Answer the following questions مستر/ رضا الغريب

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MdrsAwnLayn Answer the following questions مستر/ رضا الغريب

Answer the following questions:
1) What's your first name?
2) What's your last name?
3) How old are you?
4) Where were you born?
5) What was name of your teacher last year?
6) What's the name of your teacher this year?
7) How many school days do you have?
8) What language do you speak?
9) Have you got a pen friend?
10) What's his name?
11) Where is he from?
12) What subjects do you have on Monday?
13) What time do you go to school?
14) How do you go to school?
15) Where is your classroom?
16) Is your school near your house?
17) Where can you read books?
18) Where's the library?
19) Where can you play sports at your school?
20) What's your father's called?
21) What's his job?
22) Where does he work?
23) How many brothers and sisters have you got?
24) Where does your uncle live?
25) Where does a doctor work?
26) What does he do?
27) Why do doctors examine patients?
28) Who makes bread and cakes?
29) What does a mechanic do?
30) What does a post man do?
31) Does a sales assistant sell meat?
32) What does a sales assistant do?
33) Where can you get stamps?
34) How old is your father?
35) What's your mother's job?
36) Who works at school?

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