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the trees that walked القصة المقررة لمن يدرسون bright star

the trees that walked القصة المقررة لمن يدرسون bright star

Written by: Michael F. Jones
Based on the language scheme of the Bright Star
course developed by Sue Mohamed and Chris Jacques
Edited by: Sally Rigg and Michael Daniell


Not SO long before now, قبيل فترة ليست بعيدة من الآن there was a peaceful هادئة أو آمنة village in the countryside. كانت هناك قرية هادئة في الريف .Not many people lived there and there was very little to do. لم يكن ناس كثيرون يعيشون هناك ، ولم يكن هناك إلا القليل يفعلونه The countryside الريف around the village was fresh نقي and green, and the nearby القريب wood غابة was fresh and green, too. Many wild plants grew كانت نباتات برية عديدة تنمو هناك in the wood. A lot of little animals lived there and many birds nested تعشش in the trees. The countryside and the wood were lovely places for walking, and the village children learnt a lot of things about the beauty and importance of nature الطبيعة with their teachers on nature study . walks.

But, as we all know, things rarely remain the same الاشياء نادرا ما تبقى على حالها . Life changes. Nature changes life and people change nature. Since the world began, life has constantly بصورة دائمة changed. Some, changes are for the better and some, maybe, are not. بعض الأشياء تتغير للأفضل وأشياء لاتتغير على هذا النحو. Some changes happen quickly and we can easily بسهولة see the changes that happen. On the other hand, some changes happen so gradually بصورة تدريجية that we do not notice the changes that have happened. So it happened with the village. As the years passed, ومع مرور السنين the village increased زاد in size and became a small town مدينة . As the number of children increased, so did the number of schools. As the number of school-leavers المتخرجين increased, so did the need for more jobs in the town. The Town Council مجلس المدينة invited businessmen رجال الأعمال and industrialists رجال الصناعة to invest in new businesses and industries to create more jobs. And, so, the town began to grow.

As the town grew and grew, the fresh,
green countryside became less and less. The
wood became less, too, as trees were cut down
to provide wood for building. What was at one
time in the past a peaceful, country village became a busy industrial town مدينة صناعية . There were factories مصانع with the newest machines and no one worked with their hands any more. Everything was made by machines. No one travelled on foot or by horse or by bicycle any more. Everyone travelled by car or bus. And, because no one could see the countryside from the town any more and because everyone was busy working in offices and operating the machines يقوم بتشغيل الألات in factories, no one noticed that the air was not so fresh, that the sky was not so clear and that the sun was not so bright. Everyone forgot about nature and its importance to life. However, something very unusual happened to make them remember.

In the wood near the town, the trees became increasingly بصورة متزايدة dissatisfied غير راضين with the situation الموقف that existed around them and one of the oldest trees called a council.
'We have a serious خطير problem,' he said through the breeze. التنفس
The other trees shook هز their leaves اوراق in agreement.
'The people of the town do not care about us. Our numbers here are fewer than before because they have cut us down and have not planted new trees, and the new trees that we grow ourselves are sick and weak.' The trees nodded أشارت their unhappy agreement. 'Look at our leaves. They are covered with the smoke الدخان from factories and cars. How can we breathe and how can our young trees grow strong and healthy?'
We cannot live with people any more!
The trees waved their branches غصون in agreement. 'Where are the birds that used to nest تعشش with us?' the old tree continued. 'Where are the little animals that used to live with us? Where are the plants that used to grow with us? Look at our ground. People come for their picnics رحلات and break our branches, crush يكسر young trees and plants under their feet, thoughtlessly بدون تفكير pick the wild flowers so that no more can grow and, then, leave their picnic rubbish قمامة أو مخلفات at our roots جذور . We cannot live with people any more! If we remain with them, we will die! We must leave them! We must go!'

There was a sudden مفاجئة wind ريح , which carried the answer of all the trees as one voice:
'Yes! We cannot live here! We must go!' The wind carried the answer of the trees from the wood to the town and the trees in the town heard it and said, 'Yes! These people are not good for us! We must go!'

In the dark silence الصمت of the night, while everyone was sleeping, all the trees in the wood and the town pulled their roots from the ground and left يغادر . You can easily imagine يتخيل the shock صدمة of the people when they awoke استيقظ in the morning!

Mrs Puff made and sold fruit pies فطائر الفاكهة . Her best
pies were apple pies. However, when she went
into her garden to pick apples, there was no
apple tree. All she could find were some bad
"- apples on the ground. She was, of course,
absolutely تماما astonished مندهشة and could not believe her eyes.
'Well,' she puffed يهمس في غضب to herself, 'I shall have to pick some plums instead!'
Again, she was absolutely astonished when she saw that there was no plum tree. She was, in fact, so astonished that she fainted أغمي عليها .

Mrs Suds, a laundry غسالة woman, washed clothes for busy people in the town. She had two trees in her garden. Between them was a washingline حبل غسيل on which she hung يعلق the washed clothes to dry يجف . When she went to hang up the washing, all she could find was the washing-line on the ground. There were no trees. She, too, was absolutely astonished and could not believe her eyes. She fainted, too, and all her freshly washed laundry spilled وقع from her laundry basket and got dirty on the ground.

Mr Snooze was the Mayor عمدة of the town. He and his wife always enjoyed breakfast in their garden. They enjoyed drinking their tea, eating their buttered toast and reading their newspapers under their tree, and he particularly بصورة خاصة enjoyed a little morning sleep before going to the Town Hall. When Mrs Snooze carried the breakfast tray into the garden, she, too, was absolutely astonished. Mr Snooze heard a sudden crash of cups, saucers and plates, and when he hurried from the house into the garden, he saw Mrs Snooze unconscious مغمى عليها on the ground surrounded by the broken crockery أطقم الشاي . Then, to his absolute astonishment, he saw that there was no tree.

Mr Snooze called an urgent طارئ meeting of the Town Council.
Very quickly, everyone in the town realized that there were no trees. Mr Snooze called an urgent meeting of the Town Council. Of course, there was a lot of confusion فوضى أو حيرة and no one could say why there were no trees.

'Well,' said Mr Snooze, 'this is an amazing,مدهش astounding محير and impossible situation! Where have all the trees gone? We cannot have a town without trees! And, what is more, Mr Chip, the carpenter نجار , says there are no trees in the wood! The wood has disappeared!اختفت We must organize ينظم a committee لجنة to search for the trees.'

The committee set off انطلقت from the town to search for the trees.
With Mr Snooze as its leader, the committee set off from the town to search for the trees. They travelled a very long way until they came to a large group of trees on a hill.تل It was a very unusual group of trees as there were oak trees,شجر بلوط elm trees, زيزفون apple trees and plum trees and all kinds of trees mixed together,مختلطة which is extremely unusual Mr Snooze realized at once that these trees were from the town.
'Now,' he said to the trees, 'what are you doing here? Why have you left your proper المناسب places?
It is not at all right for you to do this!'
The trees shook their branches angrily بغضب and a bad apple dropped heavily onto Mr Snooze's head.
'We cannot live with you any more,' said one of the oldest trees. 'You do not care about us. If we remain with you, we will die.'

'Yes,' said another tree. 'You cut us down, but you do not plant new trees in our place. You poison يسمم our air, our water and our earth with the smoke from your machines and the rubbish that you leave on our ground. Your numbers increase, but ours do not. How can we make oxygen for so many of you when we become fewer and have to struggle يقاوم أو يكافح with the poisons you give us to live with?'
You do not plant new trees in our place.
'Yes,' said another tree, angrily shaking its dead leaves onto Mr Snooze and the committee. 'You use us for wood. You use us to give you shade يظلل from the hot sun. You enjoy our spring blossoms براعم and our summer fruit. Our roots and our shade help to keep the earth good so that plants and animals can live. We give life and protection حماية and we give you oxygen to breathe. Without us you cannot live, but you do not care about us!'
Teachers used to bring children into our wood to teach them the importance of nature.
'Yes,' said another tree. 'In the past, teachers
used to bring children into our wood to teach
them the importance of nature. Now, you only
come to break our branches, destroy our
young trees and the plants and to leave your
rubbish on our ground. We will die if we
remain with you. You have made us leave,

Mr Snooze was shocked and surprised. Indeed, he was absolutely astonished, but he did not faint.
'Well,' he began thoughtfully, يفكر بعمق rubbing يدعك his head where he felt a large, painful bumpورم . 'It is impossible to have a town without trees, and our town has always had a wood. We must have trees in the town and we must have a wood. We must... ,' he hesitated تردد , unsure غير متأكد of what to say. 'We must... ' And, then, he said firmly بحزم , 'We must make an agreement.'

We will return if we make an agreement.
The trees waved their branches at each other. 'Very well,' said one of them,' we will return if we make an agreement.'

'Just a minute,' said Mr Snooze, shaking the dead leaves from his clothes. 'I must discuss this with the committee.' Mr Snooze and the committee got into a group to discuss the problem. While they were talking together, the trees lowered their branches to listen carefully.
'Very well,' said Mr Snooze to the trees. 'We
realize أدركنا that we have not cared about you
properly and we realize how important you are to
us. Maybe, you do not need us, but we realize that we need you. We shall instruct يعطي تعليمات our teachers to take our children into the wood to teach them the importance of nature. We shall put notices in the wood to tell people to care and we shall have laws قوانين to punish يعاقب people who do not obey يطيع the notices. We shall have laws to punish people who poison the air, the water and the earth. Also, we shall have laws to punish people who cut down trees and do not plant new trees in their place.' He waited a moment and, then, said, 'Do you accept this agreement?'
The trees lowered. their branches to each
other to discuss the agreement. While they
were discussing the agreement, Mr Snooze
and the committee waited anxiously في قلق for their
answer. Then, there was a sudden wind and
the wind carried the answer of the trees as
one voice, 'Yes, we agree.' With sighs of relief يتنفس بإرتياح ,
Mr Snooze and the committee returned to
their homes in the town, where Mrs Snooze
put a bag of ice on the bump on Mr Snooze's

The next day, Mr Snooze and the Town Council informed everyone about the new laws. They published ينشر the new laws in the newspapers and they displayed ييعلن أو ينشر the new laws on notices around the town and in the place of the wood. Also, they told the Education Minister وزير التعليم that all the town's children had to have nature lessons in the wood.
The morning after that, Mrs Puff went into her garden.
'Thank goodness الحمد لله you've returned!' she cried with relief, and picked apples and plums for her fruit pies.
Mrs Suds went into her garden. 'Thank goodness you've come back!' and she hung her washing on the line between the two trees.
'Thank goodness you've come back.'

Mr Chip went into the wood to cut wood for furniture الأثاث , but was sure there was a new tree growing, and a teacher took her pupils into the wood to teach them the importance of nature. And Mr Snooze? He enjoyed his breakfast and morning sleep in his favourite المفضل place under his favourite tree with a large bump still on his head.

1 Briefly explain how the village changed into a
large town.
2 For what reason(s) did the people in the town
forget about nature?
3 Why did the air become less fresh, the sky less
clear and the sun less bright?
4 The trees in the wood were angry with the people
who visited the wood. Why?
5 The Town Council displayed notices telling people
what to do and what not to do. What do you think the notices said?
6 What happened to people who did not obey the
7 What is the message ofthe story?
Use words from the story to complete the sentences. write the word in each space.
1 Mrs Puff and Mrs Suds were so astonished that
they and fell to the ground.
2 Mr Snooze had a large on his head
where the apple fell on him.
3 The committee and the trees made an _
4 The trees complained that people left their picnic
____ on the ground.
5 Mr Snooze found his wife on the
ground in their garden.
6 Mr Snooze's place was under the tree
in his garden,

Write the opposite of the following words :
Example: happy unhappy
1 obey
2 conscious
3 agree
4 important
5 usual
6 possible
7 believe
8 satisfied

Rearrange the following sentences :

1 trees search must We committee the a
to organize for.
2 fainted astonished sJ o that She was she.
3 punish who people obey not do notices
the laws to have shall We.
4 her not eyes Mrs Puff believe could.
5 ice bag of head Mrs Snooze a put on
Mr Snooze's.
An agreement
A picnic
One of the oldest tree called a council.
'Where are the birds that use to nest with us?'
'We must to go!'
Mr and Mrs Snooze enjoyed drinking their tea and read their newspapers under their tree.
Everyone realized that there was no trees in the town.
A tree dropped one of it's apples onto Mr Snooze.
a Cups, saucers and plates
Rubbish dropped in the street
Poison in the air, water or earth
A spoken or written contract
A meal in the countryside
f Clothes for washing and ironing
• 1
I .... ..
1 there were oak trees elm trees apple trees and
plum trees all mixed together
2 thank goodness youve come back said mrs suds
3 why have you left your proper places mr snooze
asked the trees
4 an old apple tree dropped one of its bad apples
onto mr snoozes head
1 The environment البيئة is important to everyone, but
there are a lot of problems in the world. Some problems are in the story. Can you find them? Do you know any other problems?
2 Why are trees important to us? The story gives us
some answers to this question. Can you find them?
Do you have any other answers?
3 Greenpeace جماعة السلام الأخضر and The World Wild Life Fund الصندوق العالمي لحماية الحياة البرية are
international عالمية organizations منظمات that try to protect the world's environment. Many countries دول have their own environment protection projects to protect plants and animals, the countryside, lakes بحيرات , rivers and seas. What about your country? Are there any environment protection projects?مشروعات لحماية البيئة

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