)longer       b)longest        c)long            d)the longest
10-Ahmed is..................than his brother Mustafa.
a)old          b)older              c)elder          d)oldest
11-John was arrive.
a)late           b)later               c)latest                     d)last
Rewrite the following sentences using the words in brackets:
1-The OLD MAN AND THE SEA is the most interesting story I've ever read.(No story)
2-The equator is the hottest point on earth.                 (hotter)
3-London is colder than Cairo.                                    (so hot as)
4-No man is older than him in the family.                     (He)
5-He is the laziest, person I have ever seen.               (never)
Comparatives are used to compare two things and to highlight the superiority, inferiority, or equality of one term compared to another. For comparisons in larger groups, you must use the superlative. The superlative designates extremes: the best, the first, the worst, the last, etc.
SUPERIORITY a) Short adjectives: adj + -ER THAN
Peter is taller than Sandra.

b) Long adjectives: MORE + adj + THAN
A Ferrari is more expensive than a Mini. Short & long adjectives:
THE MOST + adjective

This is the most pleasant place on Earth!
EQUALITY(المساواة) Short & long adjectives:
AS... adjective... AS
English is as easy as German. Doesn't exist
INFERIORITY(الاقلية Short & long adjectives:
LESS + adjective + THAN
July is less cold than January. Short & long adjectives:
THE LEAST + adjective
This is the least interesting movie of the year!
Short adjectives: 1 syllable (eg: young) + 2-syllable adjectives ending in -y (eg: pretty)
Long adjectives: all the other adjectives
> If the adjective ends in "--y" the "y" becomes "i" : heavy --> heavier
> If the adjective ends in "--e" only an "r" is needed: wise --> wiser
> If the adjective ends with "single vowel + consonant" the consonant is doubled and one adds "--er" : big --> bigger
> Some very common adjectives have irregular comparatives: good --> better | bad --> worse | far --> farther

Irregular forms:         good --> the best •        bad --> the worst •        far --> the farthest

COMPARATIVES (+ superiority, = equality, - inferiority).
a) Sandra is ___________ (+ pretty) Sophia.
b) This song is ___________ (+ good) the previous one.
c) My boat is ___________ (= expensive) your boat.
d) This book is ___________ (= bad) that one.
e) Jurassic Park is ___________ (- frightening) Star Wars.
f) The Lost World is ___________ (- good) Jurassic Park I.

SUPERLATIVES (+ superiority, = equality, - inferiority).
a) Peter is ___________ (+ intelligent) student in the school!
b) This place is ___________ (- interesting) of the town.

a) Sandra is prettier than Sophia.
b) This song is better than the previous one.
c) My boat is as expensive as your boat.
d) This book is as bad as that one.
e) Jurassic Park is less frightening than Star Wars.
f) The Lost World is less good than Jurassic Park I.

a) Peter is the most intelligent student in the school!
b) This museum is the least interesting place of the town.

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