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Hello! 6 ''
The person I admire most
The person I admire most is my father. He is a role model father He is a successful doctor. He treats his patients kindly. He is serious and sincere at work. He is a friendly character who spares no effort to help those who need him and holds back nothing in due. He is loved by all people around him. I am greatly affected by him so I wish very much to follow in his footsteps. That's why I consider him the most important person in my life.
Life in the future
Life in the future will-be much easier and comfortable than our life today. Every family will own its home. The sun will provide us with the energy we need. Every home will have two or three computers and everyone will talk to their friends on the internet. Nobody will use telephones any more. We will see people's faces on the computer screen. Cars will run on fuel cell batteries and our cities will be cleaner and quieter. I think we will travel more, as planes will be faster and cheaper. Perhaps planes will fly to the moon!
The computer
The computer is one of the modern wonders of the world. It is an obvious part of technology that reaches into most people's lives because they are far more accurate and efficient than human beings. It can be put to varied uses. It can easily perform simple and complex calculations. It can be used in banks to control our cash and keep bank accounts. Also, in hospitals, it can be used to check our health. Also, The computer is ideal for doing our everyday needs: it can be used to reserve aeroplane tickets, in shopping, communicate with relatives and colleagues. In the end, we can't do without the computer.
Nothing is ugly than seeing tones of rubbish piles and exhaust fumes sent up into the atmosphere. Pollution is an environmental problem which arises from man's unwise abuse of his natural surroundings and resources such as air and water:* It's a big problem that needs all efforts to put an end to . On one hand, man has foolishly damaged his environment when poisoned , the atmosphere and polluted the earth and water. Polluted air may damage man's lungs and cause death. Also, Adding poisonous gases such as Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere may cause increased temperatures consequently the ice at the Arctic and Antarctic is melted. So, environmental conferences are yearly held all over the world to discuss pollution problems, show its dangers and offer solutions. In the end, man has to reach a balanced relation i^ in his everyday dealings with the environment.

Friends are either good or bad. Some of them are worthy of respects while others are hateful ones. Personally I like helpful friends who are ready to stand by me in time of troubles, and share my joy and sorrow. Moreover, man has no choice in making friends, yet he should be carefully cautious when befriends anyone. He must test him in some situations before he reveals any of his secrets. Among friends I feel warmth brotherhood that is why I take my friend as a refuge (shelter) where I find relief and comfort a To sum up, a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Mobile phones
Mobile phones are of great importance to many people in society from a businessman to an ordinary man. They can't do without. In time of emergency people need to make a phone call asking for the ambulance help. In travel, mobiles are necessary to tell other people how you are doing. But some people have bad habits when using mobiles. They sometimes disturb people indoors unnecessarily at midnight. While driving, they may cause death, so the government should pass strict laws against using them while driving. However, doctors warn people of its drawbacks exposing themselves to the side effects of electromagnetic a., waves causing cancer. So people should use mobile phones more wisely and quietly.
Nothing can live without water. The water we drink is a blessing of Allah; however we are not wise in using it. Everyone should feel sorry for every drop of water eu5jjaa wasted in our house. We all know that water is necessary for drinking, cooking, washing and irrigation. We are going to reclaim new areas of desert land. Meanwhile, water is a renewable source of energy which is cheap to generate electricity. So, all people should know how to care for every drop of water because the next century will witness a severe attack and an endless war for providing water supplies

Tourism is considered one of the most important earners of foreign currency. Tourists spend a lot of hard currency during their stay in Egypt. Tourists like to visit Egypt to enjoy the sun shine, and the wonderful historic places. They not only like to visit the citadel, the pyramids, Luxor and Aswan but they like to see our modern renaissance as well. The world countries are competing among each other to provide the best world tourist services. We should do our best to encourage tourists to visit us again and again. We should establish cheap hotels and tourist villages along our shores. Finally, we can say that tourism is a giant project helps flourish our economy.

Health is a priceless treasure that completes our happiness and a gift of Allah. We cannot really enjoy our life if we are unhealthy. For an unhealthy person, life is no more than pain and suffering. He is a helpless member who cannot take part in the process of development. However, healthy people are always good members in their societies and help to achieve its welfare and progress. So, people should take care of their personal cleanliness as it is tremendously important in the prevention of many kinds of infections. In order to be healthy, we must be clean. We must never eat food that smells bad or swollen canned food. We should always wash hands before and after a meal. We must either boil tap water or cool it before we drink. In the end, as it has been said that "prevention is better than cure" so everybody should pay attention to his health.
Reading is fun. It's the food of the mind. Reading is the most useful hobby. You can gain a lot of knowledge and information through reading. A book is the best friend one could have, with a book you can fly from one country to another in a short time. You can see and know about places you have never been to. If you want to know about sports or even magic, all you can do is to pick up a book and go through it. So, our schools are provided with libraries in order to encourage our students to read to help them know more and more not only about the subjects they study, but about life as well. In brief, we have to read and read to feel that we are human beings.
Information is not only power but it is everything as well. You can not make decisions or plan anything unless it is based on valid information. Almost all activities in daily life are based on information. Thanks to computers, huge amounts of information are stored, classified. n-. ,r.j and stored and can be retrieved sjui^iin
no time. Industry, trade, medicine, science, air travel, agriculture and even art depend on the validity Ju»->u, of information. It is said
that the information of the world is increasing rapidly. It is true that we live in the age of information.

Write a paragraph of seven sentences about:
"One of the best recent discoveries or inventions"
- Name it and talk about its advantages.
- Reasons why you consider it the best.
- How can people make good use of it.
Write a paragraph of seven sentences about:
"The importance of sport"
- Building up character
- A good means of spending time - Keep healthy.
- It teaches co-operation, self reliance.
Write a paragraph of seven sentences about:
"Avoiding illness"
- Keep clean - Good food and drink.
- Personal cleanliness - Be careful about tinned food.
Write a paragraph of seven sentences about:
"Making friends"
- Why we need friends. - Friends: good and bad.
- Foreign friends and pen friends.
Write a paragraph of seven sentences about:
"How to spend our spare time" Guiding points:
- Practising one's favourite hobbies. - Making a plan for spare time.
Write a paragraph of seven sentences about:
"Food Shortage' Guiding points:
Increasing world population / crops grown not enough / no peace in hungry world / solving the problem by turning the vast area of deserts into green land.
Write a paragraph of seven sentences about:
"Reading " : You may use these guiding points:
• Reading as a source of information.
• Why is it useful? • The way of encouraging it.

Important Translations
Dr. Mohammed EI-Baradai was awarded the Nobel Prize Owing to his efforts for world peace.
لقد منح الدكتور محمد البرادعى جائزة نوبل نظرا لجهوده من أجل السلام العالمى
It has been proved that the sank of the Egyptian Ferry is the result of negligence and indifference.
لقد تبين أن غرق العبارة المصرية ناتج عن الاهمال وعدم المبالاة
* The terrorist attacks that happened in Dahab affect the tourist .. industry in Egypt greatly. ,
ان ماحدث فى دهب من عمليات ارهابية يضر بصناعة السياحة فى مصر كثيرا
» The Egyptian National Football team has achieved a historic victory winning the African Cup of Nation for the fifth time.
حقق المنتخب المصرى لكرة القدم نصرا تاريخيا بفوزه للمرة الخامسة بكأس امم افريقيا
Egypt has taken a wide step towards achieving economic and democratic reformation.
لقد اتخذت مصر خطوات واسعة نحو تحقيق الاصلاح الاقتصادى والديمقراطى
* Birds' flu infection results from direct contact with infected poultry.
تنشأ الاصابة بانفلونزا الطيور من الاتصال المباشر مع الدواجن المصابة
• Any nation depends on its youth in carrying out its agricultural and industrial projects.
تعتمد اى امة على شبابها فى تنفيذ المشروعات الصناعية والزراعية
• There is no doubt that pollution has its bad effects on environment whether man, animal or plant.
مما لاشك فيه أن للتلوث اثار خطيرة على البيئة سواء كان ذلك للانسان او الحيوان او النبات
The establishment of many libraries for children is an important step towards enriching the children's culture.
يعد انشاء مكتبات الاطفال خطوة هامة نحو اثراء ثقافة الطفل
Freedom is to live in peace and let others live in peace too.
الحرية هى ان نعيش فى سلام وندع الاخرين يعيشون فى سلام
* The computer is used in all educational, social, economical, and agricultural fields.
يستخدم الكمبيوتر فى كافة المجالات التعليمية والاجتماعية والزراعية
My friend thanked me for the present I sent him on his birthday.
لقد شكرنى صديقي على هديتي التى ارسلتها له فى عيد ميلاده
Tourism is considered one of the most important earners for the national income, so we must attract tourists to visit Egypt.
تعتبر السياحة مصدرا من مصادر الدخل القومي ولذا علينا ان نجذب السياح الى مصر
* Schools are greatly interested in schools activities.
تهتم المدارس اهتماما كبيرا بالانشطة المدرسية
* We should give due care to children.
يجب انم نهتم بالاطفال اهتماما كبيرا
* Tourism and Marketing festival is held every year in Egypt.
يقام مهرجان السياحة والتسوق فى مصر كل عام
# The state celebrates Labours Day on 1st May.
تحتفل الدولة بعيد العمال كل عام فى مايو
* School libraries provide students with a lot of general information.
تزود المكتبات المدرسية الطلاب بالكثير من المعلومات العامة

# Success in life depends on patience and hard work.
يعتمد النجاح فى الحياة على الصبر والعمل الجاد
# Modern technology has a vital role in our life.
ان التكنولوجيا الحديثة لها دور حيوى فى حياتنا
# Remote sensing refers to the radar from satellites that can penetrate through land to record the presence of areas of water, oil and minerals.
يستخدم الفضاء لاجراء ابحاث علمية تعود بفائدة على الانسان
* Your brain is considered the most important organ in your body. It receives information from your senses. It analyses them with amazing speed and sends messages to all parts of your body to control it.
لايستطيع احد ان ينكر ان العقل البشرى اعظم من الحاسبات الالية
Pollution is a very serious problem that affects our life badly. The government and individuals should co-operate to put an end to this problem.
يجب علينا الا نلوث مياه النيل وان نحافظ على البيئة
Every country must try to avoid polluting the environment where they live as pollution causes most of the diseases that man catches.
حافظ على مدينتك نظيفة ولا تلقي بالقمامة فى الشوارع
Thanks to modern inventions, man lives comfortably. Television, for example, helps us to enjoy watching films, plays and matches. A washing machine helps housewives do their washing very fast.
لو لم استيقظ مبكرا لما لحقت بالقطار
* Today our life is much more comfortable than it used to be. The cause of this is modern inventions that save man's time and effort.
لو كنت مكانك لتصرفت بشكل اكثر حكمة
« You must never eat food that smells bad It may be poisonous Do not eat tinned food if the tin looks swollen or if it explodes when you open it. The food will be bad.
نعيش الان عصر الكمبيوتر والانترنت والعولمة بمزاياها وعيوبها
Our deserts are one of our chief sources of wealth, if we give them due care, we increase our national income and solve
many of our problems.
يجب ان نحافظ على نظافة مدننا لان النظافة مظهر حضارى
Cleanliness is tremendously important in the prevention of many kinds of infections. Hygiene and sanitation are both important. It is always said that prevention is better than cure.
بعد ان قرا الاعلان تقدم بطلب للوظيفة
» All members of a family can participate in making home clean, healthy and attractive. In this way we can lead a happy and comfortable life. We should also take some exercises to keep fit.
يجب ان نطيع ونحترم والدينا والمعلمين لانهم يعلمونا الكثير عن الحياة
* Health is better than wealth and prevention is better than cure.
* Smoking is very harmful to our health. Doctors have proved that it is the main cause of serious diseases like cancer and lung diseases.
يتمنى كل انسان ان يحظى بحب واحترام الاخرين
* From the health point of view, we live in a marvelous age. A long number of fatal illnesses can now be cured by modern drugs and surgery.
التعليم هو الطريق الوحيد الذى يؤدي الى التقدم وحية افضل
* Schoois are not built for teaching only. They have many other purposes. One of which is providing the society with good citizens.
نأمل فى وضع حد للبطالة والامية والفقر
# The ancient Egyptian monuments arouse the admiration of all who visit them. They are marvels that show the greatness of our ancestors.
كثيرا من السياح يفضلون زيارة مصر فى الشتاء
# Mrs. Suzan Mubarak has led a campaign to set up different projects for the benefit of the Egyptian child. A lot of businessmen have responded to this call and offered to lessen the burden on the government shoulders.
تلعب الرياضة دورا هاما فى بناء الشخصية
The sight of the sun at the sunset is of matchless beauty. It is one of the miracles of Allah and his creation. We have to worship him for his endless blessings.
تنشئ الحكومة مشروعات عملاقة لتوفير فرص عمل للشباب ولزيادة الدخل القومي
We always respect people with good qualities, if they are honest, kind, tolerant, co-operative and hard working.
تلعب المكتبات المدرسية دورا هاما فى نشر الثقافة بين الطلاب
Books are human knowledge treasure, which provide the reader with information that helps him to evaluate his matters. So, we should urge our coming generations to read.
مقاومة الارهاب واجب قومي وديني
It is important to get everything right on your first day in a new job. Make sure that you get to work on time. Do not be in a hurry to leave the minute the working day is over.
يبذل رئيس الجمهورية جهودا عظيمة لتحقيق السلام فى الشرق الاوسط
The state has given great interest in education to face the future and
to raise the standard of living. The Book Fair has become a centre for culture, literature, education and science.
تسعى الحكومة للقضاء على مشكلة البطالة وذلك بتوفير فرص عمل للشباب

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What would you say in the following situation
1. The sky is full of dark cloud.
2. You visit your uncle at hospital.
3. Your little sister says "I'm thirsty"
4. Somebody is speaking too loudly.
5. Your friend hasn't got any money.
6. You ask about the price of a dress.
7. You suggest visiting your sick friend.
8. You ask your sister to hand you a fork.
9. You are not sure your uncle is happy.
10. Your elder brother passed his exams.
11. You advise someone who smokes a lot.
12. Your friend is traveling abroad on holiday.
13. Your friend is ill and you give him advice.
14. You want to borrow a pencil from a friend.
15. You introduce a new friend to your mother.
16. You want to offer a hot drink to your guest.
17. A passenger asks you "Is this seat free?"
18. You thank your host for the tea he offered. f
19. You ask the policeman the way to the bank.
20. Your friend asks you to lend him your book.
21. Your friend helped you with your homework.
22. Your guest says "I'd better be getting home"
23. You ask your teacher for permission to leave.
24. Your friend says "I'm going to travel to London"
25. Your friend asks you "Have you got a cigarette"
26. You ask your teacher about remote sensing.
27. You are unable to hear what somebody is saying.
28. You invite your cousin to visit you when possible.
29. Your mother says "Do you like shirts in that shop"
30. The bags are heavy. You offer to help your friend.
31. Your friend makes a loud noise, but you want to study.
32. You advise your little brother not to play in the street.
33. Your friend answered you "My father teaches French'
34. A visitor is knocking on the door and you ask him to enter.
35. Your sister thanks you for helping her with her homework.
36. Your friend, "Oh! I haven't got any money with me"
37. It's very hot and you ask your brother to open the window.
38. You advise your friend not to spend too much money.
39. You open the door and let your friend enter your house.
40. You advise your brother to study his lessons day by day.
41. Your friend wants to help him. You agree strongly.
42. You say politely that your neighbour's child is impolite.
43. You ask your friend about his impression about the journey.
44. You agree strongly that computers are developing all the time.
45. Your friend seems tired because he has worked for a long time.
46. Your friend suggests "Holidays are always helpful". You agree
47. Somebody wants to speak to your father, but he isn't at home.
48. You want to tell your friend politely that his brother is dishonest.
49. Your father watched TV and you ask him about the weather.
50. Your friend says, "Shall we go to the cinema?" you don't like the idea
51. You are speaking with your friend on phone, and you can't hear him.
52. You give your opinion politely about someone who is really rude.
53. Your teacher is speaking too quickly. You can't understand what he says
54. You are in the kitchen. There is black smoke coming out of the cooker.
55. Your sister says "I'm sorry, but I've lost your pen" your are not angry
56. Your brother is getting fatter and he needs your advice to lose weight.
57. The receptionist answered you "the price of the room is 30 L.E. per night"
58. You answered the phone. Somebody wants to speak to your brother. He is not at home.
59. Your friend asks you what do you think of that film? You are not completely sure.
60. You have been absent minded for a while; you can't follow what your teacher is saying.

Nabil Hello Zaki.
Zaki Hello Nabil. I haven't seen you for a long time …………….(1)………….?
Nabil Yes, I was In fact I spent my holiday m Europe……………(2) ………..?
Zaki I spent it in Cairo........ ............. (3).............?
Nabil I visited France and Italy.
Zaki How interesting! I wish .............. (4)..............
Nabil Next year you may have a chance.

Leila : You know, Samia, my birthday is next Tuesday.
Samia : Really? ............(1).......................?
Leila : Twenty five. I'll be giving a birthday party. Are you free on that day?
Samia :...................... (2)...................,......
Leila : I 'm glad you can come.
Samia : ......................(3).........................?
Leila : Only some of the closest friends. Samia : ......................(4)..........................?
Leila : Yes, I think you know them all.
Samia : Ok, I will come. Leila : Thank you.

Salesman: Can I help you, madam"?'
Lady : Well, it depends: Do you do watch—repairs?
Salesman: ............... .(1) ....................
Lady : Could you examine my watch, please? It's stopped. Salesman: ....................(2)....................?
Lady : Only yesterday ............... (3),,..................?
Salesman: Yes, I can, but I'm afraid you'll have to leave it.
Lady : All right..........................(4)..................?
Salesman: Next Monday. Now you need a receipt
Lady : Ok.

Nadia : Mona; can you lend me some money?
Mona : Well, how ..............(1}............................?
Nadia : Can you lend me £ 12, please? I want to buy presents.
Mona : Presents? .........,.....(2).....................,.,.....?
Nadia : For my sister and my uncle. I have to.
Mona : .............................(3)................,............?
Nadia : Because it is their birthday tomorrow
Mona : All right, Nadia. Here's the money...........(4)........... .......?
Nadia : Books. In my family we all love reading.

A: Where did you go yesterday? I called on you but.........(1) ........
B: ...........................(2) .....................
A: Is your grandfather still alive?
B: .......................... (3) .......................
A: ..........................(4).......................?
B: He is over sixty.

A : That's a nice car....................... (1) .......................?
B : Last week when I sold my old one.
A : Why did you sell your old car?
A:.......................(3)....................... ?
B : Seven thousand pounds.
A : Don't you believe it was worth more?
B :....................... (4) ................Would you like to have a lift?
A : No, thank you.

Teacher : What's your father, Ali ?
Ali : .............................(1)..................
Teacher : Would you like to be a teacher, too ?
Ali : No, ......................(2).................
Teacher: Why do you prefer to be a doctor ?
Ali : because................(3)................
Teacher : Don't you think .......(4)......... .......
Ali : I'm sure it's very hard but I'm greatly interested in medical science.
A woman is reporting a theft at the police station.

Policeman : Can I help you?
Woman : A thief stole my handbag and ran away Policeman : .................. .(1)...........................1
Woman : in Talat Harb Street.
Policeman : . ........ ........(2)...........................?
Woman : He's about twenty. He was short. About 1,45 metres. Policeman: .......... ......(3)...........................?
Woman : No, he wasn't fat. He was thin. Policeman : ...................(4)...........................1
Woman : Yes of course. I live at 50 Ramses Street, Cairo.

A tourist is phoning a hotel to book a room"
Receptionist: Good morning, can I help you? Tourist : ....,.........,...(1)...........,...
Receptionist: Certainly. ..... (2)..............?
Tourist : For three nights.
Tourist : Single, please ..............(4)....................?
Receptionist: Forty pounds a night.
Tourist : OK, I like to book the room, thank you.
Receptionist: You are welcome.

Rewrite the following sentences
6. I had dinner first, then I selpt. (When)
7. No one is more intelligent than Hala . (the)
8. A hook is used for catching fish . (to)
9. She bought some presents . (any)
10. He came to existance in 1950 . (was)
11. She hasn't visited me for a week. (It's) 12.1 last wrote to my sister when she was in Alex. (since)
13.1 have been learning English since 1998 . (for)
14. She has not played tennis for 2 years . (since)
15.1 admire the girl with blue eyes . (who)
16. This is the medal. I won the medal. (which)
17. This is the town . I was born in this town . (where)
18. This rifle is used for hunting animals. (to)
19. She is too poor to buy this car. (If)
20. Perhaps she will come. If so, don't invite her in . (If she comes)
21. Had I enough money, I'd buy a villa . (If)
22. He is the most famous actor in the world cinema . (No other)
23. After finishing the homework, I slept. (had)
24. When I had completed the form, I sent it. (/ didn't)
25. First I wrote the letter. Then I posted it. (before)
26.1 didn't go out until I had done the homework. (went)
27. After she had studied the lesson, she answered the questions. (until)
28. After watching the film, she had tea . (before)
29. He apologized for not coming to the party . (because)
30. I helped her. She thanked me . (for)
31. She is a quick swimmer. (swims)
32. She will travel again . (is)
33. She is angry today. (seems)
34. He likes music very much . (fond)
35. Mr. Hani is a good teacher. (teach)
36. He is 170 Cm. tall. (height)
37. They will play the match tomorrow. (be)
38. She answered all the questions . (were)
39. How did you answer the question ? (was)
40.1 prefer watching T.V to listening to the radio. (I'd rather)
41. We can understand English by using a dictionary (enable)
42. I'd like you to open the door, please . (mind)
43. You shouldn't make trouble in the class . (avoid)
44. It's advisable for you not to smoke . (shouldn't)
45. You are not allowed to park here. (mustn't)
46. I saw the famous singer. (who)
47. He said to me, "I'll visit you". (promised)
48. The car will be repaired again . (The mechanic)
49. He is a careful driver. (carefully)
50. She is a fast runner. (runs)
51. Abu-Heif won the Egyptian primary schools swimming championship at the age of ten . (when)
52. My uncle owns a very famous bookshop. (owner)
53. You look very ill. I advise you to see a doctor at once. (should)
54. No one in the family is older than Maha . (oldest)

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