مراجعة من الوحدة الرابعة الى السابعة لغة انجليزية 3 ثانوى

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. مراجعة من الوحدة الرابعة الى السابعة لغة انجليزية 3 ثانوى

مواقف هامــــــــة من كتاب النشاط
Unit 4
1- A friend wants to cook the family meal this evening, but can't decide what to make. Give advice.
2- Your friend asks for your advice about where to go on holiday. What do you reply?
3 -Advise a friend who wants to take a younger brother out for the day but can't decide where to go.
4-You arrived to the class late you say to the teacher.
Unit 5
1 -You are at an interview for university. The interviewer asks you what qualities you think are important to be a successful student. What do you reply?
2- You and a group of friends are discussing what makes a good friend. One of the group asks what you think. What do you reply?
3- A friend asks you what you think makes a good teacher. What is your opinion?
4- You and a group of friends are discussing what you need to do to be a successful sportsman. It is your turn to express an opinion. What do you say?
Unit 6
1- Someone asks you which city is the capital of Britain. What do you reply?
2- Someone asks you how long the River Nile is. What do you answer?
3- A tourist asks you which is the second largest city in Egypt. What do you say?
4- Your younger brother or sister asks you how old the Pyramids at Giza are. What do you answer?
Unit 7
1- You meet a visitor to your country at the airport. You want to make him or her feel at home.
2- A person you do not know arrives in your school. Ask if you can help them.
3- You meet a friend who you have not seen for a long time.
4- In class, you see a school friend who has been away for several weeks.
Place:…… …Speaker A:……… ….Speaker B:… … Function:…………..
1 - A- Get your books out and turn to page 28.
B- Excuse me, sir. Are we going to draw the map?
A- Don't draw the map, just write the answers.
2- A - Welcome, dear. What would you like to drink, tea or coffee?
B- Tea, please.
A- What about a piece of this cake? I made it myself this afternoon.
B- It's delicious. Thank you.
3- A- Excuse me, madam. May I have a look inside your handbag, please?
B-What for?
A- It's only security measures before boarding a plane.
B-Well. Go ahead.

4- A- May I take your order, sir?
B- Yes, I'll have the grilled fish, please.
A- How would you like it?
B- Well done, please.
A- Certainly, sir.

5 A-Excuse me. I'd like to send this letter by Express Mail, please.
B-Where to?
A- Paris.
B- You have to pay L.E; 15. -
A- No problem. Here is the money.
6-A-Can I help you?
B- Yes, I'd like to buy a pair of shoes.
A- What colour would you like?
B- Black, please.
7- A- We are going to talk about Imhotep in our history lesson.
B- Who was Imhotep?
A- He was an ancient Egyptian who lived in about 2650 BC.
B- Why was he a very important politician?
A- He was king Zoser's prime minister.
8- A- I'd like to exchange some foreign currency.
B- Dollars or Francs.
A- American dollars.
B- How much do you have?
A - 500 dollars.
9- A- It's nice to see you. I wish you a speedy recovery.
B- Thanks a lot. It's kind of you to visit me.
A- When will you leave?
B- In two days' time.
10-- A- Keep silent, please. You shouldn't make any noise here. The people here need concentration during reading.
B- I'm awfully sorry, sir.
11 - A-1 haven't been feeling very well lately.
B- What have you been suffering from?
A-When reading I don't feel at ease.
B- Don't worry. You must have a new pair of glasses. Let me examine your eyes.
12- A- Excuse me, madam. Have you got anything to declare?
B - To declare?
A -I mean do you have any electrical devices such as computers or radio sets?
B- No, I haven't got any.
13- A- I've come to report the theft of my car.
B- How did this happen?
A-1 left it in a side street in Shubra Street and went shopping. When I came
back after about an hour, I didn't find it.
14-A-Can I help you?
B- Yes, please. I'd like to have a cup of tea.
A- How do you like your tea?
B- With little sugar, please.
15- A- How often is there a flight to Rome?
B- We have flights to Rome every day.
A- Are they non-stop flights?
B- Yes. Direct to Rome.

تمارين على الكلمات
Unit 4
Choose the correct answer:
Early black and white photos show people in (old-fashioned / black-fashioned / white-fashioned / torn) clothes.
The Sun is at its strongest at (midnight-evening-dawn-midday).
I do not really have a (protein-routine-valentine-bulletin) during the holidays.
My friend and I are going to enter an athletics (connection-combination-competition-compression). We all hope to win something.
I sent an e-mail with two (attachments-letters-parts-posts). They were photos of my friends.
I really enjoyed this book. It is written in a very simple (system-design-style-way).
Yehia Haqqi came from a poor (district-capital-road-way) of Cairo.
My brother wants to be a lawyer when he graduates, so he's studying (fashion-law-medicine-straw) at university.
Magdi Yacoub was one of the first heart transplant (captains-players-pioneers-astronauts).
Scientists are paid to (avoid-develop-work-do) new medicines every year to help people.
In my grandfather's village, they still follow the same traditional (customs-habits-stations-costumes) that he used to follow when he was a boy.
My sister loves clothes and buys very (changeable-believable-fashionable-comparable) dresses.
His first job was as a (law-lawyer-lawful-lower).
A (diplomat-publisher-producer-performer) is someone who produces books, newspapers or magazines.
My parents gave me a (team-competition-connection-collection) of modern short stories for my birthday.
Yehia Haqqi was an important twentieth century (writer-fighter-teacher-comedian).
I have a ten (minutes-minute-minute’s-minutes’) break for something to eat at midday.
When I was seven I wrote a poem which (beat-gained-earned-won) a prize.
I enjoy (read-reading-with reading-to read) novels when I was a young child.
As well as being an important writer, he was an expert (with-of-on-about) Arabic culture.
He graduated in law and worked as a (doctor-dentist-teacher-lawyer).
In 1929, he began his (carrier-career-courier-carefree) as a diplomat
The time he spent abroad gave him (experiments-explosions-expenses-experiences) he later used in his writing.
Haqqi’s first short story was (declared-published-advertised-consumed) in 1925.
As well as (write-writing-wrote-to write) novels, he also translated French literature into Arabic.
Haqqi’s story, The Postman, was (done-worked-played-made) into a film.
Haqqi was interested (in-at-of-by) the Arabic language.
He (spoilt-did-devolved-directed) a new style of writing which is respected today.
He was a very strong believer (in-at-of-with) the power of education.
It was interesting hearing about his (experiments-experts-exports-experiences) as a policeman.
A lot of people (support-suppose-suggest-import) Al Ahly Club.
They told us that we have to give (up-off-out-in) our homework on Thursday.
They cut (out-down-into-on) five trees in the bark.
Yesterday evening, I (devised-reversed-revised-reserved) for my English test.
He writes two short stories (in-a-an-some) month.
Using the computer for a long time (does-makes-works-gives) me a headache.
He (tested-experienced-examined-touched) many different and interesting ideas in his work.
Education can give everyone the (opportunity-occasion-opposition-supposition) to be successful.
His first short story (developed-did-provided-established) him as one of the great short story writers of the Arab world.
My wealth people offer help to the poor and the (disability-ability-disables-capability).
When the employee reaches the age of 60, he / she (recycles-retires-starves-survives).
Solving the problem of shortage of water is one of the (challenges-charities-changes-charms) faced by many countries today.
After he (graduated-generated-graded-grew) in law, he worked as a lawyer.
Have you finished (read-to read-have read-reading) the magazine?
My uncle works in politics. He is a (magician-musician-diplomat-politician).
My brother is a journalist. He wrote (an essay-an article-a composition-a letter) about the bad effects of global warming.
Small supermarkets have to cut their prices to (compete-contain-confess-conclude) with the big supermarkets.
If you don’t (break-crash-obey-disobey) traffic rules, you’ll be punished.
This painting is (lyrical-historical-typical-economical) of his early work.
My cousin works (out-on-up-for) a computer company in Cairo.
Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences then write it correctly:
She sent me the report as an e-mail letter.
Yehia Haqqi was a strong belief in the power of education.
His first job was as a law.
My sister loves clothes and buys very fashion dresses.
A publication is someone who produces books, newspapers or magazines.
He wrote a collective of short stories about the poor and the disabled.
Yehia Haqqi was an important twentieth century writing.
Yehia Haqqi was one of the astronauts of modern Egyptian literature.
Yehia Haqqi was born in 1905 in the Sayyida Zeinab country of Cairo.
Haqqi wrote about Arab society and costumes in the twentieth century.
Yehia Haqqi is thought of as the mother of the modern short story in Egypt.
Yehia Haqqi's novels were translated with many languages.
Yehia Haqqi developed a new stale of writing.
He was interested on the ancient Egyptian history.
This dress look old-fashion.
Unit 5
Choose the correct answer:
Many children are (ashamed-shy-spy-secret) about talking to their teacher when they first go to school.
All the fish in the river have died. Someone must have put (sponge-position-poison-grass) in the water.
A man has been found dead in the road. The police think it was an accident, not (an event-a murder-an incident-a game).
He banged his head and is now suffering from (memory-amnesia-flu-asthma).
After they saw the mouse, they decided to put a (mousetrap-mouse trip-mouse tape-mouse top) in the kitchen.
Archaeologists are planning a new (construction-building-examination-excavation) in the south of the country.
Police are looking for someone who stole a car yesterday. The main (agent-pioneer-suspect-publisher) is a man in his forties.
They are using a very powerful (rocket-transfer-transport-transmitter) to send signals to the astronauts.
Working as a secret (client-guide-customer-agent) in a foreign country can be a very dangerous job.
In many countries, people have to carry (an individual-an identity-a personal-a national) card to prove who they are.
In Britain in the 1940s, people were afraid of an (innocence-invasion-excavation-invention) by the enemy.
The Romans (invited-invented-inspired-invaded) Britain in 43 BCE.
We saw a lot of photographs, but we couldn't (identify-publish-advertise-invent) the man we'd met.
How did the man prove his (innocent-innocently-innocence-guilt)?

The enemy used radios to (transmit-talk-speak-transplant) messages to their ships.
They (inspected-respected-suspected-talked) that the driver had been going very fast at the time of the accident.
He has admitted (making-doing-taking-working) several crimes, including two murders.
His face went red with (shyness-shape-scandal-colour) when he walked into the crowded room.
She's been suffering (with-of-from-about) cancer for two years.
A 78-year-old man has won this year’s prize for crime (fiction-faction-fraction-friction).
We are (making-taking-getting-doing) a project about archaeology in Egypt.
A team of archaeologists is (excavating-constructing-building-examining) the site looking for buried ancient tombs.
Some of Agatha Christie’s stories are (passed-based-posted-pasted) on her travels to other countries.
Police are still no nearer to (answering-replying-responding-solving the crime.
The spy was captured (at-on-by-with) his way back to the hotel.
The company's (headmasters-headdresses-headgears-headquarters) is / are in Amsterdam.
The police found out that the man was (innocent-guilty-criminal-shy) of the crime, so they set him free.
The three men were convicted of (murdered-murdering-being murdered-murder).
He is a (retiring-tired-retired-retirement) sailor who lives in a house overlooking the sea.
He was (deeply-deep-depth-deepen) affected by the death of his parents.
(In-At-By-On) her trip, she met a doctor whom she later married.
He was seriously (wounded-buried-damaged-spoilt) during the Second World War.
They suspected that she'd killed him but they could never actually (improve-prove-speak-improvise) that it was her.
Eight people, (including-enclosing-consisting-containing) two children, were injured in the explosion.
A kilo of heroin was found (hide-hiding-hidden-to hide) inside the lining of the suitcase.
He was found (innocent-guilty-shy-ashamed) and imprisoned.
A (spy-gang-robber-thief) is someone whose job is to find out secret information about a country or organisation
Rimini is a thriving holiday resort (on-at-with-in) the east coast of Italy.
The mousetrap has been performed without a (brick-break-brake-broke) since 1952.
Bombing civilians is a cruel (dime-crime-criminal-chrome) against humanity.
A convicted مدان (murderer-murder-murdering-murdered) was executed أعدم in North Carolina yesterday.
The Mousetrap is Agatha Christie’s longest-(run-ran-runner-running) play.
Adel Emam is an excellent actor. He (performs-operates-pretends-makes) on the stage perfectly.
He lives in a big flat which (looks-looks out-outlooks-overlooks) the Nile.
Foreign tourism increased (at-by-in-of) 20 % last year.
Petra was (captured-arrested-imprisoned-caught) by the Romans in AD 106.
Ali was (able-unable-enable-capable) of doing his postgraduate studies at Oxford University.
The new government has decided to (sit-sat-get-set) all political prisoners free.
The spy was arrested before he could (cross-pass-carry-get) on very important information to the enemy.
We spent the day on the beach but it was too cold to go (swim-to swim-swimming-swam).
Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences then write it correctly:
Insomnia is the medical condition of not being able to remember anything.
Ghada is making a project on education.
What about stop cars from coming into the city centre.
In her journey, she visited Italy and France.
When the children met the queen, they were too ashamed to speak.
The Mousetrap is a criminal story.
Headquakes are the main offices of an organization such as the army, police or a business company
He lives in a house outlooking the sea.
A surgeon is a person you think may have done a crime.
In the way back to his hotel, he was arrested by the police.
With our surprise, he passed the driving test.
They spent their holiday in a small hotel over the English coast.
They found the radio transfusion hidden in the bathroom.
The police officer could dissolve the crime.
Nobody knows the identical of the spies.
Choose the correct answer
1 – Education is a/an (investment –wish –hope –fun)in the future of a country and its people.
2 –The Great wall of China was a/an (wish –massive –royal –tiny) project which took years.
3 – The tunnel has a ( size – diameter – wide – long ) of 7.6 meters.
4 – He works in engineering as he is a / an ( engineer – farmer – detective – lawyer )
5 – The verb of " commuter " is ( compute – comment – communicate – commute )
6–The quickest way to get to the city centre is to(buy –sell –take –come)an underground train .
7 – A journey on the underground ( pays – costs – gives – repay ) one pound.
8 – People can ( steal – save – keep – take ) money by travelling on the underground.
9 – The first line of the Paris Metro system ( opened – played – moved – painted ) in 1900.
10 – ( Cliff – Base – Monuments – Raise ) is a large structure that is built to remind us of an important event or a famous person.
11 – To ( carve – raise – illuminate – cut ) means to make light shine on something.
12 - to move or lift something to a higher position means ( raise – cut – arise – buy )
13 – To carve is to cut stone or wood into a particular ( shade – shadow – shallow – shape )
14 –The (artist –actor – director – player)carved the sculpture from a massive piece of stone.
15 – If you want to ask a question , you should ( rise – raise – cut – wash ) your hand.
16 – The conquest was in ( 133 Ad – 133 BC – BC 133 – 133 AB )
Unit 4
41-The city has eight….., each with a representative on the City Council
a) distinctions b) disruptions c) districts d) disputes
42- Hundreds of athletes from across the nation came to…… in the games.
a) complete b) conflict c) compete d) delete
43- It is the to greet someone when you meet them.
a) routine b) custom c) prize d) customer
44- Using a typewriter is …Now we use computers.
a) poetic b) vague c) ancient d) old-fashioned
45- Dr Fathy has performed a new type of surgery. He is considered a(n)…….in his field.
a) routine b) pioneer c) complication d) explorer
46- This author uses long, complex sentences. That is her………of writing.
a) routine b) pen c) fashion d) style
47- With his book The Country of Men, Hisham Matar has become a(n) ……… author.
a) established b) literal c) eventual d) artistic
48-The of vaccines to prevent diseases has helped to save many lives.
a) styling b) development c) establishment d) custom
49- When the……..requires you to follow a rule, you can receive a penalty if you disregard it.
a) style b) law c) pioneer d) custom
50- In eastern countries, it is …….to remove your shoes before you enter a home.
a) legal b) pioneering c) routine d) customary

Unit 5
51-Please which one is yours.
a) idealize b) identify c) irritate d) illegalize
52- You'll find the company ……..in the new business park down the road.
a) headquarters b) traps c) quarts d) suspects
53-Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are……..
a) suspects b) secret agents c) soldiers d) solutions
54- How can I send the signal if the ………..is broken?
a) trap b) poison c) prison d) transmitter
55- A simple has a spring catch and can be baited with cheese.
a) poison b) mousetrap c) spy d) science fiction
56-When Reda was younger, she was not talkative because he was…….
a) hot b) excavating c) spying d) shy
57- After the accident I couldn't remember anything because I had……
a) invasion b) atom c) amnesia d) side effects
58-There are many new discoveries from the…… around Luxor.
a) excavations b) archaeology c) travel agents d) headquarters
59- The young man claimed he was ……….and had not stolen the watch.
a) poisonous b) suspect c) innocent d) murdering
60- Sarah was on trial because she was……. of spying.
a) suspected b) supposed c) transmitted d) invaded
61-When I paint, I need to use……… to thin the paint.
a) rubber b) toothpaste c) sap d) turpentine
62- Rubber ……….is made from the of a rubber tree.
a) products b) rubber c) sap d) turpentine
63- Please put those books in the study…… boxes.
a) tube b) transmitter c) instrument d) cardboard
64- If you leave bread out too long, it will………
a) freeze b) harden c) soften d) fasten
65-The water formed after the stone fell in.
a) rings b) barks c) tubes d) secrets
66- Nowadays toothpaste comes in a …….that you squeeze from the bottom.
a) ring b) transmitter c) product d) tube
67-The on a tree protects it.
a) ring b) tube c)bark d) branch
68- A violin is one type of that is made from wood.
a) instrument b) product c) tube d) branch
69- There are many useful medical found in a hospital.
a) headquarters b) saps c) cardboards d) instruments
70- The nurse put the blood in ……….to send it to the laboratory.
a) rings b) cardboard c) tubes d) products

Unit 7
81- The were stuck in the metro for three hours because of a power failure.
a) diameters b) commuters c) regions d) cliffs
82- Shaimaa' s skills got her a job with a well-known international company.
a) raising b) massive c) commuting d) engineering
83- On the farm we chickens.
a) raise b) farm c) rise d) position
84- Because Yasser had worked hard, he was……. to get the promotion.
a) based b) carved c) positioned d) raised
85- The statue ……….rests on an engraved
a) base b) stone c) ray d) cliff
86- The of the pipe was 13 millimetres, perfect for the passage of the
thick liquid.
a) commuter b) diameter c) base d) mass
87- The candle light……. a small part of the room, leaving the rest in darkness.
a) illuminated b) based c) excavated d) entered
88- Don't get too close to the edge of the because you will fall very far.
a) monument b) cliff c) bark d) stone
89- The small statue in the museum was….. with a very fine instrument.
a) based b) positioned c) carved d) equipped
90-The wealthy man's :... increased his wealth.
a) excavations b) commute c) investments d) missions
unit 4
The time he spent working in the bank gave him experience in baking affairs.
A habit is something that all people do in a society.
One sometimes gets bored with his life custom doing the same things everyday.
My father works out a computer company in Cairo.
This girl loves clothes and buys very old-fashioned dresses.
He is a brilliant poet. He writes good novels.
My sister gained the first prize in singing.
Khadja worked as a nurse and looked after wanted soldiers in wars.
Theft is the crime of killing someone.
Our neighbour is a retried teacher, he is over sixty now.
The police found the young woman death in her flat.
A mouse trip is a device for catching mice.
Astronauts discovered a new site near Saqqara.
My brother travelled aboard to get his PhD.
Exploration means digging up the ground in order to find things from the past.
Unit 6
Trees have tubes which carry water from the bark to the leaves.
Food in trees is carried by a liquid called snap.
The age of the tree can calculated by the manual rings in it.
Farmers usually use pests to make soil rich.
Branches are considered the food factory of the tree.
The guitar and the lute are musical tools.
Turpentine is a substance used for cleaning our teeth.
Car tyres are made of plastic.
Unit 7
All the Egyptians are pride of their ancestors who built the pyramids.
The farmer built a high fence to stop the wolves' attacks on his farm.
This pipe has a meter of 60 cm.
The Pyramids and other statues are amazing works of engineered.
This book made me two hours to read.
There is too much noise in the room. Please rise your voice.
The river floated the village and many houses were submerged.
The Cairo Metro is the only underground highway system in Africa.

امتحان كامل على الوحدات
Test practice(1)
Language Functions
Respond to each of the following situations:
1) You do not understand why it goes dark at night. Ask someone to explain it.
2) A friend suggests that swimming is a good way to keep fit. State another way.
3) A friend suggests that you join a squash club together. Suggest something else.
4) Someone asks where your friend Ali is. You have not seen him for a long time. You are almost certain he is on oliday.
f) Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in
each of the following two mini-dialogues: .
a) A : Excuse me, sir. The captain has asked everyone to return to their seats.
B: Does that mean we are going to land soon?
A :Yes, in about 15 minutes.
b) A : Have you seen Tarek?
B: No, sir. He was at his desk on the phone a few minutes ago.
A: Isn't he there now?
B: No, maybe he's gone home already...
A : He can't have gone home. He's preparing a report me.
Vocabulary and Structure
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1) Don't worry. I'm sure ................ them again soon.
a) you see b) you're seeing c) you'll see d) you're going to see
2) Wanting friends is part of human ................ .
a) nature b) conflict c) will d) life
3) They have just received this photo as an e-mail ................ .
a) post b) attachment c) letter d) part

4) lightning is a dangerous but natural ................ .
a) Sight b) response c) eclipse d) phenomenon
5) She didn't see her brother this morning. He ................ the flat very early.
a) must have left b) must leave c) can't have left d) can't leave
6) He left his glasses at school yesterday. I'm hoping someone ................ found them.
a) must have b) might have c) can't have d) can have
7) The quickest way for Sawsan to get to school is to ................ a train.
a) go b) bring c) come d) take
8) That plant has been ................ so that it gets lots of light.
a) explored b) raised c )positioned d) put
9) Heba 's mother asked her where ............... .
a) she had been b) had she been c) has she been d) she has been
10) She promised she ................ me as soon as the plane landed.
a) will phone b) phoned c) would phone d) phones
11) Is that someone ................ on our door? I'll see who it is.
a) hitting b) knocking c) smashing d) beating
12) Their uncle is a scientist. He's ................ research into new forms of energy.
a) making b) taking c) getting d) doing
13) If you ................ earlier, you wouldn't have missed your train.
a) had left b) leave c) would have left d) left
14) ................ you work harder, you'll fail your exam.
a) If b) Unless c) When d) As
15) I'm hot today. How about ............. to the beach?
a) gone b) going c) went d) go
16) Accidents ................ more frequently when the roads are busy.
a) take part b) come in c) cause d) occur

Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
1) Let's try to find them. They can't have went very far.
2) Teachers and supervisors belong to the teaching confession.
3) He asked me if saw his newspaper.
4) The statue of Ramses II is a very important Ancient Egyptian magnet.
5) People can waste lots of money by using the underground.
6)The accident wouldn't happen if he hadn't been using his mobile phone.
The Reader
(The Mask of Gold)
a Answer the following questions:
1 Why did Dr Hafez keep looking round as he was talking to Leila on the plane?
2 What did the Peruvian archaeologist Ramon find?
b Complete the following to make meaningful sentences:
1) Dr Hafez told Leila that thieves sometimes.....................
2) One of the most exciting days of Leila's life was when the archaeologists broke through..................
c Read the quotation and answer the questions:
"It's really quite deep. I can see some bones and some bits of pottery".
1 Where is the person who says this?;
2 What does he go on to say about the bones?..
Write an e-mail to a friend describing a book you have recently read.
a Translate into Arabic:
Egypt has many amazing works of ancient and modern engineering. At the south of Aswan, for example, Abu Simbel is the site of two temples. These were carved into a cliff in about 1250 BE.
Practice test (2)
Language Functions
1)Respond to each of the following situations:
1- Your brother looks worried. You want to know whether he has a problem.
2- Your mother was very busy yesterday. You regret not helping her.
3- An English friend asks you how you celebrate Sham E/-Nessim.
4- You forgot to thank a friend for a present he/she gave you.
2) Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in each of the following two mini-dialogues:
1) A) Is there anything I can do to help, Miss Salma?
B) Could you give these books back to the class after break?
A) Yes, of course. Is that the homework we did last week?
B) Yes, that's right. Your homework was very good.
2) A) Excuse me. I need to find out about modern farming in Egypt for a university project.
B) All the information on agriculture is on the second floor. Place:
A) Thank you. Can I take any of the books out?
B) Yes. Just bring them to the desk near the entrance.
Vocabulary and Structure
3- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1- You'll have to hurry. Your lesson................... in half an hour,
a) is going to start b) starts c) will start d) start
2- That tower is one of the towns most famous................
a) landmarks b) marks c) events d) products
3- I'd like to get a job in the medical..............
a) work b) career c) occupation d) profession
4- I wish I ................ where I left my jacket.
a) know b) had known c) knew d) could know
5- Heba wishes she. ........ all her money at the weekend.
a) didn't spend b) doesn't spend c) hasn't spent d)hadn't spent
6- My brother ................ his ambition when he became a doctor.
a) achieved b) won c) got d) made
7- After the storm, there was a huge... ……….. of water on the roads.
a) floods b) number c) amount d) lot
8- Sara felt ill all night because she............... too much the day before.
a) had eaten b) was eating c) eats d) has eaten
9- Hamdi was very tired yesterday evening because he.......... for a school test all day.
a) has revised b) had been revising c) revised d) revising
10- I really ................ to very loud music in public places.
a) disagree b) argue c) can't stand d) object
11-Ahmed's friends didn't ................ him when he returned from a year abroad. He looked so different.
a) recognize b) remember c) see d) look
12- My friend suggested ................ for a picnic in the park.
a) go b) to go c) going d) goes
13- We're planning........... to Europe for our holiday next year.
a) f1ying b) to fly c) fly d) to flying
14 In some countries, people ............... the end of the year on December 31st.
a) enjoy b) celebrate c) have fun d) party
15 In our town, there are musicians who play.... music.
a) tradition b) national c) folk d) historical
16 Whose ................ is it to make sure children arrive safely at school?
a) responsible b) responsibility c) response d) respond
4-Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:
1- I want to make some sandwiches. Have we got a bread?
2- Soha shouldn't eat too many sweets because she is chronic.
3- I asked my mother whether had she seen my English book.
4- Sylvia is on a low-fat diet because recently she's lost a lot of weight.
5- She has always enjoyed to go to the theatre.
6- Alfred Farag is a famous Egyptian playwrite.
5-Reading o Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
II Polio is the name of Italy's most famous horse race. It has taken place in the main square of the city of Siena on 2nd July and 16th August every year for hundreds of years. Siena has 17 districts, each with its own flag. The people who live in these districts used to be enemies who, fought each other, and though there are no longer fights, each district is still very proud of its riders and hopes they will win the race. On the morning of the race, the horses and the riders can be seen walking through the city. People wear bright clothes and hold their district's flag. The horses have to run
round the square three times and the race lasts around 90 seconds. The winner is not always the rider: a horse can win the race even if the rider falls off.
a) Give short answers to the following questions:
1- Where does II Polio take place?
2- How long does the race last?
3- What do the people of Siena have in their hands when they watch the race?
b) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- How many times a year does the race take place?
a) once b) twice c) three times d)seventeen times
5 What does the word (each) refer to in Siena has 17 districts, each with its own flag?
a) each rider b) each district c) each horse d) each race
6- Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
Scientists are very important to our future. What kinds of problems can they help us to solve. Here are just a few of these. Scientists can help farmers to produce good quality food for the world growing population. They can also develop new crops which do not suffer from diseases. Scientists and engineers can work with car companies to produce cars and other vehicles which use fuel more efficiently. At the same time, research scientists are looking for new types of energy to replace oil and petrol. Other scientists, too, are doing research into new treatments for serious illnesses. But perhaps the most important work scientists are doing is to find ways of reducing global warming.
a) Give short answers to the following questions:
1- What is the main subject of this text?
2- In what two ways are scientists helping farmers?
3- How are scientists helping the medical profession?
b) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- Scientists are helping car companies by producing ...
a) cheaper cars. B) faster cars c) more efficient cars d) safer cars.
5- What does these refer to in Here are just a few of these?
a) the scientists b) kinds of food c) the farmers d) the problems
7 The Reader (The Mask of Gold)
a) Answer the following questions:
1 What did Leila see in Quenco that worried her?
2 How did Dr Hafez know how long the skeleton had been in the tomb?
b) Complete the following to make meaningful sentences:
1- When Leila told Dr Hafez what she had seen in Quenco, Dr Hafez found it hard to believe that Amalia ............. .
2- The archaeologists thought the man whose skeleton they found in the tomb might…………

c) Read the quotation and answer the questions:
"I thought I recognised the man you were talking to. I think I met him on the plane."
1 Who said this to whom?
2 Who is the man they are talking about?
8 Writing
Write a paragraph of about 100 words about what you think i5 the most important scientific discovery or invention of the last 50 years.
a)Translate into Arabic:
By the time Alexandre Dumas was 20, his mother had spent all her money. He then went to live in Paris. There he found work as a secretary to an old friend of his father .
b Translate into English: '
1- ارغم الشباب الريئس السابق على التنحى.
2- يجب ان يساهم شباب مصر فى رفع اقتصاد مصر عن طريق المساهمة فى البورصة .

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