مدرس اون لايندخول

550 سؤال احتيارى لامتحان انجليزى الثانوية العامة

550 سؤال احتيارى لامتحان انجليزى الثانوية العامة

1- Find the mistakes then write them correctly:
1- While he does his homework, his friend arrived.
2- Before she did research on new treatments, she works as a surgeon.
3- My brother has a difficult decision to do next week.
4- He isn't finishing the job yet.
5- When the company needs people to speak for it at a meeting, it can send a relation.
6- Both my parents are tired. They no longer work.
1- What did you do since the weekend?
2-When would you start to learn English? – Two years ago.
3-I want to be a doctor since I was ten.
4-When I was eight. I have seen a programme about a famous doctor on TV.
5-We were having a meeting this morning when suddenly all the lights were going out.
6-At the moment my sister trains to be a primary teacher.
7-Metals are expanding when they are heated.
8-She does research on plants a few years ago.
9-I knew him for ten years.
10-I didn't see the film yet.
11-What do your do? – I'm reading a story.
12-The better thing about this job is that it is well-paid.
13-She felt ashamed because she did a silly mistake.
14-Dr. Magdy Yacoub made many heart transplant operations.
15-She helped me doing the job.
16-Egypt sent a trade allegation to the conference.
17-Policemen usually wear a platform.
18-He had a kidney transport last year.
19-The normal requirement age in Egypt is 60.
20-She is interested on reading newspapers.
21-The complimentary on the Olympic Games was much better on the other channel.
22- A carpenter represents one country in another.
23-Could you give me a quick exploration of how this machine works?
24-This designer always comes up with new ideas. He is very imaginary.
25-They chose a famous lawyer to present them in court.
26-They were arrested as breaking the law.
27-He had to apologize owing to he made a shameful mistake.
28-As well as she studied hard, she played tennis regularly.
29-If he reads the questions carefully, he answers them.
30-There were no accidents though the dangerous roads.
31I like most school subjects because I don't like physics.
32-As soon as seeing the accident, I called the police.
33-However the box was heavy, he could carry it.
34-In addition to he wrote the letter, he saw the film.
35-Because they played very well, they lost the match.
36-The people in our street are very neighbouring. They always help each other.
37-My uncle is a represent for an international oil company.
38-You should not ridiculous people who have different ideas from you.
39-Despite the weather was bad, we went out.
40-He didn't go out as his illness.
41-As well as he goes to the market, he visited some friends.
42-He was driving with one hand and waving with the another.
43-She was the last student arrives at school.
44-The government gives private care to setting up new projects.
45-I look forward to see that play.
46-She allowed me using her computer.
47-I need to draw some money out of my discount.
48-The government is trying to contract more tourists to visit Egypt.
49-Many people in Egypt still wear conditional clothes.
50-He couldn't decide which one he liked good.
51-The information in this report is based on a spray completed by 2000 students.
52-What were you doing when I am calling you?
53-By the time my father was 18, he has been at work for two years.
54-My sister is really happy. She is just winning the first prize.
55-Alexandria was the last place I was spending a holiday.
56-In the past, people thought that the earth has been flat.
57-I will see a good film recently.
58-He would give me back my money a few hours ago.
59-At the moment he has cleaned the room.
60-I am understanding this math problem very well.
61-I didn't eat hamburger since last October.
62-She has been mopping يمسح the floor when she heard the bad news on the radio.
63-She slipped on a banana skin and breaks her leg.
64-I don't speak to him since Christmas.
65-I don't have any cash on me, so could I pay by click?
66-Internet connection via broadcast offers many advantages
67-My sister wants to open a bank deposit.
68-She is gone to finish her work early today.
69-Can she intend to study medicine in the USA?
70-We are packing our luggage because we have gone to travel to Italy.
71-Should you close that window, please?
72-The bookcase isn't well fixed. It's will go falling.
73-Football players pass the ball to each other until one player can win a goal 74-Space scientists has to work in large, complex teams to send people into space. 75-Elephants and gorillas live in large family groups to bringing up their young. 76-In a recent experience, scientists showed that birds can cooperate on complex jobs. 78-The birds could see the food, but to get him into their cage, they had to pull pieces of string attached to the box.
79-Scientists found that they could successfully learn many pairs of birds to get their food in this way.
80-Winning the Olympic gold medal was the realize of his life's dream.
81-They help you talk through your problems but they don't give you any salutations.
82-The ending of the film was printable. Everybody knew what was going to happen.
83-I would like to compress my thanks for your kindness.
84-He was the first man to example the land. No one has been there before him.
85-Italy is an European country. 86-The continent to the east of Europe is the Asia. 87-The Aswan High Dam is on river Nile in Egypt. 88-Good doctor needs a lot of experience. 89-I must go to bank and change some money. 90-I really enjoyed book I've just finished reading. 91-I'm just going to have wash. 92-All I had for lunch was piece of cake. 93-It's a honour to get this international award. 94-During sixties, people were interested in music. 95- France is part of an European Union.96-Gobi is a huge Desert in Asia. 97-The Mediterranean Sea is between the Europe and Africa.98-The teacher hit the children into three groups.
99-Something that makes you feel afraid is pleasing.
100-We should build a filter to protect us from the wind and rain.
101-Seeing my friend after such a long time really did my day.
102-She spoke in a quite voice so as not to wake him.
103-Medicine as a confession is very profitable.
104-What do you like better about your job?
105-I'm thinking in buying a new car.
106-One day, out of the black, she announced that she was leaving.
107-He made his cool although she insulted him.
108-He was in a tight corridor when his new car was stolen.
109-His happy is listening to classical music.
110-Prices have risen by an avenge of 4% over the past year.
111-The much food you eat, the fatter you become.
112-The place was more farther than I thought.
113-No student in our class is as cleverer as John.
114-This is the more higher building in our city.
115-Tokyo is the more busier city in the world.
116-She is more hard-working of all the students in this class.
117-The blue vase is the same price than the yellow one.
118-The weather is many colder than normal for this time of year.
119-That’s the funny joke I have ever heard.
120-Eating fruit is most fattening than eating chocolate.
121-This is most exciting film I've ever seen.
122-The most tall building in our city is the central bank.
123-English is more easier to learn than Chinese.
124-Pirates are people who climb mountains.
125-The highest point of a mountain is called a transmit.
126-The sea line is the average height of the sea.
127-Morocco is located in the Atlantic ocean.
128-She was looking forward to seen the grandchildren again.
129-I was rented by the first company I applied to.
130-She can't affect to buy a new house.
131-His monthly fare is $1,000.
132-I don't eat meat, but I like almost types of fish
133-I think I'm suffering from the affects of too little sleep.
134-She has built up a shine of 80 bookshops across the country.
135-The clothes, what are made of Egyptian cotton, are very good quality.
136-I remember the day which my son was born.
134-This is the neighborhood when I spent most of my childhood.
135-The animals whose are in the zoo are all endangered species.
136-Archaeology is knowledge and equipment used in scientific or industrial work.
137-Companies can now accommodate goods all around the world.
138-Employees in this shop usually get their salaries every Friday
139-Ali and Peter look very similar accept that Ali is a little taller
140-That's not the way to doing it - let me show you.
141-He suggested to visit the museum.
142-I phone my uncle since 8 o'clock this morning. I wonder what the matter is.
143-I didn't see my cousin since the last school holiday.
144-That’s the worst place I’ve never visit.
145-I haven’t talked to him since he leaves school.
146-It’s the first time he is flying in a helicopter.
147-How long is it since you are meeting him?
148-This land is infertile. It can produce a large number of good crops.
149-Carbons provide our bodies with heat and energy.
150-Protein is an animal which helps us to grow and be healthy.
151-A leaf is the part of a plant from which a new plant of the same kind can grow.
152-Millions of people face salutation because they don't have enough to eat.
153-I hope you good health.
154-I really admit people who can work in such difficult conditions.
155-They are selecting money for the new hospital.
156-John is used to driving a ten-year-old small car, but now he drives a big new one.
157-When I was young, I am used to have a phobia of spiders, but now I don't.
158-I don't use to play computer games, but now I play them occasionally.
159-When I was in Alexandria, I am used to going swimming every day.
160-Where did you used to go for holiday when you were a child?
161-He isn't used to having any guests, but now he has parties every weekend.
162-They don't use to go camping for a holiday, but now they stay in the best hotels.
163-People used to work very long hours, but now they work so many hours.
164-The cities are used to being smaller, but now they are much bigger.
165-People are used to travelling by horse and cart, but now they travel by cars.
166- It is too a polluted area that no one can live there.
167-The area is so polluted for anyone to live there.
168-She is such young to drive a car.
169-There was so much noise in the street for me to concentrate.
170-There was enough a lot of noise in the street that I couldn’t concentrate.
171-The clothes were too expensive for her that she could buy.
172-This project is such complicated that we can’t take it on.
173-She spoke such softly that no one could hear her
174-There is enough much work for one person to handle.
175-The food was such delicious that we ate it all.
176-He’s not used to drink so much coffee.
177-He doesn't smoke no longer.
178-The job was difficult enough for him to do.
179-The tests are vertical to those carried out last year. They are exactly the same.
180-Computer-controlled robots are taking over annual jobs in many industries.
181-He was able to provide the police with some valueless information.
182- This helped them to solve the crime.
183-What have you been done since we last met?
184-I've been drinking three cups of tea this morning.
185-He plays squash all morning – that's why he looks so tired.
186-An amateur is a person who does as a job what people usually do as a hobby.
187-A silver medal is a medal for being first in an Olympic race.
188-Although he had an injury, he took place in the competition.
189-My father has been travelling abroad six times in the last two months.
190-My brother has just been passing his university exams – that's why he looks so happy.
191-He lives in London for 20 years now and he doesn't intend to move.
192-I'm sorry my clothes are dirty. I clean my garage.
193-Sensation is suffering or death caused by lack of food.
194-I'd talk that the government should make more efforts to solve this problem.
195-The doctor who's clinic is next to the bank is very clever.
196-I hope I am getting my university degree next month.
197-Asia is the largest city in the world.
198-He couldn't finish the book because it was too serial.
199-Relative people inhabited this island 2000 years ago.
200-He went board on business.
201-Turn left and you'll see the hospital above of you.
203-All the passengers and chew survived the crash.
204-I'll visit you wherever I have time.
205-He commented me a good book to read.
206-I wish getting a new job soon.
207-She did the job well and neither did Hala.
208-He can't use the computer and so can't I.
209-The mountain is incredibly height.
210-The man who's house collapsed during the earthquake was so sad.
211-The boy whose written the e-mail is my cousin.
212-The company who's employees went on strike closed down.
213-This is the man whose works for the computer company.
214-Nobody saw the thieves who's robbed the gas station.
215-She didn't know the way to the station, was she?
216-Nobody is here, isn't he?
217-A lot of money has to be collected, have it?
218-I don't think he'll pass the driving test, can't he?
219-That's not the right answer, does it?
220-Electrical engineering is the science of changing the structure of the genes of a living thing in order to make it healthier or stronger.
221-Automatic farming does not use chemical fertilizers.
222-Nobody leaves until the meeting had ended.
223-We always go aboard in summer.
224-Africa is the second largest of the world's countries.
225-We all went assure when our ship came to port.
226-She was tired when she arrived home. She is working all day.
227-By the time he reached the bus stop, the bus has already been leaving.
228-Before he is sending the e-mail, he made two phone calls.
229-Some houses are very cold because they have no roof installation.
230-The whole area was fattened by the storm.
231-It took us several minutes to overlook the front door and get in.
232-Biography plays a vital role in building design.
233-The lifeguard rescued the sinking boy.
234-He lives in a close village. It's far from the nearest town.
235-He started writing in his mid twenties. By then, he travels all over the world.
236-Before he went back to America,he has been living with a group of primitive people .
237-As soon as he received the phone call, he has gone to the airport.
238-He looked very tired. He works so hard all weekend.
239-She seemed to be very happy. Perhaps she is receiving some good news.
240-I am seeing a good film last night.
241-He sounded very angry when I spoke to him this morning. Perhaps he loses his job.
242-She wasn't helping her mother until she had done the homework.
243-She was excited about going to London. She has never been there before.
244Copper commits electricity better than other materials do.
245-This block of flats is twenty stairs high.
246-The Pyramids took a long time to conduct.
247-People sometimes think in a similar way to their descendants.
248-He used the close control to turn off the TV.
249-Buildings with thick walls keep on the heat.
250-We designed our house by itself.
251-This car belongs to our neighbours. It's them.
252-People live in houses to protect ourselves from the weather.
253-This machine is automatic. It works by himself.
254-This is not your camera. It's him.
255-People are not allowing to park here.
256-All the questions must answer in order.
257-Our products export to many countries.
258-She got hurting while cleaning the kitchen.
259-This painting is going to exhibit at the art gallery.
260-The man is questioning at the police station at the moment.
261-This problem should solve soon.
262-Historical land is used for growing crops and keeping animals.
263-Egypt has very beautiful landslides.
264-A lot of tourists visit this place to enjoy the duty of nature.
265-It is knowing that people have lived in the desert
267-They arrested at the airport last week.
268-He is operating on at the moment.
269-We should protect our historic and famous moments.
270-A wreckage tour is a holiday arranged by a company for a fixed price.
271-A distillation is the place you are going to.
272-There house is so big.
273-The dog moved it's tail when it saw me.
274-The job herself is good but the boss is unkind.
275-Can you introduce your, please?
276-Please help myself to more tea.
277-The flat overlooking the park belongs to ours.
278-The children cooked their meal by them.
279-He owns a beautiful flat in London on the third ground.
280-They live in an attached house. They don't have any close neighbours.
281-The block of flats where he lives has eight stories.
282-Its the best book I've ever read.
283-Has been given the first prize, he invited all his friends to lunch.
284-He sit up a company that sells computers.
285-We had an armed system installed in our house.
286-Youssef Chahine is a famous film detector.
287-Having interviewed for two hours, she was accepted for the job.
288-He disguised himself so as not to recognize by the police.
289-New cities could build in the desert.
290-The command for oil this month has exceeded supply.
290-The government is going to put a pan on the import of cars.
291-The plane deduced speed as it approached the airport.
292-The milk has run away.
293-We need to buy some.
294-Plants are the main source of electronic oxygen.
295-In the past, people can't find clean water, so there were a lot of diseases.
296-She's been trying to pass her driving test for six years and she's finally managed in passing it.
297-I don't see my neighbour any more. He must moved to a new house.
298-He can read or write. He is illiterate.
299-Excuse me, should you tell me the way to the station, please?
300-We could get into our car because our keys were locked inside.
301-We will keep out of oil in 20 years.
302-Almost any information you need shall be found on the internet.
303-He uses a stethoscope and wears a white coat. He can't be a doctor.
304-She can the ability to do her job very efficiently.
305-He had no keys. He must get into the house through the window.
306-When I was young, I can ride a bicycle.
307-You may not park your car here. It's against the law.
308-The demand on oil is increasing all the time.
309-Hanger causes the death of thousands of people every year.
310-The volcano adapted and caused a lot of damage.
311-An animation is something that you have been wanting to achieve for a long time.
312-He was concluded in the team because he was a good player.
313-She spilled the juice while she was touring it.
314-An accountant is a person who collects fares on a bus or a train.
315-They had a long cheat with her about her job.
316-If I felt tired, I usually go to bed early.
317-If I found any money at school, I'll take it to one of the teachers.
318If you haven't taken those photos, I wouldn't have remembered our holiday.
319-I'll tell you if I saw anything unusual.
320-If there hadn't been a doctor on the train, the man would die.
321-If his wife hadn't been rich, he doesn't marry her.
322-Unless she makes that phone call, she wouldn't have known about his illness.
323-Unless he arrives early, he will have missed the lecture.
324-If he were a lawyer, he helps me.
325-Had he seen the signal, he wouldn't make that accident.
326-If I found any money at school, I'll take it to one of the teachers.
327-I'll tell you if I saw anything unusual.
328-If you haven't taken those photos, I wouldn't have remembered our holiday.
329-When he heard the news, he was talkative. He said nothing.
330-I didn't understand the lecture. It was completely meaningful to me.
331-The President made an unexpected advertisement this morning.
332-A playwright is a person who writes poems
333-The government does its best to reclaim the education system.
334-The police set a trip for the thieves.
335-His latest novel was a best sale.
336-There were over 100 survival of the crash, but 50 people died.
337-Zoos have lenses to keep animals in and to keep people out.
338-He needs a great deal of money to reduce the film.
339-A psychologist studies prehistoric forms of life.
340-You should be curious while driving your car or you'll have an accident.
341-Dr. Zewail got several international rewards for his achievements.
342-We should stop referring with nature.
343-The boat sailed towards the main ground of France.
345-Many wild animals are threatened with extension.
346-In what ways can human affected by science?
347-He awarded a prize for one of his novels.
348-He writes about humans be infected by germs.
348-This island inhabits only by birds.
349-This scientific report can understand by ordinary people.
350-What must done to solve this problem?
351-We should all take part in the bottle against disease and poverty.
352-We must find an answer for the problem of climate change.
353-The main cause for global warming is the pollution from factories.
354-I'd like to find out more with studying in a different country.
355-Egypt is most famous at its beautiful Pyramids.
356-My brother isn't very good for playing basketball.
357-Smoking may result from cancer.
358-She recovered about her illness.
359-We should protect the environment with pollution.
360-He complained with hotel manager about the food he had for breakfast.
361-She was ashamed about herself when she made a mistake.
362-He agreed on helping me with my homework.
363-He suggested to look for the information on the internet.
364-He reminded me with buying a newspaper for him.
365-She told me she is going to buy a new house.
366-My elder brother decided for traveling abroad.
367-These remote islands are only inhibited by birds and animals.
368-Cairo has a pollution of over 10 million people.
369-My father raises at 5 every morning to do exercise.
370-Objects of historical interest are usually kept in companies.
371-The hotel is in a lovely vacation overlooking the lake.
372-Before roads were building across the desert, hardly any visitors came to Dakhla.
373-You may persuade to think again if you visit this oasis.
374-The job is doing at the moment.
375-The injured man couldn't walk and his friends had to be carried him.
376-A new hospital has built near the airport.
377-Dangerous driving are caused a lot of accidents.
378-A decision won't be making before the end of the month.
379-It is saying that many people are homeless after the floods.
380-The current of Egypt is the pound.
381-Most hotels in Egypt have a good repetition.
382-You have to take any more pills. You are quite well now.
383-You must drink this liquid. It's poisonous.
384-You need to bring any food with you tomorrow. I'll have enough for us all.
385-You have to clean the kitchen today. I'll do it in a few hours.
386-We didn't have waited long. A bus came at once.
387-I needn't pay the bill last year.My brother was here then and he paid it.
388-I got to finish this work at 7 p.m.
389-I'll needn't to go in a few minutes. I don't want to miss my plane.
390-Should you have to clean the house yourself? – No, someone did it for me.
391-Does she got to send the e-mail today?
392-You can stay at home if you want. You mustn't come with us.
393-You have to buy that book. I can lend you mine.
394-You don't need to take that medicine. You will get worse if you don't.
395-All the prices here are flexible. They cannot be changed.
396-We arrived at our desperation tired and hungry.
397-We should encourage terrorism as it brings a lot of hard currency into our country.
398-We have a smoke arm in our kitchen to warn us in case of fire.
399-Where have the jewels kept?
400-When were they held the conference?
401-He hopes to promote to general manager.
402-How many people does your company unemployed?
403-My cousin, where is a research chemist, works in the food industry.
404-My brother went to Oxford University which he studied economics.
405-John, which grew up in London, has lived in Egypt for 1 5 years.
406-The university which my uncle works is in Cairo.
407-The university where I want to go to is near my uncle.
408-My uncle Ahmed, where is a businessman , lives in Cairo.
409-Tanta, whose is Egypt's fifth largest city, has many mosques.
410-Ahmed, when has many customers in India, often goes there for holidays.
411-Ahmed's clothes company, where he started in 1950, exports all over the world.
412-The reason I like this job is that I meet all kind of people
413-The better thing about working here is the friendly people.
I enjoy working here because every day is difference.414-
415-The main cause is I'm proud to be helping to make Egypt a better place
416-Since I started the job, I met important people from all over the world.
417-Yesterday I was interviewed business leaders in Cairo
418-Now I work for a well-known Egyptian company that writes computer programs.
.419-At the moment, I'm making research on a computer program for this company
420-I was wanting to be a doctor since I was ten.
421-When I was eight, I was seeing a programme about a famous Egyptian doctor on T.V.
422-We make a card for my brother. Do you want to help?
423-We were having a meeting at work when suddenly all the office lights went out
424-My sister was always enjoying working with children.
425-At the moment, she trains to be a primary school teacher.
426-Professor Magdi Yacoub is a world-fame heart surgeon.
427-He was born in Egypt in 1935, the son of a surgery who worked in different places around the country.
428-The family had to move every little years,
429-Yacoub learnt to adopt to different situations and enjoyed meeting different people
430-When his aunt died due to a heart problem, Yacoub decided to become a lung surgeon.
431-He studied medicine at Cairo University and qualified for a doctor in 1957.
432-In the 1960s, he teach at Chicago University in the United States and worked with many of the world's best heart surgeons
433-Now Yacoub had the qualified and experience to do great things
434- In 1973, he became a heart sergeant at Harefield Hospital in England.
435-Under his friendship, Harefeld became the most important transplant
centre in the country
436-In the early 1980s, he was part of the band which did the first British heart transplant operation.
437-At this time, Yacoub travelled thousands of kilometres in small planes
and helicopters to find healthy hearts for transport..
438-Yacoub became Professor at Heart Surgery at London University in 1986
439-Although he tired as a surgeon in 2001, Yacoub continued to research new treatments Recently he was part of team which did new 29.
440-If you ask why he continues to work in his70s 30.he will say that he believes he can do a difference to people's lives.
441-For this reason he works for a company in Africa which helps children with heart roblems
442-What is the normal retired age for people in Egypt?
443-Can society benefit of people who work in their 70s or 80s?
444-What are people's main causes for continuing to work when they are older?
445-Do older people have any special quantities that younger people don't have?
446-What charitable organised are important in Egypt?
447-How importance a part do charities play around the world today?
448-If you have a qualification in maths or some accounting experiment, apply in
writing to: P.O. Box 43, Cairo.
449-Surgeons make operations on people in hospitals. 39
450-My brother has a very difficult decision to do next week
451-My sister, who works for a charitable organisation believes her work makes a difference to people's lives
452-Everyone does mistakes when they're learning something new.
453-It's been more than 20 years since surgeons made the first heart transplant operation in Britain
454-There's a factory in our town which makes parts for cars and buses.
456-Without he doesn't have a study plan, it is easy to waste time.
457-Ayman lent a football from Osama
458-Having writing the letter, he put a stamp on it and took it to the post office.
459-The television didn't work although My sister had broken it.
460-They are brothers. Despiteone was wearing a new suit. The other was wearing old clothes.
461-After finished the secondary school. He entered the university.
462-She was painting the picturewhile the telephone rang.
463-What were you doing when saw you in the bank yesterday?
464-He advised her to she passed the test.
465-He let us to take part in the play.
466-My brother has been in London for 1998.
467-I know him for 5 years.
468-I am teaching in this school since 1995.
469-It's a week since I have heard from you.
470-I last played football since I was on holiday.
471-The last time I have visited the pyramids was in 1995.
472-I haven't met him a month ago.
473-I didn't study English for 2 days.
474-It's ages since I have last gone to a football match.
475-The last time Bill came here was since 1997.
476-Hani bought those glasses last year, and is wearing them ever since.
477-He just arrived at the party.
478-I'm not decorating my room yet.
479-I only buy my new camera last week, but I already take 300 photos with it.
480-My father work in a bank in the city centre. He work there for fifteen years.
481-My company have an important meeting last month.A delegation come from their office in Japan.
482-I be so tired last night that I fall asllep while I watch a film on Tv.
483-At the moment, we do a history project at school. It be very interesting.
484-She's so badly behaved in spite of her mother lets her get away with everything.
485-Afaf used to plying tricks on his young brother.
486-A lawyer who advises people about the law.
487-They've got three private cars although they are rich.
488-However weakness he is , he won the race.
489-It is necessary for us to go back on foot last night.
490-After he has had his tea, he went out for a work.
491-First he did his homework after he watched T.V.
492-However her politeness, she is still unmarried.
493-It is forbid to wait here.
494-My uncle is a represent of an international oil company.
495-Despite the weather was bad, I went out.
496-he didn't go out because his illness.
497The people in the street are very neighbouring. they always help each other.
498-If he read the question carefully, he will answer it correctly.
499-Never He neglect his work
500-She cutting the grass.
501- We didn't know the reason he was absent,
502-He is poor, so can't buy a car
503-He studies hard so as not to succeed
504-She wants to be a doctor but She will enter the faculty of Medicine.
505-He is too fat ,so he has to eat much.
506-The Olympic Games held in the USA in 1996.
507-I think the story he told you being true.
508-They digging a well to get water.
509-This car is as older as my car.
510-Ahmad is the better student in the class.
511-Arabic is the easiest subject.
512-Challenger deep is the deeper part of all the oceans.
513-Everest is highest than Kilimanjaro .
514-Everest is not as high than that.
516-Part two is most difficult than part one.
517-For me , his climb was the more important sporting event of 2007.
518-The older tree in the world is nearly 10,000 years old.
519-My friend had a problem , he was in a light corner.
520-That is least interesting film I have ever seen.
521-English is more easier than Chinese.
522-This is most excitinf match I have ever seen.
523-It is the most tall building in our city.
524-The higher point of the mountain is called summit.
525-Ahmad is the better student in the class.
526-My friend had a problem, he was in a light corner.
527-This car is as older as my car.
528-He is amateur, he plays for money
529-The most tall building in our city is the Central Bank.
530-A baby Is a child who has just started walking.
531-If we were late for school we would punish by the ked master
532-If Adel goes to the cinema he would see the film
533-I can not sleep when drink coffee at night .
534-We must not go near the dog as it bite him
535-Shady has not too more to buy a shirt
537-The person by the red hair is my friend.
538-She has finished her work a moment ago.
539-I wrote aletter then going to bed.
540-I saw a big house that It was on fire.
541-He will be late in case of he gets up late.
542-I saw a big house that It was on fire.
543-The person by the red hair is my friend.
544-John, which grew up in London, has lived in Egypt for 1 5 years.
545-The University which my uncle works is in Cairo.
546-The University where I want to go to is near my uncle.
547-My uncle Ahmed, where is a businessman, lives in Cairo.
548-Tanta, whose is Egypt's fifth largest city, has many mosques.
549-Ahmed, when has many customers in India, often goes there for holidays.
550-Ahmed's clothes company, where he started in 1950, exports all over the world.
551-The clothes, what are made of Egyptian cotton, are very good quality
552-My cousin, where is a research chemist, works in the food industry.
553-My brother went to Oxford University which he studied economics.
554-My cousin, that is a research assistant , works in the food industry.
555-My brother went to Oxford university which he studied economics.
556-Peter, where grew up in London, has lived in Egypt for 15 years.
557-The university which my uncle works is in Cairo.
558-The university where I want to go to is near my uncle.
559- This is the girl who uncle is a professor.
560-I don't use to play computer games, but now I play them occasionally.
561-When I was in Alexandria, I am used to going swimming every day.
562-Where did you used to go for holiday when you were a child?
563-He isn't used to having any guests, but now he has parties every weekend.
564-They don't use to go camping for a holiday, but now they stay in the best hotels.
565-People used to work very long hours, but now they work so many hours.
566-The cities are used to being smaller, but now they are much bigger.
567-People are used to travelling by horse and cart, but now they travel by cars.
568-It is too a polluted area that no one can live there.
569-The area is so polluted for anyone to live there.
570-She is such young to drive a car.
541-There was so much noise in the street for me to concentrate.
572-He’s not used to drink so much coffee.
573-He doesn't smoke no longer.
574-The job was difficult enough for him to do.
575-The tests are vertical to those carried out last year. They are exactly the same.
576-Computer-controlled robots are taking over annual jobs in many industries.
578-He was able to provide the police with valueless information.This helped them to solve the crime.
579-I watching TV in the evening.
580-We use the calculator for do the sums
581-We have been learn English for five years
582-He drinks a cup oftea a moment ago .
583-You should not make troubles in the class .
584-I had to buy some sugar as there was not some left .
585-Ibraheem missed the bus so he got up late
586-I admire my grandmother most than any other person.
587-I saw the film.Then you come.
588-It is raining yesterday.
589-He haven't emailed us since last month .
590-It's along time since he has been written to me .
591-We haven't meet for five years .
592-She has last visited me when she was 10 years old .
593-He last visit us when my father came back home .
594-It's a year since he has phoned us .
595-He has studied English since five years .
596-I haven't play tennis for a week.
597-He has gone to London in 1995 .
598-I last visited my grandmother for three weeks..
599-I has studies English for five years.
600-They just have finished.
601-I haven't eaten my lunch just.
602-Athletes were only interested in money, so, in 349, the Games were stopped.
603-The Olympics were only for professionals: no one was paid to take part .
604- How long are you been learning English?
605-What is the more enjoyable thin
g about learning English ?
606- Egyptian children didn’t used to learn English until they were or 12 years old.
607-People describe today’s world as a local economy.
608-Diamond necklaces are cheap pieces of jewellery.
609- People who come third in a race win a gold medal. 607-Mahmoud gave me back my book today. It has taken
608-In June 2006, I've visited my uncle in Australia.
609-Ahmed born in England in 2004.
610-He leaves school and worked in a bookshop.
611-He preferred read books to selling them.
612-He thinks he wanted to be a scientist .
613-Just walking to school, I saw an accident
614-Scuba diving enjoyed by tourists in the Red Sea
615-Actors performing plays in theatres
616-Mido who lives in Sinai, he travels to Cairo everyday
617-Summer in kuwait is hot than summer in Cairo
618-She is so kind person that she takes care of her elderly neighbours.
619-She told that Ali had won the medal.
620-The mechanic wasn't make any repairs. You must pay him.
621-My sister studies hard so as to She wants to be top other class.
622-Mona favourite sport is badminton
623-Doctors test athletes regular for drugs nowadays.
624-She intends to visiting her aunt next Friday.
625-As soon as he meet his friend, he will go to the theatre.
626-She won`t go shopping when she has dusted the furniture.
627-The shirt is fashionable; I (can / would / may / will) buy it soon.
628-I would call the police if don`t stop this noise.
629-I think he crash. He is driving in a crazy way.
630-He travel to Paris tomorrow. He's got the ticket.
631-Do you worn a school uniform?
1-Choose the correct answer.
1-We felt great ( joy –happiness – sorrow – pleasure ) at the death of our father.
2-He was very (miserable–unhappy -unlucky –lucky ) to be alive after the accident.
3-The woman ( to – in – of – at ) the white dress is my mother.
4-Someone who visits undiscovered place is called (traveler- explorer – discoverer ).
5- My father ( use – uses – used – using ) to go shopping when he was young.
6- We ( have - has-had - will have ) our house painted last week.
7- He is complaining ( about – with – to - of ) bad flu.
8- I would rather ( help - to help – helped - helping ) my friend.

remove_circleمواضيع مماثلة
9- Planes are used to ( carry – carries – carried – carrying ) people .
10-He works in a bank, he is ( a lawyer- an accountant - an actor - an archaeologist )
11-I prefer walking (with – for – to - in) riding a bus.
12-His marks are the same ( with – to – as – for ) my marks.
13-I ( paid - cost – lent - sold ) 20 pounds for the new book.
14-The currency of Japan is the (dollar – Yen – pound – euro )
15-credit is a system of getting goods( after–before-when ) you pay for them.
16-He didn’t plan well for his project.And as a result he (did-made–lent )a loss.
17-(bank notes–barter-guarantee)is to exchange goods you have for something you want.
18-Dina agreed to lend me ( borrow - gave - lend – sent ) a sum of money.
19-gold is a ( good - precious - well - invaluable ) metal.
20-The workers protested ( at - of - about - on ) the bad working conditions.
21-Sara is very rich. She has a (bank account -bank counts -bank account )
22-The money we pay to the government is called ( salaries -taxes - rents - credit ).
23- Money can be in the form of coins or ( plastic - paper - made - metal )
24-The ( money - currency - barter - coins ) used in the U S A is dollar.
25-While I was going home, I ( was met - meet - had met - me t ) an old friend.
26-When I saw Wael, he ( is playing - was playing - played - playing ) tennis.
27-A criminal ( kills -had killed -has killed -killed ) the guard of the bank last night.
28-I always ( play - played - was playing -playing ) in the street when I was a child.
29-As the thief (got-was getting - has got ) into the bus, the police caught him.
30-at the time my father arrived,we(played-were played-were playing-had played ) chess.
31-I ( had - was having -having - have had ) a bath when the phone rang.
32-When I got to the car, I realized that I(would lose-had lost-was losing ) my keys.
33-While ( walk -walking-was walking -walked ) in the street, I ran into an old friend.
34-When I was young, I (am used to -used to -had used to ) eat a lot of chocolates.
35-(health - wealth - wealthy - healthy) doesn’t always bring happiness.
36-Paying by credit card is a (difficult - an old - convenient – inconvenient) way.
37-He is very rich and he is going to(invest –invent-carry-prevent ) his money in trade.
38-You should read the(constructions-instructions-commands)before using the machine.
39- If I lent you some money, you should pay me ( back – again - return – reverses )
40-Credit means that you can buy something and pay for it ( now -late- lately- later )
41-Some players ( take – make – do) drugs to improve their performance .
42-He insisted that I ( will stay-should stay - have stayed ) with him.
43-Smoking is harmful ( to – with –at-on ) your health.
44-She insisted ( on - at – in - with ) leaving alone.
45-We ( go – do – play ) sailing every week .
46- The writer of the article approves ( of - at - on ) what he is writing about.
47- He is sitting next ( for - to - on ) my friend.
48- Mountaineers are people who climb ( monuments–mountains –treasures – cylinders ).
49-Something difficult or new that needs effort or skill is (lifelong–conquer–toddler – slightly).
50- He doesn't remember what he has done when he was (toddler–youth– an aged).
51- Omar was the first (arrived – arriving – to arrive – to arriving).
52- Can you tell me the reason ( why – of – for – out ) you took the book.
53- Lifelong means goes for ( short time – short period – life – no life ).
54-The Egyptian ( pyramid – flag – flight – fan) has three colours red, white and black.
55-He was in a tight corner, this means he had a ( problem–charity – prize–happiness ).
56-Would you like to ( have - do – send – apply ) this quiz with me?
57-Some people wear ( public – private – special – publicity ) uniforms as nurses.
58-Winning the cup of Africa was the most important sporting ( event – accident – incident – circle ) of 2008.
59-(Annapurna –Mount Fuji –Everest ) is the highest mountain in the world.
60-The( River Nile – Amazon – Forat – Degla ) is the longest river in the world.
61-Keep your cool means you should be ( happy - calm - angry – furious ).
62-Something dangerous came out of the ( green – red - blue – black ).
63-She made her dress by ( herself – own – alone himself )
64-My ( life – a life – the life – live ) is comfortable.
65-He ( reached – arrived – got – arrival ) Cairo at 10 yesterday.
66- The plane crash took ( the place – place – away – off ) yesterday.
67– He is our( employer – employee – employment – unemployment ) he is our boss.
68-He speaks for the company ,he is the (presenter – representative– guard – keeper )
69-Our fruit (buying–yield–mark–eating)has increased since we started watering more often.
70– Mr. Khaled has just arrived ( in – at – to – by ) Egypt.
71-– he opposite of “ import” is ( importing – export – sell – invest )
72- This drug is said to have no side (affects – reflects – effects – contests).
73- Cairo Airport is the place ( when – which – where – who ) he met Mr. Wong.
74-A (receptionist–owner –cook–sales manager ) is the person who welcomes people at hotels.
75–Would you like ( taking – to take – to taking – took ) a seat?
76-Green beans , garlic ,onions and tomatoes are all ( fruit – vegetables –chemicals – spice )
77- Mr.Khaled works ( at – with – to – for ) a computer company.
78-He spent most of the time ( study – to study – studying – studied ) the reports.
79-They will hold a meeting to (discuss –distribute – announce – publish) their problems.
80– My brother suggested ( to visit – visiting – to visiting – visit ) the zoo.
81- Can you show me the advantages ( of – off – for – within ) computers?
82- Egypt is trading ( in – by – with – from ) many countries.
83-He asked the driver if he could pay the (salary – fees – wages – fare) by credit card.
84-To ( employ – dismiss – expel – convoy ) means to pay someone to work for you.
85- ( Fees – Fares – Salaries – Wages ) means the money that someone is paid every week bytheir employer
86- o ( affect – afford – offend – defend ) means to have enough money to pay for something.
87-To (distribute – disturb – distill –destroy) mean to supply goods to shops and companies in a particular area
88-A (collaboration – combination – contamination – corporation) is a large business organisation.
89-( General – Global – Verbal – Herbal ) means affecting or including the whole world
90-(Astronomy – Anatomy – Economy – Gloomy) is the way that money, businesses and productsare organized in a country
91-(Woods –Goods –Methods – Roots) are things that are produced to be sold.
92-The global economy has increased (international – rational – irrational – intentional) trade.
93-The(economic–historic –climatic –dynamic) situation in our country is getting better..
businesses will (destroy – enjoy - employ – annoy) hundreds of people
in the city.Therewill be a lot of job opportunities.
95-E-mails help to improve the way companies (calculate – advocate - communicate – dedicate) with their customers.
96-China has a (pollution – population – revelation – violation) of 1.3 billion people.
97-They chose a famous barrister to (present -epresent – offend –resent ) them in court.
98- My father has just bought a camera (by internet -by website -online - on computer)
99-You have to ( do -take – make–have ) notes on what the lecturer says.
100-A ( programmer – grammarian – clerk-linguist ) is a person whose job is writing programs for computers.
101-The different kinds of music found (from–in –at–with ) different countries around the world.
102-We are very( proud–excited –responsible–pleased ) of our sonwho got his PhD from London.
103-Professor Zewail graduated ( for – with – in – from ) Alexandria University.
104-Professor Zewail graduated ( for- with – in – from ) chemistry.
105-He took ( site – place – position - part ) in the competition and won a medal.
106-The rich are much more ( found- responsible - eager – proud ) for the poor.
107-What do you ( remind- remember – remembered – made ) about your school days?
108-My family was ( proud – excited – happy – pleased ) my success at school.
109-Oh! No, I haven't got enough money for my bus (fair – fare – fee - farm )
Taha Hussein wrote about his own life and published his (biography –
history – autobiology-biography) in a book, entitled Al-Ayam (The
111-A company can send a (delegation – group – team – company) when it needs people to speak for it at a meeting.
112-We call the children of our children (grandparents – grandchildren – grandfathers - forefathers)
113-You can install (air conditioning- air conditioner – air condition – air conditioned ) in a modernbuilding if it is too hot?
114-You know a person is a police officer, a nurse or a fireman because of (uniform– shoe- boot- nail)
115-Professor Magdi Yacoub was one of the first surgeons to (do- make – carry – cause) heart transplant operations.
116-Professor Magdi Yacoub was part of a team which ( do – make – fabricate – design) new heartparts from human cells.
117-He believes his work can ( do –make –fabricate–cause) a difference in people's lives
118-He ( did – made – caused – brought) a lot of important work in his life.
Yacoub did not (spend – spends – spent – spending) his childhood in one
place Because his father had to work in different places of Egypt
120-He decided ( being -to be – be –to being ) a heart surgeon after his aunt died of a heart problem.
121-He went to Europe and America he wanted to get work ( a -an –many–no word ) experience.
122-In the 1970, he began ( work – to work – works - working ) in an important heart hospital in Britain.
123-He was a member of the team that ( performed – represented - fabricated – made) the first heart operation in Britain.
124-When he retired in 2001, he continued ( do – doing – does- to do) research
125-The African charity he works ( in -for – at – with ) helps children with heart.
126-Surgeons (do – make - act - design) operations on people in hospitals.
127-My brother has a very difficult decision to (do – make - design - have) next week.
sister, who works for a charitable organization, believes her work (
plays- has -does-makes) a difference to people's lives.
129-Everyone ( does -makes –acts–has ) mistakes when they're learning something new.
130-It's been more than 20 years since surgeons (did - had - acted - made) the first heart transplant operation in Britain.
131-There's a factory in our town which(does-plays –performs–mates ) parts for cars and buses.
132-It's a hard job (work- works- having worked– working) outside in the heat with the noise of heavy.
133-The company trains us ( good- well – better – best).
134-All the Egyptians are proud ( for- of – in – with) our distinguished scientists
145-I'm proud ( to be -to have been – of being – for being) your assistant in future.
146-Last week, I was reporting (on – for – at – in) that story almost every day
147-I love ( to work – having worked –working – being working) here because every day is different.
148-He qualified (as – like – such as – alike) a doctor.
149-Jonathan Swift's mother was English, but his father was ( Irish – Egyptian – American – French).
150-Jonathan Swift's father died ( before – after _ during – when) Swift was born.
151-In England, Swift worked as a secretary ( for – with – at - to ) a retired diplomat.
152-As soon as Gulliver's Travels was published, it was a great ( success – succeed- successful- successfully).
153-Today, some people-think Gulliver's Travels was the first (science – literature- culture – philosophy) fiction novel.
154-Gulliver’s Travels was Jonathan Swift's most ( success – succeed- successful – successfully) work
155-( Do – Did – Have-Are) you reading Gulliver's Travels?
156-I ( don't – didn't – aren't -haven't ) finished it yet.
157-What do you ( think – thinking – thought – thank) of Gulliver's Travels?
158-It's really exciting and very funny. I'd ( hate – loathe- dislike- love) to read it.
159-Could I (lend – borrow – buy – give) it when you've finished?
160-Of course. I'll give you a ring when I ('ve finished – 'll finish – 'd finish – finished) it.
161-I can't think of an (explanation- exploration – examination – interruption) for the team playing so badly.
162-Gulliver's Travels (was publishing – published – was being published – was published) in 1726.
people enjoy Gulliver's Travels, but do not realize that it is a
(comment – commentary- speculation –expectation) on European politics.
I was a child, I couldn't think of interesting ideas, so my stories
weren't very (imagination – imaginary – image – imaginative).
165-(Diplomats – Diplomacy –Diplomatic- Diplomat) are meeting to discuss relations between our two countries.
166-Winston Churchill was a famous British (diplomat – policy – political - politician).
167-Gulliver was tied ( to -at - on - above ) the ground.
168-It isn’t a real story it is ( imaginary – magic – true – fact ).
wanted to listen to my story in (detail – delayed – hurry - in brief )
He wanted me to tell him everything.
170-(Despite –Although – But - in spite of) getting a good job isn’t very easy, you shouldn’t be pessimistic.
171-Cairo isn’t the same ( to - as - like - at ) Alexandria.
172-The match was postponed ( because – due - as -because of ) the dust storm.
173-( As - However- but - as well as( naughty he is , his father doesn’t punish him.
174-Not only my uncle but also my two brothers ( smokes - smoke - is smoking - was smoking )
always ask silly questions because they have ( huge - giant - wide -
small )minds.
176-The ( reader - author - publisher -lender ) of this book is unknown.
177-The teacher ( gave - presented - rewarded - awarded ) the student for his honesty.
178-I always argue with my father ( off - on - about – to ) Coming home late .
179-My friend Abdu likes to ( Make - do - play - take ) fun of our other friends.
180-Farmers ( damage - irrigate - plough- drought ) their fields before sowing new crops.
181-Don’t (smile - laugh - cry - weep) at me, It is the first time for me to use the lift.
182-The Egyptian troops beat their (alleys - friends – partner) and brought about victory to our beloved country.
183-This gold watch is so (valuable –cheap –inexpensive–worthless ) and looks beautiful. It cost
me a fortune.
184-(Manual –Easy –Casual –Gradual)work can be very tiring and it is not very well-paid.
I really ( hate – astonish – dislike – admire ) my grandfather. He has
spent his whole life Working to look after his family.
186- She is going to spend some of her ( accounts –taxes -savings –cheques ) on a new car.
187-( Savings-Coins–Currencies – Banknotes ) are all the money you have not spent.
188-A/An(bracelet–earring –watch–necklace) is a piece of jewellery worn around the neck.
189-( Usual –Habitual – Factual – Manual ) work is done by people using their hands.
190-To (recount – act – detect – apply )) means to be a character in a film or play.
191-A ( ball – call – fall – install ) is a large formal occasion when people dance.
192-( Optical – Classical – Identical – Critical ) means exactly the same.
193-He gave her some of his (savings –samples –saves –seeds ) to buy a new dress.
194- This morning I received an invitation (to–for–in–with )a meeting at my college.
195- I'm going to borrow a dictionary ( to - from –by – with ) one of my friends.
196-Before he retired, my uncle worked ( like – alike - as – is ) a hospital doctor.
197-She was ( wearing – dressing – acting – putting ) a nice dress at the party.
198-He suggested that I ( applying – to apply – applies – apply ) for the job.
199-She stopped ( to greet –greeting –greetings ) an old friend on her way to work.
200-I've cleaned the house (expect –respect for-except for–accep t) the bathroom.
201-What was the party ( like – alike – dislike – liken )? –It was wonderful.
202-He had to work hard(in–by– for–with) years before they could afford their own car.
203-To (take part–take care–take turns –take place) means to do an activity with other people.
204-A (gold –bronz–silver –iron) medal is a medal for being third in an Olympic race
205-They visit their grandparents (regularly – improperly – bitterly – elderly).
206-I play tennis (regularly – seldom – hardly – rarely) at least twice a week.
207-Swimming and cycling are very good forms of (compromise–merchandise – exercise).
208-( Swimming–Jogging–Camping–Judo) is a Japanese sport which is a kind of fighting.
209-(Boxing–Fixing–Taxing)is a sport in which two men wearing gloves hit each other
210-To(take turns –take place– take part ) means to do something one after the other.
211-The Olympic Games (takes part – takes turns –takes place ) every 4 years.
212-My plane ( takes place – takes off – takes part – takes care ) at 10.30 tomorrow.
213-I couldn't take ( part role–place–action ) in the race because I had broken my leg.
214-In our English class, the students usually( make–do-take–play ) turns to answer the teacher's questions.
215-In school trips,theolder students usually take(part-care–place)of the younger ones.
216-our plane took (down–up -off–forward ) two hours late because of bad weather.
217-Egypt ( beat – gained – earned – lost ) Italy by 1/0.
218-Your job ( sounds – tastes – smells – sees ) really interesting.
219-International sport can(afford–admire–benefit–distribute)individuals and their countries.
220- I’d(rather-prefer- want–like) be a doctor than a dentist.
221-I have a very important decision to( make - have - come – do) next week.
223- In the evenings, I like(surfing - travelling - going – running)the internet.
224-Scientists are doing(study -research-work –experiment)into new kinds of energy.
225-(Single-Individual-Alone)people live with their families before they are married.
226-Application forms often ask people about their(married-waiting-marital–famous) status.
227-My father works very hard, and he(gets on - goes back - gets up - goes on)
working even when he doesn’t feel well.
228-Surgeons(do - make - take –bring)operations to help people get better.
229-Professor Magdi is a famous heart(change-move-transport –transplant) surgeon.
230-Mother Teresa really(making-made -did –does)a difference in people’s lives.
231-It’s OK to(do–have- make) mistakes when we are learning something for the first time.
232-My father is a(diplomat - politician - surgeon - pilot)He works in politics.
233-Can you give me an (example- explanation- invitation)for being late to class today?
234-(Although-If-Because) I studied as hard as I could, I only scored 70% on my exam.
235-It’s( famous –ridiculous-available d traditional)to think that horses can fly!
236-It isn’t very polite to make( laugh - joke -funny - fun) of people.
237-If you are a policeman, you have to wear a special(shirt - dress -uniform - trousers)
238-In most shops, you can pay by( cash - money - debit - coin)cheque or credit card.
4 Squash is(team - a single -an individual - a personal) sport.
239-To be successful,the members of a sports team must(cooperate-pass-prove)with each
240-They have just(done-made -found - brought)a good decision.
241-He’s (sensible-happy-pessimistic–intelligent)He always thinks the worst is going to happen.
242-Shakespeare and Dickens are two of the most famous names in English(music - books - writers - literature)
243-My brother’s( lifelong - life - long - wrong)ambition is to climb Mount Everest.
244-While I was doing the shopping, I(met-have met-am meeting)one of my teachers.
245-I could sleep anywhere( while - although - because - however)I was extremely tired.
246-As soon as I got to the station, I realised that I (had missed-have missed–miss) my train.
247-( An -A –The- No article)author of Lord of the Flies is William Golding.
248- Europe is not as large.( as – than-to -so) Asia
249- Next Monday, I(meet - met - will meet - am meeting)my brother for lunch. We’ve already booked the restaurant.
250-Go and see that film. I’m sure you(will enjoy -enjoy -are going to enjoy- are enjoying) it.
251-We went to Italy by sea. Our(flight -drive - crew -voyage)took two days.
252-It’s quite safe to swim here. The water’s not very( deep - high -tall - long)
253-The( head - bottom -summit - height)of that mountain is always covered in snow.
254-My father’s(plays -works -keeps-employs) company people from many different countries.
255-I’m afraid we can’t( buy -pay –afford-earn) a holiday this year.
256-There are many (valuable- rich-high) pictures in the museum. Some are 1,000 years old.
257-I’d love to take(place- turn-part) in the Olympic Games, but I’ll never be good enough.
258-The(height - highlight-benefit -worst) of the year for my family was my sister’s wedding.
259-Have you ever( see - saw - seen - seeing) a dangerous spider?
260-I was so tired that I fell asleep(while - because – if-but)I was doing my homework.
261-That was one of(best -the best -better - good) books I’ve ever read.
262-I expect it(will be-is being - is - is going to be)sunny and warm tomorrow.
263-A supermarket is a large shop(who - what - which - where)
you can buy many different things.
264-In the past, many people( use- uses-using - used) to pay for things in cash.
265-The first person(which - that - what -when) I spoke to this morning was my sister.
266-Where ( does-do -did -doing)your brother use to live?
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
267- People who(borrow-lend -bring - steal)money should go to prison.
268-Most people are( honest - nice –kind-intelligent)If they find something, they give it back to the owner.
269-John doesn’t get paid for playing football.He’s(professional-a player-an amateur-a career)
270-I’m really enjoying this dessert. Can you tell me what the(goods-ingredients-crops -foods)are?
271-If you need more( sugar - fat -protein -carbohydrate)eat more meat, fish and eggs.
272- In the story of Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is absolutely(determined -sure - serious -primitive) to catch the white whale.
273- When the boat sank, the(staff – group-crew -employees) were saved by a passing ship.
274-My sister and her husband live on the( top - outskirts -side -outside)of the town.
275-The people( which – who-what-where) have just moved into the next flat are from Tanta.
276-Where(were - did - had - was)you going when I saw you in town yesterday?
277-The Nile is( longest - long - the longest -longer)river in the world.
278-Those are the people(who- whose - which -who’s)car has been stolen.
279-Ali has had to go to hospital because he hurt( herself - him - his - himself)
while playing football.
280-We arrived late and by the time we sat down, the film( has started-had started-is starting - starts)
281- In my opinion, it’s warmer now(as -so - than - that)it was this morning.
282-My clothes were dirty because I( had been repairing -had repaired -repaired - am repairing) the car all morning.
283-Most houses in countries where it rains a lot have(straight-sloping-flat-long) roofs.
284- If you want to keep fit, go running. It’s a very good form of(exercise -practice-food -work)
285-My friend’s father is the(politician -diplomat - man - editor) of our local newspaper.
286-This CD was a ( cheap - bargain - credit - value for money)It cost less than two pounds.
287-Our cat has(missed - come - gone missing -abandoned)We haven’t seen him for a week.
288-We(suggest - announce - refuse - regret)to inform passengers travelling to Cairo that their train will be 20 minutes late.
289-There is no airport on the island, so boats(sail -supply -give - carry) food and other goods.
290-My( ambition-hero-idea-announcement) is to be a journalist for an international news magazine.
291-As soon as I met him, I knew I(had seen - saw -have seen - see)him somewhere before.
292- I didn’t realise it was late(if-and-because-but) I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing.
293-I(have cleaned -clean - am cleaning - have been cleaning)
my brother’s car all morning – and he says it’s still dirty.
294-Many cars(made - are made - is made - make)in Egypt.
295-If it was cold in the evening, you( will need- needed-would need -would have needed)
warm clothes.
296-I’m not very good( in - at - with - on) remembering people’s names.
297- The Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed(from - to -by - at) an earthquake.
298-It( know -known -is known -has known) that people have lived here for centuries.
299- Our company is planning to send(group-a worker-a car -a delegation)to the next international meeting.
300-Mrs Smith was very happy to become (surgeon -a grandmother-a father-a cousin)
when her daughter had a baby son.
301-The old doctor is looking forward to his(retirement -holiday -year -society)
at 65 years because he will no longer have to work.
302- The
boy needs (a doctor-a charity-a transplant-a hospital)because his heart
is not working properly and without a new heart he will die.
303-It’s terribly hot in here.Please can you turn on the(heater-parts-air conditioning)?
304- That
boy loves to draw buildings! I believe that he will become (an
engineer -a businessman -an architect-an artist)when he grows up.
305-(civil engineers-architects - designers -managers )
are important because they work on many things, from bridges and waterways to road systems.
306-When I was at school I liked my it (teachers -uniform-classroom -shoes) It was red and grey and I loved wearing
307-What exams( are -did –have-might)you passed?
308-After I finished school,I(study-am studying -have studied-studied) tourism at university.
309-Has Sara ( applying-applied-apply-application)for any jobs yet?
310-Mona ( is working -works-has worked -have worked)at Ain Shams Hospital on Thursdays and Fridays.
311-The university is (advertised-advertises -advertising)for a qualified doctor at the moment.
312-While I (was looking –looked- looks ) for work I saw an advertisement for my dream job!
313- People(continued -continue to-continuing to-have continued to) work when they are older for many reasons.
314-I ( enjoyed-enjoying -have enjoyed-enjoyed to) working with my company but now I want to look for another job.
315-(Are you thinking-You are thinking-Do you thinking-Do you think)people should work in their 70s or 80s?
316-He was the first one( arrives –arrived-to arrive-would arrive)at work .
317-The students are(proud-excited -pleased -interested about what they are learning at school .
318-He is ( getting –doing-making -playing )research into the effects of insecticides .
319-My son was ( got-won-awarded -taken ) a prize for his good work at school .
320-His family was ( proud-happy-pleased-excited ) of his success at school .
321-That famous singer ( made-devised-gave-did)two concerts last month .
322-They discussed the matter before ( making -devising-taking-giving )the decision .
323-Although he was still young he (got –gave-took) part in many sports competitions and won
324-The farmers ( spent-devised -made -gave)a new way of collecting their crops .
325-We met on several ( happenings-accidents-incidents-occasions )last year .
326-My father said to me , "Your teacher has some good advise ( for-to-with-on )you."
327-Dr Hawass sometimes ( writes- write-has written in the 'magazine "Egypt Today".
328- Who ( did you go -do you go -you went- have you gone) with when you visited the- museum yesterday?
329-You must take your umbrella.It ( is raining-rains-rained-should have rained )outside.
330-I haven't seen Mr. John ( long time –recently-sometimes -lately)
331-The gardener hasn't put water on the garden ( since-ago-for -still)a long time.
332-Watch your bag! If you are not careful, someone might( jump-hit –steal-want)it.
334-I was not able to speak for myself, so I asked a lawyer to ( watch -represent interpret-write)me.
335- After 10 years in prison, the prisoner was able to ( escape-celebrate -represent-walk)
when the guard forgot to take the keys out of his door.
336- The boys were very unkind to the new student and they ( looked at -talked about-made fun of -watched)his big nose.
337- The
teacher decided to ( hurt -talk to –punish-sing to)the bad student by
making him stay in the classroom during the lunch break.
338- The
crowd of people, who waited in the hot sun for many hours without food
and water, really ( laughed-suffered -talked -cried)
339- I need some money. Can I ( lend –want-borrow-give ) some from you?
340- Mrs
Allen’s son passed all his examinations successfully, so she(
rewarded –congratulated-helped -laughed)him by buying him driving
341- My brother is 170 cm and my sister is 150 cm. My brother is ( taller -as tall as -taller than-taller as) my sister.
342-I am 155 cm and so is my friend. My friend is (as tall as-taller than-tall like-as tall than)me.
343-(Although-If -Of course-As soon as) I can lend you some money. It’s no problem at all.
345- We can go to play tennis ( in spite of –although-of course -if)weather is good.
346- I wanted to go to school ( while –but-if-as soon as ) I was too sick to go.
347-( Although-If –Because-While)Lemuel Gulliver was travelling at sea, there was a storm.
348- ( As soon as -Because -If -While)I finished reading the book, I wanted to start reading it again from the beginning.
Ahmed passed all his examination successfully so his father (
congratulating –rewarded-helped-laughed)Him by buying him a bike.
350- I need some money . Can I ( lend-borrow-want- give) some from you?
351-The crowed people who waited in the sun for hours really (suffered-laughed-talked-cried)
352- The teacher decided to ( punish-hurt- talked- set) the bad student by making him stay in the classroom in the break.
353-The boys were unkind to the new student and they(laugh-talked-made fun of-look at)
354- After ten years in the prison, the prisoner could ( escape- represent- celebrate- walk)
when the guard forgot to take the keys out of his door
356- I was not able to speak for myself, so I asked the lawyer to( watch- represent- interpret-watch)Me.
357-Watch your bag! If you are not careful someone might (steal-rob-hit-sit) it.
358- In the past some people believed the earth was flat. What a (reasonable-true- real- ridiculous) Idea.
359-Egypt an Libya are (considering- neighbouring- preserving- retiring) Countries.
360-A / An ( journey- voyage- trip- trip)is a long journey on the ship.
361-A ( documentary- commentary-.elementary- complementary)Is written opinions about the description of the subject.
362-(If- Although-As soon-However)I can lend you some money. It is no problem at all.
363- ( Although- However-Despite - Because)I like reading a lot. I,m not good at writing.
364-( although-If-While-Because)Gulliver was traveling in the sea, there was a storm.
365-(as soon as -While- Because-If)I finished reading the book, I started reading it again.
367- Use your ( control-mouse -rat -hand) to move around the computer screen and when you find what you want, click it.
368- Teenagers
spend so much time on the internet nowadays that they have no time for
outdoor ( activities -surfing-work -running)!
369- He didn’t have any money in his ( wallet -house -bag -bank account) because he had used his credit card too much.
370-I want a(speedy-special–broadband-dial-up)internet connection because it is so much faster.
371-I ordered some CDs over the internet and the company( delivered-took -carried –drove)
them to me the next day.
372-Mona’s purse was very heavy because it was full of ( bank notes-coins-food-salt)
customer ( chart -asking -project -survey ) has shown that people are
generally very happy with the new internet delivery service.
I saw that the camera which I had ordered online was delivered to me
broken, I ( replied -laughed -helped -complainedusing the customer
services telephone line.
375- The White Desert in Egpyt is very low, in fact it is below( ground-water-sea level-cities)
376-Amin was only ( very –some-little-slightly) late he should have arrived at 5 pm but he was delayed by ten minutes.
378-The tree was old, and its ( leaves-branches-roots-bottom)grew deep into the earth.
379-I would like to go ( far-deep-low-scuba)sea diving n the Red Sea.
380-This English exercise is very difficult. It is really a( challenge -trouble –difficulty-question)for me!
381-Hany’s( want -ambition –career-life)is to become a successful photographer.
382-The top of the mountain towered thousands of metres (above-below-away-from)us.
383-To stay safe as an explorer, you need to take with you the correct safety ( machinery –things-clothes-equipment
( frighteningest -least frightening -more frightening-most
frightening)experience in my life was when I saw a big bear in the wild.

385- You should buy the green trousers. They are the( least
expensivest -less expensive-less expensiver -least expensive)in the
386-Abeer and Omar are the same height. They are( as tall as -taller than -as tall than-more tall than)each other.
is the ( inspiringest-most inspiring -biggest inspiring-more
inspiring)teacher I’ve ever had. His classes are always so interesting
and I always look forward to them.
388-Tamer is a much calmer person
than Omar, so before their exams Omar was much ( more nervous
than -nervouser than -more nervous as -more nervous)Tamer.
389-The ( most big -biggest -more big-bigger )animal which I have seen in Egypt is a camel.
390-Video cassettes are (not moderner than-not so modern as-not modern like-not as modern as ) DVDs.
English exercise is the( more challenging than-more challenging-most
challenging - biggest challenging)exercise in the book!
392-To succeed, you need to show (toleration –tolerance-money-violence) and work with different people.
393- I’m absolutely exhausted after playing ( football-hockey -squash -Playstation)
against Dawud — he is really fit!
394- My parents ( bring me up -brought me -brought me up -tell)to respect others, to be good to them, and to work hard.
395- Mona’s brother works in the (sailors-army–navy) She misses him when he goes to sea.
396- The
old man was very ( cruel -kind –angry-unhappy)to his two dogs. He
didn’t feed them enough and he hit them hard with a stick whenever they
made any noise!
397- I like ( problems –challenges-issues -questions)such as hard mathematics problems or difficult questions about history.
398- The king and all his soldiers finally ( conquered –fought-entered-won)the island and its people, and took control of it.
399- I didn’t expect to win the prize. It happened( kept my cool-in a tight corner-made my day-out of the blue )
400- The people in ( a India -the India –India-an India) speak many languages including Hindi, English, Bengali and Urdu.
401- My father expects that I ( am going to-am becoming -am going to become-will become)
a lawyer when I am older, just like him.
402- This weekend I ( am going play-will play-will playing-am playing)in a football match for my school team.
403- ( Teaching-Teachers-The teachers -A teacher)need to have a lot of patience.
405- Mona has prepared her shopping list and she ( will go-is going-will going-goes) to go to the supermarket.
406- Tomorrow is a national holiday. All the banks (are being closed-are going to be closed-will are closed-will close )
407 While
Heba was travelling to see a friend, she saw (really beautiful-the
really beautiful - really beautiful -most beautiful ) house.
408- I really love (dress-the dress-dress -dresses)that you’re wearing!
409-Football and hockey are( team- group- individual -pack)sports.
410-I want to become( an- a- the- any)doctor when I finish university.
411-I'm hoping to study French(literature-books- novel- writers)at university.
412-My brother is quite a/an (pessimistic -unhappy –optimistic-cruel)person. He always thinks the worst is going to happen.
413-Next Saturday, I'm going( for visit- visit- to visit- visiting)my aunt.
414-People who( find-borrow- capture d steal)from shops should be punished.
415-The north of Egypt is on( a-an-the-its)Mediterranean Sea.
416-There's a history programme on TV tonight. I think youit.( are enjoying –enjoy-will enjoy-are going to enjoy)
417-Azza is the(more intelligent-less intelligent-most intelligent)student in our class.
418-I think it's absolutely (tiring-unusual-amazing)that people climb mountains without oxygen.
419- ( The life- life- a life- live)of our neighbour is very hard.
420- I feel( lightly- slightly- brightly- lastly)better today.
421- A ( infant- toddler- baby- adult ) Is a child who has just started walking.
422- My brother has had a ( lifelong- longlife - lifestyle- lifeboat)wish to be a doctor.
423- I'd like you to( take- make- do - had)a look at this nice picture.
424- The ( exciting – excited- excite-excitement)children were opening the presents.
425- Games and sports play a great part in ( giving- forming-doing- taking)person's character
426- He is always ( interested –worried-concerned- happy) with the welfare of his family .
427- Of all my friends I like Ahmad( better- best- the better- good)
428- The harder you work, the ( much- more-most -less)you gain.
429-This math's broblem is( difficult-more difficult -as difficult-the most difficult )of all.
430- This is( best- the best-better -good)news he has ever heard.
431- The shelf is too ( high-higher-highest-as high)for me to reach.
432- She is ten years ( old –older-elder-as old)than her sister.
433- He got a bit ( good -better -more better-the best)than he was yesterday.
434-To ( affect -afford - offend - defend)means to have enough money to pay for something.
435- Egypt is trading ( in - by - with -from) many countries.
436- Mr. Ayman works ( at - with -to - for) a computer company.
437-Our fruit (yield-wild-mild )has increased since we started watering our plants more often.
438-The three biggest supermarket( drains –chains-curtains)are used by 75% of the population.
439-My uncle has an important job.He is the(grief-chief-relief )engineer for a car company
440-(Relatives - Alternatives - Detectives - Representatives)
of countries which export oil are meeting to discuss the economic situation.
441- The ( brief - chef -beef - chief )problem we have in the world now is pollution.
442- I can't ( afford - record -board - award ) to buy a house at the moment.
443-The company aims to( attribute -contribute -constitute-distribute )its product .
444-This is the writer ( who -which- whose-where)book was made into a film.
445- This is the flat ( where-which -when -who)I live.
446- this is the flat ( where-which -when -whose)I built.
447-The company( which-who -what-whose)I work for is sending me to Japan on business.
448-This is Mr. Hamdi ( who -which –whose-what)daughter won a prize.
449-I would like to see the camera ( what -who -whose -which)you bought yesterday.
450-The two ( navies-armies-soldiers -teams)fought against each other on land for many years in a terrible war.
think that I did very well in the maths examination, (
including-except -unless –however) for Question 4, which I did not know
the answer for.
452-A(debt –manual-canoe-raft)is a long, narrow boat
which is used to ride down rivers. You can use it for fishing, or as
part of an exciting sport
453- Adel lost his job. He borrowed money
from all his friends and soon he had many _____ which he could not pay
back.( moneys-finances-savings-debts)
454- I would prefer to do.( manual-physical -hard –hand)
work, such as to be a gardener, a builder or a driver, than to sit in an office all day like a banker or lawyer
456- If
you put twenty pounds away in a safe place every week, after some years
you will have quite a lot of ( valuable –savings-earnings-money)
457-Mr.Khaled was sick,so today we had a(n) (second–replaced-replacement-extra) teacher.
458- My
mother wants to give me and my brother a key to the house, so she will
need to make two ( copies-replacements –extras-- additions) of her key.
459- Many hundreds of years ago, people ( had paid -were paying -used to pay-paid)
for goods using salt instead of money.
When I was younger I( didn’t used to enjoy -didn’t use to enjoy -wasn’t
enjoying-hadn’t enjoyed)swimming, but now I really love it!
461-Did your mother (use to work- -had worked-would work)before she had children?
462- Ehab (used to finish -use to finish -was finishing -finished )all his homework before he went on holiday with his family.
463- My brother ( was spending -did used to spend- used to spend -spent)
all his free time playing Playstation, but now he prefers to read books.
464- I ( was spending -use to spend -used to spend-spent )
all my free time on Saturday tidying up my bedroom.
465- I ( didn’t always used to -didn’t always use to- hadn’t always-wasn’t always )
live in Egypt. When I was younger, my family lived in France.
466-(Did you used to -Would you-Had you-Did you use to)bite your nails when you were a child?
467-I don’t watch TV everyday any more, but I ( am used to -used to - was used to - don't use to )do that years ago.
468-( Does -Did –Is-Was ) he used to waking up so early?
469-( Is - Are - Do - Did )they use to eat junk food when they were at university?
470-He ( is used to-no longerused to-used)have a beard but now he only has a moustache.
471-When we were children, our father (was used-doesn't use-is used-used ) to take us sailing
472-He(is used to-was used-is used for)eating out as he doesn't enjoy cooking at home.
473-She ( used to -no longer - any longer - is used to )writes to us.
474-She used to have long hair but now she (isn't - doesn’t- wasn't - couldn't. )
478-Many people have holidays (canoeing – camping-wrestling – boxing)on rivers or lakes.
479-This shop is open every day ( expect for-accept for-except for-concept for )Fridays.
city is flooded because it has rained( continuously - conveniently -
comfortably - courageously )for the last three days.
481-In some countries, young men have to join the (academy-economy-stormy-army )
and train for a year.
482-There is a wonderful ( collection-reflection -conviction ) of old books in our town library.
483-Before you can be in a film or play, you have to learn to (react - abstract -act - attract)
484-He look exactly the same. They are (identical–arithmetica-archaeological- chemical) twins.
485-I bought my sister a gold ( reckless –necklace-jobless- senseless)as a wedding present.
486-At the 2008 Olympic games , Hisham Mesbah won the ( metal -bronze -gold -silver)
Medal . He came third.
487-Egypt had not won a medal for judo ( at -to –over-for)
488-The player won the gold medal when he came ( first-second-third –last)
489-Hisham Mesbah ( won –wins-has won-had won)the Olympic games in 2004 .
490-Between 2004 and 2008 , Hisham Mesbah ( ran –jumped-pulled -trained)Really hard .
491-Tamer plays two sports : Swimming and ( chess –cards-rowing - backgammon)
492-Tamer enjoys ( play -played -playing -plays) Squash .
493-I play tennis( regulary-rarely-seldom -barely)at least twice a week .
494-Most people feel ( shy -ashamed -angry -proud) When athelets from their country do well in the Olympics .
495-Swimming and cycling are very good forms of ( reading -sports -business -selling)
496-The swimmer hoped he would win the race , but he came third and won the gold-silver-bronze-metal)Medal (
497-( running -judo -rowing-skiing)is a Japanese sport which is a kind of fighting .
498-Sorry, my phone was turned ( on -in -off -out)
499-It's the first medal Egypt has won ( on-in -to -for)Judo since 1984 .
500-He looked so( pride -proud-shy -ashamed)when he received hismedal , didn't he ?
501-How ( better -best -well-good)did he do there ?
502-How well did he do in the Olympic games ?he came( seven –seventy-seventeenth-seventeen)
503-It's a very good exercise, so it helped me to ( keep -put -set -do)Fit .
504-To stay fit and healthy,you should (race-exercise-work fit) at least three times a week.
505-The ( top-highlight-light -best) of my year was when I won the 100-metre running race!
506- Many cities around the world have different ( festivals-festivities -games -sports)
for different times of the year, which the people celebrate with food, drink, entertainment and different traditions.
507- Omar’s
mother did not allow him to take ( judo -running-fighting-boxing)
lessons because she believed that this was a very dangerous and violent
508-I love acting, and this year I have been chosen to ( take place -take part -play -run)
in our school play.
509-Some people say that exercise for the brain!( water-skiing-chess-netball-athletics)
is not a sport. But I believe it is, and that it is excellent
510-It is every athlete’s dream to win a gold ( medal-trophy-prize -first place) at the Olympic
Rising -Fighting -Boxing -Climbing)is a sport for which you need to
have a lot of equipment such as long ropes, and you should not be afraid
of being in high places
512-Samir ( played -has played -has been
playing -was playing) hockey since he was eight years old and now he is
in the under-15 national team.
513-I ( have been finished -finished -have been finishing-have finished) all my homework and now I am ready to go out!
514-Sara ( has been trying -has tried-tried -is trying)to call Rania all afternoon, but each time she calls the number is busy.
515-What ( have you been buying- have you bought-you bought-had you bought)your mother for her birthday tomorrow?
516-I ( was watching -have been watching -have watched -watched)the Olympic games every four years for my whole life.
( was watching-have been watching -have watched -watched)the Olympic
games all evening and now I’m going to bed.
518-Rania( has been working- had worked-is working )as a doctor for the last ten years.
519- Fareed (has been working -works-had worked -has worked) all night and he is very tired.
520-Ahmed is at the station (who -which –where-when)he's meeting his grandfather.
521-The first person (which –that-he-to)spoke English to me was my uncle.
522-you been watching the football on television this week? ( Had-Has-Are-Have)
523I've just( spoken-spoke -speak -speaking)to my brother on the phone.
524-When he was five years old,my brother.(use-uses–used-used to)watch all the children's TV
525-Where did you use to play when you were a/an(toddler–adult-parent-leader)?
526-Some countries have( sold–bought-traded-business)with each other for thousands of years.
527-International corporations (employ-distribute-take) workers in many different countries.
528-My cousin hopes to take( place-care-off- part)in the next Olympic Games.
529-International sport can ( afford-admire-benefit-distribute)individuals and their countries.
530-In the past people used to (eat–export-produce-present)most of their things themselves.
531-They grew crops and hunted( for-by -to -in)food.
532-My friend trades ( in - with -for -to)cotton and linen.
533-People used to travel on camels in groups known as (caravans-styles-camps -teams)
534-– Where did you( using-used -use -uses)to play?
535 – He decided ( to -for -that -than)he wanted to take part in it.
536– As well as( play-playing –played-to play)football, he watched the film.
537 – In addition to trading goods , merchants traded ( ideas-homes-films-mobiles)
538– Who ( discovered -invented -bought -mended )the wheel? – by the Sumerians.
539 – Now , there are many kinds ( of –in-from -by)bicycles.
540-The games were stopped because the( athletic-athletics -athletes'-athletes)were only interested in money .
The game can bring a lot of attention to the country and lots of money
from the visitors TV( covers- coverage- coverall-cover)etc.
542- The Olympic Games are a way for people to have ( connect -tied –connection-contact)with other nations and come together.
543- It's hard for the Olympic Games to stay ( professional- amateur –boring-specialists)
because the athletes need to train a lot to be good enough to compete .
544- If they were never paid , fewer people would participate and possibly( more –most-fewer -best)Records would be beaten
Athletes need to be determined and willing to make large ( sacrifices
–benefits-interest-gaining)Including not having much contact with their
families .
546- The festival allows people to appreciate athletes from ( other-another-others -else)countries .
547-One advantage of international games is to allow smaller or poorer nations to ( fail-lose –withdraw-excel)
548-The kettle has been boiling ( for – since-ago -yet)a quarter of an hour .
549-The central heating has been on( for - since -ago -yet)October .
550-That trunk has been in the hall ( for –since-ago -yet)a year .
اااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا اااااااااا
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