سؤال جمل التصحيح لغة انجليزية 3 ثانوى

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. سؤال جمل التصحيح لغة انجليزية 3 ثانوى

أولا جمل تصحيح السودان
1- All scientists are interested in space.
2- My brother had a good education. He to one  of the best university .
3- Despite being clever , Mona fell in the final exam.
4-1 went to the pharmacy to buy some medicine.
5- Before you go to London, you should learn to speak English.
6- My father is a good tennis player.
جمل تصحيح موقع الوزارة
1-The good news is that Hebe had twin baby girls
2-He asked me where I had put the bag the day before.
3-My plane leaves Cairo today at 10 pm.
4-When Umm Kalthoum died, thousands of people attended her funeral .
5-The pyramids are very important Ancient Egyptian landmark.
6-Doctors and nurses belong to medical profession.
1- Ra'fat El-Haggan and Goma'a El-Shawwan were very famous Egyptian spies.
2- I fixed the leak in the petrol tank.
3- The married couple went to Italy during their honey moon.
4- He asked me if I had seen his newspaper.
5- The prisoner of Zenda was written by Anthony Hope.
6- He doesn’t like pasta. He never eats it.
1-I wish I could read more quickly.
2-We have to show our identity cards before entering the university.
3-I will never forget the day when I first saw my husband.
4-Mr. Ezz is thought to be an honest man.
       5- They were working for five hours before the light went off.
ثالثا جمل تصحيح الورك بوك
1. Five litres of petrol is enough for me to get to work.
2. My five-year-old sister will start school in September.
3. The police are going to get new uniforms.
4. Fifty degrees is a very high temperature.
5. Athletics was my father’s favourite sport.
1. Twenty million people have seen the new film already.
2.  My parents used to live in a small flat in the city centre.
3. Yesterday evening, we were revising for our English test when all the lights went out.
4. Our school was opened exactly 25 years ago today.
5. She has played the piano since the age of six and she still plays every day.

1. If you leave now, you'll catch your train.
2. Water freezes if the temperature is zero or below.
3. If you throw that stone, you will break a window.
4. If she trains hard, she will win next week’s race.
5.  If you mix red and white, you get pink.

1. I wish the school holidays were longer.
2. If only I hadn’t forgotten where I put my mobile phone.
3. I’m really tired this morning. I wish I had slept more last night.
4. Ali wishes he would come to your party, but he’s not feeling well.
5. I wish I hadn’t  lent her my dictionary. She’s taken it home with her.

1. He hopes to win a prize for his school work to win.
2. I regret going to the cinema. It was not a very good film.
3. She offered to take me to the station in her car.
4. We’ve just finished watching a TV programme about Egyptian history.
5. We’ve arranged to pick my brother up from the airport.
6. Their teacher agreed to help them find an English pen friend.

1. I've decided that I am going to do more exercise in the future.
2. It's a really good film. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
3. Thirty kilometres is a long way to walk in hot weather
4. Millions of cars are produced by Japanese companies every year
5. In many countries, children have the right to go to school until the age of 16.
6. Electricity is produced in power stations .

1. My father loves his job. He has worked for the same company for 20 years.
2. When I was younger, I used to want to be a pilot.
3. If you kick the ball too hard, you will break that window.
4. The Mousetrap was written by Agatha Christie.
5. Travelling by plane sometimes gives me a headache.
6. The street where I live is only three metres wide.

1. I’m not sure how well I did in the test at school today, but I think I might have passed.
2. You must have been very thirsty. There’s no orange juice left in the bottle.
3. I asked him where he had been all morning.
4. If it had been too hot, we wouldn’t have gone to the beach.
5. What about going shopping this afternoon?
6. How on earth is it possible to irrigate the desert?

1. It was nearly midnight by the time he had finished his homework last night.
2. She was very hungry when the rescue team found her. She had eaten nothing for nearly three days.
3. If only they wrote/would write more quickly.
4. I wish there was/were something I could do to keep fit.
5. She has decided to study medicine when she goes to university.
6. My sister suggested going to the zoo at the weekend.
1. Queen Victoria, whose husband Albert died in 1861, lived until 1901.
2. The town where I was born is in the northeast of the country.
OR: The town in which I was born is in the northeast of the country.
OR: The town which I was born in is in the northeast of the country.
3. Mustafa was happy despite coming third in the race. / Mustafa was happy although he came third in the race.
4. On hearing the good news, Eman phoned her parents.
5. We won’t be told the results of the test until the day after tomorrow.
6. Scientists believe that by 2020, a replacement for oil will have been found.
1. My friend asked me if I had enjoyed reading the book she had lent me.
2. Parents often warn their children not to cross the road without looking.
3. I don’t expect them to arrive yet. They’re often late.
4. You can buy clothes in some supermarkets now.
5. If you can’t see what you want in a shop, you should ask an assistant.
6. You must remember to post this letter. It’s very important.
Practice Tests:
1. She's going to meet her sister in town.
2. I fixed the leak in the petrol tank.
3. How much time do I need to drive to the city centre? / How many times do I need to drive to the city centre?
4. Oil and gas are found under the ground.
5. Water is the liquid form of ice .
6. The married couple went to Italy on their honeymoon.
1. I need to get fit, so I've made a decision. I'm going to/I'll do more exercise.
2. "The Prisoner of Zenda" was written by Anthony Hope.
3. We moved to this house two years ago today, so we have lived here for exactly two years.
4. Before I entered the university, I had to show my identity card.
5. If you heat water, it boils. / If you heat ice, it melts.
6. Ra'fat EI-Haggan and Goma'a EI-Shawwan were very famous Egyptian spies.
1. Let's try to find them. They can't have gone very far.
2. Teachers and supervisors belong to the teaching profession.
3. He asked me if I had seen his newspaper.
4. The statue of Ramses is a very important Ancient Egyptian monument.
5. People can save lots of money by using the underground.
6. The accident wouldn't have happened if he hadn't been using his mobile phone.
1. I want to make some sandwiches. Have we got any bread?
2. Soha shouldn't eat too many sweets because she is diabetic.
3. I asked my mother whether she had seen my English book.
4. Sylvia is on a low-fat diet because recently she's gained a lot of weight.
5. She has always enjoyed going to the theatre.
6. Alfred Farag is a famous Egyptian playwright.
1. When I have nothing to do, I feel really bored.
2. The person whose job is to clean the school is not here today. He's ill.
3. When Umm Kalthoum died, thousands of people attended her funeral.
4. You should recycle paper, rather than throw it away.
5. Some people believe that in the future, water will be used as a fuel for cars.
6. Although he is 68, my grandfather is still working. / Despite being 68, my grandfather is still working.
1. I wish I could read more quickly.
2. She asked her friend whether she had finished her homework.
3. My parents have invited one of my friends to stay for the weekend.
4. When Wagdy was five years old, he was stung by a scorpion.
5. I need to go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine.
6. A civil servant is someone who works for the government.
4)Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly:دور اول 2011
1- Peace knows to be constructive.
2- Splitting of cells produces nuclear power.
3- That's the boy which dog bit me last Friday.
4- Manufacturers reinvent paper, rather than throw it away.
5- There was a lake in the oil tank, so the car broke down.
6- Eighty kilometers is along way to travel using two liters of petrol.
4-Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly:دور ثانى 2011
1- Most girls I know like music.
2- A space job can take several years.
3- Ten minutes are not long for you to wait for the train.
4- Teachers and supervisors belong to the teaching confession.
5- He sends to prison for his crime.
6- The winners feel ashamed when they receive medals

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