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English language test specifications of the new high school

English language test specifications of the new high school

A – Language Functions ( 8 Marks )
1- Respond to each of the following situations: ( 4 Marks )
a A friend wants to know what job you would like to do when you leave school.
b A friend asks you why you'd like to be a doctor.
c Your teacher asks you why you enjoy learning English.
d A relative wants to know the best thing about your school.
2- Say where each of the following two mini – dialogues take place and who the speakers are: : ( 4 Marks )
1- A : What’s wrong , sir ?
B : It’s this tooth .
A : Oh, I’m afraid you’ll have it
pulled out ,sir ?
2 -A: Open this suitcase, please.
Have you anything to declare?
B: No, sir.
A: Very well, you may go through
B- Vocabulary and structure ( 14 marks )
3- Choose the correct answer from a,b,c or d : (8 marks )
A company can send a ……. when it needs people to speak for it at a meeting.1-
a) refrigeration b) delegation c) formation participation
2- We call the children of our children our ……. .
a) grandchildren b) daughters c) ancestors sons
3-- You can ……. air conditioning in a modern building if it is too hot .
a) insist b) inspire c) install intake
4- A police officer, a nurse and a fireman wear a ……..
a) form b) clothes c) uniform universal
5-- Surgeons ……. operations on people in hospitals.
a) do b) make c) carry suffer
6- My brother has a very difficult decision to ……. next week.
a) do b) make c) carry suffer
My sister works for a ……. Organisation7-
a) countable b) charitable c) chartable d) legible
8- Everyone ……. mistakes when they're learning something new.
a) does b) makes c) carries d) suffers
9-After I finished school, I…………….. tourism at university.
a) studied b) have studied c) am studying d) study
10- What exams………… you passed?
a) might b) have c) did d) are
11. Has Sara ………. for any jobs yet?
a) application b) apply c) applied d) applying
12. Mona……………. at Ain Shams Hospital on Thursdays and Fridays.
a) have worked b) has worked c) works d) is working
13. The university is…………… for a qualified doctor at the moment.
a) advertising b) advertises c) advertised d) advertisement
14. While I………. for work I saw an advertisement for my dream job!
a) looks b) have looked c) looked d) was looking
15. People…………. work when they are older for many reasons.
a) have continued to b) continuing to c) continue to d) continued
16. I ………. working for your company
a) enjoyed to b) have enjoyed c) enjoying d) enjoyed
4- Find the mistake in each of the following sentences then write it correctly : (6 marks )
1-I'm looking forward to see you.
2-He is interesting in music
3-The war films have a negative effect to people
4- She's going to look for a new job when she'll return to her country.
5-I meet him a short time ago.
6- While I studying, the light went out
C – Reading ( 17 Marks )
5- Read the following passage then answer the questions ( 5 marks )
Would you like to be a teleworker? Teleworkers are people who work for companies, but not in companies. That is to say, they do company work at home, usually on computers
Teleworkers communicate with their bosses by telephone or fax. Some companies also give videophones to their teleworkers so they can see work colleagues when they speak to them.
Teleworking is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. The biggest advantage for companies is that teleworking reduces the companies' running costs. Having fewer employees at work means less office space. Also, computers are now quicker and easier to use, and the price keeps going down . For a company which needs more workers, one of the cheapest solutions can be to train employees in computer skills and to give them a personal computer to use at home.
However, before you apply for a job as a teleworker, you should ask yourself if it is really the best situation for you. Bill Smith, who works for a big company, hasn't enjoyed his last three months at home. "I often fall asleep at the computer because I don't have anybody to talk to," he says. 'So at lunchtime, I often go to the nearest cafeteria and then the afternoon is gone!' Next week, he's starting a new job in a company where there are five people in a small office. 'I can't wait!' he says.
A. Answer the following questions:
1-Why do some companies like to employ teleworkers?
2- If you get the chance, would you like to work as a teleworker? Why? Why not?
3-How do teleworkers usually communicate with their bosses and colleagues?
B- Choose the best answer from a,, b, c or d:
Bill Smith says, "I can't wait" because he-------------------------------4-
a) wants to work as a teleworker b) likes working at home
c) enjoys going to the cafeteria d) wants to work in an office
5- According to Bill Smith, working alone makes you feel-------------------------
a) hungry b) cheerful c) bored d) happy
6- Read the following passage then answer the questions ( 5 marks )
Helen Keller was an American writer who worked hard for handicapped people. She was a great example of a person who conquered physical handicaps. A serious illness destroyed her sight and hearing by the time she was about two years old. Because of this, she was unable to speak and was entirely shut off from the world. However, she was able to overcome her difficulties and become internationally famous. Through the sense of touch, Ann Sullivan, who had been blind during childhood, but surgery partially restored her sight, could teach her reading and writing in Braille method. Gradually, the child was able to connect words with objects. Within three years, she knew the alphabet and could read and write.
Until she was ten, Helen could talk only with the sign language of the deaf mute. By the time she was sixteen, she could learn to speak with the help of a teacher of the deaf. She went to a private secondary school and to college from which she graduated with honours.
After college, She was interested in improving the conditions of the blind, the deaf and all the handicapped. She spoke on their behalf in more than 25 countries. She gave lectures and wrote many books and articles. She asked for funds from wealthy people. During World War II, she helped the soldiers who had been blinded in the war. She always gave courage to the handicapped.
A- Answer the following questions:
1- How could she learn to read and write?
2- Who does the underlined pronoun her refer to?.
3- Mention two things Helen did to help the handicapped?
B- Choose the best answer from a,, b, c or d:
1-Although she lost her sight and hearing, Helen --------------------------.
a) could see, hear and speak when she was 18 b) was shut off from the world
c) asked for funds from wealthy people
d) could overcome her disabilities and become famous
2-The underlined word ‘wealthy” means -----------------------.
a) handicapped b) kind c) rich d) blind
The spiders (7 marks)
7- ( A ) Answer the following questions: ( 3 MARKS )
1- The robbers were highly equipped ,explain ?
2- What was the oldest man plan to get the treasures ?
(B) Complete the Following Sentences: ( 2 MARKS )
3- The four men switched off the lights and engines in order..........
4-The small man shouted “Let’s get out of here” because .....................
read the following quotations and then answer the questions ( 2 MARKS ) (c )
"If there are more rooms here, this machine will find them in minutes"
a- Who said this? To whom?
c- What was this machine used for?
D- Writing (11 marks)
8- Write a paragraph about 100 words about …………… (6 marks)
8-Write an e-mail of about 100 words to your friend Hassan telling
him about a book you have read recently. Tell your friend why you
liked or disliked it. Your name is Wessam Ahmed.
Translation (5 marks)
9- (a) – Translate into Arabic : (3 Marks )
Internet shopping has greatly grown nowadays. Lots of shops and companies now have user- friendly websites to make buying easier, cheaper and more interesting.
people are attracted to online shopping In this way, more and more
(2 Marks ) b Translate into English:
متى ستصل الطائرة إلى مطار روما: صباحا أم مساء ؟
علينا جميعا أن نتعاون سويا وان نكون متسامحين من اجل أن نعيش حياة أفضل

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