مدرس اون لايندخول

امتحان اون لاين انجليزى للمرحلة الاولى من الثانوية العامة

امتحان اون لاين انجليزى للمرحلة الاولى من الثانوية العامة

Test 1

1- Respond to each of the following situations:
Your pen friend has just arrived. You met him or her at the airport. What do you say?
You have just read a new magazine for young people. Recommend it to a friend.
You want to tell a friend not to eat too much fat.
You want to ask someone the way to the post office.
You are being interviewed for the job of a tour guide. You are asked what languages you speak well. What do you say?
Your father thinks that Italy will win the Football World Cup. You don't have the same opinion. What do you say?
Someone wants to speak to your brother on the phone, but he's out. What do you say?
You are at a restaurant. The waiter would like to know what your order is. What do you say?

Say where these mini-dialogues are taking place and who the speakers are:
1- A: How much is this washing machine?
B: It's 2,000 pounds.
A: O.K. I'll buy it.

2- A: I feel pain in my left eye.
B: Let me examine you.
A: Do you think it's serious?
B: No, it isn't. These eye drops will relieve pain.

3- A: How long would you like to extend your stay in Belgium, sir?
B: For 3 months, please.
A: All right. Here you are. Have a nice stay.
B: Thank you.

4- A: Next time I'll send you off.
B: What for?
A: For your deliberate foul.

3- Choose the correct answer:
My parents (bring me up – brought me – brought me up – tell) to respect others, to be good to them, and to work hard.
Mona’s brother works in the (sailors – army – police – navy). She misses him when he goes to sea.
The old man was very (cruel – kind – angry – unhappy) to his two dogs. He didn’t feed them enough and he hit them hard with a stick whenever they made any noise!
I like (problems – challenges – issues – questions) such as hard mathematics problems or difficult questions about history.
The king and all his soldiers finally (conquered – fought – entered – won) the island and its people, and took control of it.
I didn’t expect to win the prize. It happened (kept my cool – in a tight corner – made my day – out of the blue).
This English exercise is very difficult. It is really a (challenge – trouble – difficulty – question) for me!
To travel from Egypt to Greece, you need to travel across the (Pacific – Nile – Atlantic – Mediterranean).
I never (was thinking – thought – think – have thought) that it would be possible to buy things on the internet.
I was surprised to see Tamer today, because he (was telling – has told – tells – had told) me that he was going to travel to America.
The score is 15 goals to the home team and 2 to the visiting team, and there are just five minutes left. The home team (is going winning – will be winning – will win – is going to win).
You look tired. I’m sure (was looking – you'll feel – you're going to feel – looks) better when you have had some rest.
I really like (an teacher – teacher – the teacher – teachers) at my school.
(Sun – The sun – A sun – An sun) is a huge star which gives the earth light and heat.
This weekend I (am going play – will play – will playing – am playing) in a football match for my school team.
(Teaching – Teachers – The teachers – A teacher) need to have a lot of patience.
China (has changed – changed - is changing – would change) greatly in terms of its cultural values over the past five years.
I (get – have got – will get – got) quite a low grade in the English exam last week, so I am studying harder and harder.
Let's not go anywhere at the weekend. The weather reports say it is going to be rainy; (in addition - because – as well – yet), we have a project to complete then.
She hurt her ankle, (although – because – if – so) she cannot attend her swimming lesson for a while.
(In spite of – Because – However – Although) the strong opposition by most people, the government seems determined to go ahead with the new property tax.
I don't suppose that Eisenhower will be elected however hard he struggles as he is not completely supported by the committee.
There were (so many – much more – less - many more) participants at the conference than we had predicted, so we had trouble seating them.
Somebody has taken my dictionary, (hasn't he – don't they – haven't they – won't they)?
A new nuclear power plant (can be build – has to build – will build - can be built) in the Western desert.
It's five months since we (have been transferred – were transferred – had been transferred – were being transferred) to this company.
Not again! This is the third time I (lose – am losing – had lost – have lost) my keys since I left home this morning.
If I had seen Mary last night, I (would have reminded – will remind – would remind – reminded) her to bring my CD.
(Despite – Though – In spite – If) he spent a lot of years in England, his English is terrible.
(A – An – The – No article) Citadel in Cairo is one of the most important tourist sites.
We are never (such - too – enough – much) old to believe in a dream or too young to make one come true.
The man (which – where – who – whom) was accused of robbing the bank was released on bail.
(Neighbourly – Neighbour – Neighbouring – Neighbours) means friendly and helpful.
To (steel – stale – still – steal) is to take something that does not belong to you.
A (book – catalogue – novel – tale) is a list of things with information about them.
The main (accusation – controversy – reason – moral) I do sport is because I want to do something with other people.
He would like to study French (literature – agriculture – feature – treasure). He's specially interested in drama and poetry.
In the storm, I took (filter – shooter – shelter – cheater) under a tree.
The average height of the sea is called sea (devil – level – label – channel).
When you (employ – fire – apply – reply) someone, you pay them to work for you.
Something which is (local – focal – global – abnormal) affects or includes the whole world.
(Running – Boxing – Swimming – Canoeing) is a sport using a long narrow boat.
A (connection – detection – collection – deletion) is a set of similar things kept together.
(Football – Judo – Basketball – Canoeing) is a sport in which two people try to throw each other onto the ground.
Some scientists believe that genetically (modified – applied – liquefied – beautified) food can solve the problem of food shortage.
The sailors used a (stick – line – harpoon – knife) to hunt the whale.
There's a (flow – photo – picture – view) of the river from the balcony of my apartment.
Two people went (to miss – missed – missing – blessing) while they were searching for the treasure.
We ran out of our food (supplies – applies – replies – cries) during the journey.
Her shoes wore (in – at – out – to) quickly.

4- Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences and write them correctly:
What was the first person you spoke to today?
I usually talk to herself, so people sometimes think I am mad.
He was the only superior of the plane crash.
Global warming will cause the snow at the poles to meet.
A wreckage tour is a holiday planned by a company for tourists.
I tried to proceed him to come with us , but it was no good.
Thousands of people had to accompany their homes because of the earthquake.
He has very good hardships with his neighbours.
When you use a credit card, your money leaves your bank immediately.
We should show aggression to people who have different ideas from our own.
She had a frightened dream last night.
It was unexpected. It all happened away of the blue.
The tiger where came from Africa escaped from the zoo.
I haven't succeeded to find a job yet.
Plants don't grow if we deprived them of water.
Of the twins, Susan was the most talkative.
We will continue the game after the rain will stop.
He rarely eats at that restaurant, doesn't he?
The search for new sources of allergy is vital for the future of our planet.
He carefully taped the chemistry lecture so that he can listen to it again.
It was Thomas Edison who once observes that genius is mainly a matter of hard work.
A baby elephant is quiet large at birth. It weighs nearly 2000 pounds.
Has she had time, she probably would have finished the letter.
He was not at all surprised hearing the news.
Many people died when the boat drowned.

The Spiders
Answer the following questions:
1-Why did the oldest robber believe that he and his men wouldn't die?
2-How did the internet play an important part in the fight against the spiders?
Complete the following to make meaningful sentences:
1-Professor Jones believed that it might take years ------------------------------------------
2-A female spider is much more dangerous than a male spider because --------------------
Read the quotation and answer the questions:
"And the plants are in there. We mustn't lose them."
Who said this to whom?
Why mustn't they lose the plants?

9- A)Translate into Arabic:
Nobody is going to hand you success on a silver plate. If you want to make it, you'll have to make it on your own. In order to be successful, you should have courage, ambition, self=-confidence and self-dependence.

B) Translate into English:
1- لقد أحرزت مصر تقدما كبيرا في مجالات الرياضة و الصناعة و التجارة ووسائل الاتصال.
2- يُعد الغلاء و نقص الغذاء من أخطر المشكلات التي تعاني منها جميع دول العالم علي السواء.
Test 2

1- Respond to each of the following situations:
The shop assistant asks you how you would like to pay for your suit. What do you say?
You have borrowed a book from your friend. You would like to keep it longer. What do you say?
You call on your friend while he is having dinner. You apologise. What do you say?
You are booking a room at a hotel. The receptionist asks you what type of room you'd like.
You politely ask the man sitting by the bus window to open it.
Someone asks you what you think about violent films on TV. What do you say?
You are visiting a friend who's ill in hospital. What do you say to him?
Your friend would like you to go to the cinema with him. You refuse politely, giving a reason.

Say where these mini-dialogues are taking place and who the speakers are:
1- A: Have you got anything to declare, sir?
B: Yes, two video cassette players and 3 laptops.
A: you'll have to pay 300 pounds.

A: I'd like two tickets to Honolulu, please.
B: When would you like to travel?
A: Monday morning.
B: Here you are. You'll have to be at the
airport two hours before departure time.

3- A: Excuse me, where can I get the tickets?
B: From the office over there.
A: What should I do next?
B: You put them into the machine and take them again.
You must keep them.
4- A: This alarm system does not work properly.
B: Don't worry, sir. I'll fix it for you.
A: When will it be ready?
B: Tomorrow morning.

3- Choose the correct answer:
1. He didn’t have any money in his (wallet – house – bag – bank account) because he had used his credit card too much.
2. He had knocked at the door and (rings – rang – rung – ringing) the doorbell twice.
3. Had I driven 80 miles an hour, I (was arrested – will arrest – would be arrested – would have been arrested).
4. As soon as we had run out of gas, we (stop – had stopped – stopped – are stopping) to fill up the car.
5. Neither Sam nor Helen (speaks – speak – are speaking – is spoken) French.
6. It is (believe – believes – believing – believed) that our planet is in danger.
7. It was (so – enough – such – such a) pleasant day that we sat in the garden for hours.
8. He (explains – will explain – would explain – would have explained) it well if he were a teacher.
9. You might have enjoyed yourself if you (come – came – had come – have come) with us last night.
10. Had I not owed the money, I (wouldn't pay – don't pay – hadn't paid – wouldn't have paid) it.
11. The company made the customer (pay – paid – paying – had paid) the bill.
12. Birds have to learn (to using – using - - use – to use) their wings.
13. A lawyer must deal (honest – honestly – honesty –honour) with his clients.
14. (Since – So – Yet – Therefore) the children were tired, their mother put them to bed.
15. As soon as he (will get – had got – gets – had gotten) his cheque, he can buy the books he needs.
16. He talked about his travels to Europe (wherever – whatever – whenever – whoever) he visited his relatives in Cairo.
17. He said that the medicine tasted (terribly – terrible – beautifully – awfully).
18. Albert Einstein was the scientist who (develops – has developed – developed – is developing) the theory of relativity.
19. No drug has been proved to be (as addictive – such addictive – so addictive – more addictive) tha nicotine which is found in cigarettes.
20. (Driven – Having driven – Being driving – Drive) for 10 hours, we stopped to rest.
21. We (don't have – hadn't had – haven't had – should have) a meeting since last month.
22. My grandfather (has died – would die – had dies – died) over 20 years ago.
23. The newspaper reported that a new tax law (passes – has passed – had passed – had been passed).
24. Thomas Edison, (that – whom – who – whose) invented the electric light, was a scientist.
25. He (had – made – took – acted) a serious operation while he was in the hospital. He's now quite well.
26. Look! That woman (runs – has run – is running – will be running) to catch the bus.
27. Thirty dollars (has – are – is – were) too much to pay for that bag.
28. Something which is (imagination – imaginary – imagined – imaginative) contains new and interesting ideas.
29. Something which is (ridiculous – jealous – marvelous –infectious) is very silly.
30. (Neighbour – Neighbourly – Neighbouring – Neighbours) means near the place you are talking about.
31. You can't play (running – swimming – jogging – football) on your own.
32. An (active – Activity – Activation – Actual) is something that is done or is being done.
33. The government is doing its best to improve the economic (sanitation – sensation – situation – salutation).
34. She (had – said – did – made) a decision to study archaeology.
35. To (split – spit – spill – spell) means to divide.
36. A (violet – violin – violent – velvet) person is someone who hurts others.
37. A/An (pessimistic – optimistic – realistic – sarcastic) person thinks that whatever happens will be bad.
38. The (high – highest – higher – height) we go, the less heat there is in the air.
39. To (disable – disappear – discount – distribute) is to supply goods to shops and companies in a particular area.
40. A small car is more (economical – anatomical – ethical – logical) than a large one.
41. (Commercially – Confidentially – Continuously – Economically) means without stopping.
42. I have a wonderful (quotation – connection – collection – conclusion) of rare stamps.
43. Our national team (scored – stared – achieved - made) two goals in the last match.
44. Today, many electrical goods (make – are making – to make - are made) in China.
45. To take (place – part – the place – port) is to do something together with other people.
46. Egypt trades (with – in – about - of) other countries.
47. (Sterilization – Starvation – Reclamation - Poisoning) is suffering or death from lack of food.
48. This food is (flatten – forgotten – rotten - written). You mustn't eat it.
49. They (hated - hunted – helped – killed) the leopard for two days and finally managed to catch it.
50. He lives in a beautiful apartment on the third (flower – flour – storey – starry).

4- Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences and write them correctly:
1- I ran more farther than the other contestants.
2- He is the most successful of the two businessmen.
3- It was clear that the grass had cut.
4- The student has spent 5 hours in the library yesterday.
5- My husband prefer to eat his meals at home.
6- Not only he broke two glasses, but also he left the table dirty.
7- Please show me how does this machine work?
8- I am sometimes forgetting my phone number.
9- I don't finish cleaning the room yet.
10- When you want to ask a question, rise your hand.
11- If you had told her she was wrong yesterday, she would be angry.
12- She told me she has never been to Honolulu.
13- When John was painted the garage, some of the paint spilled on his shirt.
14- When I was 15, I might learn to cook very well.
15- He has a lot of ideas and he know how to express them.
16- Some supermarkets are built on down skirts of Cairo.
17- A plot is a large building with many homes in it.
18- A multistory car park has many devils.
19- After three years of disagreement, the two parties finally reached a puzzlement.
20- We had a fire arm installed in our new flat.
21- People use the internet for different proposes.
22- Most countries are trying hard to dissolve the problem of global warming.
23- The whitehouse effect is the problem caused by the increased quantities of gases such as carbon
dioxide in the air.
24-To penetrate means to work together.
25-My son won the first prize at school. This really made my week.

The Spiders
Answer the following questions:
What did the four robbers do in order not to alert others to their presence?
Why is it likely that spiders will spread through Africa, Asia and Europe?
Complete the following to make meaningful sentences:
1-The police wanted to stop anyone going near the site because ------------------------------
2-Ayman's uncle said that stories about dangerous spiders ---------------------------------
Read the quotation and answer the questions:
"I feel like a new person with a new future."
Who said this to whom?
Why did the speaker feel like a new person with a new future?

9- A)Translate into Arabic:
In some poor countries, over 20 percent of the children die in their first year of life. The reason for this is the lack of medical care and medicine. Another cause is food and water shortage.

B) Translate into English:
1- تلقي قضية حقوق الإنسان اهتماما كبيرا من قبل المنظمات الدولية المختلقة.
2- تحذر الدولة الشباب دائما من الهجرة غير الشرعية لتجنب التعرض للمخاطر.

Translations with modern answers

61-The establishment of public libraries contributes to enriching people's culture.
ان انشاء المكتبات العامة يسهم في اثراء ثقافة الناس.
62-The Egyptian woman plays an effective role in developing the Egyptian society.
تلعب المرأة المصرية دورا فعالا في تنمية المجتمع المصري.
63-Education aims at creating an Egyptian citizen who is able to face the challenges of modern life.
يهدف التعليم الي خلق مواطن مصري قادر علي مواجهة تحديات الحياة الحديثة.
64-Egypt's outstanding geographical location as well as its magnificent ancient monuments has made it one of the most important tourist countries in the world.
ان موقع مصر الجغرافي المتميز وكذلك آثارها القديمة الرائعة قد جعلها من أهم الدول السياحية في العالم.
65-Egyptian monuments and museums attract millions of tourists from all over the world.
الآثار و المتاحف المصرية تجذب ملايين السياح من جميع أنحاء العالم.
66-Computers and satellite networks have brought about a revolution in communications.
ان أجهزة الكمبيوتر و شبكات الأقمار الصناعية قد أحدثت ثورة في الاتصالات.
67-We have to preserve (conserve) the environment so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the world we live in.
لا بد أن نحافظ علي البيئة حتي يستطيع أطفالنا وأحفادنا أن يستمتهوا بالعالم الذي نعيش فيه.
68-The near future will witness a great development in space tourism.
سوف يشهد المستقبل القريب تطورا كبيرا في سياحة الفضاء.
69-Exporting our products abroad will help to develop our economy and get more hard currency.
ان تصدير منتجاتنا الي الخارج سوف يساعد في تطوير اقتصادنا و الحصول علي المزيد من العملة الصعبة.
70-Environmental pollution threatens man's life everywhere.
ان التلوث البيئي يهدد حياة الانسان في كل مكان.
71-Cairo International Book Fair is considered a magnificent cultural festival.
ان معرض القاعرة الدولي للكتاب يُعد مهرجانا ثقافيا رائعا.
72-Distance learning will become more widespread in the near future.
ان التعلم عن بعد سوف يصبح واسع الانتشار في المستقبل القريب.
73-Some experts believe that electronic books will soon replace traditional books.
يعتقد بعض الخبراء أن الكتب الالكترونية سوف تحل قريبا محل الكتب التقليدية.
74-The government pays great attention to children with special needs.
تولي الحكومة اهتماما كبيرا بالأطفال ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة.
75-We must all cooperate to get rid of terrorism which is trying to destroy our country.
لا بد أن نتعاون جميعا للتخلص من الارهاب الذي يحاول تدمير بلادنا.
76-Millions of people use the internet for different purposes nowadays.
ان ملايين الناس يستخدمون الانترنت في الوقت الحالي لأغراض مختلفة.
77-The internet enables us to communicate with people all over the world.
يمكننا الانترنت من التواصل مع الناس في كل أنحاء العالم.
78-Egypt has strong relations with all countries.
مصر لديها علاقات قوية بكل الدول.
79-Computer skills are indispensable for getting a good job nowadays.
ان مهارات الكمبيوتر لا غني عنها للحصول علي وظيفة جيدة في الوقت الحالي.
80-Scientists have found that our immune system becomes less effective when we are under stress.
وجد العلماء أن جهازنا المناعي يصبح أقل فعالية عندما نكون تحت ضغط.
81-Unless we eat healthy food, we will get ill and lose our ability to do our jobs well.
إذا لم نتناول الغذاء الصحي ، فإننا سوف نصاب بالأمراض و نفقد قدرتنا علي أداء أعمالنا بشكل جيد.

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