المراجعة النهائية في العناكب 2012

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. المراجعة النهائية في العناكب 2012

Very important questions and answers
did the four men switch off their lights and engines?
لماذا أغلق الرجال الأنوار و المحرك
they didn't want anyone to see or hear them.
had the archaeologists discovered the week before?
ماذا اكتش ف علماء الأثار منذ أسبوع
discovered two rooms full of treasures and mummies.
robber had a different job. Explain لكل لص وظيفة محددة .. اشر ح
Te oldest one was the leader.
The small thin man with glasses was carrying the GPR.
The tall man was carrying the small computer.
The big man was carrying the tool bag. He broke through the wall.
does the GPR work? كيف تعمل الجي بي ار
sends radio waves that penetrates the wall. When they hit
something behind, they will return to the computer attached to it
which changes them into a picture.
was the robber’s death discovered?
كيف تم اكتشاف موت اللصوص
a helicopter flying over the desert on its way to fix a
the pilot’s opinion, What was the cause of the men’s
death? في رأي الطيار ما سبب موت الرجال
He thought that they died of thirst after getting lost in the desert.
was Ayman's favourite hobby? م ا ه واية أيم ن المف ضلة
was the Internet through his computer. He uses it in his study and
making friends.
the biggest spider. ص ف العنك بوت الكبي ر
was as big as an apple. It was black with two yellow lines on its
back. It had eight legs and eyes and two sharp fangs .
to the story, how did the town disappear?
طبقا للقصة كيف ا خت فت البلدة
the townspeople burnt it down to get rid of the deadly
Dr. Shreen's opinion, what is the other reason for the
disappearance of the town? في رأي شرين ما السبب الأخر لاختفاء البلدة
might have disappeared because the climate changed in Egypt.
is the suitable place for the spider? م ا أن سب الام اكن للع ناكب
must be dark, quiet and cool.
did the archeologist from Egypt send Dr. Shereen?
ماذا أرسل عالم الأثار المصري ل د . شرين
sent her an old picture of a black and yellow spider found in a
tomb near Bawiti last year.
did she think that Ayman should tell the police?
لماذا اعتقدت انه يجب على أيمن إبلاغ البوليس
As she thought that the spider may be dangerous and deadly.
did Ayman think about informing the police?
ما رأي أيمن في إبلاغ البوليس
He refused as people would laugh at him.
was Professor Malcolm Jones? من هو الاستاذ جونز
He was the head of Zoology Department at Oxford University. He
was a very famous arachnologist who wrote books on spiders.
did Professor Jones think about the spiders?
ما رأي الأستاذ بخصوص العناكب
Professor Jones thought that spiders are our friends because they are
very useful as they eat insects.
did Prof. Jones think that the spider Ayman had seen
was female? لماذا اعتقد الأستاذ أن العنكبوت الذي راّه أيمن انثى
As female spiders are usually bigger than male ones.
can’t hospitals treat the bites of that spider?
لما لا تستطيع المستشفيات علاج لدعات العناكب
then there was no antivenom for it.
is the World Wide Web like ? ما هي الشبكة العالمية
Like a huge library transferring information through 1000s
computers in the world.
would happen to local business if people heard
Ayman's story? ماذا يحدث للتجارة المحلية إن سمع الناس بقصة أيمن
People would not stay in hotels, they would not eat in the restaurants
and they wouldn’t buy the food products. Business would lose
did Colonel Mikhail ask Professor Jones to do?
ماذا ط لب العقيد من الأستاذ
Colonel Mikhail asked them to join the police team and find one of
those spiders.
happened when the professor switched on the
smoker? ماذا حدث عندما شغل الأستاذ جهاز الدخان
Spiders and insects fell on the white sheet.
was it wrong to destroy the spiders?
لماذا كان خطئا تدمير العناكب
would destroy an important archaeological site. spiders
would escape underground. They didn’t know the size of the area
Professor Jones think that they were looking for only
one spider? Why? هل اعتقد الأستاذ أنهم يبحثون عن عنكبوت واحد
Because nobody except Ayman reported seeing a big spider.
did the large female spider do when the tank fell on
its leg? ماذا فعلت أنثى العنكبوت عندما سقط الأسطوانة على أحد أرجلها
It used its fangs for cutting its own leg to free itself.
were the spiders able to bite Ayman?
كيف تمكنت العناكب الصغيرة من لدغ ايمن
When he fell to the ground , his suit was torn. تمزقت
difficulties did Wafaa, and the others face in Sinai?
ما الصعوبات التي واجهتها وفاء و الأخرون في سيناء
The heavy rain. The narrow and steep road. The three wadis flooded
with water.
was Wafa brave? كيف كانت وفاء شجاعة
She drove all the way to Hamdayya alone facing the heavy rain, fears
and loneliness to save Ayman.
Fakhry played an important role in fighting the
spiders. Explain لعبت شرين دورا هاما في محاربة العن اكب .. فسر
translated the text about the ancient village, She told Aymanthrough
emails about the medicine. She also caused Professor Jones
to come to Egypt.
did Ayman save his sister, Lamia from the big spider?
كيف أنقذ أيمن أخته من العنكبو ت الضخم
He asked her to keep still as he wanted to take a photo. The flash
blinded the spider for a second. He knocked the spider into the box of
the camera.
wouldn’t the bites of the female spider kill Ayman?
لماذا لم تقتل الدغة أيمن
As his body produced a lot of antibodies the first time he was
was Ayman the most popular young man?
لماذا أصبح أيمن أشهر شاب
As his name and picture were on TV and newspapers. The minister
described him as a brave intelligent young man.
did the internet play an important part to fight the
spiders? كيف لعبت الإنترنت دورا مهما في محاربة العناكب
knew about Dr. Shereen through it. She sent him emails, a
picture of a spider and told him about the old medicine made from
Echinacea negra.
felt like a new person with a new future. Explain.
شعر أيمن انه شخص جديد بمستقبل جدي د.. فسر
Prof. Jones offered him to study in England. Uncle Waleed told him
that all employers would like to employ him.
technology played an important role in the story.
Illustrate لعبت التكنولوجيا الحديثة دورا مهما في القصة .. استعرض
The robbers used GPR to see behind walls. Ayman & Shereen used
the computer and the internet to identify the spider. Prof. Jones used
the smoker to catch spiders.
Very important Quotations
Read the following quotations then answer the questions:
How did you get the information."
whom and to whom was this statement said?
about this information?
was the answer to the question?
The answer
words were said by the tall man to the old man.

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