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        When the weather became warmer, Mrs Maylie , Rose and Oliver went to the country house, where Rose became very ill and they had to post a letter to Dr Losberne and Harry (Mrs Maylie's son). Oliver went to the post office in a village nearby to post it. But in his way home he ran into a nervous looking man (Monks) who shouted at him and asked him what he was doing in this place. Oliver thought that the man was mad and didn't answer and ran home.
     Dr Losberne didn't seem very hopeful when he saw Rose but after a while she became better, and Oliver felt very happy and went to get her some
flowers and then met Harry who came with Mr Giles and asked Oliver
about Rose and felt relaxed when he knew that she would be ok.
     When Mrs Maylie saw her son Harry she was very happy and told him she didn't tell him about Rose not to worry him. Oliver could see that Harry cared a lot for Rose and he was in love with her. Rose became better every day and Dr Losberne became Oliver's teacher and taught him how to read and write.
    Oliver spent most of the summer in the country house studying very hard. At the end of a hot day, he was reading a book and fell asleep and saw a bad dream, he thought that he saw Fagin and Monks looking at him through the window, then he discovered that it wasn't a dream and shouted for help. Harry and Mr Giles searched for the criminals and asked people but no one saw anything.
    They all forgot about this soon and when they were prepare to leave the country house Harry asked Oliver to write to him to tell him his
mother's and Rose's news and not to tell anyone and Oliver agreed.
    At this time there was changes at the workhouse. Mr Bumble became the master there and married to Mrs Corney (the woman who had listened to Nurse Sally before her death). Monks met Mr Bumble at an inn and gave him some money and asked him about Oliver and Nurse Sally. Mr Bumble told him that she had died but she told a person he knew something before her death. Monks asked him to bring that person to meet him in an old factory in a very poor and dirty street in London. Mr Bumble took his wife the next day and went there and took some money from Monks and gave him a gold locket which Mrs Bumble took from Nurse Sally.When Monks opened it he found Oliver's mother's name (Agnes) inside it.Monks dropped the Locket in the river and asked them to forget all about this matter and Mr and Mrs Bumble agreed and were happy to go home alive.
    Mr Sikes was ill for three weeks . Fagin visited him with Charley Bates and The Artful Dodger. Sikes sent Nancy with Fagin to bring some money. There she saw Monks who asked to speak with Fagin alone but Nancy heard them and knew that Monks is Oliver's brother and he had his money with him and that he wanted Fagin to make him a thief to go to prison. She also heard the hotel where Nancy and Oliver stay in London. She went to Rose and told her all what she heard and told her that she will wait for her at London Bridge every Sunday at 11 o'clock.
   Oliver was out and he saw MR Brownlow and told Rose and gave her his address , so Rose decided to go to Mr Brownlow to ask his advice. Rose took Oliver and went to meet Mr Brownlow and told him that she knows his little old friend (Oliver) and told him the boy story. Mr Brownlow allowed Oliver to come in and Mrs Bedwin hugged him. Mr Brownlow took Rose in another room and she told him what Nancy had told her . He was very worried and told her that he would visit her and Mrs Maylie at the hotel that evening.
         At the hotel Dr Losberne suggested to tell the police, but Mr Brownlow said
              that they should know who Oliver's mother was at first. So he decided to
             meet Nancy to know how he could meet Monks.
    After Oliver escaped from  Mr Sowerberry's house, Noah Claypole met a girl (Charlotte) and married her then they stole money from Mr Sowerberry and ran to London. Noah was talking to his wife about how he want to be a rich man through stealing in an inn when Fagin heard them. Fagin offered them to work with him and steal things from children sent by their mothers to buy things and they agreed and Noah called himself Morris Bolter. At that moment Charley Bates came in and told Fagin that the police arrested Artful Dodger.
     Noah first job was to go to attend يحضر the Artful Dodger's court محاكمة. He went there and listened when the Artful Dodger came in front of the magistrate and told him that he will soon set free and the magistrate will be in trouble.
      On Sunday Nancy wanted to go out to meet Rose at London Bridge. But Sikes didn't let her go out and locked the door. Fagin was there and suspected شك في Nancy. When Fagin went home he asked Noah to watch Nancy يراقبها. Noah followed Nancy next Sunday and saw her when she met Rose and Mr Brwonlow. Nancy took them down some dark steps next to the bridge and began to talk to them and Noah was listening. She told them where to find Monks. When she began to describe how he looks like Mr Brownlow thought that he knew him.
   When Noah told fagin about what he had heard, Fagin asked for Mr Sikes who came and Fagin told him everything. Sikes went home and killed Nancy and left London before it was light and went north. When he was in the countryside north of London he heard two persons was talking about his crime and that the police think that he went north, so he decided to go back to London again.
   Mr Brownlow asked two men to kidnap Monks and bring him to his house. Monks was angry at frist and said that he didn't expect his father's old friend (Mr Browlow) to be so unkind to him. Mr Brownlow said that he was his father's friend and he wanted to marry his aunt before her death, but he wanted him to confess يعترف that Oliver is his brother but Monks said that he is an only child أبن وحيد. Mr Brownlow said that one of Monks' father was rich and died leaving a big fortune ثروة to his father. And that his father died in Italy and no will وصية was found. But before his death he was married to Agnes (Oliver's Mother) and gave Mr Brownlow a painting of her. And she had a baby boy. Monks denied أنكر all this. Mr Brownlow said that Monks's father left a will but Monks burnt it حرقها. Mr Brownlow said that he went to the West Indies to meet Monks but he didn't find him there. And when Mr Brownlow said that Nancy was killed and he might be accused يتهم he said everything.
      The police arrested Fagin and all the other criminals but ماعدا Charley Bates and another cariminal called Chiding. Chilling was hiding with Toby Crackit another criminal called Kags. They were talking about what has happened to Fagin when the door knocked. It was Sikes who asked about what had happened to Fagin and asked Toby Crackit if he could  stay with them. At that moment, Charley Bates came in, when he saw Sikes he shouted that he was the one who killed Nancy and jumped on him and fought تشاجر with him, but Sikes could beat him. But Charley Bates jumped and shouted for help. Soon the criminals could hear the sounds of people at the street and a horse and a man giving
instructions تعليمات who was Mr Brownlow who said that he would
give 50 pounds to anyone could arrest Sikes alive.
    Sikes tried to escape and ran up the stairs to the roof of the house. He could hear that people were on the stairs. He jumped in the river although the tide was low and he died. No one took the money from Mr Brownlow because Sikes fell and died.
    Two days later, Oliver was travelling in a coach with Mrs Maylie, Rose, Mrs Bedwin and Dr Losberne. And Mr Brownlow, Mr Grimwig and Sikes (Edward Leeford) was travelling after then in another coach. There were all travelling to the place where Oliver was born. And they stayed in a good hotel there.
    Mr Brownlow came into a room where Oliver was sitting. He had Monks with him, he introduced Oliver to him as his half-brother أخ غير شقيق  and asked Monks to tell them everything.
  Monks said that when his father died he left a will with a letter. The will said that he would take a small part of his money. And the rest of the money would go to Agnes and he son but only if he became a good man. So he watched Oliver in the workhouse. And when he ran to London, he told the Artful Dodger
to take him to Fagin to be a thief and not to take the money. He also
 said that he took the locket from Mr and Mrs Bumble.
    Mr and Mrs Bumble came in came in and denied أنكروا that. But when Mr Grimwig came with two servants from the work house, they admitted أعترفوا. Monks also said that Rose is Oliver's aunt. And Fagin had some paper which proved that.
    The next day Mr Brownlow took Oliver to visit Fagin in the prison. Fagin was sentenced to death. Mr Brownlow asked Fagin about the papers that Monks gave them to him. Fagin said that he would say where they are to Olive. He said that they were in a small bag in the chimney مدخنة in his room. Then Fagin asked Oliver to help him to get out of prison but Oliver refused.
What happened to the characters:
Monks: went to America to start and new life there and no one saw him again.
Fagin's gang: they all were sent to prison.
Charley Bates: after Nancy died he decided that all criminals were bad and
                          worked had in a farm.
Noah Claypole: he worked as an informerمخبر .
Rose and Harry got married and lived in a lovely house with Mrs Maylie.
Mr Brownlow adapted Oliver and lived in a house near Rose, Harry and Mrs
Oliver now had a father, good home and good education. He lived a long and
          successful live, but he didn't forget the poor children lived in the city.

1. What happened to each of these after the failed robbery attempt: Crackit, Sikes,
and Oliver?
Crackit went to London, Sikes went to the country, Oliver was shoot and lived with Mrs Maylie.
2. Describe Monks. Who do you think he is? How does he feel about Oliver being
used in the robbery attempt?
He was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. He looks cruel.
3. How long did Oliver stay with Mrs Maylie? What happened when Dr Losbeme took
Oliver to see Mr Brownlow?
stayed more than six weeks with Mrs Maylie. They learned that Mr Brownlow had moved to the West Indies six weeks earlie
4-. About how long did Oliver stay with Mrs Maylie in the countryside?
He stayed about three months/most of the summer with Mrs Maylie in the countryside
5. Who came to see Rose when she was ill?
        Dr losberne, Harry Maylie and Mr Giles .
6. What did Harry Maylie ask Oliver to do when he left ?
        He asked Oliver to write to him often (and secretly) to tell him about Rose and Mrs Maylie.
7. What changes had happened to Mr Bumble? Who did Mr Bumble meet at an inn?
       Mr Bumble had married Mrs Corney and now he was the master of the workhouse. Mr Bumble met Monks.
8-What did the man want?
             Monks wanted information about the woman who was with Oliver's mother (Nurse Sally).
9. Where did Mr and Mrs Bumble meet Monks? What did Mrs Bumble give him?
They met in an old factory in a slum of the town. Mrs Bumble gave him the locket that Nurse Sally had stolen from Oliver’s mother
10. What did Monks throw into the water?
           The locket that had been stolen from Oliver’s mother.
11- Why was Mr Bumble happy to leave the old factory alive?
         Mr Bumble had been afraid that Monks would kill him and Mrs Bumble, so he was happy to still be alive
12. How long has Bill Sikes been ill in bed?
        For three weeks.
13. Why did Nancy go to Fagin's house? Who did she meet there?
  To get some money for Bill Sikes. She met Monks, who had come
to talk to Fagin.
14What did Nancy do while Fagin and Monks were talking?
         Fagin and Monks went upstairs to talk privately, but Nancy crept upstairs and listened to their conversation.
15. What did Nancy learn from Monks? What did she do with that information?
           She learned that Monks was Oliver’s half-brother, that he was trying to make Oliver a criminal and get him imprisoned. She also learned that Monks knew that Oliver was staying with Mrs Maylie, and she learned where Mrs Maylie was staying in London. She went to the hotel to tell Rose Maylie all of this.
16. Oliver was very happy to have seen someone in London. Who was it?
He saw Mr Brownlow. He got the address, and Rose and Oliver went to meet him at his home.
17. What important news does Fagin receive when he met Noah?
He learns that the police have arrested the Artful Dodger.
18. What two jobs did Noah Claypole (Morris Bolter) do for Fagin?
    Noah (Morris) went to see what had happened to the Artful Dodger who is now with the police. Then he followed Nancy to see who she spoke with and what she said
19. Where did Nancy talk to Rose and Mr Brownlow? Did anyone hear their conversation?
   She met them on London Bridge but took them down some steps next to the bridge to talk in a dark place. Noah Claypole/Morris Bolter heard their conversation
20. Why did Fagin send someone to follow Nancy?
        Fagin was suspicious of her because the previous week she had tried to go out walking at 11 o’clock at night.
21. What did Nancy tell Rose and Mr Brownlow? What did Mr Brownlow try to do for Nancy? Did she accept his offer?
          She told them what Monks looked like and where they could probably find him. Mr Brownlow offered to take her away from her life of crime. She refused
22. What did Sikes do to Nancy when Fagin told him that she had told someone about the gang? Where did Sikes go after that?
He killed Nancy. Then he went away to the countryside north of London and hid. (After a week he heard people talking about the murder and he went back to Lo
ndon because he heard the police thought he was in Birmingham.)
23 Why did Nancy want to go to meet Mrs Maylie after she had heard Fagin and Monks speaking?
      Because she had overheard Fagin’s and Monks’s plan to put Oliver in prison and she wanted Miss Maylie to warn and protect Oliver.
24 Why was Rose puzzled when she first saw Nancy at her hotel room?
        Because she had not expected such a poor woman to come and visit her.
25 What is the relationship between Monks and Oliver Twist?
            They are half-brothers.
26 Where could Rose find Nancy if she needed information?
      She could find her on London Bridge every Sunday night at 11 o’clock.
27 What was Dr Losborne’s plan to stop the two detectives from arresting Oliver?
          He tried to get Mr Giles to be silent about Oliver’s attempt to steal the house in exchange for the detectives never finding out that he was the one who shoot him
28Why was Oliver excited about going back to Mr Brownlow after his arm got better?
         He was excited because he was keen on getting Mr Browlow to learn the truth, and to know that he (Oliver) had not stolen the books or the money from
29 “Evil can live in anybody,” said Dr Losborne. Do you think the doctor thought Oliver was evil? Explain.
   No, later, when Dr Losborne gets to know Oliver, he realises that Oliver was forced to steal and that he was not an evil boy after all.
30 What was the secret that Nurse Sally told Mrs Corney?
           She told Mrs Corney that before Agnes died in the workhouse, she had asked Nurse Sally to send a gold locket to a child who was called Oliver. However, the nurse stole the locket instead.
31- What was inside the small leather bag that Mrs Bumble showed Monks?
     A gold locket on which the name “Agnes” was imprinted.
32- What kind of people lived in the area of slums where the Bumbles met Monks?
     The poorest people lived in slums, and many of them were criminals.

“Bring this person to this address at nine o’clock.”
1 Who said this?                           Monks
2 To whom was it said?             Mr Bumble
3 Who was the person that was supposed to come at 9 o’clock?     Mrs Bumble.
“Be kind to him, aunt. He looks so helpless and small. If it hadn’t been for your generosity, I might be helpless like this small child.”
1 Who said these words?               Rose
2 To whom were they said?           Mrs Maylie
3 How had the aunt been ‘generous’ with the speaker?
               When she adopted her and took her in as her own daughter.
“Oh dear lady, I am the woman who took Oliver back to the house of thieves! But you do not understand why I did it and what it is to be poor like me!”
1 Who said this?                  Nancy                
2 To whom was it said?    Rose    
3 Do you think the ‘dear lady’ really doesn’t know what it is like to be poor? Explain.
    No, Rose does know what it is like to be poor, because she herself was poor after her parents died up until Mrs Maylie adopted her.
"He looks so helpless and small. If it hadn't been for your generosity, I might be helpless like this small child!"
I. Who said this to whom?                          Rose
2. Who is the person talking about?       Mrs Maylie  
3. What does the person mean by "If it hadn't been for your generosity ... "?
 She means that Mrs Maylie was generous to adopt Rose when she was a child. This is why Rose now feels she wants to be generous in turn to some other child

"You don't need to do anything. I'm lucky because I have an aunt who
has enough money to help people like you. "
1. Who said this to whom?                        Rose To Oliver
2. What did the listener offer to do?
      Oliver offered to work for Rose, to water her flowers or do anything for her.
3. Why do you think the speaker says this?
              Because she is kind.
"She was rich enough for a good hospital. I stole from her before she died!"
1. Who said this to whom?                   Nurse Sally to Mrs Corney
2. What did the speaker steal and from whom?    
        She stool a gold locket from Oliver's mother
3. About how long after the theft did the speaker say this, and what happened to the speaker after saying this?
            The speaker said this more than ten years/nearly eleven or twelve years after Oliver was born, and she died after saying this.

"Rose is so young and so good that nothing bad will happen to her. "
. 1. Who said this to whom?               Oliver to Mrs Maylie
2. When did he or she say this?        When Rose was ill
3. What bad thing does the speaker think will not happen to Rose?    Rose will not die.
"She will sleep for a long time. Perhaps she will wake up better. But I am
very worried that she will not wake up at all. "
1. Who says this?                           Mrs Maylie.
2. Who is the person talking about?             Rose
3. Why is the person worried?                 Because Rose was very ill.
"I don't want to know about him! I want to know about his nurse. Where is she?"
1. Who says this and where does he or she say it?    Monks in an inn
2. Who is "him" that the person doesn't want to know about?         Oliver
3. Where is the nurse?                         She died .
"Now we can all forget all about this story, can't we?"
1. Who said this to whom?                  Monks to Mr and Mrs Maylie.
2. Where were they and what had the speaker just done?
          They were in an old factory in the slums and Monks had just dropped the gold locket into the river.
3. What does he want them to forget and Why?
         He wants them to forget that they met him and gave him the locket. He doesn’t want anyone to know about it or about who Oliver is
"He said that the only thing that could explain who the boy really is lies at the bottom of the river. "
1. Who said this To whom?       Nancy to Rose
2. Whose speech is the person reporting?             Monks speech
3. What is it that lies at the bottom of the river?
The gold locket that Nurse Sally had stolen from Oliver’s mother lies at the bottom of the river
"It was easy to take money from Mr Sowerberry. So we can also take things from other people. I think I would be a good thief "
1. Who said this to whom?                      Noah to his wife Charlotte  
2. Where were they when he or she said this?              In an inn in London .
3. Who overheard these words and what was the result?
Fagin overheard this and he offered to let them join his gang of thieves. They agreed              
"Find out where she goes, who she sees and what she says. Can you do that?"
1. Who says this to whom?                 Fagin to Noah
2. Who is the person talking about?        Nancy
3. Why does the speaker want the person followed?
      Because he thinks she is planning something and he wants to know what it is.
"Thank you for helping us. Now let us help you. Come with us, away from your old life. "
1. Who said this to whom and where was it?  Mr Brownlow to Nancy at London Bridge
2. How had the person helped the speaker?
           She had given him information on how to find Monks.
3. Did the listener accept the offer? What was the result?
        No, she didn’t accept the offer. She was killed by Sikes as a result.
"I did not think my father's oldest friend would be so unkind to me. "
1. Who says this to whom?     Monks to Mr Brownlow.
2. Where was this?                 At Mr Brownlow's house.
3. How was the person being unkind to the speaker?
              He had kidnapped him and brought him to his house and he was making him sit and talk about  himself and Olive
"I will give fifty pounds to the man who takes that man alive. "
1. Who said this?                     Mr Brownlow.
2. Who was the person talking about?             Bill Sikes.
3. When and where was this said?
      When Sikes was in a house in the slums; he had killed Nancy a week earlier and had returned to London. Mr Brownlow was with a crowd of people outside the house. The crowd was trying to get in to arrest Sikes.

"And there is the road to the house where I lived with Mrs Mann when I was little. Perhaps my orphan friends are still there!"
1. Who said this?                  Oliver
2. Where was the person?     In a coach going back to the town where he was born.
3. What did the person hope to do for the orphan friends?
     He hoped to give them clothes and teach them to read and write.
"When he ran away, I helped the Artful Dodger to find him so he could
introduce him to my friend Fagin, and then Fagin helped him to be a thief"
1. Who said this and who is he talking about?   Monks talking about Oliver
2. Why did the speaker want the other person to be a thief?
          He wnted Oliver to be a thief because Oliver would only inherit his share of his father’s money if he grew up with good morals. / because Oliver would not inherit his share of his father’s money if he had bad morals.
3. Where did the speaker say this?
He was in a hotel in the town where Oliver was born. Mr Brownlow and others were with him

Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it:
1 Rose is Oliver’s sister.                    aunt
2 Mr Brownlow was going to marry Monks’s sister before she died.          aunt
3 Mr Brittles and Mr Giles were Mrs Maylie’s guests.             servants
4 Mr Brownlow moved to India.              The West Indies
5. Nancy went to a hotel to speak with Mrs Maylie.               Rose
6-Bumble showed Monks a gold ring.                Locket
7- Harry is Mrs Maylie’s nephew.                        son

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