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unit 1
find the mistakes
1_My football team get two new players for next year.
2_what have you doing at the weekend?
3_The rocket is going to reach the moon on friday. Everyone watch the landing on tv.
4_By the age of 25, I expect I am going to finish my studies.
5_It's arranged. we will be going to the Red sea this summer.
6_I think my brother is going to be a doctor.
7_Are you play tennis after school today ?
8_I'm going on holiday.
9_This year , I am going on holiday with my family to Italy . I am sure you enjoy it .
10_Will you help me carried this heavy bag , please ?

find the mistakes
unit 2

Five litres of petrol are enough for me to get to work.
How much coffees have you drunk today?
Do we have a rice left?
How many money do you need for your holiday?
Fifty degrees are a very high temperature
Athletics were my father's favourite sport.
The team usually plays very well.
Two hours are a long time to wait.
The people in our group was watching the film.
Hurry! There is not many time left.
Three one-pound coins is on the table.
The police is going to get new uniforms.
Would you like apple?
She drinks much tea.
I don’t know much people in this town.

Find the mistakes

The government is spent a lot of money on education.
The Aswan high dam generate hydroelectric power.
He is admires for his intelligence.
Mother always is after me to do my homework.
He usually drink a cup of coffee after lunch.
We are being ask many questions by the tourist
Smoking don’t allowed in the lecture hall.
English is speak in America.
Nothing is knowing about the missing jewels.
Water is boiling at 100 °C.
He can't speak to you just now. He has a shower.
Oil finds far beneath the earth.
Are you wanting to speak to him now?
Wood is using to make paper.
My office cleans every day.
This place rarely visits by anyone.
In summer, Dalia usually play tennis once or twice a week.
when she is meeting him ,she will tell him the truth
Things are not always what they are appeared to be
He can not speak to you just now .He has a shower

Find the mistakes
unit 4

Twenty million people saw the new film already.
My parents use to live in a small flat in the city centre.
Yesterday evening, we revised for our English test when all the lights went out.
I attend this school for five years.
Our school was opening exactly 25 years ago today.
She played the piano since the age of six and she still plays every day.
Our block of flats build five years ago.
Five trees cut down a week ago.
Yesterday evening, the programme watched by a million people.
Did you used to play with dolls?
I have seen him yesterday.
The washing machine delivers while I was reading the newspaper.
I am used to reading at least one book a week, but now I don't read so many.
While I come to school today, I met an old friend.
The room clean when the earthquake happened.

find the mistakes
unit 5

This year’s prize for crime fiction has won by a 78-year-old man.
Three hundred million people were seen the last World Cup Final on TV.
One of our classroom windows have been broken.
It now know that Egypt was visited by increasing numbers of visitors last year.
Japanese will be speaking at the meeting.
Care should take when working on electrical equipment.
People must not be left bicycles in the driveway.
Lunch was being serve when we arrived.
They are going to be built a new factory in Portland.
They were being painting the house when I arrived.
America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.
Television was invent by John Logie Baird.
Someone has been broken the window.
The paper might not have written.
The bedrooms have to clean.
The company might be hired ten new employees.
He is thought to is a genius.
When Tom arrived, he found that his shop had broken into.
He will give a prize by the teacher.
I remember being giving advice by my father.
He has never be accused of cheating.
My car has damaged in the car park.
Money is being collecting money for children in need.
The date of the meeting will have to change.
She will have been finished her work by eight o’clock in the evening.
The bank robbers will get catch by the police.
Who are going to invited to your wedding party?
He doesn't let himself cheat.
I hate being telling what to do.
I want to be tell me the truth.

find the mistakes
unit 6

If it will rain, we will get wet.
If you leave now, you catch your train.
Water will freeze if the temperature is zero or below.
If you throw that stone, you break a window.
I get a headache if I use the computer for too long.
If she trains hard, she wins next week’s race.
If you’ll mix red and white, you get pink.
If you will water plants regularly they grow well.
If you heat water to 100 º C it will boil.
If you will eat an apple every day, you'll be very healthy.
She looks completely different if she cuts her hair.
You get heart disease if you eat too much meat.
You don’t pass the course if you don’t study.
If I cook some eggs, how many did you eat?
If you do not study, you would fail the test.
If you look in the fridge, you would find some cold drinks.
If there was no oil in the engine, the car will break down.
I will lend you my umbrella if you will need it.
The sea level would rise if the planet gets hotter.
You be safe in an accident if you wear your seatbelt.

unit 7
find the mistakes

He must have failed the exam. He looks very happy.
That house must have been build a few years ago.
He couldn’t have catch the bus.
Samy must have been at school. He was in Alexandria.
You’ve just had lunch. You mustn’t be hungry already.
I didn’t hear the phone. I can’t have been asleep.
Ali hasn’t contacted me. He must have got my message.
A: I can’t find my bag .anywhere
B: You might have leave it in the shop.
There can’t have been a sandstorm. The streets are covered in sand.
She might have ring me early this morning.
He has three cars and a villa. He must be very poor.
You can’t be joking. I can’t possibly lend you that sum of money.
Emad didn’t take his keys with him. He must have seen them on the table.
You can’t be Fahmy. I met you at a language conference in Cairo years ago.
Ali was not at the meeting. He must have read my e-mail.

unit 8
Find the mistakes

He said he’ll see me the next day.
Dalia said she’s doing her homework then.
The inspector asked him weather he always caught such an early train.
He asked me when would the next exam take place.
She promised that she will be home the next morning.
He agreed he would not tell anyone what I have said.
Nadia wanted to know if was I doing anything interesting at the weekend.
They said they were planning to study medicine next year.
He agreed that he will perform the operation the following day.
He told me that he has visited his uncle the day before.
He said that he'd do it today.
I don’t know why are they buying a new house.
He asked me if would I like to run your own business.
Mother asked the children if they have eaten all your food.
He said to me, "What you are doing now?"
He asked me if I went to the club the day before.
He asked me that give me some money.
He asked the children to not talk while eating.
My father advised me not to waste my time.
He asked me what had I bought the day before.

unit 9

If he is a lawyer, he could help you.
If he had enough money, he will buy a car.
If he weren’t short, he could join the basketball team.
If he hadn’t got up late, he wouldn’t have missed the train.
If he had had a map, he wouldn’t have been lost.
If he hadn’t been lazy, he wouldn’t have failed.
If he had worked hard last year, he wouldn’t have failed the exam.
If you hurry up, you’ll miss the train.
He could help you if he is a doctor.
I would write to him if I know his address.
Were he well, he could come to the party.
He could go to the club if he has enough money.
Take an umbrella in case of it rains
If he had an umbrella, he wouldn’t have got wet in the rain.
If he had worked hard, he wouldn’t fail.
Unless my father’s help, I wouldn’t have passed my exams.
Unless the driver was careful he could have avoided a terrible accident.
If the rescuers didn’t make great efforts, many people would have died.
He will succeed provides he studies hard.
Unless I have enough time, I’ll go to the cinema.

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