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215 سؤال لمراجعة قواعد اللغة الانجليزية للصف الثانى الثانوى 2012

بداية شرح القواعد اولا
) he – she it مع s-es –ies المضارع البسيط يتكون من ( المصدر +
والمصدر فقط مع الباقى * العلامات 1- علامات توضع أخر الجملة
*{ every, at night, in the morning - from time to time=now and again-as usual} 2 - توضع بين الفاعل والفعل وهم{sometimes -often - always - ever -frequently -usually occasionally –still (النفىno longer-never-rarely =scarcely = seldom} أو بعلامات النفي مثل doesn't\ don't + ينفى بـ مصدر*
) am \ is \ are + v+ ing المضارع المستمر يتكون من (
( now, at this moment, at the present time, علاماته look,listen,be careful,look out , still,Beware )
أفعال الحواس و الإدراك والشعور لا توضع في المضارع المستمر بل توضع في المضارع البسيط مثل
( be -want-know–understand-believe -hear see-think)
He is a doctor now / He wants to leave now.
( للمفرد was / للجمع were + v + ing)يتكون الماضى المستمر 1As\while\just asماضي مستمر…,....ماضي بسيط العلامات
As\while\just asماضي مستمر …,…..مستمر ماضي
لاحظ :الفعلان ماضي مستمر عندما لآيقطع أحدهم الأخر *
* When ماضي بسيط , مستمر ماضى = on\ at + v+ ing \ اسم
* بدون فاعل......,............2-While + V + ing
.......اسم =During + v +ing/ ..... فعل+ فاعل3- While+
عادى ( مصدر + d/ed/ ied) الماضى البسط يتكون من
شاذeat-ate/sleep-slept\cut-cut\ put-put/read read
العلامات هى: ( didn't + * ينفى الماضي البسيط بـ ( المصدر
{ Yesterday, last, past, ago, in سنة, just now, previous, earlier, once,from….to…..}
{ When ماض بسيط ,…أى علامة من المضارع.. ماض بسيط}
*used to مصدر /didn't use to مصدر /did فاعل use toمصدر?
لاحظ v to be + used to + v+ ing عاده مستمرة فى المضارع
استخدام The
1- توضع the أمام الأسماء الفريدة من نوعها أي منها شيء واحد
the sun/the moon/ the sky/the earth/ the world
2- قبل أسماء الأنهار والبحار والمحيطات والقنوات والجبال الجمع
3-قبل الاسم الذي سبق ذكره The Nile / The Red Sea / The Alps
Ex I read a book but the book was boring .
4- قبل الاسم الذي يأتي معه حرف جر أو ضمير وصل حتى لو حذف ضمير الوصل Ex Cairo is the capital of Egypt
5- عندما نريد أن نبين النوع أو الفصيلة ككل وليس أحدهم مثل
Ex The lion is the king of the forest.
6- مع صفة الدرجة الثالثة ( est /the mostصفة (the
7- مع قاعدة (......صفة ثانية ,the......صفة ثانية(The +
8- قبل الصفة الأولى لتكون(اسم جمع = (صفة1(the
Ex The poor= poor people are happyجمع
9- قبل الآلات الموسيقية بمعنى عام بعد أفعال مثل ( play
10- قبل الفترات الزمنية the morning \first - قبل الاختراعات
* ونستخدم a\an مع المفرد و يعد ( الوظائف – اسم + صفه – الأمرلض
ضمائر الوصل
…….عاقل who(that) ( فاعل )+فعل……
……عاقل whomفعل + فاعل ……. لاياتى بعدها فعل
… غير عاقل which(that) فاعل ) ) +فعل
………مالك whoseمملوك …
…….. المكان where فاعل +فعل …. (itيحذف حرف الجر و )
زمن\ وقت when فعل+ فاعل
* يمكن حذف الوصل ويضاف للفعل ing فى المعلوم واستخدام الـ ppمجهول
والان مع الاسئلة
4-Find the mistake, then write them correctly:
1-He is good at doing friends.
2-Prof. Magdi Yacoub was borne in the village of Belbeis.
3-We're going to ring him up when he arrived.
4-Hare field became the most important transmit centre in the country under Prof. Magdi's leadership.
5-Have you visited the national museum already?
6-Germs could be killed in milk by condensing it and cooling it again.
7-However darkness it was, I could see them.
8-The people of Lilliput are taller than Gulliver.
9-If I'm a doctor, I'd treat poor patients for free.
10-Prof. Magdi Yacoub resigned as a surgeon in 2001.
11-He'd rather left at once.
12-Prof. Yacoub was part of a team which made new heart parts from human organs.
13-She has no sooner bought a new mobile phone than she lost it.
14-Many people work for a charitable which helps children with heart problems
15-While the wedding party, we enjoyed watching a horse dance.
16-After finished he's university education, he got a good job,
17-Thanks for Pasteur's discoveries, more people live healthy lives .
18-In the past, everyone used to go into their bank to put money into their accounting
19-It's impossible to make without water.
20-Prof. Magdi Yacoub learnt to adopt to different situations.
21-Look! they read silently.
22-Hardly as she studies, she gets low marks.
23-People do online shopping and radio banking.
24-He doesn't write the article until he had welcomed his visitors.
25-I'd like you to make me a favour.
26-Professor Magdi Yacoub provided to be sociable by nature.
27-She always tells lies. She is reliable.
28-People have their food delivery by supermarkets.
29-Having had had his lunch, he went out for a walk.
30-No sooner had he known the good news, then he congratulated them.
31-To succeed, you will have to show intolerance.
32-She is going to be thirty next Friday.
33-Handball is a individual game.
34-He'd liked to being a surgeon.
35-Pessimistic people believe that good things will happen in the future.
36-A passed car carried the injured old man to hospital.
37-Shelter protects people of the heat of the sun.
38-Peaceful films encourage terrorism.
39-Pessimism is a very good quality.
40-Ahmed Hassan is the leading of our football national team.
41- We will go out for a walk after the supper.
42-Cairo is a capital of Egypt.
43-EIephants fight to bring up their young and protect ill family members.
44-I'm sure you're going to enjoy your flight to Nebal.
45-Cooperation shows a high degree of stupidity
46-If a nurse refused to help a doctor, the doctor would not be able to
make his job properly.
47-He has just finished reading 'Lord of the Mice' written by William Golding.
48-Annapurna is not as popular like Mountain Fuji.
49-London is much beautiful than Amsterdam.
50-Ramy does his best to win Samy at swimming.
51-I don't remember what it was like being a kid.
52-She's just read a article which said that Ali was shocked by things he had seen.
53-The Amazon is in North America.
54-Do you know something about William Golding?
55-Mount Fuji is the less dangerous if it is compared with Annapurna.
56-In my opinion, mountaineers are very coward people.
57-During a second world war, Golding was a sailor in the British navy.
58-A good leader discourages the boys to cooperate.
59-Wolves usually hunt by packs.
60-We travelled to France and spend too weeks in Paris.
61.The Olympic Games takes up every four years.
62.We should make sports to keep healthy.
63.He deposits all his safes in Swiss bank accounts.
64.It was such an amazed car that he decided to buy it.
65.Professionals do sports for fun.
66.While he was walking, he saw a double of cars coming fast.
67-Hosam has been working like a pilot for about ten years now.
68.We all despise our maths teacher for his mental quickness.
69.They promised to go canoe tomorrow morning.
70.The Ramans left Greece during the second century BC.
71. Athletes were only interested on money, so in 349, the games were stopped.
72.Astronomers discovered the Ancient Olympic stadium.
73.lt was believed that the games would help people to be a less peaceful place.
74.Computer technology has changed the way in which companies attract and distribute their goods.
75.A queen is someone who husband is the king of a country.
76.Local economy means that companies do not need to stay in one country.
77.Corporations, controlled together as a single organization, trade in other countries.
78.He often goes to Suez which he can visit his relative.
79.The Olympic Games are an international ceremony.
80. All students should benefit of the educational programmes on TV.
81-He ran fast, but fortunately ~e lost the race.
82-Would you mind helps me with this heavy bag?
83-They make Karate to be able to defend themselves.
84-Mr.Khaled visits our school every day part from Saturdays.
85-Zeyad is terrible in remembering phone numbers.
86-The western desert should be deserted to provide different crops.
87-If 1 had a lot of money, I will go to Italy.
88- Water is used for fertilizing the f1elds.
89-Is she to buy a car, she would give me a lift.
90-The reason of the accident is unknown.
91-This car factory does parts for cars and buses .
92-Have you ever meet a famous person?
93-When you pay with money, you pay in credit.
94-I don't like meat. I prefers to eat fish .
95-Something that contains new and interesting ideas is traditional.
96-The children of our children are called our grandparents.
97-Ali is the faster runner in our school.
98-I'd like to be the doctor when I'm older.
99- Mona jogs the internet for long hours every day.
100-Egypt, Greece and Italy are all on a Mediterranean Sea.
101-My father was a sailor in the army.
102-The children in Lord of the Flies were kind to each other.
103-How long are you been learning English?
104-What is the more enjoyable thing about learning English?
105-In the past, Egyptian children didn't used to learn English until they were 11 or 12 years old.
106-People describe today's world as a local economy.
107-Diamond necklaces are cheap pieces of jewellery.
108-People who come third in a race win a gold medal
109-Zeyad was so exciting to reach the summit of the mountain.
110-I haven't been able of playing squash.
111-A team of nurses and doctors should fight together.
112-Amal would like to get married and bring for three beautiful girls.
113-The picture was detached to the wall and I couldn't take it off
114-If you want to take fit, do a lot of exercise.
115-Football is the least popular game in Egypt.
116-Scientists can make infection about tomorrow's weather.
117-Wild animals are keep in cages.
118-lt's not nice to make fine of old people.
119-I'd like to get a job board for a few years.
120-Why don't you apply at that job.
121-1 can't use my computer because my mice is broken.
122-The ministry has sent a flock abroad to attend the conference.
123-Reham has a lot of research to make.
124-Having finishing his work. he went to bed.
125-No sooner had he bought a mobile phone. then he lost it.
126-You must park here. It's a no parking area.
127-He is the manager for a travel agency in Aswan. ,
128-More than 100 million people visit places on the Mediterranean bank.
129-We should leave now. The train leaves in five minutes.
130-Biology is the scientific study of people, their customs, beliefs, etc.
131-His car is rusty. It needs to be polish.
132-Too many cars in city centres can create pollution, cars noise and congestion.
133-Concrete houses are suitable for hot weather.
134-Meat is rich with protein.
135-Wood may withdraw an earthquake better.
136-You must eat too much butter as it has a lot of fat.
137-In the past, whales were hunted for their meet. their tongues and their oil.
138-Ayman was borne in a good Cairo family in 1999 .
139-Some people are lonely because they build walls instead of ferries.
140-When the train arrived at Alexandria, the doctor was waiting for the sick passenger.
141-The ill passenger thanked the doctor on saving his life.
142-Mobile phones are very harmful, especially in emergency situations.
143-The doctor advised my uncle to give in smoking.
144-Eman loves the silent of the countryside.
145-If there were a traffic jam, everyone would be early for work.
146-If I feel better, I go to bed early.
1147-He's quite a good player but his includes in the national team is a surpnse.
148-Modern Egyptian civilization began around 7.000 years ago.
149-The Ministry of Education does its best to inform education.
150-I'm really looking forward to read King Solomon's Mines.
152-He didn't apply for university because he wasn't very bad at school.
153-A museum is a building in which monks live.
154-1t's knew that the High Dam is a great project.
155-.0ur luggage were searched thoroughly last night.
156- I persuaded her to work like hard as she could and just do her better.
175-You must violate traffic signals.
158-A gene is a part of molecule of a living thing.
159-You must always think of the other around you.
160-Concrete is not as dangerous as many other building materials.
161-She sewed her new dress himself.
162-We had our car washing.
163-The Olympic Games are famous for athletes.
164- He is ashamed of his brother because he always comes first.
165-She'd rather studies hard to join the faculty of medicine.
166-She borrowed a ten-pound note to her young sister.
167-Adham presented his wife a valuable ring to wear around her neck.
168-We must help animals and plants to adapt to climate exchange.
169-You must drive more quickly so as not to make an accident.
170-That newspaper bought by three million people every day.
171- General transport should be improved.
172-Today , all the most important towns and cities are linked by roads and railways.
173- Birds and dinosaurs are genetic related.
174-I'll look on the internet and hawk a flight and a hotel.
175-It's years for we've been to Frankfort.
176-I'm doing a project on people's driving habitats.
177-The problems we face today are worrying, are they?
178-Local warming is the increase in the earth's temperature due to increase in Co 2•
179- He is the billionaire whose started the park.
180-A hedge is a line of upright wooden posts with wire or wood in between, used to divide an area of land.
181-Humans can be affected by science experiments where go wrong.
182-We all admire the professor that books are taught everywhere.
183-For Egypt, industry is the second most important earner of foreign currency.
184- Michael Crichton died in 2008 , in the age of sixty - six.
185-My children has to study ancient history at school next year.
186-She visited Luxor with herself.
187-I'm good at swimming, amn't I ?
188-This is a new mobile phone, isn't he?
189-Mud bricks conduct heat well. ,
190-His house is high - tech. It is traditional.
191-Isolated buildings keep out heat and cold.
192-He is the player whose scored a famous goal.
193-We have a nice villa on the north bank.
194-He visited the village when he was born.
195-His room is old. It needs to be paint.
196-I'm against genetically modify crops.
197-I need to buy a new T- shirt because I have a new dozen.
198-You must to eat lots of fresh fruits because they're very good for you.
199-When I was born,. my parents have been living in their flat for three years.
200-You say it's very expensive to live in the city, and I don't agree.
201-I hope I tind myself a flat that's not too cheap so that I can afford it.
202-Asia is the biggest country in the world.
203-We couldn't get into the car because our keys were opened inside.
204-If the film hadn't been funny, I wouldn't laugh.
205-I enjoy history, but I'm not so keen in geography.
206-My father's lost glasses was found in the garden.
207-We will keep out of oil in twenty years ..
208-The train's pilot asked for my train ticket.
209-Two farmers ran out of the ambulance and carried my sick friend in to the hospital.
210-You needn't take things that don't belong to you.
211-Today, almost any information you need must be. found on the internet.
212-When we arrived home, we saw that our lights have been left on.
213-When a volcano disappears, it sends dust into the atmosphere.
214-Ice at the Antarctic and the Arctic is freezing because of global warmmg.
215- Michael Crichton wrote a book about phonetic engineering.

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