478 سؤال انجليزى 2 ثانوى من دليل التقويم

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. 478 سؤال انجليزى 2 ثانوى من دليل التقويم

اسئلة دليل التقويم
3-Choose the correct answer .
1- Ahmed always ( does -gets -makes -comes ) favour to his poor neighbours.
2-( While -When -As -During )my stay in London, I met my old friend, Ramy.
3- Maha finds it very easy to ( do -get -make -come ) decisions quickly.
4-( Because -Although - Despite - During )he was sick, he attended the conference.
5- He went abroad to ( give-do –make-take )his postgraduate studies.
6- Although she is over thirty, she is still ( single -alone -one -free )
7- Hazem enjoys . ( played-plays -playing -to play) tennis with his friends.
8-It is impolite to ( satire –make-mock-reason ) an ass of anyone.
9 -( In case of -But for-Unless -If )you want to keep fit, you have to practise sports.
10-The people of Lilliput ( put –fell-made-tied ) Gulliver to the ground so as not to escape.
l1.Have you ( lately -never -ever -already ). been to Cambridge University?
12.Egypt always sends (donors–delegations- volunteers )to nearly all conferences abroad.
13.While Amal was writing an essay, Ahmed (was watching-watched -will watch) TV.
14.1f you have a (broadband-fax –telex-radio)connection,you can contact to the internet very quickly.
I5.We sometimes ( go-goes -are going -will go )to the Opera House.
16. Mona has had a bank(account-delivery-Insurance-robbery )since she was at the age of ten.
17.He is very ( anxious –eager-fond -keen )on their traditional music.
I8-The government spares no effort to ( forget-fire-attract-exclude )foreign investors.
19.She can't send e-mails because there is a problem with her internet ( closure-connection - transmission -disconnection )
20. We sometimes prefer tea ( on -with -to -for ) coffee.
21. Professor Magdi Yacoub's aunt died (in case of-in spite of-because of ) a heart problem.
22. Kidney( transform -transport-transmit-transplant )is to take an organ (kidney from person, animal and put it into another.
23. The reason ( to -for -with -of ) his absence is unknown.
24. There has been a real ( grow-to grow -growing -growth )in number of people living in Sinai.
25. He is affluent ( when -as -but -because ) he is miser.
26. It is easy to change foreign (currency–language-investment -luggage )into Egyptian money.
27 ( During-When -While -As )the summer holiday, he helps his father with his work.
28. He would like to work for a ( charity-–charitable-cheering )organization to help the poor.
29 ( In case -Due to-In spite of-Although )his sickness, he -managed to win the gold medal.
30.Interestingly,many people prefer to use traditional banks(worse-other -rather-less)than online banking.
31-Dr. Magdi believes his work can ( make-bring-do -give ) a difference to people's lives.
32-(Airliner-Air raid-Air conditioning ) in a system that cools and dries the air in a building .
33-A/An ( architect–sergeant- surgeon )is a doctor who is trained to perform a medical operation .
34-( After -Having –Before-No sooner )got his degree, he worked as an engineer.
35-( Cash -Debt –Debit-Credit )is money we carry in our pockets.
36-No sooner ( did –have-will-had) he stepped on my foot than apologized to me.
37-A/An( disabled-adult –child-invalid )is a fully grown person.
38-The police put handcuffs on the two men as they (rob robbed-had robbed-will rob )our house.
39-A( musician -magician –electrician-politician)is a person whose job is connected with politics.
40-Before they ( went -go -will go -are going )shopping, they had had their lunch.
41-Professor Magdi was part of team which did the first British (kidney-heart-liver-stomach )transplant.
42-Jonathan Swift's father was ( Irish-English -French -Russian )
43-Ali( beautified -specified -qualified -purified )as an engineer last year.
44- When I reached the platform, the train ( leaves -Leave –left-had left)
45-People use computers for many different( rocesses -surgical operations-actions -activities )
46-Look! he ( studies -is studying-studied-was studying) math.
I5. Pasteur discovered ways of(saving-preventing-healing)diseases from passing from person to person.
47-He has been learning English ( for -ago -since -just )six years.
48-He runs as fast ( as-just as-such as -like )a train.
49-It is ( great-brilliant-ridiculous-fantastic )to believe in ghosts.
50-She needs to learn English ( but-while-owing to -because)she wants to be a journalist.
51-( Astrologers-Diplomats -Archaeologists -Astronomers )do their best to prevail world peace.
52-He made an interesting ( voyage-journey -flight -tour )by ship to England.
53-It's illegal to ( donate –search-steal -investigate )other's properties.
54-He works hard ( because -so as not to-so that-so as to )succeed.
55-Hoda doesn't agree( to -an -with -that )Rania to postpone her homework.
56-By the time she went to bed, she ( had fed-fed-will feed-is feeding ) her parents.
57-.A( bill-credit card -debit card-receipt )is a plastic card that can be used to take money directly fonn your bank account.
58-After( had finished -finishing –finish-finishes )his homework, he watched TV.
59-People ( retire -retreat -resign -relax) at the age of sixty.
60-She wasn't presented the new mobile until she(will pass-passes-passed-had passed )the final exams.
61-The ( pound-dollar –yan-lira ) is the American currency.
62-He'll welcome us as soon as we ( arrived-'11 arrive -arriving -have arrived )
63-They click the left (printer –mouse-keyboard-scanner )button twice to highlight a film
64-He'd rather get up early, ( wouldn't -had -would -hadn't) he?
65-Mud bricks do not ( conduct -guide -control -govern )heat well.
66-Having have-has -had -had had ) a quick wash, he ironed his shirt.
67-'Farmer was( proved –fired-exhausted -teethed )yesterday as he had been working hard all day.
68-We painted our room by ( ourselves-themselves –itself-yourselves )
69-Mahmoud is good ( an -at –with-by) playing computer games.
70-All religions call for ( aggression –tolerance-violence-hostility )
71-If I ( have been -'m -was -were )you, I'd accept their offer.
72-Doctors are ( modified -qualified -identified -defined )to practise medicine.
73-My school ( has started -started -is starting-starts )a new project about keeping fit soon.
74-I've read a lot of Arabic writings, but I don't know much about French (grammar-literatur- prose )
75- He is so ( cruel-humane -kind -tolerant )that he hanged a small cat.
76-( Optimistic –Tolerant-Wise -Pessimistic )people look at the dark side of life.
77- ( Pessimistic -unkind –Optimistic-Wicked ) people always look at the bright side of life .
78- Japan is ( an -a -the -no article )group of islands in the Pacific Ocean.
79- The hunters ( controlled-imprisoned –arrested-captured )the lion and took it to the zoo.
80- Adel became ( no article –an-the -a )English teacher in a secondary school.
81-The first thing they did was to build a(fountain-shelter-dam)to protect them from the wind and rain.
82-Crete is an island in ( the -a -no article -an )Mediterranean Sea.
83- The teacher ( split-cut-projected -changed )his students into groups before the work shop.
84- My son enjoys ( watch -watching -to watch-watched )action films.
85- Hunters ( put -set -make -do )a fire to frighten fierce animals at night.
86- That's the ( least-less-little -more )interesting story I've ever read.
87-English is ( more-least-the more -the most) interesting subject I have ever studied.
88-Lord of the Flies" was William Golding's ( first -second -third -fourth )novel.
89-Mount Fuji is not( like -such -as -same ) dangerous as Annapurna.
90-Countries should ( fight -forge –violate-cooperate )for the sake of their people's welfare.
91-Gold is( best –most-more-less )expensive than copper.
92-A good leader is someone who is ( unjust -nervous –respected-pessimistic )
93-Ali thinks that science is ( easier -easy -easiest -the easiest )than social studies.
94-All students should be ( weak-honest –senseless-impatient )to be reliable.
95-OUT school is ( beggar –biggest-big -bigger) than yours.
96-There's always snow on the ( summit-roof -surface -ceiling) of high mountains.
97-Luxor is( the farthest -far -farther -furthest) from Giza than Tanta is.
98-Omar Samra, was the first Egyptian who(came near-got-reached-arrived )the summit of Everest 99-A/An ( aged person –teenager-adult -toddler )is a very young child.
100-Landing on the surface of the moon was (amazed-amazing–amazement-amaze)for astronauts.
101-( Life cycle -Life coach-Lifeless-Lifelong) learning is a must for all people.
102-Few ( mountaineers -astronauts –gardeners-pilots )climb mountains for themselves.
103-Hazem is skilled at ( getting -making –reaching-doing )quizzes ..
104-More than 200 climbers ( donated'-missed-Lost-saved )their lives during climbing Everest.
105-1 wish all students would speak ( a-the-no article-an )English fluently.
106-The air at the, top of mountains is (thinner –heavie-rthicker)than the air at the bottom.
107-We always have ( a -no article-the -an )lunch in a very splendid restaurant.
108-Alan is person who asks someone questions during an interview(inventor- interprete -interviewer )
109-Egypt is the most important ( leader-leading-Leadership-led )country in the Arab world.
110-The summit of Everest is nearly 9000 meters ( under-beyond -behind -over )sea level.
111 -The( biggest –heaviest-oldest-newest )tree in the world is nearly 10.000 years old.
112-( A-The-- No article -An )computer has changed the way we work.
113-France is ( portion-a part-part )of the European union.
114-Mount Fugi is ( more-better -little -worse )beautiful than the Matterhorn.
115-Rules make it possible to ( know –modify-organise -recognise )things.
116-Football is the ( less -many –much-most) popular game in Egypt.
117-If there are no rules, life will be ( modified –predictable-unpredictable -identified )
118-( No article-The -A -An )River Nile is the longest river in the world.
119-Jack's group tries to ( steal-gain –give-join ) Poggy's glasses.
120-The wind is getting stronger. There( is going to -will -shall -would )be a heavy rain.
121- it isn't allowed to talk about ( policy -politics-politician -political )in public.
122-I'm sure you( will -may -would -are going )pass the final exam successfully.
123-Unlike basketball. boxing is a/an ( group-individual -personal -team) sport.
124-Abu Traika ( gained -earned -scored -won )a famous goal yesterday.
125-Pupils join the primary stage at the ( age-year –old-period )of six.
126-Magdi ( earned -gained –won-beat )Ashraf at tennis.
127-It is easy for us to ( do –get-make -take) predictions about tomorrow's weather.
128-Ramadan,1973, was the month( when–which-that-where )our great army restored our dignity.
129-Gad restaurant( springs -chains –series-robes )are used by 80% of the population.
130-This is the brave man ( where -which -whose-who) saved the young lady from drowning.
131-Our cotton( tax -import –yield-income )has increased since we used modern technology.
132-Alex,(where-which-when-whose )is the second capital city, has many comfortable resorts.
133-Mr. Wong is the( preservationist - presenter-representative )for a big Chinese company.
137-Mr.Wong is at Cairo Airport(that-when-where)Mr. Latif the manager of Fruco, is meeting him.
138-I'm ( pleaser –pleasing-pleasurable -pleased )to meet you", said Mr. wong to Mr. Latif.
139-Egypt imports iron ( from-to -for -with )Italy and Turkey.
140-Mr Latif ( presented -introduced -offered -produced) Mr Karmi to Mr Wong.
141- The young girl ( whose –who-whom -that )eyes are blue, is American.
142-1 have an /a ( conference –interview-appointment -draft )with the Prime minister today.
143-( Corporation –Cooperation-Coeducation -Coexistence ) is a large business organization.
144-Mr. Khaled is the (chief justice-chieftain –chef-chief) buyer for an English supermarket chains.
145-We shouldn't encourage trade ( to –for-with -in )china to protect our products.
146-Miss Zizi,( a- that -whom -who -whose' )bookshop is next to our school, is kind hearted.
147-Mr. Karmi is our( sales -sails -seal -sealing )manager.
148-Mr Wong is the representative for a Chinese (import-imported–imports-importer)company.
149-Uncle Bmad has( fixed –limited-made-done , ) an appointment to meet Dr Omar at home.
150-Our plane arrived ( with -at -in -for )Borg: Alarab airport on time yesterday.
151-Mr. Khaled '11 be with you ( in –at-by -for )a minute", said the receptionist.
152-Professor,would you mind (to tell- tell-telling )us about Maupassant life?,the presenter said.
153-He joined the ( university –orphanage-army-institute )and fought France in a European war.
154-Maupassant used to enjoy ( fished –fishing-to fish-fishy )
155-Nagi moved to Cairo ( where-which -when -who ) he worked as a clerk.
156-My favourite hobby is ( played -play -playing -to play ) tennis every friday.
157-(Spiritual-Mental-Pair-Manual )work is an exercise in itself.
158-Magdi spends all his free time ( read –reads-to read -reading )English novels.
159-I ( have watched -have been watching –watched-watch )the Olympic Games all day.
160-Tamer looked so (jealous-shameful-ashamed-proud)when he received the bronze medal for Judo.
161- Have you ever ( done-had-taken-made )judo?
162-He hasn't done Karate ( Do I have -so I do -neither I have-neither I did)
163-I wish Egypt would take part ( on-in-at-for) the following football world cup championship.
164-(Amateur -Voluntary -Merchantable -Professional )players play football for money.
165-It is the money and training that drive the sport ( off –back-forward -away )
166-Squash is a very good exercise, so it helps me to keep ( fitness-fat-fit -unfit )
167-When I was young, I( used to-'m used to-'m used )live in a small flat, but now I live in a villa.
168-( Squash -Judo –Karate-Swimming )isn't an Olympic sport at the moment.
169-Ayman did not use to enjoy ( stayed-to stay-staying -stay )at home.
170-I like( be-bee -being -been )a part of a team to do well.
171-She ( plays -'ve played -played -has been playing )basketball for about ten years.
172-Olympic Games have helped to(develop-concentrate-hinder) understanding between nations.
173-A chemical business may not be good ( for -at -of -on )the environment.
174-( Regional -Local -National -Global )means affecting or including the whole world".
175-Zaki used to drive a ten ( years -year -year's -years') old car.
176-Computers, ( are making -are made -which make-made) in Japan, are of high quality.
177-Mona can't(offer-bear-borne-afford)a new mobile phone because she has hardly any money.
178-He bought a large villa ( looking -looks -is looking -looked )over the main street.
179-Ramy practises ( regular –regulation-regularly-regularize )to keep fit.
180-Hockey is a( individual -personal –pair-team )game.
181-The film was so ( boring -interesting –exciting-inviting) that I went to bed.
182-We should be (proud–ashamed- shy ) of our football national team due to great achievements.
183-My father(works-has been working- worked )for his company for twenty years now
184-Earthquakes shake the (found-finder–foundations-finding )of buildings, weaken and break them.
185-I haven't played tennis ( Either -So -Nor -Neither )has Ahmed.
186-A/An ( engineer -volunteer –donor-amateur )is a person who does something for enjoyment.
187-Hesham( borrowed -lent –gave-exported )my dictionary to look a difficult word up.
188-Governments can provide sports(face powder-facilities–facelift) for sportsmen and sportswomen.
189-I look forward to ( meeting-meet -have met-met )you.
190-They decide to buy Alan( different-similar –opposite-identical )diamond necklace as a replacement.
191-A corporation (invests–distributes-introduces-imports) goods to shops and companies in particular area.
192-.He needs to pay off all his( debits -cards –debts-coins )before he leaves the country.
193-My friend Samy( which -who –whose-where )is a pilot, lives in Tanta.
194-A chemical business could create a lot of jobs for (odd-strange–foreign-local)people in the area.
195-My father has just bought a camera ( by internet-by website –online-on computer )
196-I'd ( rather -prefer -want -like ) be a doctor than a dentist.
197-I have a very important decision to ( make-have-come-do )next week.
198-In the evenings, I like ( surfing-traveling -going -running ) the internet.
199-Scientists are doing ( study -research –work-experiment )into new kinds of energy.
200-( Single-Individual –Alone-Professional )people live with their families before they are married.
201-Application forms often ask people about their (married –waiting-marital-famous) status.
202-He works very hard, and he(gets on-goes back-goes on )working even when he doesn't feel well.
203-Surgeons. ( do -make -take - bring ) operations to help people get better.
20- Professor Magdi Yacoub is a famous heart( change -move –transport-transplant )surgeon.
205-Mother Teresa really ( making -made –did-does )a difference in people's lives.
206-It's OK to(do-take–have-make)mistakes when we are learning something for the first time.
207-My father is a ( diplomat –politician-surgeon-pilot )He works in politics.
208-Can you give me an (example–imagination-explanation)for being late to class today?
209-(Although'-If-Because-However ) I studied as hard as I could,I only scored 70% on my exam.
210-It's( famous-ridiculous -availab1e-traditional) to think that horses can fly!
211-It isn't very polite to make( laugh -joke -funny -fun )of people.
212-If you are a policeman, you have to wear a special ( shirt-dress-uniform -trousers )
213-In most shops, you can pay by ( cash-money -debit -coin )cheque or credit card.
214-Squash is (team -a single-an individual -a personal ) sport.
215-To be successful, the members of a sports team must ( cooperate-leave –pass-prove )in each other.
216They have just ( done-made –found-brought )a good decision.
217-He's very (sensible-happy-pessimistic-intelligent )He always thinks the worst is going to happen.
218-Shakespeare and Dickens are two of the most famous names in English (music–books- writers-literature
219- My brother's ( lifelong-life –long-wrong )ambition is to climb Mount Everest.
220-While I was doing the shopping, I(met-have met-am meeting )one of my teachers.
221-I could sleep anywhere ( while -although -because -however )I was extremely tired.
222-As soon as I got to the station, I realized that I( had missed-missed-have missed-miss )my train.
223-( An -A–The-No article ) author of Lord o/the Flies is William Gelding.
224-Europe is not as large . ( an -as -to -so )Asia.·
225-Next Monday,I(met-will meet -am meeting )my brother for lunch. We've already booked the restaurant.
226-Go and see that film.I'm sure you(will enjoy-enjoy -are enjoying -are going to enjoy )it.
227-We went to Italy by sea. Our ( flight -drive -crew -voyage )took two days.
228-It's quite safe to swim here. The water's not very ( deep -high-tall -long )
229-The( head -bottom -summit-height )of that mountain is always covered in snow.
230-My father's company (plays-works-keeps-employs ) people from many different countries.
231-I'm afraid we can't ( buy –pay-afford -earn )a holiday this year.
233-There are many (valuable-cheap–rich-high)pictures in the museum. Some are 1.000 years old.
234-I'd love to take ( place-care-turn -part )in the Olympic Games, 1t I'll never be good enough.
235-The ( height-highlight-benefit-worst )of the year for my family was my sister's wedding.
236- Have you ever ( see -saw –seen-seeing ) a dangerous spider?
237-I was so tired that I fell asleep ( while-because -if -but )I was doing my homework.
238-That was one of( best-the best -better -good )books I've ever read.
239-I expect it ( will be-is being-is-is going to be )sunny and warm tomorrow.
240-A supermarket is a large shop ( who -what-which -where )you can buy many different things.
241-In the past,many people (use-uses-using-used )to pay for things in cash.
242-The first person ( which –that-what-when )I spoke to this morning was my sister.
243-Where ( does -do -did -doing )your brother use to live?
245-Shanghai is a modern (Japanese-Turkish-Chinese-French )city which has a population of 20 million
246-The Olympic Games took ( in -over -off -place )in Athens, Greece, in 2004.
247-A ( bell -ball -pile -bill ) is a dance which is very formal.
248-We're going to ( do -make -recycle -bring )a quiz.
249-Al- Ahly will ( Win -beat -gain -earn )Enppi next week.
250-Hoda usually hurts ( oneself-itself –herself-yourself )when she is peeling the potatoes.
251-Water skiing is a sport which is still ( spot -portion -port -part )of the Olympics.
252-Mohamed scored an exciting goal, ( didn't -doesn't-did -won't ) he?
253-There are five ( rectangulars –circles-squares -triangles )in the 01ympic sign.
254-He won't go abroad for many reasons, ( is –did-does -will )he?
255-It is said that ( pesticides –fertilizers-water -wheat ) can be poisonous for the soil.
256-Let's go the cinema, ( shall -will -do -did )we?
257-Some people are in favour of genetically (identical -modify-modified -modification )crops.
258-(Herbage-Herbivore-Herbicides -Pesticides )is a chemical substance used to kill insects
259-My dog sometimes washes ( oneself-himself -itself -themselves )
260-( Desert -Fertile-Organic -Deserted )land produces plenty of good crops.
261-This book does not belong to me. I'm sure it is ( your -you -yours -mine )
262-To ( increase -modify -reduce -produce )pollution from traffic, we could ban cars from cities.
263-In the past, the Nile ( flooded -flood –floods-modified )and left fertile soil on the fields.
264-Genetic engineering can be used to stop tomatoes ( with –at-from -by )rotting quickly.
268-We should improve the quality of the soil by adding( inorganic-artificial-chemical-natural) organic fertilizers.
269- Moby Dick had already written two books ( called -calls -call -to call )Typee and Omoo.
270-Organic farms don't produce the same( quantities –qualifications-qualities-quantum )as modem farms.
271-The principal let Ahmed ( leaves-Left-Leaving -Leave )the class because of being ill.
272-If food or crops ripen, they become ( ripes-rip -ribbon -ripe )
273-Mr. Ali resigned as a manager because he was bored ( with-by-from-about )the job he had been doing.
273- Many people in Somalia die of(thunder-epidemic–starvation-flood)due to wars and drought.
274-He swore to take his ( revenue -review –view-revenge )on his political enemies.
275-Plants are reproduced from ( Pollen –petal-nectar-seeds )
276-He (play-had been playing-played-plays )tennis for 10 years when his brother left for London
278-Our ( arm -armed -army -armor ) forces proved to be the strongest ones.
279-It is possible to be (ambitious –ambition-ambiguous-ambivalent) and determined without hurting other people.
280-( Isolated -Separate -Individual -Insulated )houses keep out cold and heat.
281-How ( long -often -many -much )do you go to Marsa Matrouh? Once a year.
282-( Medical-Genetic -Organic -Agricultural )engineering may bring new diseases in the future.
283-It's said that modern farming makes ( less -more -little -least ) money than organic farming.
284-Many houses in Japan are made of wood because Japan has a lot of ( deluges -floods -earthquakes -volcanoes )
285-Organic food is better for you, ( is-won It-isn't -wasn't )it?
286-Some houses are made from mud bricks to be suitable for (dry-cold–mild-hot )climates.
287-I think that the train never comes on time, ( won't-didn't-doesn't -does ) it?
288-New York is famous for its ( fountains -towers –headquarters-skyscrapers )
289-They built their house by ( himself -themselves -ourselves -them )
290-Buildings have( sloping -insulated –flat-isolated )roofs in places where there is a lot of rain or snow.
291-He had his field ( watering –water- waterproof-watered )
292-Hassan Fathy is the world famous ( astrologer-astronomer-architect -archaeologist )
293-She'd better study hard, ( wouldn't-hadn't-didn't -doesn't )she?
294-All students should be (confident-confidential-confiding )about asking questions when they don't understand.
295-Ayman prefers the market ( above -over -on -to )the supermarket .
296-I succeeded in ( send -sent-to send -sending) that e-mail at six o'clock p.m.
297-Adel is interested in ( scientifically -science -scientific -scientist )fiction novels.
298-She ( succeeded -could -managed -got )to pass her driving test last week.
299-( Climate-Climatic –Weather-Climatology )changes affect the growth of plants.
300-He took his car to the garage where one of the mechanics was (succeeded-able to managed-could )start it.
301-Rainforests ( result-put-give-take ) in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
302-You ( won't -must - can't-may ) borrow my bicycle tomorrow if you like.
303-When a volcano ( emits -rebels -revolts -erupts )it gives out hot lava.
304-He ( might-must-can't-could )be Egyptian. His parents are German.
305-The sea level will rise if the Arctic glaciers ( melt –vaporize-condense -freeze )
306- you ( need to-don't have to -mustn't -must )smoke here because there is a "No smoking area" sign.
307-He is( doing -making -creating -forming) a project on a peaceful atomic reactor.
308-You (must -mustn't-don't have to ) wash your hands before you eat so as not to catch swine flu.
309-She interviewed a ( remark -remarkably-remarkable -remarked ) scientist last might.
310-When you are on holiday, you ( mustn't-must -have to -needn't )get up early.
311-All my sisters are married, but my brother is still ( free -alone -single -one )
312-Life without ( tyranny-ambition –greed-prejudice) is meaningless.
313-Thanks to the internet,it is easy to(conduct-contact-connect-bind )my English friends in no time.
314-A funnel is used for ( splitting-including-pouring-condensing) liquids such as water and oil.
315-The (history -moral –topic-formal )of our story is that we shouldn't be deceived by appearance.
316-Dr .Zewail ( asked -provided -told -proved )to the whole world that Egypt is the land of geniuses.
317-If the tree falls down, it ( blocked -'d block -will block-would have blocked )the road.
318-Ten students(containing–including-enclosing)Ramy do their best to keep their school clean
319-If I ( had -have had -d had-have) time, I would listen to music.
320-He spends most of his free time(chatting-telling-thanking )to his friends on the phone.
321-If she had seen the criminal, she( reports -will report-would have reported -would report)the crime.
322-A( conductor-paramedic-passenge-rbooking clerk )is someone whose job is to collect payments from passengers on a bus or train.
323-If water is heated, it ( will boil -would boil –boils-boiled )
324-A ( clerk -paramedic -physician --cashier )is someone who is trained to help people who are ill or injured but is not a doctor.
325-If people (had cared-care–cared)too much about unimportant things,their lives 'd be meaningless.
326-He was late for school because of a traffic (jam-light –signa-sign )
327- If you hadn't taken those photos, you ( wouldn't have remembered -wouldn't remember - won't remember -remember )your holiday.
328-If you don't do it now, you'll only ( deny-blame -regret -thank )it.
329-.Egypt has many interesting . ( historical -history -historian -historic )places.
330-The four robbers were looking ( at-for -up -over ) the treasures.
331-Sinai is home to ( life preserver-lifeline-wildlife-life jacket )such as the fox and the wolf.
332-I'm interested ( in –about-on -over )learning more about Rider Haggard.
333-The( tomb –museum-mountain -monastery )of St Catherine is located in the centre of Sinai.
334-Students should be keen ( to -on -that -for ) learning foreign languages.
335-The pharaoh Akhnaton wanted EI-Minya to be the ( airport –port-capital-harbour )ofEgypt.
336-Sameh is good ( of –with-for -at ) playing chess.
337-St Catherine is the oldest ( Hindu -Christian -Jewish -Islamic ) monastery in the world.
338-Hassan applied ( to -for -of -in )join the army.
339-fayoum Oasis is a very fertile ( archaeological -agricultural -commercial -industrial ) area.
340-Hanan will apply (in -of-to-for )the university next Friday.
341-A lot of villagers (occupied-donated-vented-abandoned)their village due to deluges 10 years ago.
342-It( believed-'11 believe -believes-is believed )that the EL-Mursi Abu EL-Abbas mosque is the most beautiful mosque in Alex.
343-You will love the beautiful mountain ( landmarks-landfills -landscapes -landmines )
344-Science teachers ( make -do-devise -operate )their experiments in science labs.
345-The Israeli settlements in the Western Bank ( should remove -should be removed-will remove -removed) sooner or later.
346-Time ( manageress -managed –management-manager )is of great importance for all people.
347-It( knows-is known-knew-well known )that Egypt is a great country.
348-The ( declaration –announcement-advertisement-cancellation )of the American president's visit to Sultan Hassan's mosque received our doubts.
349-Dr Yousri helped ( at -with -in -on )the reform of education
350-She(acquires-blames-informs-regrets )that she won't be able to attend my daughter's wedding party next Sunday.
351-My neighbor works (out-with-on -for )an oil company.
352-The accident is blamed ( on -about -for -with )the rash driver.
353-If we freeze water, it ( will convert-turns -'11 turn-'d turn) into ice.
354-The ( violent -rash-stupid -wise ) father treats his daughters and sons on equal terms.
355-If she doesn't leave now, she ( will miss-'d miss -won't miss -misses )the eight o'clock train.
356-Dakhla is a different ( valley-island-oasis -mine ) because it's above sea level.
357-If she ( was -had had -is -were )five years older, she'd go camping.
358- Ahmed succeeded in (replacing-persuading-amending-reforming )his son to give up smoking.
359-If I ( have -had -had had-have had )much money, I would have bought a new car.
360-Students shouldn't be worried( about-for-at-from )the final exams.
361-The road to . ( success -ambition –regret-failure ) is not straight.
362-I'm sorry ( to -for -that -of )losing your English book", Amal said to you.
363-Life is not a race. it's a ( competition -voyage -Journey -tour )
364-The new furniture ( is polished-was polished -is being polished-have been polished )now.
365-Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and( likely-probable-impossible) to forget.
366-The answer ( on -to -for -about )the problem of over population is birth control.
367-If ice is heated, it ( 'll melt-would melt -melts -melt )
368-I wouldn't go there alone if I ( 'm -were-was -had been )you
369-It ( says -said-say -is said )that the earth orbits the sun
370-Tel E1-Amarna is on the ( bank -shore -beach -tank ) of the Nile
371-If he had won a lottery, he (will furnish-would furnished -would have furnished -furnishes )
372-Fayoum oasis is famous for its (water –front-water -wheels -water –fails-water -cress )
373-He apologized to me (for–about-at-of )insulting the house keeper
374-Copper is a good ( contact -delivery-conductor -resistant )of electricity.
375-Tourists buy (currency-prizes-presents ) from Khan Elkalili to remind themselves of their visit.
376-Mona suggests ( going –goes-went-to going )to Hurghada next Sunday.
377-Thomas Cook arranged the first ( packed -packet -packing -package )tour in 1841.
378-I bought a new car. It was ready good ( investment –average-value -avenue )for money.
379-Tourism is the second most important earner of foreign ...... after oil.
( navigation-investment -currency -trade )
380-She( must-doesn't have-needn't -need to be )see a doctor because of high temperature.
381-The tourist industry(occupies-applies -supplies-employs )thousands of people such as travel agents.
382-She(doesn't have to- must-used to )buy a new dress as her mother bought her a new one.
383-To encourage tourism, new hotels and roads have to be(erected–renewed-demolished -destroyed )
384-Al Ahly football team wear ( down -on -away-out )all other Egyptian teams.
385-There are many tourist villages on the Mediterranean ( depression-coast -bank -valley )
386-It is necessary to (applies -applied -apply )for the vacant job before the end of the month.
387-Package tour is a holiday that is arranged by a company at a fixed (time -price -season -place )
388-New parks and resorts will ( need-be needed -need to be -need )planned.
389-Package tours include travel, (destination -estimation-evaluation-accommodation )and sometimes meals for a fixed price.
390-You ( had to -must -do not need to-mustn't )buy that camera as I can lend you mine.
391-Our luggage was checked all the way through our final (arrangemen-goal-decision -destination )
392-Dr.Zewail (awarded-was awarded -awards-rewarded )the Nobel prize for chemistry.
393-Humans can be affected by science experiment which go ( wrong –ahead-blind-mad )
394-Ayman went back to London to ( train-trained -be trained-training )as an engineer.
395-(Biology-Anthropology –Sociology-Phonology ) is the scientific study of people, their customs, beliefs,
396-Information about swine flu ( finds -can be found-found-can find ) on the internet
397-A(producer-director-professor-presenter )is someone who controls the making of the play, films,
398-On my way to Port Said. the car ran ( over -for-in-out )of petrol
399-I think that global (warming-warning-warmth)is the most serious prob1em due to increase in Co2.
400-In some cities, people (couldn't-can-can't-could) use their cars every day as it's against the law.
401-A ( cautious -cautionary -cautioned -careful )tale is a story that is intended to warn people.
402-I( could -couldn't -can't-can )see very well without glasses because my sight is sharp.
403-We should increase our use of ( vapour-heat –light-energy )from wind, waves and the sun.
405-In the past, people ( could-can -would -may )drive a car without passing a driving test.
406-Students are not allowed to leave school without (warming -permission –allowance-warning )
407-I ( could -can -couldn't -can't)ride a bicycle until the age of nine. I'm twenty now.
408-The American astronauts(succeeded- were able-got through )in landing on the surface of the moon.
409-The only ( usher-volunteer-donor-survivor ) of the massacre was a young man called Tom.
410-You ( succeeded in -can -managed to -got through )borrow my mobile phone tomorrow.
411-It's essential for our(knowledge- reputation-culture) that we look after tourists well.
412-( May –Can-Could -Would )I use your camera, please?
413-Take it easy". means to( annoy -stress –relax-upset )and let normal daily routine worry you.
415-He (can't –can-might -could )speak English fluently as he spent 10 years in England.
416-Under the new(modifications-amends–bases-regulations )spending on office equipment will be strictly controlled.
417- You ( mustn't -don't have to -needn't-must ) come and see us at the weekend.
418-It is known that the Statue of Zeus was made by a (Turkish-Japanese-Greek-Chinese )artist
419- He ( can't-must -has to-had to )take a taxi yesterday because the bus broke down.
420-The Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed by an/a (storm-deluge-volcano-earthquake )in 226 BC.
421-The first bus is at 5.15 am, so I ( '11 have to-have to-needn't -had to )get up very early.
422-The green house (defeat-default–effect-defect )means the gradual rise in temperature of the earth's Atm
423-The pyramids (saw -are to see -see -could be seen )from space.
424-Carbon dioxide in the air(lengthens-weakens-increases-decreases )the temperature of the earth's atmosphere.
425-Sports like squash are ( individual-citizen-team-personal )sports.
426-Basketball is a ( citizen -team -personal -individual )sport.
427-This year, I( will–shall-won't-'m going ) to go swimming every day.
428-That's a good idea. You ( would get-got-'ll get -were getting )very fit.
429-We should do our best to ( show –prove-choose-keep )fit.
430-The Chinese invented ice cream using only two ( elements-topics-compounds -ingredients )
431- Let us go fishing, ( will -are –do-shall )you?
432-People should eat ( inorganic-rotten -fresh-modified ) vegetables and fruit.
433-When I saw Ahmed, he ( laugh -is laughing -was laughing-laughs )
434-My flat is on the fourth floor of a five (tale-storey-store )block next to the post office.
435-Ramy( who -that -whom -whose )car is white, is wise and cheerful.
436-It is not allowed to ( park-bark -break -brake )your car in a no parking area.
437- How long( had you wait -have you been waiting-have you waited -had you been waiting )
before your bus arrived at the bus stop?
438- In Egypt,( which -where -when -whose) there is little rain, most houses have flat roofs.
439-You like orange, ( do -would -don't -won't )you?
440-Africa is the second largest of the world's ( valleys -lakes -oceans -continents )
441- People who ( borrow -lend -bring -steal )money should go to prison.
442-Most people are (honest-kind-intelligent ) If they find something, they give it back to the owner.
443-John doesn't get paid for playing football. He's ( a professional -a player -an amateur -a career )
444-I'm really enjoying this dessert. Can you tell me what the (goods-ingredients -crops -foods )are?
445-If you need more ( sugar-fat-protein -carbohydrate )eat more meat, fish and eggs.
446-In the story of Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is absolutely(determined-sure-serious-primitive )to catch the white whale.
447-When the boat sank, the ( staff -group –crew-employees )were saved by a passing ship.
448-My sister and her husband live on the ( top -outskirts –side-outside )of the town.
449-The people ( which-who-what-where ) have just moved into the next flat are from Tanta.
450-Where( were-did-had-was )you going when I saw you in town yesterday?
451-The Nile is ( longest-long-the longest -longer ) liver in the world.
452Those are the people . ( who-whose –which-who's )car has been stolen.
453-Ali has had to go to hospital because he hurt ( herself –him-his -himself ) while playing football.
454-We arrived late and by the time we sat down, the film( has started-had started -is starting)
455-In my opinion, it's warmer now ( as-so -than -that )it was this morning.
456-My clothes were dirty as I (had been repairing-had repaired–repaired) the car allmorning.
457-Most houses in countries where it rains a lot have (straight -sloping-flat -long )roofs.
458-If you want to keep fit, go running. It's a very good fan of (exercise-practice-food-work )
459My friend's father is the ( politician –diplomat-man-editor ) of our local newspaper.
460-This CD was a ( cheap -bargain –credit-value for money )It cost less than two pounds.
461-Our cat has ( missed -come -gone missing -abandoned )We haven't seen him for a week.
462-We(suggest–announce-refuse-regret ) to inform passengers travelling to Cairo that their train will be 20 minutes late.
463-There is no airport on the island, so boats ( sail –supply-give-carry )food and other goods.
464-My ( ambition-hero-idea-announcement) is to be a journalist for an international news magazine.
465-As soon as I met him, I knew I( had seen-saw -have seen -see) him somewhere before.
466-I didn't realize it was late (if-and-because-but) I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing.
467-I(have cleaned-clean - have been cleaning )my brother's car all morning and he says it's still dirty.
468-Many cars ( made-are made-is made-make) in Egypt.
469-If it was cold in the evening, you (needed-would need -would have needed )warm clothes.
470-I'm not very good ( In-at-with -on) remembering people's names.
471-The Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed ( from-to-by -in)an earthquake.
472-It. ( know -known -is known-has known) that people have lived here for centuries.
473-A shop in our city was completely ( hunt-injured-destroyed-flooded) by fire last night.
474-I can really ( recommend -build –admire-wish) this book. I couldn't put it down.
475-I hope I ( pass -succeed –Will-do well) the maths test at school tomorrow.
476-My father's· company (plays–works-keeps-employs. )people from many different countries.
477-If you pour hot water onto ice, the ice( runs-melts -floods -freezes )
478-You can't enjoy your holiday if you don't have good ( hotel-room -accommodation -stay )
479-My favourite holiday destination is a small fishing village on the ( see-edge –ocean-coast )
480-When I was a child,I remember reading Alan( dangerous-warning-advising-cautionary)tale
481-Banks are places ( which –where-that -when )you can keep your money safe.
482-Before the invention of cars, people ( used-use -are used -have used )to walk more.
483-She looked at ( she-her –herself-himself )in the mirror to see what the new dress was like.
484-So far today,I( wrote-am writing-have been writing-have written ) e-mails to six of my friends .
485-I've decided that I( am going to apply-applying -am apply) for that job as soon as I can.
486-I have an idea: we ( have to –need-could -would )all go in one car. That would save us money.
487-There are always children near the school, so you (can-must-mustn't-need) drive very carefully.
478-Survivors of this morning's accident(have been taken-have taken –took)to the hospital.


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