Revision on Ch.1 (احياء 3 ثانوى لغات اون لاين وبالصوت والصورة)

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. Revision on Ch.1 (احياء 3 ثانوى لغات اون لاين وبالصوت والصورة)

Biology | Revision on Ch.1
Choose the correct answer with suitable words:

1- The tarsus of man’s foot consists of …… bones.
( 3 - 5 - 7- 9 ).

2- The total number of vertebrae in the human vertebral column is …….. vertebrae.
( 23 - 30 - 33- 40).

3- The total number of cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae of the vertebral column in man is …………
( 7 - 12 - 24- 28 ).

4-The wrist of man’s hand consists of …….. bones.
(4- 6 - 8- 10).

5-The transverse processes is present in ….
(skull - pelvis - vertebrae - scapula).

Biology | Revision on Ch.1

Give the Scientific term for each of the following:

1- Cavity fits the head of thigh bone.
Acetabulum cavity

2- A rounded bone lies anteriorly to the knee joint.

3- A triangle bone with an inner broad end and pointed-outer one.

4- A flat bone, pointed at its lower part which made of cartilage.

5- A curved bone attached to the vertebra at its centrum & its transverse process.
The rib

6- A girdle consists of two identical halves, of scapula & clavicle bone.
The Pectoral girdle

7- A joint consists of two rows of eight carpals.
The wrist joint

8- A girdleconsists of two halves fused at the pubic sumphysis.
The pelvic girdle

9- A deep depression at the connection between ilium and ischium bones.
acetabulum cavity

10- Part of the hind limbs supported by 2 bones, inner tibia and outer fibula.

11- The largest bone of seven tarsals that form The ankle.
the heel

12- The movement of the cytoplasm inside the living cell.
Continuous movement

13- Biological expiration of movement by tendril & pulling roots.
Haptotropism Thigmotropism

14- A tissue have the ability to contract and relax causing motion.
muscular tissue

15- The membrane which surround the muscle bundle.

16- The cytoplasm of the muscle fiber.

17- The membrane which surround the muscle fiber.

18- A king of muscles its myofibril has dark bands and light bands.
the skeletal muscles

19- A king of muscle isstriated and involuntary.
Cardiac muscles

20- The distance between each successive two Z-linesin the myofibril.

21- A part of the myofibril consists of myosin only.

22- A bone that makes a semicircular rotation around the fixed ulna.

23- The semi-lighted that bisect thedark band in the structure of the myofibril.

24- The thick protein filaments in the structure of the myofibril.

25- An enzyme which destroys acetylcholine after performing its function
Cholinesterase enzyme

26- the point of connection between terminal branch of the nerve fibre and the motor end plate of the muscle fibre.
The neuromuscular junction

27- An enzyme is located with enough amounts at the neuromuscular junction.

28- a chemical substance accumulated inmuscle causing spasm & fatigue.
Lactic acid

29- A substance that causes physiological support of plants.

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