تمارين لونج مان - لغة انجليزية 3 ثانوى

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. تمارين لونج مان - لغة انجليزية 3 ثانوى

. Choose the correct answer:
1. In order to know what is wrong, the doctor must __________ the patient.
a) search b) steal c) examine d) think
2. Modern technologies such as the mobile phone make __________ easier.
a) procedure b) opinion c) process d) communication
3. The ride at the amusement park went down so fast that my body felt __________.
a) weightless b) purple c) disguised d) fascinating
4. We __________ own a Fiat car.
a) professionally b) currently c) never d) once
5. My sister can easily do a spin, as she has been doing __________ for years.
a) side effects b) gymnastics c) football d) gravity
6. One of the __________ on my bicycle wheel needs to be repaired.
a) handles b) pedals c) chains d) spokes
7. The rain was so heavy that the water wheel __________ for three days.
a) launched b) leaked c) spun d) washed
8. __________ is the force that keeps objects on earth.
a) gravity b) gymnastics c) spoke d) gravy
9. The doctor assured us that there would be no __________ from the medicine.
a) systems b) feeling c) side effects d) fashioning
10. The fashion house is now __________ some new winter dresses.
a) launching b) lunching c) condemning d) coaching

Unit Two
1. Choose the correct answer:
1. The lawyer argued that his client’s _____ had been violated.
a) wills b) nose c) side effects d) rights
2. Soha is so excited; her mother was invited _____ the Queen of Spain’s coronation.
a) to attend b) to extend c) to intend d) to offend
3. Yes, I’m going. I am so glad to have another _____ to hear Dr. Shaimaa speak.
a) coronation b) occasion c) occasional d) speech
4. Ali is enjoying reading the English _____. Right now he’s reading Charles Dickens.
a) doctors b) classics c) technologies d) modern dramas
5. Sally argues her points well and backs them with evidence. She’d be very good at _____.
a) signing b) conversation c) speaking d) debate
6. Oh, I’m not ready yet. Could you wait a _____ of minutes?
a) couple b) few c) sum d) plenty
7. If you like stories, you’d probably prefer _____.
a) fiction b) non-fiction c) fact d) action
8. For me, reading is a form of _____ in which I can forget what’s going on around me.
a) conversation b) non-fiction c) escapism d) fact
9. Jimmy should run for parliament. He gets along with everyone and he likes _____.
a) politics b) economics c) mathematics d) classics
10. My uncle is very _____, so he never has to worry about money.
a) alike b) wealthy c) popular d) occasional

Unit Three
1. Choose the correct answer:
1. Wind is a type of _____ energy.
a) non-renewable b) atomic c) hydroelectric d) renewable
2. Geothermal energy comes from heat _____ the earth’s surface.
a) of the sun b) below c) above d) close to
3. Lava is _____ rock that comes from a volcano like Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull.
a) hot b) cold c) molten d) melt down
4. Egypt is hoping to build some nuclear _____ to produce electricity.
a) power stations b) power houses c) power places d) powder stations
5. One of Egypt’s main sources of revenue _____ from fossil fuels.
a) follows b) comes c) becomes d) deletes
6. One concern of nuclear power stations is how to store the dangerous _____.
a) energy b) water c) hydroelectricity d) waste
7. Huda is under a lot of _____ because she has exams coming up.
a) pressure b) power c) press d) pipe
8. Many people travel by _____ or on foot to save energy.
a) car b) lorry c) taxi d) bicycle
9. Air conditioning _____ the environment.
a) injures b) saves c) damages d) resolves
10. Coal, oil, and gas are _____ forms of energy.
a) renewable b) sustainable c) non-renewable d) generated

Unit Four
1. Choose the correct answer:
1. The city has eight _____, each with a representative on the City Council.
a) distinctions b) disruptions c) districts d) disputes
2. Hundreds of athletes from across the nation came to _____ in the games.
a) complete b) conflict c) compete d) delete
3. It is the _____ to greet someone when you meet them.
a) routine b) custom c) prize d) customer
4. Using a typewriter is _____. Now we use computers.
a) poetic b) vague c) ancient d) old-fashioned
5. Dr Fathi has performed a new type of surgery. He is considered a(n) _____ in his field.
a) routine b) pioneer c) complication d) explorer
6. This author uses long, complex sentences. That is her _____ of writing.
a) routine b) pen c) fashion d) style
7. With his book The Country of Men, Hisham Matar has become a(n) _____ author.
a) established b) literal c) eventual d) artistic
8. The _____ of vaccines to prevent diseases has helped to save many lives.
a) styling b) development c) establishment d) custom
9. When the __ requires you to follow a rule, you can receive a penalty if you disregard it.
a) style b) law c) pioneer d) custom
10. In eastern countries, it is _____ to remove your shoes before you enter a home.
a) legal b) pioneering c) routine d) customary

Unit Five
1. Choose the correct answer:
1. Please _____ which one is yours.
a) idealize b) identify c) irritate d) illegalize
2. You’ll find the company _____ in the new business park down the road.
a) headquarters b) traps c) quarts d) suspects
3. Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are _____.
a) suspects b) secret agents c) soldiers d) solutions
4. How can I send the signal if the _____ is broken?
a) trap b) poison c) prison d) transmitter
5. A simple _____ has a spring catch and can be baited with cheese.
a) poison b) mousetrap c) spy d) science fiction
6. When Ali was younger, he was not talkative because he was _____.
a) hot b) excavating c) spying d) shy
7. After the accident I couldn’t remember anything because I had _____.
a) invasion b) atom c) amnesia d) side effects
8. There are many new discoveries from the _____ around Luxor.
a) excavations b) archaeology c) travel agents d) headquarters
9. The young man claimed he was _____ and had not stolen the watch.
a) poisonous b) suspect c) innocent d) murdering
10. Sameh was on trial because he was _____ of spying.
a) suspected b) supposed c) transmitted d) invaded

Unit Six
1. Choose the correct answer:
1. When I paint, I need to use _____ to thin the paint.
a) rubber b) toothpaste c) sap d) turpentine
2. Rubber is made from the _____ of a rubber tree.
a) products b) rubber c) sap d) turpentine
3. Please put those books in the study _____ boxes.
a) tube b) transmitter c) instrument d) cardboard
4. If you leave bread out too long, it will _____.
a) freeze b) harden c) soften d) fasten
5. The water formed _____ after the stone fell in.
a) rings b) barks c) tubes d) secrets
6. Nowadays toothpaste comes in a _____ that you squeeze from the bottom.
a) ring b) transmitter c) product d) tube
7. The _____ on a tree protects it.
a) ring b) tube c) bark d) branch
8. A violin is one type of _____ that is made from wood.
a) instrument b) product c) tube d) branch
9. There are many useful medical _____ found in a hospital.
a) headquarters b) saps c) cardboards d) instruments
10. The nurse put the blood in _____ to send it to the laboratory.
a) rings b) cardboard c) tubes d) products

Unit Seven

1. Choose the correct answer:
1. The _____ were stuck in the metro for three hours because of a power failure.
a) diameters b) commuters c) regions d) cliffs
2. Shaimaa’s _____ skills got her a job with a well-known international company.
a) raising b) massive c) commuting d) engineering
3. On the farm we _____ chickens.
a) raise b) farm c) rise d) position
4. Because Yasser had worked hard, he was _____ to get the promotion.
a) based b) carved c) positioned d) raised
5. The statue rests on an engraved _____.
a) base b) stone c) ray d) cliff
6. The _____ of the pipe was 13 millimetres, perfect for the passage of the thick liquid.
a) commuter b) diameter c) base d) mass
7. The candlelight _____ a small part of the room, leaving the rest in darkness.
a) illuminated b) based c) excavated d) entered
8. Don’t get too close to the edge of the _____ because you will fall very far.
a) monument b) cliff c) bark d) stone
9. The small statue in the museum was _____ with a very fine instrument.
a) based b) positioned c) carved d) equipped
10. The wealthy man’s _____ increased his wealth.
a) excavations b) commute c) investments d) missions

Unit Eight
1. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1. When Rana spilled paint on my new dress, I thought it would stain _____.
a) cowardly b) respectably c) permanently d) questionably
2. I have to _____ that Danya was right.
a) understand b) admit c) steal d) knock
3. Dalia spent three days in hospital to _____ after her accident.
a) commit b) recuperate c) excavate d) profess
4. Mr Hyde _____ three times upon the door.
a) regretted b) knocked c) professed d) drew
5. Her _____ was changed after the accident. She had scars and she was thinner.
a) finishing b) appearance c) competition d) failure
6. Scientists have long been disputing whether we have one _____ or many.
a) engineer b) colleague c) blackmail d) human nature
7. Our _____ in the science department disagree on the subject.
a) involvements b) excavations c) personalities d) colleagues
8. John left a _____ to say who would receive what after his death.
a) biography b) form c) will d) conscience
9. The _____ between the families went on long after the court battle was decided.
a) conflict b) appearance c) disaster d) human nature
10. Two men have been accused of _____ a parliament member.
a) blackmailing b) appearing c) committing d) knocking

Unit Nine
1. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1. The soil could not _____ all the rain, so there was a flood.
a) occur b) commit c) frighten d) absorb
2. You need to put sunscreen on your skin because of the _____ ultraviolet rays.
a) blind b) sunny c) harmless d) harmful
3. Tonight there is going to be an _____ of the moon.
a) excavation b) elevator c) eclipse d) ellipse
4. There are two types of _____ that come from the sun.
a) ultraviolet rays b) headquarters c) personalities d) sights
5. _____ occurs when there is too little rain.
a) Lightning b) Rainfall c) Drought d) Flood
6. The _____ part of the country has more severe weather.
a) yellow b) southern c) leaf-like d) innocent
7. The child was struck by _____ yet survived.
a) lightning b) balls c) rainfall d) thunder
8. _____ is the opposite of southern.
a) Eastern b) Western c) Northern d) South
9. What do you think _____ the statue to fall?
a) demolished b) infected c) caused d) divided
10. Snow in Cairo would be considered an unusual _____.
a) drought b) rainfall c) biography d) phenomenon

Unit Ten

1. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1. A virus is _____ to the eye and can only be seen with a powerful microscope.
a) invisible b) obscure c) regular d) gradual
2. There is a _____ tumour on her lung that needs to be removed immediately.
a) cancer b) theoretical c) constant d) cancerous
3. The _____ is believable, but can it be proven?
a) theory b) cancer c) speciality d) diabetes
4. Chemistry is very difficult for me, but I am _____ understanding it better.
a) regularly b) specially c) gradually d) invisibly
5. It is a complex _____ to generate electricity from nuclear energy.
a) process b) cure c) amount d) theory
6. Dr Eman _____ in children’s medicine.
a) releases b) considers c) specialises d) results
7. You need a certain _____ of sunshine to get enough vitamin D.
a) theory b) process c) invisible d) amount
8. Watch this film to understand the _____ of photosynthesis, how a plant makes food.
a) release b) achievement c) process d) gain
9. The ___ Man is a famous novel and film about a man who could not be seen by anyone.
a) Incredible b) Diabetic c) Invisible d) Invincible
10. If you have _____, you must not eat too much sugar.
a) cancer b) diabetes c) result d) experiments

Unit Eleven
1. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1. The students _____ to the plan to extend school hours until 4 pm.
a) reject b) inject c) object d) subject
2. Do we put people in prison because we want _____ or because we hope to reform them?
a) revenge b) envy c) victim d) fiancée
3. The newspaper has a photo of a man with amnesia after a car accident. The police are asking if anyone _____ him.
a) accuses b) objects c) revenges d) recognises
4. I _____! This plan cannot go forward as it is.
a) accuse b) release c) avoid d) object
5. When Hatem was visiting Barcelona, he became the _____ of a robbery.
a) result b) victim c) fiancée d) treason
6. Ehab was wrongly _____ of cheating during an exam.
a) accused b) released c) recognised d) changed
7. When there is a legal system, _____ has no place in society.
a) concern b) review c) revenge d) a victim
8. The two people were accused of _____ and were imprisoned for life.
a) greed b) treason c) revenge d) fiancée
9. Farid gave his new _____ a big diamond ring.
a) fiancée b) colleague c) victim d) genius
10. Hanan was so _____ of Farida’s new dress that she went out and bought herself one.
a) concerned b) envious c) victimized d) cold

Unit Twelve

1. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1. Do you want to _____ Hany’s birthday on a felluca?
a) vary b) revive c) celebrate d) join
2. Put the ball in the right _____ to make it easy to hit.
a) fireworks b) mark c) drum d) position
3. There were marching bands and politicians in the _____.
a) position b) procession c) landmark d) stop
4. It is your _____ to clean your room and be home on time.
a) distinction b) event c) folk d) responsibility
5. Music has _____ quite a bit since the 1950s, from Elvis to Eminem.
a) evolved b) enjoyed c) eclipsed d) solved
6. The tickets to the _____ were sold out three days after going on sale.
a) plan b) suggestion c) offer d) event
7. The quality of these crops _____ from year to year depending on the rain.
a) varies b) evolves c) prefers d) stops
8. Amr’s voice has a _____ sound. You can recognise it anywhere.
a) eventful b) involved c) distinctive d) evolving
9. The _____ were beautiful, but the loud noise scared some of the children.
a) celebrations b) landmarks c) fireworks d) drums
10. The Roman amphitheatre in Alexandria is a famous _____.
a) landmark b) position c) mark d) event

Unit Thirteen

1. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1. Father put Bilal in _____ of fixing the car.
a) role b) licence c) responsibility d) charge
2. Salma thought this was a _____ gift for her teacher.
a) suitable b) effective c) charge d) solo
3. Hesham has just got his driving _____, and already he wants to buy a car.
a) flight b) role c) licence d) degree
4. Rania is optimistic. She always has a _____ attitude and thinks everything will turn out well.
a) impressive b) personal c) encouraging d) positive
5. Mr Selim is an _____ manager because he is a good listener.
a) observing b) effective c) admissions d) enjoyable
6. Mr Maged _____ all his students to do the best that they can do.
a) argues for b) effects c) encourages d) impresses
7. Farouk is flying _____ for the first time tomorrow. He’ll have no co-pilot.
a) role b) suits c) licence d) solo
8. For my own _____ satisfaction, I paint or read in my spare time.
a) positive b) personal c) degree d) role
9. Omar has received a master's _____ in conservation management.
a) effect b) flight c) degree d) licence
10. Yusuf’s ability to speak French and German is very _____. Many companies will want to hire him.
a) impressive b) personal c) suitable d) solo

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