workbook with model answers and some tests

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. workbook with model answers and some tests


A. Language Functions (8

1. Supply the missing parts in the following dialogue. (4

Sara and Mona are
talking about wildlife.

Sara: Hello Mona. What
are you doing?

Mona: I am preparing a
project about wildlife.


Mona: Yes, please. I was
wondering if you have any idea about animals living in the wild.


Mona: I need to know
more about animals’ adaptation to extreme weather.

Sara: If we
take the camel as an example, it has a thick skin that protects it from the hot
weather of the desert. …………………………………………3……………………..

Mona: How can it
travel many hours without water?

Sara: It can
drink up to 57 litres
of water at a time and its body can store a huge amount of water when needed.

Mona: Great. Can
you tell me where I can find more information about the topic?

Sara: ………………………………………….4……………………………….

Mona: Thanks a lot!
I will search on the internet for more information.

2. Write what you would say in each of the following situations. (4

Someone says to you, “Would you mind turning the air conditioner on,

You want to go to the zoo but you don’t know where it is, so you ask a friend.

Your friend asks for advice because he is applying for a job that needs someone
who has excellent English, but his English is weak.

You are at a mobile phone shop and you ask the shop assistant the price of a
mobile phone.

B. Vocabulary and
Structure (12 marks)

3. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d. (5

We __________ eat with dirty hands.

a. should
c. must
d. don’t have to
2. We __________ let flies land on the food.

b. don’t have to c.
d. have to

Have all animals got backbones? No, they __________.

b. don’t
d. hadn’t
4. Do rabbits eat plants? Yes, they __________.

a. are
d. have
5. You __________ wear a seatbelt when you drive your car or you’ll pay a

a. have to

b. don’t have to c.
6. A piece of land surrounded by water is called __________.

a. an
b. a course
c. a
d. a harbour
7. A __________ is a mass of ice, formed by snow on mountains, moving slowly
down a valley.

b. backbone
d. glacier
8. __________ is an animal or bird hunted and killed by another for food.

d. Scale
9. We use a/an __________ for cutting down trees.

a. knife
c. first-aid box d. axe
10. __________ are small electric lamps that run on batteries and are held in
the hand.

a. Radios

b. Torches
c. Mobile phones d. Clocks

4. Rewrite the following sentences, using the word(s) in brackets, to
give the same meaning. (4 marks)

I am going to get up early in order not to miss the school bus. (Mira

I don’t mind answering all the students’ questions. (Mr Hassan said)

3. It’s forbidden to use mobile phones
while driving. (mustn’t)

It’s not necessary for you to get up early on Fridays. It’s a day off. (don’t
have to)

5. Read the text below, then write the word which best fits each space. (3 marks)

If you dream of working as a tourist
guide, you need to have special ……..
for that job. First, you must have an
excellent command of a foreign language as you’ll need it to ……. the
information you are giving to foreigners into their own language. So if you
aren’t good at a foreign language, you should work on …… it. You
can …… to take a ……. at any centre where experts
teach foreign languages or you can teach yourself by reading special ……
that help you to improve your language.

C. Reading Comprehension and
Set Books (11 marks)

6. Read the following passage, then answer the questions. (7

Some animals in northern countries
have a way to adapt to long, cold winter weather. It is called
hibernation. Hibernation is like deep sleep. This allows the animals to save
their energy when there is no food. These animals’ bodies go through several
changes during their hibernation. For example, the bear is the largest animal
that hibernates. Its heart normally beats 40 to 50 times per minute. When
the bear is hibernating, its heart beats only 8 to 12 times per minute. Its
body temperature also drops.

Some animals hibernate all winter
without waking. Other animals wake up now and then to eat some of the food they
have stored for winter.

When the weather becomes colder in
the autumn, a substance called Hibernation Inducement Trigger (HIT) becomes
active in the blood of animals that hibernate. The HIT makes the animals start
to prepare for winter by either storing food or eating a lot to add more fat to
their bodies. This fat helps their bodies to keep warm and is a source of energy
during the animals’ hibernation.

In which of these countries do some animals hibernate in winter?

a. Egypt
and Libya

b. South Africa
and Australia

c. Sudan
and China

d. Canada
and Russia
2. What does HIT stand for?

a. Hibernation Inducement Trigger

b. Hibernation In Active Temperature

c. Hibernation Includes True Hibernators

d. None of the above

The bear’s heartbeat goes down to ____ beats per minute during hibernation.


b. 40-50

c. 8-40

d. 12-50

Why do some animals hibernate?

What changes happen in an animal’s body when it hibernates?

When does HIT become active?

What do animals do to prepare for winter?

7. Answer only four of the following questions. (4 marks)

How do Egypt’s
sand cats protect themselves from the heat of the desert?

sand cats sleep underground during the day and hunt only at night. They also
have fur on their feet that protects them from the heat.

What was Robinson Crusoe parents’ opinion when he decided to become a sailor?

Robinson Crusoe’s parents did not want him to become a sailor.

What did Leila do in her first week of work at One World Travel?

Leila spent the first week finding out what other people in the company did.

4. What do you think will happen to polar
bears if the ice around the North Pole melts?

What do you think would have happened to Robinson Crusoe if he hadn’t saved the
tools and equipment that he had? Why?

Would you like a job like Leila’s? Why or Why not?

D. The Novel (7

8. Answer the following questions.

From "The Face on the Wall"

What was strange about the patch on the wall?

Why did the storyteller go to Boulogne?
……… He went to Boulogne because he was following the man
whose face had appeared on his wall. He was trying to discover the identity of
the man.

What did the storyteller ask from the stranger who looked like the patch?

When did the face on the wall disappear?

“I stood at busy corners watching the crowd until people thought me mad.”

a. Who is the speaker?

b. Why did he start standing at busy corners?

c. What did he see one day while he was standing as usual?

From "One of the Hot Spots"

How is Semarang

Why did the writer refuse to go on Semarang?

Why didn’t the officer report the incident of the man who jumped into the water
to the ship’s captain?........
He didn’t report the incident as he was too astonished (and he
didn’t understand why the man had jumped into the water). And he would
get into trouble

What were the writer’s feelings as the ship was leaving Semarang?

“He liked to speak English … he wanted to talk to me.”

a. Who said this?

b. Who was the speaker talking about and what was his

c. Why did he like to speak English?..........
liked to speak English because he had lived most of his life in England.

From "Quick Thinking"

What was Van Lutjen’s job?

Why was Van Lutjen going to New York?

What did Benting do when he saw the box of diamonds disappear into the sea?

What happened to Van Lutjens when he saw his diamonds disappear into the sea?

"I must go down and look at my children."

a. Who is the speaker?

b. Who are these children?

c. Where was the speaker when he said this?

E. Writing (8

Write an e-mail of seven sentences to your English friend.

Your friend is coming to Egypt
to visit in the spring and wants some advice on what the weather will be like
and what he or she should bring. Your friend’s name is Pat and his or her
e-mail address is Your name is Nur and your e-mail address is

F. Translation (4


a. Translate into Arabic: (2 marks)

1. Satellites are used for transmitting TV channels, navigation
and forecasting the weather

2. The computer is considered the greatest miracle معجزةman made throughout history.


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b. Translate into English: (2 marks)

يجب أن نتعاون جميعا للقضاء على
مرض أنفلونزا الطيور وأنفلونزا الخنازير لأنهما قد يؤديان إلى هلاك البشرية


Exam 2

A. Language
Functions (8 marks)

1. Supply the missing parts in the following
dialogue. (4 marks)

Tawfik and his friend Nadin are talking about Nadin’s
new mobile phone.

Hello, Nadin! What have you bought?

Hello, Tawfik! I have just bought a new mobile phone.

Great! ……………………………………………………………(1)…………?

Sure. Here you are.

Oh! Did you see the screen?


It is damaged. There is a big scratch

Oh no! I didn’t notice it. ………………………………………(3)……….?

You have a guarantee ضمان for it, don’t you?

Yes, I have a one-year guarantee.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll go to the shop right now.

2. Write what you would say in each of the following
situations. (4 marks)

Your brother thinks that the mobile phone is the most important invention in
the last 20 years and you agree.

2. You
disagree with your friend who thinks that travelling by train is better than by

3. Your
friend suggests going to the circus at the weekend. You want to go to another

4. Your
sister just got her exam grades and she looks happy.

B. Vocabulary and
Structure (12 marks)

3. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d. (5

1. Yesterday
I saw a bride
العروس with a lovely, long white wedding dress. _____ bride was
waiting for her bridegroom.

b. The
c. An
d. No Article

2. Farouk
El Baz is _____ famous geologist.

b. the
d. no article

3. I
have just seen Hesham at his house now. He _____ be travelling.

d. must

4. That’s
my school _____ I used to go.

d. where

5. My
father works in a company _____ sells computers.

c. whose
d. where

6. The
_____ is a tower with a bright light that tells ships about dangers at sea.

a. therapist b.
c. lighthouse
d. bill

The _____ makes it possible to see
what’s happening inside our bodies.

c. session
d. treatment

8. A/An
_____ is a journey around an area to learn about it.

a. argument b.
c. situation
d. science fiction

9. Books
and films about imaginary future events and characters dealing with space
travel and life on other planets are called _____.

a. Servants
c. Situations
d. Science fiction

A _____ is someone whose job is to advise people about the law and speak for
them in court.

c. servant
d. therapist

4. Correct the underlined mistakes in the following
paragraph. (4 marks)

Twenty Thousand Leagues فرسخ مربع
under the Sea
, which was written in French by Jules Verne, was translated
into English. The first translations, (1) who were very bad, made
changes and mistakes in the story. As a result, English readers thought that
(2) a novel was not suitable for adults. In 1965 (3) the new
translation was made. Now English readers can see that Verne (4) must been
a very intelligent writer.

5. Read the text below, then write the word which best
fits each space. (3 marks)

has a phobia of heights. It is an ……. fear that gives him many
problems. Samer’s office is on the third floor. When he looks out of the window
he feels …… .Sometimes he even loses control and …….
Now he has two …… of therapy a week. The …… uses a
big computer screen to put Samer in a safe …… situation. He’s
learning not to be afraid.

C. Reading Comprehension and Set Books (11 marks)

Read the following passage, then answer the questions. (7 marks)

inspires someone to make a new invention? Most inventors are inspired by
need. Louis Braille, who was born in 1809, lost his sight when he was a
child. However, his parents helped him to continue his education. His teachers
helped him a lot and he reached the top of his class. At the age of ten, he was
given money to study at the Royal Institution for Blind Youth, where he
started to use a simple raised-print system for

Braille invented a better system based on raised dots. The dots are put into
patterns in a rectangle which has six positions for dots. The different
arrangements of the dots represent the letters of the alphabet or other
characters. There are symbols for punctuation marks and for math and music. A
blind person reads by feeling the dots with their finger tips.

writing was not well known until sixteen years after its inventor’s death in
1852. Today, it is used in almost every country in the world and is considered
the standard form of reading and writing for the blind.

1. The
underlined word "inspires" means _____.

a. to make someone want to do or achieve something

b. to examine something carefully

c. to give something to somebody

d. to take away money from somebody

2. The
underlined relative pronoun "where" refers to _____.

a. the money to study

b. the Royal Institution for Blind Youth

c. his home

d. simple raised-print system for

3. Louis
Braille began attending the Royal Institution for Blind Youth when he was

a. born

b. three years old

c. seven years old

d. ten years old

4. What
need inspired Louis Braille to invent a better system of reading for the blind?

5. How
many dots is the Braille system based on?

6. How
can a blind person read with the Braille system?

7. In
what year did the Braille system become well known?

7. Answer only four (4) of the following questions. (4

1. What
are some important wonders of the modern world?

2. What
would Fogg win if he travelled round the world in 80 days?

3. How
do phobias affect people’s lives?

. Phobias
affect people’s lives by making them afraid to do things that other people do
without thinking.

4. In
your opinion, what important invention does the world need?

5. If
you could travel round the world, what are two countries that you would like to
visit? Why?

6. If
you had a phobia of spiders, which treatment would you prefer?

The Novel (7 marks)

8. Answer the following questions.

From "The Face on the Wall"

1. What
kind of events were the story teller and his friends talking about?

2. How
did the face on the wall get a firmer hold of the storyteller when he was ill?

. When he was ill he had nothing to do so
he began to look at the face all the time.

3. Why
did the storyteller faint when he read the man’s card?

4. What
was the great surprise at the end of the story?

5. “I looked at once at the wall on which the
face was to be seen. I rubbed
حك my eyes and sprang up.”

a. What made the storyteller rub his eyes and spring up?

b. What was the event that made the face look faint (in the storyteller’s

c. How did the storyteller feel when this happened?

From "One of the Hot Spots"

1. How
was the water of the sea near Semarang?

2. The
officer talks about a passenger. What did the passenger do early one the

3. When
did the officer see the passenger again after he went back to his room?

4. What
did the officer know about the passenger?

5. “It’s strange that you should ask that.”

a. Who said this?

b. Who did he say this to?

c. What was the question that was asked of the speaker?

From "Quick Thinking"

1. What
is the most important quality of a policeman according to Benting?

2. Why
did Van Lutjens hire
يستأجر Benting?

3. What
made the Rozelles earrings special?

4. What
made Van Lutjens restless
قلق on board the ship? /…………………………. He
was restless because he wanted to look at the diamonds, which were in the
ship’s safe.

5. "Well done! I hope the old Dutchman
paid you extra."

a. Who said this and who did he say it to? …………………………………………………. Woodward,
one of Benting’s friends, said this to Benting.

b. Why did he give him praise?

c. Why didn’t the old Dutchman pay him extra?

E. Writing (8 marks)

9. Write a paragraph on the advantages and
disadvantages of the mobile phone.

F. Translation

10. a. Translate into Arabic:

1. My house is bigger than your house.

2. The Pyramids of Giza are a wonder of the ancient world.

Translate into English:

1.التلوث مشكلة خطيرة في كثير من الدول.

Exam -3-

A. Language
(8 marks)

1. Supply the missing parts in the following dialogue.
(4 marks)

Samy meets his classmate
from school, Musa, who left Cairo
and moved to Hurghada after he graduated from university.

Hello, Musa…………………..1……………….?

I moved to Hurghada two years ago.

Samy: ………………………………….2………………?

No, I don’t regret
يندم it at all.

Samy: ………………………………………3………………………..?

Musa: Life here is quite
healthy as it’s away from the pollution and the crowds of big cities like Cairo.

Great! You don’t have any intentions of returning back to Cairo,
do you?

No, I have no intention of returning back to live again in Cairo.


I advise them to move out to new places away from pollution to find better jobs
and live a healthy life.

2. Write what you would say in each of the following
(4 marks)

1. Your
friend has an angry expression on his/her face.

2. Your
friend asks you about your summer holiday plans.

3. You
think that your family is going to the club next Thursday, but you want to make
sure with your father.

4. Your
friend thinks that the invention of the satellite is useless. You disagree.

B. Vocabulary and

3. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or

1. _________
is the idea that different countries and people all over the world are becoming
more like each other.

a. Globalization b.
c. Conservation d.

2. A
_________ company is a large company that has offices, shops, or factories in
several countries.

a. conservation b.
c. multinational d. climate

3. _________
is someone who is paid by other people to find out information to solve the

a. A landlord b. A detective
c. An instructor d. A scientist

4. An
_________ is a long journey organized for a particular purpose, especially to a
dangerous or distance place.

a. experience b.
c. expedition
d. orbit

5. A _________
is the people who live in an area.

a. crime

d. community

6. You
have read Charles Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist, _________ you?

b. haven’t
d. hadn’t

7. You
didn’t meet Dr Atef yesterday, _________ you?

d. haven’t

8. The
Giza Pyramids
_________ by the Egyptians five thousand years ago.

a. was
b. built
c. were
d. are built

9. A new museum
_________ now by the Egyptians government to collect as many monuments as

a. is
b. is
c. was being built d. is being built

“Have you watched the new detective film?” Samy said.

Samy asked Ali if he _________ the new detective film.

a. has watched b. had
watched c. was
watching d. watched

4. Rewrite the following sentences, using the word(s)
in brackets, to give the same meaning.
(4 marks)

1. The
country is reclaiming the desert for farming. (The desert)

2. What
was the price of your computer? (Ahmed asked Ali)

3." Did
you call Sara to congratulate her for her success?" (Mona asked Dina)

4. The
satellite transmits TV programmes all over the world. (transmitted)

C. Reading Comprehension and Set Books (11 marks)

6. Read the following passage, then answer the

Natural resources are materials found on the earth. They include air, water,
and land. They also include rocks, minerals, and soil. Even living things are
natural resources. Some of earth's resources can be used and replaced over and
over again. These are called renewable resources. Others cannot be replaced
quickly. These are called nonrenewable resources.

Examples of renewable resources are fresh air, water, trees, other living
things. People cut down trees to use their wood to build and make paper.
If a tree is cut, another can be planted in its place. As it grows, it helps
supply living things with oxygen, which is another important resource. Animals
are used for food by other living things and they can reproduce naturally.

Coal, oil, copper, silver, and gold are all examples of nonrenewable resources.
These substances and materials are available in limited amounts and cannot be
replaced quickly. Coal and oil deposits يترسب beneath the earth
formed millions of years ago. These resources are the result of the decay of
certain plants and animals. Natural resources are necessary for life on earth.
Someday these precious materials will run out. We need to protect them by reducing,
reusing, and recycling them.


1. How
are trees an example of a renewable resource?

2. How
are coal and oil examples of nonrenewable resources?

3. How
were coal and oil formed?

4. What
will happen if we don’t protect the natural resources?

5. Renewable
resources are _____.

a. resources that can be used and replaced over and
over again

b. resources that cannot be replaced quickly

c. silver and gold

d. water and trees

6. The
underlined word “their” refers to _____.

a. water

b. trees

c. plants

d. people

7. Nonrenewable
substances and materials are _____ .

a. air, water and

b. coal, oil, and gold

c. animals, trees, and

d. coal, silver and oxygen

7. Answer only four of the following

1. What
is meant by satellite navigation?

2. What
does the legend say in the story “The Hound of the Baskervilles”?

3. What
does Global Challenge arrange?

4. How
would life be like if we didn’t have satellites?

5. What
do you like about Sherlock Holmes’s character?

6. Would
you like to go on a Global Challenge holiday? Why or Why not?

D. The Novel (7 marks)

8. Answer the following questions.

“The Face on the Wall”

1. What
did the storyteller say about his story at the beginning?

2. What
did the storyteller do in order to find the man whose face was on the wall of
his room?

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3. What was the name of the
man that the storyteller saw in Piccadilly and what did he give the

4. What
are the three extraordinary things about the story?

5. “I
went back to my room as if I was in a dream, and sat on the bed looking with
unseeing eyes at the face on the wall. And even as I looked, suddenly it
completely disappeared.”

a. Why did the story teller look with unseeing eyes?

b. When did the face completely disappear?

c. How was the face connected with the millionaire’s name?

From “One of the Hot Spots”

1. Why
didn’t the writer visit Semarang?

2. How
was the passenger dressed
يرتدى when he jumped
into the sea?

3. Why
was it wrong for the officer not to report what the passenger had done?

How did the storyteller feel when the ship moved?

5. “Did
you know any thing about this passenger”?

a. Who asked this question, and who did he ask?

b. What did this passenger do after he climbed up again to the ship?

c. What was the answer to this question?

From “Quick Thinking”

1. What
did Jack Benting think was the most important quality of a policeman?

2. What
conditions شرط did the advertisement stress توكيد concerning the job?

3. Why
did Van Lutjens consider the two diamonds his children?

4. What
made the little box fall into the sea?

5. "When
I saw the box disappear, I seized the table and two of the chairs and threw them
over the railing after the box.”

a. Who said this statement and to whom?

b. What was in the box?

c. Why did Benting throw the table and the two of the chairs after the box?

(8 marks)

Write a paragraph of seven (7) sentences about an expedition you would like to



Translate into Arabic:

1. It
is important to find a new home for the rare tortoises.

2. It
is exciting to learn about communities in other countries.

Translate into English:

طريقة تواصلنا
الحديثة أصبحت ممكنة بسبب الأقمار الصناعية.

Exam 4))

A) Language
Functions (8 Marks)

1- Finish the following dialogue:

walks into a boutique. She wants to buy a blouse.

Hi, are you being helped?

No, I'm not. …………..(1)……………………..

All our blouses are here. What do you think of this


Amira: ………(2)…., but I would like something
warm for the


So, you want a heavy one made of wool. How about this


Amira: I like it. That's
the one I want. How much is it?


It is too expensive. ..............(4)……………….?

Yes. This blouse is only 200 pounds

Ok. I'll take it. Thank you.

2- Write what you would say in each of
the following situation
(4 Marks)

a) You meet a foreigner who asks you
the way to the Opera House.

b) You think your friend looks happy and you
want to check with your friend that you are right. ( tag)الحل

c) You have a phobia of spiders. A
friend asks you when it began.

d) You want permission from your father
to go to the theatre.

B) Vocabulary &
Structures (12 Marks)

3- Choose the correct answers from a,
b, c, or d: (5 Marks)

1-You………parked your car here. There is
a "No Parking sign"

a- mustn't have b- can't have c- shouldn't have d- don't have

2- Many types
of……… in the rainforests.

a- wild life b - wildlife c- wild live d- wildlive

3- Robinson Crusoe was
shipwrecked……… island.

a- at b- in c- by d- on

4- ……is the study
of soil and rocks.

a- Biology b - Geology c- Geography d- Bacteriology

When will we ………do our history test this term?

must b- have c - should d- have to

6- ……… phone was
invented in 1973.

a- A b- The c-Some d - An

7- An…………..fear is
a fear there is no reason for.

a- illegal
b- independent c- irrational d- impossible

8- Sherlock
Holmes…………..many mysteries.

a- solved b- wondered c - replied d - asked

9- A ………….is a
very slow animal which can live for many years.

a- giraffe b- cat c - tortoise d - horse

10- My
friend……… if I was going on holiday.

a- wondered b- wanted to know c- asked d - told

4- Rewrite the
following sentences using the word(s) in brackets to give the same
(4 Marks)

1- He said to me, "I'm going to
learn to drive next month." (told)

2- Amir wasn't at home. It is possible
that he had a doctor's appointment. (might)

3- Sir Conan
invented Sherlock Holmes.

4- The boy with short hair over there
is my son. (who)

5- Read the text below, then write the
word which best fits each space:


One of the animals best adapted to heat is Egypt's sand cat. It is not much
bigger….(1)than…. city cats, but it is designed for desert life, with thick
……..(2)fur….on its feet to……(3)protect……it from the heat. Sand cats are not
often ……(4)seen…. because they sleep underground during the …..(5)day….. and
only come out to hunt at night. Like many other desert animals, they do not
have to find water, as they get all the ……..(6)moisture…… they need from their
prey, which includes rats and mice.

C) Reading Comprehension & Set
Books (11 Marks)

6- Read the following passage, then answer the
(7 Marks)

The Great Pyramid at Giza
is one of the world's most amazing landmarks. Rising high above the Sahara Desert
in the Giza region of northern Egypt, the Great Pyramid stands
some 450 feet
into the burning desert sky and occupies of an area of 13 acres
مقياس للمساحة. The rough climate of the Sahara has actually caused the pyramid to become 30 feet less than its
original height
. The

pyramid was such an amazing feat عمل بطولى أو فذ of engineering, that it remained the
tallest building in the world for over 3800 years! The entire pyramid was
originally covered with polished limestone to make it shine brilliantly in the
Most Egyptologists, scientists
who study ancient Egypt
, agree that the Great Pyramid was built around 2560
BC, a little more than 4,500 years ago. It took tens of thousands of workers
twenty years to build. The pyramid contains over two million stone blocks.
Although most of the blocks weigh two or three tons, some weigh up to 80 tons! The
Great Pyramid of Giza
was ordered to be built by the Pharaoh Khufu as a magnificent tomb
. (His)
advisor, Hemon, was the pyramid's architect. Khufu's pyramid is actually
part of a complex of pyramids that includes the Pyramid of Khafre, the smaller
Pyramid of Menkaure, a variety of smaller pyramids and structures, and the
Great Sphinx. The Great Pyramid of Giza is
the last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the World.

A) Answer the following questions: (4M)

What is the last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the World

What are Egyptologists?

Why did the Great Pyramid become less in height?

do you think of those ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids? They were great workers who sacrificedيضحى their

Choose the correct answers: (3M)

underlined pronoun ' his' refers to…………………….


b- Khafre's c-
Hemon's d- Khufu's

The Great Pyramid was built as a……………….

palace b- citadel c- tomb d- capital

……………..was the architect of the pyramid..

b- Khafre c- Hemon d- Khufu

7- Answer only four (4) of the following
questions:(4 Marks)

1- How did Robinson Crusoe keep himself alive on the island?

2- When do
kangaroos start moving?
In the
evening at 8 or in the early morning

3- How do you think people can make use
of the internet?

Which writer is known to be the father of science fiction? Jules Vern

5- When did everyone realize that the hound was an ordinary dog?

Would you prefer to go on an adventure holiday in the summer or spend a
relaxing time at the beach? Why? Why not?

D) The Novels (7Marks)

8- a. Answer the following
questions: (4Marks

1- From "Quick
: Why did Benting accept the job although it seemed boring?

2- From "One of the Hot Spots": What did the officer
know about that passenger who jumped into the sea?

From " Quick Thinking ":
Why was the story considered a tragic مأساوى one?

From " Quick Thinking ": what was Benting's quick decision?

b. Read the following quotation, then
answer the questions:

(3 Marks)

From "One of the Hot Spots"

“And Semarang
Is a place I don’t want to see again, from the Plancius or from any other ship”

5- Who was the speaker?

6- Why didn’t the writer like Semarang or even see it?

7- What did he feel on going away from

E) Writing (8 Marks)

9- Write a paragraph of seven sentences

"Satellites are
of great use to us nowadays."

F) Translation

10- a. Translate into Arabic: (2 Marks)

Reading is the
key to knowledge and hard work is the way to success.

Some people believe that television is a cheap source of entertainment and
education while others think it is a waste of time.

Translate into English:
(2 Marks)

يواجه العالم الآن عدد من الأمراض القاتلة التي تهاجم
الإنسان و الحيوان.

الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل

استعرض الموضوع السابق استعرض الموضوع التالي الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة

صلاحيات هذا المنتدى:
لاتستطيع الرد على المواضيع في هذا المنتدى