اجابات كتاب the best المراجعة النهائية للصف الثالث الثانوى 2015

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. اجابات كتاب the best المراجعة النهائية للصف الثالث الثانوى 2015

إجابات كتاب المراجعة النهائية The Best للصف الثالث الثانوي نسخة 2015
Mr. Ahmed Samy الكل يعلم أن كتاب The Best هو أروع كتاب مراجعة نهائية للثانوية العامة في مادة اللغة الإنجليزية
فأسئلته شاملة ومتنوعة وهي نفسها التي تأتي في الامتحان
أنصح بشراء هذا الكتاب الرائع جداً خاصة أنه يناسب جميع المستويات (العالي والمتوسط والضعيف)..
جميع الحقوق محفوظة للمؤلف العبقري الأستاذ: جابر حسين..
والموضوع حقوقه محفوظة لموقعنا الرائع
وأتوجه بالشكر للأستاذ المتألق جابر حسين لأنه شرفني بإعطائي النسخة الأصلية للإجابات
Translations     pages 27 - 36  
1. The Suez Canal project aims at creating job opportunities along with an area for the Global Marine Services.
2. The project will cause urban and industrial development in the region of the Suez Canal and export increase.
3. The Suez Canal project has a long-term goal to fill the vacuum in Sinai, a dear part to every Egyptian.
4. The increase in the volume of goods or (cargoes) transported through the Suez Canal will lead an to increase in its revenues.
5. The Suez Canal project will prove the ability and efficiency of the Egyptian labour to reach international levels.
6. The government has done a survey of all the regional and global challenges facing the project of the Suez Canal.
7. The Suez Canal region was in need of human, agricultural, industrial, tourist development.
8. It is necessary to raise the performance of the Suez Canal, to cope with the requirements and global challenges.
9. The Suez Canal corridor project aims to transform the area into a huge  
    economic entity.
10. A long-term plan should be put (made) for the development of infrastructure   and superstructure.
11. We must have patience to face our current economic problems.
12. Tourism has become the backbone of the development (upgrading) of the Egyptian economy.
13. New traffic laws aim at achieving the flow of traffic and reducing car accidents.
14. The government does its best to raise the standard of living of individuals.
15. Desert reclamation land changing (converting) it into farming land is a must to achieve food sufficiency.
16. The national program of education aims to prepare a generation capable of facing the future and creating a productive society.
17. The United Nations imposes economic sanctions on any country violating human rights.
18. Top form contests are held in all subjects all over the country and the winners will be awarded scholarship abroad.
19. Egypt's desire to set up a nuclear reactor doesn't negate with its call to make the Middle East Zone void of mass destruction weapons.
20. It has become a grave necessity to start setting up a new capital instead of Cairo.
21. Every country in the world has the right to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes only.
22. The government's programme to grow crops for export only is a double-edged weapon because it has created a local food shortage.
23. Peace conferences aim to put an end to wars and achieve world peace.
24. Scientists hope to explore space to learn more about the secrets of the universe.
25. The world has begun to feel the gravity of the situation after the increase in the environmental pollution rate.
26. Getting a job in big cities has become increasingly difficult.
27. Modern technological methods should be used to face (encounter) crimes in all its forms.
28. Now, the government is taking strict measures to control inflation and solve the economic problem.
29. Flocks of tourists, coming to Egypt, are increasing and this promises a bright future for this industry.
30. Throughout history, Egypt has remained an oasis of security, safety and stability for all its residents.
31. Youth should have an effective role in building a modern state.
32. Lots of people object to doing any scientific experiments, aiming at interfering in human nature.
33. The government issues / sets laws which prevent committing crimes and  
  achieving safety for society.
34. Natural, tourist and human facilities can make Egypt one of the advanced countries.
35. Do you think that globalization can narrow down the gap between cultures and civilizations?
36. Citizens must know their duties before asking for their rights under the umbrella of democracy.
37. Doctrine freedom and the right of citizenship, justice and equality are the pillars of modern society.
38. Our youth should push the acceleration of development for a better future for them and the coming generations.
39. Egypt is rich in its natural resources which we must make full use of.
40. Rationalization of consumption and increasing production lead to raising the standard of living and improving income.
41. Tourism is regarded as a main source of the Egyptian national income and its destruction (decline) has negative effects.
42. The press has a big role in enriching public awareness towards social and national issues. (cases)
43. Modern educational systems give due care to developing student's cultural and scientific abilities on creativity (innovation).
44. Peace is the only way to protect civilization and generations' achievements from destruction.
45. We should call for (proclaim) everlasting and comprehensive peace based on justice and put an end to wars.
46. Egypt's strong relations (ties) with all the world countries reinforce its role in solving problems and prevailing peace.
47. We shouldn't be handless and throw burden on the government alone in solving problems.
48. Divine religions urge us on tolerance, brotherhood and rejecting violence and terrorism.
49. We should rationalize our intake (consumption) of water or we'll face serious problems in the near future.
50. Desert reclamation will help us increase national income, arable lands and find job opportunities for youth.
51. The people's co-operation with the government is the only way to solve our accumulated problems over the years.
52. Making the best use of our natural resources is the only way to achieve economic stability.
53. We should encourage youth to practise sport to help them spend their spare time.
54. Egypt plays a great role in settling down regional disputes in the Middle East Zone.
55. Democracy, citizenship, Justice and freedoms are the basis of the current political system.
56. The police must fight the crimes of assault, rape, kidnapping, forgery and fraud.
57. None can deny the role of sport in spreading peace and affection in the life of nations and individuals.
58. One of the goals of the government is providing job opportunities for the newly graduated youth and achieving prosperity and welfare.
59. The government must have a great role in fighting all the obstacles that hinder production.
60. Population explosion is the most serious one which faces our country nowadays.
61. Drinking water has become a global problem which can lead to wars between lots of countries.
62. Making the best use of our water resources is a national goal for which we all co-operate to achieve.
63. The whole Egyptian people reject terrorism, violence and killing the innocent.
64. Egypt is the cradle of civilization and religions and she won't be a source of violence, terrorism and extremism.
65. We should wipe out the adults' illiteracy to create a cultured society ,aware of its right and duties.
66. Building roads and flyovers is the most important means to solve transport crisis.
67. Youth are the backbone of the progress of any civilized nation, so we must take care of them.
68. The striking scientific progress has contributed to having a great breakthrough in all aspects of life.
69. The Book Fair is no longer a means of selling books only but it also became a center for culture, arts and sciences.
70. The school library has a great role in the educational process as it contains the treasures of knowledge.
71. The state seeks to improve teachers' salaries, and this in turn reflects positively on the educational process.
72. Keeping to our religious values ,traditions and culture is greatly important to face ill - effects of globalization.
73. Lots of diseases can be avoided through following sound nutritional habits.
74. The Egyptian Museums are full of Egyptian treasures which must be kept.
75. The Reconstruction of Alex library is a revival of cultural heritage which is a mirror reflecting our civilization.
76. The Egyptian people must unite and stand together to face the challenges of the age.
77. We should create co-operative, productive society, prevailed by peace, love and self-denial.
78. We should care about bringing up our children and socializing them to become good citizens in the future.
79. Birth control and family planning are the best solutions to over -population problem.
80. Egypt has launched two satellites to contribute to spreading our civilization and culture all over the world.
81. Undoubtedly, Reconstruction of Sinai and making it a world tourist center is a strategic target (goal).
82. Educational programmes can have a big role in developing educational process.
83. The child is the nucleus of a successful society if he has been well -brought up since his child hood.
84. We shouldn't despair so as to complete our revolution with just and noble values.
85. The people's feeling of unreliability leads to a big crack between the people and the government.
86. Science must be devoted to serving society to be able to face future challenges.
87. Setting up exhibitions for our monuments abroad has been the best propaganda for ancient Egyptian civilisation.
88. Building our modern society requires unifying the efforts of all faithful sons.
89. Good treatment of tourists is the best propaganda for our country to attract lots of tourist flocks.
90. Undoubtedly, smoking has destructive effects on the health of smokers.
91. Science is a blessing at peace time and at the same time a curse at war time.
92. The influence of the Arabs on civilisation in all fields of knowledge is undeniable.
93. It is obvious that pollution of environment has greatly affected climatic conditions.
94. We must encourage our sons to read at a very early age to be able to form their personalities.
95. T.V is considered the cheapest means of spreading knowledge among the people's different classes.
96. We call for the present government to change the economic system by depending on industry in promoting (sustaining) economy.
97. Music is the food of the spirit and a mirror reflecting the culture and heritage of peoples.
98. Building modern societies contribute greatly to solving housing problem.
99. Satellites are used for weather forecasting, communications and remote sensing.
100. The Egyptian woman has got over the traditional restrictions of society and has  become man's partner in all fields.
101. Man's domination on the Egyptian society has been over and the woman has got all her rights.
102. It is expected for space tourism to become popular / common in the near future.
103. Currently the world is suffering from economic recession (depression) as a result of deterioration of world stock Markets.
104. New laws should be issued / passed to organize economic process and how to invest capital.
105. The Chinese were the first to make paper from wood which led to improving its quality and reducing its cost.
106. People celebrate wedding ceremonies in various ways which differ from one country to another.
107. Learning foreign languages has become a necessity to get a job nowadays.
108. We must have the right quantity of fresh food to keep fit.
109. Without the Nile, Egypt won't have enough water to irrigate its cultivated land.
110. Over the years, scientists' efforts have contributed to man's welfare.
111. Practising sport enables us to resist diseases and enjoy life.
112. We can learn a lot through travelling overseas such as customs, traditions and lifestyles.
113. We must be grateful to our parents for their sacrifices all lifelong.
114. Youth are the hope of the nation in achieving her industrial and agricultural projects.
115. Over the ages, the role of woman in achieving the progress of society can't be ignored.
116. Soaring prices is a complicated problem and its solution lies in increasing production.
117. Correspondence is a favorite hobby for youth which informs them of customs and traditions of other peoples.
118. School has a great effect on the child where it provides him with necessary experiences which help him solve his problems.
119. A rise in temperature, floods, heavy rains and hurricanes are bad consequences for environmental pollution.
120. We must keep / adhere to our ancestors' customs, traditions and principles to keep the entity of our society.
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