قطع فهم و موضوعات انشاء عن ثورة 25 يناير المجيدة

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. قطع فهم و موضوعات انشاء عن ثورة 25 يناير المجيدة

1-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has finally stepped down and handed over control to the military after weeks of demonstrations. Car horns are blaring around Cairo in celebration after Vice President Omar Suleiman made the announcement on national television. Omar Suleiman, Egyptian Vice President, said, "In the name of God, the most merciful, the most gracious. Citizens, in these grave circumstances that the
country is passing through; President Mubarak has decided to give up his position as president of the republic and asked the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to run the country. May God help us."
Tens of thousands of protesters chanted "the people have brought down the regime," as Suleiman announced the president's decision. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has taken over control from Mubarak, will sack the cabinet and suspend both houses of parliament and rule with the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court. The Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces says it will announce measures for a transitional phase after President Hosni Mubarak's decision to step down and hand over power to the armed forces. Reda Mahmoud Hafez Mohamed, Commander of Egyptian Air force, said, "The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will, at a later time, issue statements
which will define the steps, procedures and provisions to be taken, emphasizing at the same time that it is not an alternative to a legitimate government acceptable to the people. The statement, read on national television, salutes the martyrs who lost their lives in the past three weeks of unrest at the hands of police officers.
B- Answer the following questions:
1. How did the Egyptians react to the news that Mubarak had stepped down?
2. Suggest a suitable title for the text.
3. What does the underlined word refer to?
B- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:-
4. The word "legitimate" means …………… .
a- illegal b- lawful c- unlawful d- nasty
5. After Mubarak had stepped down, power was handed over to …………… .
a- the National Democratic Party
b- the Minister of Interior
c- the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces
d- the Congress
2-The 2011 Egyptian protests are street demonstrations and marches that began in Egypt on 25 January 2011 and had an effect on Friday 28 (the day of anger). The protests began with tens of thousands marching in Cairo and a string of other cities in Egypt. The 2011 protests have been the largest demonstrations seen in Egypt since 1977. It included participants from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and faiths.
There were a lot of causes that aroused the protestors: police brutality, lack of free elections and free speech, and corruption, as well as economic issues including high unemployment rate, food price inflation, and minimum wages. The primary demand of the protest organizers was to end Hosni Mubarak's regime,
and to create a new government that would represent the interests of the Egyptian people and respect the rights to freedom and justice. The international response to the protests has been mixed, though most have called for some sort of peaceful protests. Mostly Western governments also expressed concern for the situation. Many governments have begun
making attempts at transporting their citizens from the country.
Mubarak dissolved his government and appointed Omar Suleiman as Vice- President in an attempt to calm down the protestors. Mubarak asked Ahmed Shafik to form a new government. In response to pressure Mubarak announced that he would not seek re-election in September.
A- Answer the following questions:
1. How do the 2011 protests differ from earlier protests?
2. What do the demonstrators mainly want?
3. Why did President Mubarak abdicate his position?
B- Choose the correct answer:
4. Which of the following is NOT a cause of the problem?
a- police treatment b- free election c- low wages d- food price
5. The participants in the demonstrations are …………… in their culture.
a- the same b- similar c- different d- identical
3-"Events over the past two weeks in Egypt have been a lesson in the real meaning of a united nation," writes Mona Anis. "I am sure he saw days like these, and couldn't believe his eyes, just as we can't," the poet Abdel-Rahman Al- Abnoudi said about the influential author Tawfiq Al-Hakim (1898-1987), "when I told him I could now understand the exact meaning of the Arabic term awdat alruh or 'return of the spirit', used by Al-Hakim to describe the 1919 revolution in his classic novel of the same name." Over the past two weeks, while friends of my daughter stationed in Tahrir Square kept coming to our flat to use the bathroom or to have a hot drink before they went back to the business of occupying the square, I couldn't stop thinking of the 1919 revolution, and the students of 1935, who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country. On Black Wednesday (2 Feb, 2011), when some two hundred young people were killed less than a kilometre away from where I live, I broke down completely and screamed at my daughter to call her friends and tell them to run to our place as they were no match for those committing this massacre. The answer I received then was that these young people were determined to hold onto Tahrir Square, even if this was at the cost of their lives. They succeeded in standing their ground and teaching the whole nation a lesson in determination. On Thursday morning, I went to Tahrir Square to apologize to every young man and woman I knew for having been such a coward the night before; and ever since I have been spending more and more time in Tahrir, less to sacrifice my life than revel in Egypt's spirit regained.
A- Answer the following questions:
1. What does the writer compare the present revolution to?
2. Why was the writer scared?
3. How did the girls react to the daughter's call?
B- Choose the correct answer:
4. Students in 1935 were …………… young Egyptians today.
a- as nationalistic as b- more brave than
c- less coward than d- freer than
5. Young Egyptians proved to be …………… for their peers in other countries.
a- unreliable b- role model c- poor model d- envious
rite a paragraph of about 100 l,
The Egyptian 25 January Revolution
ثورة 25 يناير المصرية

Tens of thousands of Egyptian demonstrators المتظاھرون took to the streets on 25 January, young and old, Muslim and Christian, rich and poor, educated and not so-educated. They all chanted ھتفوا “Long live Egypt”, “Life, liberty الحرية and human dignity كرامة الإنسان ” and “Down with the Mubarak's regime نظام ”. The day marked for الذي صادف the celebration of Police Day was dubbed أطلق علیه the Day of Rage الغضب . The protests الاحتجاجات , which continued through a second day in almost every part of the country, are showing no signs of abating التراجع on the third day, with a million-strong march scheduled حدد له for
Friday. The scale حجم of the protests came as a blow to all those who have been betting يراھنون that a sleeping dragon التنین will continue its slumber سبات . For three decades عقود now, Egyptians have been kept on a tight ضیق leash قید, fed more with promises than with bread. Egyptian grievances مظالم are numerous.
Our youth has made it and the president stepped down from تنحى عن authority السلطة and people felt freedom and dignity. Many thanks to our youth, the whole Egyptian people, our brave military forces and to every loyal مخلص . However, what next? What do we want? What are we looking for? We don't only want political and social reforms إصلاحات , but we need to change our behaviours as well. We need no corrupt فاسدين , bribed مرتشین or disloyal خائن ین people. We need to unite نتحد together to restore نستعید calm الھدوء and security الأمن . We must help our army to rebuild our country again. Long live Egypt and sincere
prayer to our martyrs .شھداء

Egypt after Mubarak
مصر بعد مبارك

Egyptians have bravely بشجاعة shown the world how a peaceful سلمیة revolution ثورة can drive positive political change. It is now time to revolutionize نثور على the way we deal with each other by creating positive cultural change in Egypt. If we want to truly be a decent محترم and civil مدني society, let us live the true meaning of dignity الكرامة and respect for all humankind البشر . Let us also abandon نقلع عن the previous ills مساؤى in our country, ills in the form of littering تملاء our streets, spitting البصق in public places and burning trash النفايات in residential areas المناطق السكنیة , driving dangerously, not waiting our turn دورنا in public lines الطوابیر العامة , and giving or accepting bribes رشاوى . Let us create order نظام out of chaos الفوضى so that we can carry out our day-to-day الیومیة activities without undue لا داعي له/لھا stress الإجھاد and hardships .المشاق From this day forward من اليوم فصاعدا , let us hold each other accountable for مسئول عن the new Egypt we now need to build. Let us say, "No more injustice الظلم upon us, no more injustice towards one another, no more injustice to our beloved land Egypt". Surely then, will Egypt be able to realise its many hopes for a better today and tomorrow.

1-- The Youth Revolution led President Mubarak to step down from power and leave
the Republican Palace to Sharam El- Shekheia .
2- In just a brief statement, Omar Suleiman announced that Mubarak had given up his position as President of the Republic and that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces would run the affairs of the country.
3- Long live free Egypt .. the people are victorious .. Mubarak steps down .. and the armed forces runs the affairs of the country.
5- The Egyptians were beside themselves with joy after the announcement of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.
6-- Celebrations pervaded all over the Arab Republic of Egypt after Omar Suleiman, the Vice-President, announced that the president had stepped down from power.
B- Translate into Arabic:
1-اثبت المصريون انهم مؤهلين للديمقراطية .
2-يحذر المجلس العسكرى من انتشار الشائعات التى قد تفسد الثورة.
3-يجب على الرئيس القادم ان يفهم جيد ان الشعب لا يرضى بالظلم مرة اخرى.
4-يجب ان نتعاون جميعا للتغلب على هذة الازمة.

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