The mask Of Gold General questions with model answers

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. The mask Of Gold General questions with model answers

The mask Of Gold
General questions with model answers
By Mr. Reda Ghaly
1- Leila was an experienced archaeologist. Explain
H She studied archaeology in the Italian Institute of Archaeology in Rome.
H She was a research assistant at Cairo university .
H She and Dr Hafez excavated a tomb in the Valley of the Nobels in Luxor .
H She was part of a UNESCO exchange programme in Peru and in charge of a team of three native archeaologists .
H She discovered a new Inca site in Peru .
2- Give examples to show that Leila was courageaus and adventurous.
H She faced Martin Lander in the tomb and told him he was a thief
H She caught Martin Lander and managed to prevent him from escaping.
H She drove Lander's truck and hit the plane
H When they had an accident, she looked for the nearest place to find help for Amalia .
H She went to Peru as a part of a UNESCO programme to find the Inca treasures
3- Show that Leila had a sense of duty .
H When Amalia made an accident, she refused to leave her and save herself.
H She went to bring help from the nearest village .
H She went to Acomayo and brought a doctor to treat Amalia.
4- Show that Leila was grateful.
H She went back to the village on the road to Acomayo to thank the people who had helped her save Amalia when she was injured in the car crash .
5- Show that Leila was curious
H When she saw a light shinning out of the cave door, she decided to get down into the tomb. She hid behind a big rock to see what Lander was doing .
6- Leila was a girl of principles. Illustrate
H She refused to study under Dr Hafez supervision and studied at the Italian Institute of Archaeology in Rome so that people might not think he was giving her a special treatment.
H She decided to try to catch Lander because she promised Amalia to do so.
H She believed that all that was found in the tombs belonged to Peruvian people and had to be kept in museums for the people to see.
7- Why did Dr Hafez choose Leila to be his assistant in his excavation in Peru ?
Because H He trusted her and she understood him
H She was an experinced archaeologist. They worked together before in the Valley of Nobes in Luxor .
8 - What were leila's discoveries in Peru ?
H She discovencd gold figure of a llama and a mask of gold.
H She discovered a new Inca site.
9- Prove that Dr Hafez was wise and intelligent.
H When Leila complained to him about Amalia's unfriendly behaviour toward her, he advised her to make friends with Amalia and promised to have aword with her.
H When the gold mask was stolen , he suspected Pablo to help Lander, so he told him that the police had arrested lander in order to make Pablo confess what really happened .
H When Leila suspected that Amalia was working with Lander, he didn't believe her as he couldn't believe that Amalia would do any thing wrong.
H He chose Leila to work with him in Peru as she had a previous experience in excavation work they worked together before. She also understood him and he trusted her .
10 - Dr Hafez had a sense of humour- illustrate
H When Leila wanted to show him the formation of the rocks on the way to Acomayo, he asked her if she was going to show him two strangers sitting in a cafe .
11 - Why was Dr Hafez chosen to be in charge of an archaeological project in Peru ?
H Because he had a great experience in the field of archaeology. He excavated the tomb of Sennofer in the Valley of Nobles in Luxor. He was a well known archaeologist in Cairo univesity .
12 - Why did Amalia dislike Leila ?
Because H Leila was in charge of her team and was Dr Hatez's assistant, she wanted to take her place
H Leila discovered the gold mask and would get all the credit and her name would be in the papers and on TV.
13- Give examples to show Amalia's unfriendly behaviour towards Leila.
H When she received Dr Hafez and Leila at the airport she shook hands with Leila and didn't smile to her. She didn't offer to help her with her luggage.
H Amalia put the gold rabbit in Leila's work clothes so that Leila could be accused of the theft.
H She told Leila that she came to Peru because Dr Hafez was a friened of her family.
14- Show thatAmalia was a kind-hearted girl.
H When Leila was imprisoned, Amalia went to the police station and confessed that she had put the gold rabbit in Leila's work clothes. So Leila was set free. She asked Leila to forgive her.
15- Show that Lander was a smuggler .
H He got involved with other people who were taking Inca treasures out of Peru and selling them to collectors.
H He bribed Pablo and got the gold mask to sell it out of Peru.
16- Prove that Lander was a swindler.
H Lander persuaded Amalia's father to put up some money for a silver mine. There was no mine so her father lost all his money and became poor.
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